Tuesday Song or Prayer? Open Comments

Carrie Underwood can sing. Here she sings what is likely my third-favorite song, certainly a top-five.

If you can watch without feeling a lump in your throat and a little misty-eyed, you’re stronger that I am.

Numbers one & two?

Amazing Grace, because it saved a wretch like me. Arlo goes into the story behind the man who wrote the song. Give it a listen, it’ll give you some perspective on what repentance means to some; it was his hope that his prior occupation would “always be a source of humiliating reflection” as he embarked on his new life in Christ.

Ave Maria. The beautiful, perfect prayer asking the Holy Mother of God to intervene on our behalf to her son, our Lord and Savior.

That’s the common point among all of these – they are truly prayers. They have beauty and power even when read without music.

You should give it a try with all three. I’ll even link to them for you.
How Great Thou Art
Amazing Grace
Ave Maria (Schubert) – For the benefit of non-Catholics, Ave Maria is essentially the Hail Mary (with some poetic and musical license) set to (beautiful) music and sung in Latin. Here’s the Hail Mary in English.

Go ahead and read them. Better yet, print them out, go to a private place, and read them aloud.

I’ll wait.