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  1. Good afternoon Hamsters. Another frost and 35 this morning, beautiful while the white covering lasted. Also beautiful to make it to 60 this afternoon and have sunshine.

    Have shopped in two places this morning that were sane and lightly populated: Randall’s at Pecan Grove and Plantation Furniture a little farther down FM 359 toward Richmond. Randall’s parking lot was mostly empty as was the store at 10:30. I needed to pick up prescriptions and get a few things to supplement yesterday’s leftovers. One could easily have rolled a bowling ball down most of the aisles and not hit anybody, so I guess folks were out going nuts on Black Friday.

    The furniture store was having an extraordinary sale for today and tomorrow and also had really elegant Christmas decorations on sale at 50% off. Came home with more Christmas decorating things. It was peaceful also at 9:30 but was attracting more customers by the time I left. Good thing we aren’t having company any time soon as the guest bed is piled high with fall and Christmas decorating items in transition from the rest of the house. Fall being put away and Christmas/winter going up.

    Going on safari soon to find real pine wreaths and poinsettias while the selection is good when everybody else is doing Black Friday/Weekend. Tally Ho.

  2. #4, #5
    I was glad to see the video which showed me a glimpse of a BACA event. But does the family, and the child, know that BACA is coming, or do they just show up?

  3. Check out Sarge and his lovely lady on FB from the GRB Thanksgiving Feast. Our Sarge is dressed as an elfin chef. Good for you!

  4. This is my first attempt at using a tablet computer with a separate keypad. The keys are tooclose together and the spaceeebar is not very responsive. So far I give it an f-

  5. Adee and Darren, thank you for your kind words yesterday. Every day is a struggle, as my children have gotten older and my wife has focused on her job and family, no one was a bigger part of my daily life than my father. We literally spent hours together every day at home, and there are so many little (and big) reminders of him constantly. I’m not afraid to admit I’m completely lost without him in my life.

    I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I still enjoyed some time with my family and of course ate like a pig. Life does go on no matter what.

    Thanks again.

  6. HS: Be veery grateful for all the goodtime you got to spend with your dad; not allof us have the blessing of such a close relationnship withour father.

  7. Headshaker –

    When the ones we love can no longer hold onto our hands, we have to hold onto their memories.

    Hopefully, there are smiles on both occasions.

  8. Thanks.

    I’m very grateful and blessed for the time we had together. I tell my daughter that also, not many grandchildren get to spend that kind of special time with their grandparent for so long.

  9. #16: I like the whole canned cranberries. The cranberry jelly just aint so hot. Whole cranberries with jalapenos would be awesome.

  10. #16
    I’m with Bones on canned whole cranberries. However, my husband can’t have cranberries due to a conflict with a vital medication. So we substitute Tart Michigan Cherry preserves at home. The appearance is very similar to cranberries and the flavor is a reasonable facsimile.

  11. HS: you can buy a big 3lb can of Planters cashews at Sams for about $11, add to that a big jar of Blue Diamond Smokehouse almonds (costco about $14), Planter’s coco covered almonds (buttery tasting, outstanding) and no-name dry roasted and salted almonds. Take equal parts of each, mix thoroughly in a big zip lock and that is some of the best munching you can have.

  12. #23 CheMickeyPyro: That looks like a good recipe, except it is missing 1 large jalepeno finely minced and de-seeded. This should be put in at the beginning of the heat.

  13. It’s a great base from which to make your own mods.

    Jalapenos (or other hot pepper) is an option.

    You could add some orange juice and zest. Cinnamon would work (as would **ahem** nutmeg). You could use apple juice instead of sugar.

  14. I’ve had a busy day. I got up and went to the gym, then came home and began to clean house. I cleaned the back and front porches, which had become quite the haven for old cobwebs and wasp nests, and swept the downstairs, moving furniture and getting into places that I’ve been ignoring for (mmmph) long. I cleaned windows and did some cleaning in the kitchen. I made lunch and Ollie and I sat outside and ate together. Then I took my shower. Lovely Daughter had told me that Ollie loves to lick wet legs, and she was right – he picked up any drips on my legs for me. Then I started looking at the baptismal gown and realized I needed some hooks and loops, so I had to go to the store. It wasn’t crazy at the Wal-Mart, which was the closest place to get what I needed, so I poked around a bit and got some prices on a gift for Lovely. I got something for Handsome and headed home.

    Hubby’s been feeling poorly all day, and he was running a fever when I got home. I fixed him some soup and me some dinner, then I watched the latest Star Trek movie, which I picked up for about half price today. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It has just finished. Ollie is sleeping next to me under a blanket. I guess he’s about due for a potty break. And I need to get back to the baptismal gown….

  15. When is the baptism? Getting close? Your day sounds busy but a good mix of super-productive chores, and pleasant relaxation. Bravo!

  16. I felt lousy a couple hours ago and went to lie down early, but got up again and loaded the dishwasher. As soon as it finishes, I’ll shut down and sack out again.

    The Phys.T’s at the Gulag are desperate to complete the straightening of my left leg so my measurements next week will look as advanced as possible. The slender, delicate Ballet Dancer was assigned to me today. My previous leg straightening has been done mostly by Softball Coach, and occasionally by Philippino Masseur, never before by this young lady. It was the most painful and intense pressure that has ever been applied to my left knee. Coach happened to be walking past the mat I was on and sang out “Ms Harper, I don’t see ANY daylight under your knee!” So she was pleased, while I was half crippled. I was unable to do most of the exercises in my home set today. Hope to be recovered tomorrow.

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