Monday North Korea Open Comments

The North Korean cheerleaders (read: daughters of the elite on a charm offensive or else) have gotten quite a bit of attention. It seems that even cheering their teams on require highly choreographed moves and doll-like smiles. From what I’ve read, they are escorted everywhere, and do not engage in conversation.

Stepford Wives, the sequel.

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62 thoughts on “Monday North Korea Open Comments

  1. ‘Twas 36 degrees in my driveway this morning at 0600. I thought we had winter a couple of weeks ago, what gives?

  2. Where are all the feminists screeching about the Korean patriarchy and the modern day Nork version of The Handmaid’s Tale ?

  3. #8 Hamous: There was a phrase in your link that may merit some discussion:
    Peak Snowflake. Have we reached the peak yet or will with wussification continue to increase?

  4. What a horrifying proposition. I would rather think of it more like a pendulum and the wimpyness will soon fade away – as a matter of style.

  5. I found some more foreign coins at MIL’s house yesterday. I’m trying to clean and sort them now. I’ve found some marked “Filipinas” and others “Phillippines” so I guess those are two different countries. I thought at first it was one country, but it looks like similar denomination for each one.

    I’m trying to come up with ideas for all these coins and only God in Heaven knows how many pictures from all over the world. I’m afraid Hubby is gonna want to keep all the pics….where we’re going to keep them, I have no idea.

    I’m thinking about making buttons out of some of the coins. Maybe a wall hanging of some kind. I may donate the rest of them – and many of the pictures – to local school(s) so they can be used in history and/or geography classes. These coins were collected over decades so many of them – the French franc, for example – may no longer be legal tender. Historically speaking, however, they hold a lesson.

    A small table with a coin covered top would be cool, too.

    Any ideas?

  6. A small table with a coin covered top would be cool, too.

    THIS. Glass topped, do not glue or drill the coins as that will detract from what value they may still have. Perhaps contact a coin expert for some background on some of the more interesting items?

  7. 12 Tedtam

    I’ve found some marked “Filipinas” and others “Phillippines” so I guess those are two different countries.

    Both coins are from the Philippines.

  8. If the coins have silver content, then they still have at least the silver value, so I would hang on to those. Others are most likely not worth the cost of taking them to the coin dealer. And I would not clean them – if they do have numismatic value, the cleaning will eliminate that. When coins are stamped it creates a certain molecular structure where the stretching occurs, and cleaning eliminate that layer, thus collectors will not take a chance assuming them to be counterfeit. Just to make a display, clean them and arrange them however you want. Today, about the only thing that matters is precious metal (silver) content.

  9. Oh, it was 23 degrees this morning. Clear skies again, so it should warm up pretty soon. I’m about ready to start scratching around in the yard a bit. My 5 year yard recovery plan will be entering its third and a half year, and if we ever do get any rain this spring, I want to be ready for it. Have a great day.

  10. #16 – I’m one who has learned the hard way. But that was before that unfortunate boating accident that sent everything to the bottom of Galveston Bay.

  11. #16

    He has more “ists” and “isms” in his closet than you can shake a stick at. Most are right there in the open! 😛

  12. I too am a (former) numismatist.Why, I have even been published in the magazine The Numismatist. But I haven’t been active in it at all, since moving to Houston in 1981.

  13. #23

    Hillary’s got more balls than most of the male office holders in Washington.

    It’s that dang lockbox thing. That’s where she keeps them.

  14. Katie Couric (who knew she was still around) is apparently on the Olympics beat and has discovered why the Dutch are such good skaters. Seems that the canals in Amsterdam freeze, and skating is the preferred method of transportation. Well, that may tell you something about what goes on in the mind of a _____________. What’s worse will be the number of women who will accept that at face value and run around repeating it to others. Good grief.

  15. I saw her on a gushing review of all her years on Olympic coverage.

    Why? Why, why, why, why?

    I don’t give a wiss about Couric and how many years she’s been cursing national TV. If I’m going to watch the competition, I want to see the athletes. They are the story, not the reporters. Get over yourselves.

    It’s like the Grammy awards during a sporting event.

  16. Karma can be painful, sometimes lethal.

    File this under “Well, that didn’t go as planned”.

    A big cat poacher has been killed and eaten by the pride of lions he was hunting at a private game reserve in South Africa.

    The hunter was heard screaming for help as he was attacked at the Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve in Hoedspruit outside Phalaborwa.

    But the lions quickly killed their victim and devoured most of his body before being chased off, leaving his head untouched.

  17. The Democrats never, ever give up. You gotta hand it to ’em.

    I just hope the Stupid Party doesn’t ignore this and continue its complacency just because the DNC itself is flat broke. That does not mean there are not serious, funded efforts out there to elect Democrats at the lowest levels. It’s all about redistricting in each state and building a deep bench for the future.

    The burst of voter interest and money in statehouse races and gerrymandering has shocked Democrats, including those working with former Attorney General Eric Holder at the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (on whose board Post sits). Planned Parenthood is getting involved, as are the League of Conservation Voters and other groups. The new Forward Majority super PAC has promised to put $100 million into state races. The Democratic National Committee has pitched in with infrastructure and staff in several races.


    The DLCC has made direct cash infusions into some races: $745,000 for an independent expenditure in a Washington state Senate race that gave Democrats the majority in the chamber; $450,000 into the September Florida Senate election that saw a former contestant on “The Apprentice” defeated; and $41,000 into the Wisconsin state Senate election win that Gov. Scott Walker tweeted was a “wake up call Republicans in Wisconsin” ahead of his own race for a third term in the fall.

  18. Quite a few comments on the hands-the-size-of-catchers-mitt noticeable in Bronco’s portrait. Also the chair exhibits poor understanding of perspective. No one has said they even recognize Mooch in hers.

  19. The paintings exemplify the two artists’ trademark styles.

    “Wiley typically portrays people of color posing as famous figures in Western art,” the Portrait Gallery writes. “Through this practice, he challenges the visual rhetoric of power that is dominated by elite white men.”

    Everything has to be racist, classist, sexist….

    It’s so tiring.

  20. I’m trying real hard here to restrain myself. I keep seeing something emerging from a jungle somewhere with large oversized hands and one oversized ear. And a huge cotton sack with a shrunken head peeking over the top – sort of like those described in Moby Dick. I’m sure that these images could be condensed into a few words, but I’ll just bite my tongue and keep the rest to myself in deference to Grandma.

  21. I knew a girl who was a numismatist once, but she wasn’t very good at it. The only denomination she collected was twenny dollar bills.

  22. Someone apparently decided to spend some time on the Zero portrait, and for whatever reason, they decided to count the number of fingers he displays on his left hand. I’ll leave it up to you to decide, but with the thumb obscured, it looks to me like there are 5 other fingers there. I report, you decide.

  23. #40 EG Eagle Eye: It does look like there is another finger obscured on the left hand, there is even a hint at another knuckle.

  24. Makes him look like some white actor I can’t quite remember.

    Jack Webb, Sgt Joe Friday.

    The only part of Bronco that looks alive is those gigantic hands. No part of Mooch looks alive, and those arms are soooo long. On a normal woman, the elbows are about at waist height.

  25. I have a good friend in my synagogue who has a son living in Israel. When the son was 10 years old he came to his father and said he had been invited to Seattle and wondered if he could go. His father, puzzled and shocked, asked what in the world he was talking about and why would anybody invite a 10 year old boy in New Jersey to Seattle.

    When my friend looked at his son’s email, he realized it was from Microsoft’s support services and they assumed they were addressing a grown man. Microsoft throws a big party and convention of sorts for all the online volunteer support people who post and answer MS users questions on their sites and others across the internet. Each year, they pick the top (I think) 100 and give them an expenses paid extravaganza near MS headquarters in Washington. Each one gets to cross the stage and receive an award.

    So my friend called this guy’s number thinking the whole thing was probably a joke and got the shock of his life when he found out it was for real. The two of them packed their bags and flew to Seattle for several days and the boy picked up his award. My friend, unaware of his son’s support activities, asked his son how he knew all this stuff about vast numbers of software and hardware.

    To paraphrase, the son said: Well, Dad, whenever somebody comes online with a question, I just download the relevant manual and read the instructions and then I tell them how to solve their problem.

    No kidding.

    The son, now around 30, is single, lives in Israel and is listed in the Top 50 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists in the world. His father and I suspect he does a lot of work for people like this, but he changes the subject whenever questions like this are asked.

    “The idea was to use social media not only to disseminate press releases but also to generate discourse among specific target audiences,” he said. “We are looking to influence, not just do PR.”

    Since its launch on Facebook four years ago, the official IDF Arabic spokesman’s page—boasting over 1.2 million followers—uses Avichay Adraee as its brand. The same is true for Twitter, with 177,000 followers. As a result, he has become a household name across the Arab Middle East, with spoofs and parodies displaying the uniformed, eloquent Israeli on a regular basis. Along with another Arabic- speaking officer, Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, today Adraee is probably the best-known Israeli in the Arab world.

    “When we entered the world of social media, we asked ourselves whether an Arab citizen from Syria or Jordan would ‘like’ a page called the Israel Defense Forces. We figured that would be unlikely, as would be ‘liking’ a page called the Israeli Army. My image was already well-known to Arabs from television, so we said: ‘Let’s take advantage of that fact—with its pros and cons—and brand the platform using Avichay.’ People may want to curse at me or love me, but one way or another, my persona generates emotion.”

  26. Is TBO wearing platform shoes in that goshawful portrait? Or those rubber nursing shoes without a heel? And that leaf in front of his ankle makes it look like he’s leaning the ankle out. Like a little kid.

    I can’t believe someone paid good money for those images. And Obama thought they were “sharp”. About as sharp as he was at being prez.

    I saw somewhere that at least one of the artists specializes in paintings of black women holding decapitated heads of white women. Sick.

  27. I think the portraits should be kept. They will preserve just how tactless and what clueless sophisticate pretenders these people are.

  28. BTW, anybody besides me think that the FBI is most likely behind that powdered warning letter sent to that Trump lady? They seem to me to have the most to lose if somebody doesn’t give instructions to back off.

  29. One more Sarah Rogo. Happens the (living) bass players I follow are ladies. Cassie Taylor (sings), Danielle Nichole (belts), and Anna Sentina, sponsored by Carvin because she is so good. Rather than post a flood of links, check em’ out if interested.

  30. I didn’t know you can still buy vacuum tubes.

    They’re Israelis.
    Probably figured out how to make them from desert sand and rocks.

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