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  1. We’re getting some pretty good thunder boomers here this morning. We’ve got about an inch of rain since 6 AM.

  2. The national radar map last night on the news shows these big graphic arrows representing rain shooting straight from Southeast Texas to my house in NJ. When you guys have rain, we get it about 2 days later.

  3. Conservatives in Congress and in the hinterlands are bitterly complaining about the massive insult to fiscal sanity the budget deal passed on Thursday morning represents.

    Even worse, some Republicans are offended by the pushback. Their target is Senator Rand Paul who, almost alone, tried to stand in the way of the budget deal in the Senate.

    GOP political analyst Susan Del Percio said on MSNBC that it was the day “the tea party died.”


    I have criticized the tea party groups in the past for their “take no prisoners” approach to politics. But the tea party’s real value to the country is that for the first time since the ratification debates over the Constitution, millions of people across the country were actually reading and discussing our founding document.

  4. Hugh Hewitt explains why this is much more important than the coverage it received. WaPo and Politico mentioned it, but I don’t see it covered anywhere else but conservative media. This guy has been a key player in the whole scandal and will be subject to all kinds of questioning. David Laufman was the gatekeeper and a powerful one at that.

    From one of my long time (but now retired) AUSA* pals: “David Laufman resignation is a big deal.

    As Dep. Assist. AG for National Security Division, he was the Primary Supervisor over Counter-Intelligence work in Nat Sec. He would have had a hand in the approval of
    the FISA application on Page.

    He likely had a role in the decision making on the Clinton email investigation since his section handled cases involving leaks of classified information. The decisions on granting immunity, and allowing conditions to be attached to the examination
    of computers, would have come from his office. I do not think those were conditions that the FBI would have wanted. On the immunity issue, FBI wouldn’t have the authority — that could only come from the prosecutors in Nat Sec.

    The press reporting is that he offered his
    resignation yesterday, effective IMMEDIATELY.

    That’s what happens when you are told that your are the subject of an OPR or OIG investigation.

    He was in the post since 2014 — under Carlin, Yates, and Lynch in the chain of command.” This source isn’t perfect. None are. But very
    very accurate over many years.

    *Assistant United States Attorney

    HT: Glenn Reynolds

  5. #8 GJT, Not a NASCAR fan anymore, so I was wondering what you thought of my post. NASCAR fans make Football fans look like pikers. 😀
    That said; the post was really about Bruce Halle.

  6. #9

    I was joking about Keselowski, he is kinda like Aggies – they hold all the same values as I do, just that they are really annoying at it. 😛

    It is a great tribute to Mr. Halle. Great timing that before his passing they decided to sponsor on the Cup level, they will get a lot of attention this week and Mr. Halle’s story will be heard by a much larger audience.

  7. I’m off to get an eye exam this morning. Fortunately, my optometrist is still working at the old Sears on N. Shepherd. But only on Saturday. Of course, he doesn’t work for Sears, just rents space in their building. Whatever consortium he is part of circulates their eye docs among a number of locations, and I believe that is done so the superstars are more widely available, even if only on one day a week. I never had a bad optometrist at the Sears, but Dr Lin is outstanding. I dread the inevitable day I hear this Sears location is closing, and that is only because of Dr Lin and the adjacent optical shop. I rarely go into the main store for anything.

  8. About my #3, did you notice the gold, Guardian Angel on the hood of the Penski car? There is a real interesting story behind it. Bruce Halle was a generous but humble man, he donated a lot of money to things near to his heart. Many years ago, he donated funds to renovate the Vatican’s Pauline Chapel. While in Italy he visited with the Pope, afterwards, he was at a café near the Vatican and noticed that a waitress was wearing a small gold, Guardian Angel on her blouse. He asked her were she got it and was told that a guy down the street made and sold them to the folks that came to see the Vatican. So Bruce went over and wanted to buy a bunch of them to take back home. The guy asked how many do you want and he said 10,000! The guy of course, couldn’t make that many so he bought what the guy had and told him to make as many as he could he’d pick them up on his next trip. The first batch was around 3,000 and Bruce had them blessed by the Pope and gave them out as gifts. He went on to buy thousands more and had them blessed by a Priest or Bishop in Arizona. My boy got his Guardian Angel on his first trip to Scottsdale and now that Mr. Halle has passed away, he wears it daily. In this picture, you can see it on his lapel.

  9. This RINO thing is getting a bad rap. These moderate linguini spined eReps are in fact what the Reps stand for. Conservatives are actually the RINOs. The one thing that Congress is obligated to do – spend money – is the one thing they do not want to ruffle any feathers with, so they give everyone what they want. All the social ills discussion and the like is merely place holding until it’s time for more funding. The social legislation could be all bundled up and tossed into the ocean and the courts would clear their dockets, lawyers would have to find real jobs, and most people would get along with their neighbors much better. Jus’ sayin’.


    This RINO thing is getting a bad rap. These moderate linguini spined eReps are in fact what the Reps stand for. Conservatives are actually the RINOs.

    Proving once again how far I am ahead of the curve. I have been making that very argument for well over 10 years here and on LST.
    /Ain’t that right Texpat, Fat Albert and others?

    Got banned from Michelle Malkin’s web site for being too vociferous in my protestations. Even the Freepers (FreeRepublic.com) banned me for making that argument.

  11. Never miss an opportunity to get yourself in trouble I always say.

    Wife: Can you get my bathtub drain unclogged today, it’s full of hair again. I can’t even shave my legs.

    Me: You probably shouldn’t be shaving your legs in the tub then. That drain can only take so much.


  12. I have really been enjoying listening to a 50+ youtube Bonnie Raitt extravaganza. She is incredibly talented.

  13. Bro Squawk

    I have been making that very argument for well over 10 years here and on LST.
    /Ain’t that right Texpat, Fat Albert and others?

    Like Pepperidge Farm, I remember.

  14. Yea for Rand Paul.

    Can’t begin to count the times in Tea Party circles that talk of a new party bubbled up repeatedly if’n the GOP didn’t heed the message and act upon it. Agree with the comment that Donald Trump has become the Tea Party president by his actions and words even before the election and more so after his first year in office.

    ‘Cept his supporters are larger in number than seminal countrywide Tea Party folk, and those new folks have adopted the mindset of the movement without actually becoming members because there is no Tea Party per se. And that drives the Socialist Dems, long-term RINOs, and Obama’s Deep State creatures nuts.

  15. Andrew McCarthy in The National Review:

    I spent many months assuring people that nothing like this could ever happen — that the FBI and Justice Department would not countenance the provision to the FISA court of uncorroborated allegations of heinous misconduct. When Trump enthusiasts accused them of rigging the process, I countered that they probably had not even used the Steele dossier. If the Justice Department had used it in writing a FISA warrant application, I insisted that the FBI would independently verify any important facts presented to the court, make any disclosures that ought in fairness be made so the judge could evaluate the credibility of the sources, and compellingly demonstrate probable cause before alleging that an American was a foreign agent.

    I was wrong.

    Now that Linda Graham and Chuckles Grassley have put together a document that describes even worse nefarious activity in the previous administration than the Nunes memo, will they take the next steps and actually do something about it?

  16. #20 Pyro: NOt holding my breath on that one. Dammit, I’ve been disappointed to many wissin times counting on the spineless, eunuch, GOPeeeeeeeeeeeeee to do the right thing.

  17. Hey y’all. Nobody on “Over Yonder” can help me out.
    Anyone know when curling is going to be on? I love that sport. And this year they have added 2 new versions. “Full contact curling” were you fight the other team to get to the ice to sweep your stones down the ice. The other is a little racier, “Female Pudding Curling”. I’ll let your mind wonder about that one.

  18. I gotta fire stick and a roku, and I generally use the fire stick more often. I’ve got a set of theater speakers all around, and I think the fire stick sounds better than the roku most of the time. The fire stick also has dual frequency (2.4 gh or 5 gh) accessibility to the router where my older roku only utilizes 2.4 (I haven’t looked in a while, but I would imagine it’s also dual band by now. Basically they are interchangable, but I personally use the fire stick more often than the roku.

  19. A lack of an Oxford comma cost dairy $5 million.

    A group of Maine dairy delivery drivers will receive $5 million in a proposed settlement for unpaid overtime, according to court records filed on Thursday.

    A judge ruled in the drivers’ favor last March, and it was all thanks to the lack of an Oxford comma in a Maine labor law.

    Part of the law exempts certain tasks from receiving overtime compensation. This is what the law’s guidelines originally stated about exempted tasks:
    The canning, processing, preserving, freezing, drying, marketing, storing, packing for shipment or distribution of:

    (1) Agricultural produce;

    (2) Meat and fish products; and

    (3) Perishable foods.

    Without the Oxford comma, the line “packing for shipment or distribution,” could be referring to packing and shipping as a single act, or as two separate tasks.

    The drivers argued that it reads as a single act, and since they didn’t actually do any packing, they shouldn’t have been exempt from overtime pay.

    “Specifically, if that [list of exemptions] used a serial comma to mark off the last of the activities that it lists, then the exemption would clearly encompass an activity that the drivers perform,” the circuit judge wrote.

  20. #25 Squawk

    Chron sports section says curling is on today on NBCSN (presume that means Sports News) 2-4 pm US v. Norway; 8:45-9:30 US v. Finland; 12:30-1:40 am just says mixed curling.

    No curling on NBC this afternoon or tonight.

  21. If anybody is watching the Olympics right now, please explain to me what is on that guy’s head.

    Is it a baby raccoon ? Might be a newborn skunk.

  22. #16, Saw Bonnie live at the Revention Center. Heck of a show. She went past the 90 minute set and you could see her calling to her band for a another song. She played for a little over two hours. She also asked for the crowd to turn the cell phone videos off. ‘This is real music for real people for real time.’ Well worth the ticket if you get a chance.

  23. Proving once again how far I am ahead of the curve. I have been making that very argument for well over 10 years here and on LST.
    /Ain’t that right Texpat, Fat Albert and others?

    So damn many times that we were contemplating an intervention.
    In the end, we decided it would be easier to kidnap you and do a brain implant.

  24. 29 degrees out here this morning, and still no rain. Nope, not a drop for the past several weeks. I-35 has created some sort of magic wall that stops any rain headed west and creates rain from otherwise desert winds headed east. I just don’t know how they did that. I’m not yet certain since I don’t watch winter olympics, but maybe that production has been wussified and politicized even more than the NFL. I get that from reading articles sent back home from daring correspondents who dare to brave the freezing temperatures and report back – or at least those who dare to turn on their TV’s in front of a cozy fireplace with a hot toddy and a computer blog. Ahhh, the pajama media is in good hands. Apparently the most important news to come from the Korean Peninsula is that North and South are now unified under the spell of some evil woman – and get this, she makes slanted eye contact with VP Pence or something. And there are gay athletes engaging in PDA’s for the camera, and one of them was born without legs but is competing anyway, and one of them was born black but managed to make the team, and one of them was born poor but somehow achieved athletic greatness when he (or she) found a pair of discarded ice skates and that was the only shoes he/she had, and so on. When the truth is that most of these kids were born into privilege, had demanding parents who were living vicariously through the exploits of their children, and who were training for the olympics before they could walk or talk. Just another made for TV production, not even in real time.

  25. 31 Super Dave

    I think I posted here about that judge’s ruling back last March.

    I’m not surprised since, I’ve been too busy to even peek in. I just thought that the Grammar Nazi’s would like it.
    And as someone who has murdered the English as much as I have, I’m surprised at how aggravated I get with poor grammar, or I if I know it’s bead it must really be bad….Do I hear the coffee pot in the final, gurgling, throes?…Yup!

  26. We got exactly 3″ of rain from 6-10 AM, I emptied the rain gauge and we got a few sprinkles throughout the day but not enough register in the gauge.

  27. #52 SuperDave

    I’ve been watching Meglet’s posts, too. I can only imagine what they’ve been going through with their youngest.

    And they are darn cute. Almost as cute as mine were at that age. Lovin’ the dimples.

  28. I don’t think Evan was a preemie, he was born with a congential heart malformation. Nothing like having a home birth, surrounded by your family, and the next day seeing your newborn struggling to breathe.

  29. #55 😀
    #57 Tedtam, yes, you’re right, I’d forgot about that. I think they took him to the doctor on day two.

  30. #42

    So damn many times that we were contemplating an intervention.
    In the end, we decided it would be easier to kidnap you and do a brain implant.

    You goofed

    It just keeps going and going and going.

  31. Morning, chickadees! /bbbrrrrr//
    I was warm last night so sacked out in a summer nightgown. Too cold to get up this morning — the alarms and timers kept going off, but I just kept burrowing back in under the quilts. Finally the chorus of starving cats got me up and into a sweat suit — toot sweet, as I learned to say in high school French…

  32. Good Lord it’s darned cold this morning Hamsters. Hmm, 41 at 6 and 38 now, wind is fierce. Possible drizzle predicted for here. Hope not.

    Bundled up to feed the mares just after 6, and that 50-foot walk to the barn in this wind was a hurry up and go faster one. So was the jaunt down the driveway to fetch the Chron. Turned them out about 9:30 but will bring them in if drizzle starts.

    For Squawk: Curling on NBCSN today: 1:30-4pm mixed doubles; 3-5 pm mixed doubles USA v. Norway; 8:45-10 pm mixed double semifinal.

    To those stuck inside and looking for some diversion, the business section of the Chron has a most perplexing feature article. “To coin a phrase, cryptomining a reality in Houston as video cards put out virtual currency similar to bitcoin”. It’s by Dwight Silverman, who I believe is the Chron computer guru. To me, the words are indeed in English, but the way they’re strung together makes little sense. By the end of the article my conclusion is ???? What?

  33. Anything that cannot be described briefly in prosaic, concise language should never be considered for investment.

    The answer I kept getting about crypto currency when I asked who protects the integrity of money was, “Oh, it protects itself; security is built into the system.”

    Right. These are people walking around with a bright, shiny new object and don’t even know what it is.

  34. #65 GJT, #67 Texpat

    Just asked spouse if he could make head or tail out of the cryptomining article, and said “No.”

    The entire imaginary currency idea composed of electrons seems to be much less real than the original Harvey, the 6-foot invisible rabbit pooka. It screams scam, Ponzi scheme, insanity.

  35. 69 Adee

    The idea of crypto currency is interesting, novel and fascinating…and not realistic in any current conception. Interesting, novel and fascinating aren’t criteria for legal tender. It belongs in the realm of fiction and computer games until someone inevitably comes up with a real system.

  36. From over yonder, my brother-in-law posted this;

    Me and my friend Simba I bought at an exotic animal auction I auctioned at in 1998.He rode on the toolbox on the back of my truck just like a dog and lay around in yard all day long. He slept in a stall in barn at nite. He was the neatest thing I ever had and a load of fun but I am not a proponent of people owning exotic animals. And yes he was an African Lion.

    FWIW; He wisely got rid of Simba, when he got almost grown.

  37. #59

    That was pretty good.

    I didn’t last two minutes. I just can’t listen to that nonsense anymore.

  38. I’ve been watching this series of videos for the last week on and off. I really enjoy them.

    The Session Men

    1965. At Western Studios in LA, a group of musicians (later known as The Wrecking Crew) are working on a song called Help Me Rhonda. They include Glen Campbell, Hal Blaine, Larry Knechtel, Don Randi and Ms. Carol Kaye on bass. When Rhonda shoots to Number One, the Beach Boys are heralded for their brilliant musicianship. But their live shows don’t sound like their records. And no wonder.

    The Wrecking Crew performed on all of the big Beach Boys hits. Brian Wilson requested these players after hearing the magic they created for Phil Spector on productions like Be My Baby, Da Do Ron Ron and He’s a Rebel. It’s not widely known that Capitol’s contract with The Beach Boys, who were signed by Nick Venet, stipulated that they hire studio musicians.

  39. #79 Texpat, neat, I’m often surprised at how many so called, 60’s music aficionado’s know nothing about the recording studio in Muscle Shoals. This, coming from someone who knows almost about music.

  40. 80 Super Dave

    I wrote a long feature article on the history of Muscle Shoals and its music for Lone Star Times around 2009. If I had saved it, I would repost it here. Even David Jennings said it was one of the best articles on music he ever read.

  41. #70 adee
    Norwegians and cc skiing are like Dutch in speed skating; Kenyans in distance running; Chinese in table tennis; East German wimmins in swimming;Canadians in hockey.

  42. And for the all you bass players out there…

    Well there are only two, and since as far as I know we have no drummers that puts them at the lowest tier. 😛 😛

  43. One hundred years ago on a Saturday, around midnight, Bellville School burned to the ground.

    “Owing to the fact that practically all water works were frozen, Bellville Fire Company and citizens generally were unable to do anything more than keep the fire from spreading to local residences.”

    The town immediately raised $14000 for books and other necessities and the grades were split up between the various churches in town.

    The building that replaced the burned one was brick, and built for $40000, in which Fay attended her Elementary grades.
    No doubt Mom attended high school there.

  44. Speaking of Norway. I ran across an old high school buddy in Walmart today. I never go to the Sealy Walmart and figured I could slip in there unnoticed, having not shaved or cleaned up in two days.

    No such luck.

    His daughter met and married a Norwegian guy and ended up moving there. We talked about the Scandinavian penchant for surrendering their nations to the Muslim refugee invaders.

    He reminded me that Sweden has been the worst at surrendering their sovereignty to the bloodthirsty horde and that Norway has been somewhat more circumspect. And they have recently elected a conservative prime minister.

    But we are talking Socialist Euros here and conservativism is relative. His daughter, after five years, is fluent in the language (including the written word) but cannot get a job because she is white and married to a Norwegian and is always at the end of the line.

    Behind all of the refugees.

  45. I was sitting in the bar of the old hotel on Allen Parkway where all the film crews and musicians used to stay in town. It was on the eastbound side past the old KHOU studios and I can’t think of the name of it. They tore it down recently.

    A bunch of Norwegian Statoil guys walked in and ordered drinks. I turned to them and said, “Every country or region in the world has one nationality they think are complete idiots. Who is it for Norway ?”

    In unison, with drinks in the air like a toast, “Swedes !!!“.

  46. And from from 75 years ago,
    Shannon and Texpat’s grandfather

    “A.T. Clarke was named president for 1943 of the Bellville Chamber Of Commerce by directors meeting last night following the annual General meeting held in the Masonic Hall.”

  47. It must be a slow news night.

    KHOU had a story featuring security camera photos of car thieves IN FREEPORT, TX.

    How many million Houston area residents do you figure could even point to where Freeport is on the map?

    I’m curious. What percentage of Hamsters could point to Freeport on a map?

  48. I’m watching the day after tomorrow, the mmgw lieapolooza, and I just stated that monkeys are no where near flying out of my azz. What a load of pathetic BS.

  49. RE: Olympics before digital devices

    I wonder how many of these timed races were wrong in the past due to some old geezer not hitting the stopwatch correctly or some judge putting his thumb on the scale by waiting a second or two.

  50. #92 – Takes more than an old geezer with a stopwatch to rig a race these days. Now it takes a kid with an iPhone. Seriously, is there one thing at all about the Olympics that is not corrupted – from the choice of a venue host, to the games to be contested,to the selection of the contestants, to the judges, to the TV networks refusing to show real time (permits editing you know), to the political gamesmanship – heck, probably to the vendors selling dog meat stew. Pathetic, and yet people still watch that stuff and some even think it’s real.

  51. See # 91

    We have put off the intervention for way too long.

    Does anyone remember the number of that brain implant surgeon?

  52. #87 Shannon

    Norway is not part of the EU and retains its own currency. It has trade agreements with the EU on its own. The North Sea oil keeps its coffers full, and it has no need of the EU, which causes some envy among the EU countries. Expect that the Brexit when it happens will have Britain making similar dealings independently with the EU as does Norway.

    The Norwegians have decided the Muslim influx is a bad idea and is curbing it, well aware that Sweden has surrendered its sovereignty. They are guarding their borders better than we are.

  53. I just bought some Smithfield bacon at the Dollar General cause I didn’t want to go all the way into town, Now I have Smithfield ads on my FB feed. dodododo

  54. 86 Shannon

    Bellville’s population had significantly declined during the Depression. The 1940 Census had it at 1,347 men, women and children.

    The town immediately raised $14000 for books and other necessities and the grades were split up between the various churches in town.

    That is phenomenal when you consider today’s equivalent is about $150 per head.

  55. #95 Shanananananan: I am only pointing out about 10% of the most ridiculous BS and they are getting annoyed at the constant interruption. They keep saying that” it’s just a moobie”. Yeah, right, no fargin BS propaganda whatsoever.

  56. Back to watching the Olympics tonight and noticed Channel 2 has preview ads on the many uses for Bitcoin in a program after the 10pm news. Hope they charged a pretty penny to run it. 🙂

  57. I just bought some Smithfield bacon at the Dollar General,…

    The dollar store has BACON?!?! Who knew?

  58. In terms of general viewing, I am appalled at the absolutely horrible technical aspects of the NBC broadcast.

    Their screen graphics are stupid and incomprehensible. They adjust or change them with no explanation. The various irregular color on-air types consistently sound foolish. The editing between events makes no sense.

    I found myself yelling at this stupid little woman last night during the pairs skating competition. She was just a moron.

    And then, Her Highness and I both sat straight up and said WTF? when this guest announcer during the opening ceremonies piped up and said all the Korean people appreciate the great progress and strides the Japanese have made over the last decades. Of course, after raping, murdering and enslaving Koreans for the previous decades.

    What fresh hell is this ?! Holy crap, they made this Ramo guy publicly apologize to all Koreans everywhere yesterday. This is the response to any media who criticizes Donald Trump for being “insensitive” in the future.

    Just give it back to the creeps at ABC. At least they know how to broadcast sports like this.

  59. I am eschewing the Olympics in order to watch a Columbo episode that I don’t think I’ve seen before.

    It’s a later episode, there are remote car key fobs, video camera feed to a tv, and remote control car, as well as some really annoying music being played by some frat boy. He and his friend have just killed their law professor because the prof was gonna flunk ’em or expel them for some bad behavior. Both frat boys were already in trouble with their folks who were ready to cut off their trust funds for yet one more screw up, and so they decided that murder would solve their problems quite conveniently.

    Kinda like a very late term abortion.

    Unfortunately for them, Columbo was a guest speaker at their class that night. They don’t stand a chance.

  60. Re: Olympics

    I noticed that a medal ceremony had no medals. The cross country skiers were give a little stuffed bear instead of hanging a medal around their necks.


    Is this to protect the real medals from getting stolen or some such? Why would a medal ceremony be replaced by a plush toy giveaway?

    I see Man Cards being forfeited right and left.

  61. The plush toy thing looks totally silly. The Olympics of my memory involved no presentation in the field, the slope, the ice or pool.

    Who dreamed up this silliness ? Her Highness came in and asked me why they are handing out little stuffed toys to grown adults ? Only the Koreans or Japanese could come up with this.

    The athletes receive their medals at the closing ceremonies.

    I thought America had taken the lead in the infantilization of its young. Apparently, we only get the Bronze medal in that competition.

  62. I wonder if it’s a cover for the Koreans not having the medals ready on time.

    And I thought some athletes went home early if their competitions were over. I guess those get FedExed to their home.

  63. They are probably afraid that if they gave out actual medals that the guy selling doggie stew right outside the gate would accept them in payment for his wares. So best not to let those athletes carry around anything that actually might have value. And don’t forget those condoms – they’ve probably got STD’s over there that don’t even have names yet – or they will have before everyone leaves.

  64. I have never liked NBC broadcasting the Olympics. I think the 1984 Summer Olympics were the last ones broadcast by ABC.

    Don’t tell anyone, but you can sign up for BBC iplayer if you input a UK zipcode and have an VPN that allows you to choose a UK IP address.

    I need to check out BT (British Telecommunications) Sports to see what they have. When I was I Saudi a fellow expat from the UK gave me his login info so I could stream the World Series live.

  65. Y’all know I’m superbly deficient at inserting hyperlinks from my phone, but I did find this about the Olympic medals.

    During the Rio games organizers also scrapped traditional flowers instead handing out small sculptures of the Rio Olympics logo.

    According to the Olympics website, each medalist will also be getting a wooden gift that shows “mountain scenes of PyeongChang and characters from the Korean Hangul alphabet spelling out “PyeongChang 2018” in the official Games motif.”

    It further explains that medal winners are recognized at the venue right after the competitions with a victory ceremony, and then again at the PyeongChang Medal Plaza in the evening. So Red Gerard, and the other snowboard medalists will still get their medals, just later on in the day

  66. 97 GJT

    Did you pay cash ?

    No I paid with debit card, obviously that was how they tracked me but I can’t say I noticed that happening before.

  67. Columbo Goes to College.

    Good episode.

    The cool swinging college dudes that are too hip to get caught.

    The ending reminds me of one of the 70s Columbo episodes but I won’t say which one.

    Uh, just one more thing. Nothing to do with the case.

  68. A neighbor told me years ago that he bought romaine lettuce at a dollar store because it was stripped of the big outer leaves and just down to the tender “hearts of romaine” that he liked. In spite of that, I still don’t buy food at a dollar store.

  69. Columbo may be the worst detective show in American history.

    That’s why I worry so much about Phil and Tedtam.

  70. I just wonder how Phil keeps escaping the cops while jogging everyday down the road in his Speedo and raggedy, stained commemorative Columbo trenchcoat.

  71. 105
    I am eschewing the Olympics in order to watch a Columbo episode…

    I’m watching a Barney Fife retrospect myself.

  72. 116 mh42

    …it was stripped of the big outer leaves and just down to the tender “hearts of romaine” that he liked.

    Seriously ?

  73. I just wonder how Phil keeps escaping the cops while jogging everyday down the road in his Speedo and raggedy, stained commemorative Columbo trenchcoat.

    My elusiveness in escaping the cops is due to the fact that I have seen every Columbo episode.

    I know what not to do that will get me caught.

    Got any chili?

  74. I’m worried about unca Shanny.

    He doesn’t like Kiss,Tom Jones and now Columbo.

    Are you an undercover democrat unca Shanny?

  75. #93 El Gordo

    Would not doubt one bit that AG Sessions has been sandbagging all along to lull the crooks into complacency while he and the IG collaborate on exposing the rotten ones at a time and place of their choosing for max benefit to Donald Trump. And mortification of the Anti-Trumpers and the Dems. If the Dems are capable of being mortified that is.

  76. I’m worried about unca Shanny.

    He doesn’t like Kiss,Tom Jones and now Columbo.

    I can almost tolerate KISS and Tom Jones.

    But Colombo sucks. Really bad.

    What the hell was Peter Falk thinking anyway?

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