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  1. Good rainy morning Hamsters. It’s 46 and dismal and definitely not a day for outside activities.

    The Chron this morning has a small front page WaPo story about The Memo, continued in the back recesses of A section. It includes a “breakdown” of The Memo but The Memo itself is not published, giving their frantic damage control max impact—they hope.

    The Chron gives max coverage and front page space to the Texans Scoring Political Points as a hoped for diversion. Guessing that there will be some collateral diversion from Texans fans that will not bode well for the general opinion of the NFL (no fans left). It does not guarantee that Texans fans and other readers of the Chron will be unable to figure out what’s happening with The Memo. They can be perfectly able to prioritize that above what some of the Texans are doing.

  2. I watched the 1999 movie titled Rush early this morning, for the first time. It’s a dark story of undercover police work in the small town Texas drug underworld of the 70’s, but it has some superb acting. The cast includes Sam Elliot, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jason Patric, and Gregg Allman. Ms. Leigh drives that great American classic, a baby blue AMC Gremlin. The soundtrack is great and includes Clapton’s Tears In Heaven and other classics of the period.

  3. I think the Democrat meltdown over Teh mimmow is their realization that they rigged an American presidential election and STILL lost.

  4. Despite the “Texans Scoring Political Points” headline, the meat of the article is the revival by NFL players of the previously dormant One Team PAC, a political action committee to address player concerns in DC and elsewhere. The NFL owners have had the well-funded Gridiron PAC for some years. The Texans donating to the cause are featured, being the home town folks, along with the rest of the players from other teams who have donated thus far.

    The players’ PAC is intended to act as their voice independent of the league, and they are to be congratulated for that in using their own funds on their own time. It seems to me that the backlash about taking a knee during the National Anthem in protest obviously has sunk in for many as being neither the time nor the place to protest anything. Good for those participating so far for realizing that.

  5. #5 Shannon

    Rush was filmed in our area, and the scenes in and around the bar were shot over a week’s time at the Swinging Door BBQ on FM 359 just a mile from our house. Downside was the restaurant was closed to the public for that week, and the parking lots were blocked off and some of the areas nearby by Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Deputies to keep onlookers far enough away to avoid messing up some of the filming.

    We haven’t seen the film yet, and that’s gotta be on the must see list at our place.

  6. Just a reminder…

    The Astros beat the Red Sox, the Yankees, and the Dodgers, and won the World Series.

  7. We’re heading up to Arlington on opening day to watch the Astros whup the Rangers. Ticket prices are outrageous for the first game here.

  8. I’m trying to get someone to go see the Skeeters with me. Before it gets too blazing hot. Never been to Constellation Field. I’m looking at their Sun Apr 29 game.

  9. My baseball player buddy from Rosenberg got traded from the Cardinals to the Blue Jays, so I’ve got to learn a whole new team. Spring training starts in a week or so, and the Jays training facility is in Florida only about 20 miles from the Cardinals facility. I haven’t got all the low down yet, but from holiday discussions, he was ready to move on from the Cardinals as it was apparent they were going in another direction, so at Toronto he should be an everyday player rather than a bench player. Like many other careers, baseball is tough – there’s always someone coming up behind you, and you are trying to come up on someone else. You don’t perform, you don’t play – pretty simple.

  10. A couple of years ago I had this dream of meeting Texpat in FLA for Astros spring training at the new facility.

    I was surprised to not find any package deals promoted by the team.

    Or any other entity for that matter.

  11. I was surprised to not find any package deals promoted by the team.

    Just now checked, and they do have some packages.

    Perhaps I was researching it at the wrong time of the year.

  12. Part of his own statement sums up his entire tenure in the senate.

    spread disinformation with the goal of sowing chaos and weakening faith in our institutions.

  13. What a strange thing that a tumor’s host would have a name. . . . That tumor host has been a disgrace for way to long, time to wrap things up.

  14. She’s doing pretty well. Ate breakfast and back to bed.
    Might have to Gorilla tape down the left arm she is not supposed to be using.

  15. Most of what I’m reading today about “the memo” is focusing on whether or not the President will commit obstruction of justice by firing this person or that person, etc. If I were this person or that person, I would be much more concerned about being indicted and perp walked out of the building than I would of just being fired. I don’t see who would actually be making the arrests, but I’m sure there is a way. Convene a grand jury, present the cases, get the indictments, and go forward. Makes sense to me.

  16. I found a macro calculator and have recalibrated my dietary allotments for fat, carbs, and protein.

    We shall see what kind of results I get. I know that last night, after plugging in my foods into the tracker I’m using, I still hadn’t gotten to my RDI but I was so full I couldn’t stomach the thought of eating anything else, no pun intended.

    I forgot to recalculate the numbers after losing so much weight.

  17. I’ve been working on my fearless forecast to determine the SB winner even though I don’t care who wins and will not be watching. Seems the Pats are 4.5-5 point favorites, but only 16% of the fans (poll on Drudge) want the Pats to win. To further complicate the situation, seems that at one point at least, Brady is friends with Trump, while we all know that the NFL has veered off sharply to the left. And there’s the TV left wing bias as well. That’s about all you need to know about football to make an informed bet, which I won’t be doing. Eagles are the underdog, the public hates the Pats, and the NFL hates Trump. Throw in the TV crowd who also hate Trump, and you’ve about got all you need. Get the Eagles, plus points, plus NFL, plus TV, plus fan favorite to offset bad publicity – it’s a gut cinch. Of course, so was the rigged 2016 election, and the chosen candidate was so bad she couldn’t even win that, so I guess you never know. Just how bad are the Eagles anyway.
    PS – Don’t forget my near perfect forecasting record whether it’s sports, politics, or whatever. I don’t think I’ve won one yet.

  18. LD and AB liked taking the girls to Bombers games up at Bryan/College Station. They all had a good time.

    My neighbor told me about them taking one of their grandsons to a monster truck show recently. I was floored when she said snow cones and other concessions were $20-$30 EACH. And of course little kids want one of everything….

    They are requiring see-through bags now so the powers that be can confiscate any smuggled snacks. I suggested that she find a jacket with hidden pockets in the lining so they could survive the next outing to a major stadium with the kids.

    I had to go to the County Clerk’s office yesterday to deal with some legal papers we needed, and while there a young man came in for a dba. It seems he’s starting a clothing line. I suggested he work up a vest or jacket with those hidden pockets. I explained my reasoning, and his face lit up and said he’d keep that in mind.

    So if you see a line of clothing items for smuggling snacks into public venues, you can thank me.

  19. Treason charges being requested against four…for now.

    He claims that their actions were not only illegal but constituted an attempted coup of a sitting US president using false dossier information that they knew was really opposition research (lies) paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

    He is seeking charges against former FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

  20. A Swedish lefty idealist who believes in no borders and other ridiculous notions goes to the Congo and gets surprised – fatally – that her captors don’t share her magnanimous beliefs.

    I read the comments which range from sympathy to outright anger. I don’t know what to feel. I agree with the those who say her leftist sympathies lured her into a smug sense of safety. Her sense of “equality” overcame any common sense she should have had.

    That said, she was killed like a dog and beheaded. I agree that she was probably raped before being shot. Nobody deserves that.

    I also agree with one person who was angry that people like her shove their egalitarian beliefs onto their countrymen, much to the detriment of the world as a whole, as those wisshole countries spread their filth.

  21. Just imagine…

    Had McGovern won in the 70s against Nixon and had it been he who burgled and bugged the GOOPS Watergate HQ, we never would’ve heard of Watergate or Woodward and Bernstein.

    It never would’ve made the news. No books written and no movies made.

    Ctrl-U-Left corruption is always good corruption.

  22. Gorilla taped flat on the bed, with Max Gorilla taped on top of her, she’ll be fine while I go sing.

  23. That’s what happens when I look up and she’s trying to load the dish washer.

    Thickest German skull ever.

  24. Even though her upper left side feels like she took a close range 45 while wearing a vest, she must feel a lot better overall.
    Wandering around without a cane.

  25. Don’t recall the movie Rush but today was a good day to watch a movie. I liked it, probably the best acting I ever saw JJ Lee do. I recognized Hermann Park and C of H City hall in two scenes. Much of the movie looks like it is in the Freeport area. Maybe Channelview. Early in the movie they find the best use for a six pack of Lone Star Beer. Ever.

  26. Saw a possible use for the wife’s doglets. If I am trapped on a plane full of hyper aggressive snakes, they can be hurled as decoys.

  27. While on our trip we shared a table at lunch with a delightful Danish couple also on the same excursion. We mentioned being in Copenhagen several years ago, enjoying the stay very much, and intending to return to see more places. I mentioned that the Viking heritage seems to have vanished in Sweden with its overwhelming tolerance and socialism, and it was on the brink of losing its national identity.

    The husband replied that the Danes have given up on the Swedes and pretty much agreed they are a lost cause. They and we can’t understand why Sweden seemingly is oblivious to their self-destruction by welcoming the Muslim invaders, despite the violence they perpetrate on the hosts and their refusal to consider assimilation. According to several recent news reports Denmark has seen the light and has been taking steps to prevent the same happening there. The Danes seem ready to pull in the welcome mat if they haven’t already done so. Problem is being in the EU and not being able to control their borders….

    On the Brexit, the husband had his doubts about how trade relations would be reconstructed between the Brits and the remaining EU, though he assumed it would be similar to the arrangement Norway has with the EU to which it does not belong. IMHO smart move on the Norwegians’ part. They retain their Viking heritage in their hard but most rewarding work in the North Sea oil fields and don’t need to lean on anyone else. There was a hint of envy about that situation in a comment that when the oilfields give out the Norwegians will be looking for closer contacts. I did not interject there have recently been several more huge reserves discovered in the North Sea….

  28. Monkey fighting snakes on a monkey fighting plane. Wondered how the SyFy channel was going to handle that.

  29. The husband asked us about Donald Trump and how we regarded him. Many Europeans are wary of him because of all the anti-Trump press and because of Make America Great Again. Spouse said he was concerned about some of Trump’s statements, and I said I was not. Did not go further into that.

    Can understand European wariness about existing treaties and the cover they bring to European security through NATO and the UN. Resisted the urge to recall the security Europe has enjoyed under our umbrella and those of Canada and Britain all these years. Did say we learned that drug traffic through Costa Rica had increased considerably and since that country had disbanded its military in the late 1940s it is short on defenses now it is nice of the US and Canada to lend a hand with naval vessels on patrol of Costa Rica’s coastlines along with the Costa Rican equivalent of the Coast Guard. He agreed that was good. I said it was a winning proposition for all three nations since drug trafficking is a problem for the US and Canada and helping curtail traffic through Costa Rica was a smart move.

  30. Well, I have a new politicrush in the Trump administration.

    Sarah Isgur Flores is from Houston, law degree from Harvard, worked in several Republican presidential campaigns and is now political advisor and spokeswoman for Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice.

    Or this.

    Here is a CNN video of Sarah making Chris Cuomo look like an even bigger fool than he normally does.

  31. Meathead Cuomo.

    Dead from the neck up like all CemenNN fake anal retentive parakeets.

    “Are you even going to give out your calendars? Seems kind of depressing. Maybe it should just be the first meeting of the secret society,” FBI lawyer Lisa Page wrote to senior FBI agent Peter Strzok,

    Meathead Cuomo: Duh hey boss. Do yuh tink ders a sekret sosietee boss? Huh? Do ya boss? Tell me what to say boss cuz I’m just a dumb plucking sh#t 4 branes papaganderist Meathead, boss.–Duh, hey boss. im uh papaganderist does that also mean ther iz a mamaganderist 2?–wher wiz I born boss? did de chiken cumm 1st? wuz eye hatcd bozz?

  32. #62 TP: I watched a few of the videos, there is sawdust on the floor. On some of the commentary there was a question as to the degree of Kosher compliance. For me, if there is no pork or shellfish in the serving or slaughter facility and the blood is drained by hanging the carcass by it hind quarters and the throat is cut to let the blood drain, that is good enough. Mixing dairy is irrelevant. I am going to assumethat the Katz deli refrains from serving pork or shellfish, so that works for me.

  33. re: OP
    Richard Feynman was one of the greats in the world of high energy physics. Unusually among those in his cohort, he was able to explain things to both advanced students and the common man with clarity and humor. He could have won more Nobel prizes than the one he did win.

    He is sorely missed and was taken too soon.

  34. 63 Bonecrusher

    Kat’s Deli on the lower East Side no longer has a Kosher designation. They are into their, what, fifth generation and the latest owners decided if they were going to survive, the enormous expense of Heschsher certification was cost prohibitive. They are now promoting themselves as “Kosher Style” which means nothing has changed from the old days, but they aren’t having to pay exorbitant rabbinical supervision fees.

    I understand all this and like many Jews remain disappointed and disgusted with the realities. Anyone living Shomer Shabbos cannot eat at Katz’s anymore. The reality of New York City politics and taxation has created an unbearable environment for small businesses and Kosher delis are dying out.

    The twin pressures of outrageous rent increases and exorbitant rabbinical fees from certification agencies has been the death knell for Kosher Jewish businesses in NYC.

    A famous Irish bar, Langan’s, an institution in Midtown on 47th Street is closing because the landlord raised the rent from $16,000 a month to $53,000 per month. This has been going on all over NYC for the last few years. It’s a real tragedy and I have no idea how most of these retailers survive on a day to day basis anymore.

    But, to answer your question, no, there is no pork or shellfish at Katz’s Deli.

  35. 64 WB

    Feynman. One of the real heroes in my life. He made me believe I could understand physics. And he was full of and bigger than life.

  36. #66 TP: Here in Houston, any certified Kosher beef costs 3 times more than non certified. The price differential is abusive and I will not participate. The TORAH only commands that the blood be drained. It even specifies animals that are taken when hunting, those animals taken while hunting are still deemed clean provided that the blood is drained. IMO, any additional requirements is the equivalent of adding to the TORAH, which is specifically forbidden twice.

  37. #67 Texpat

    I’ll vote for that. His book Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! is a wonderful collection of his wit, genius, and down to earth and a bit quirky personality. Available on Amazon and fascinating reading. And as Texpat says, he made physics understandable for the average person, a talent few scientists have.

  38. Good SB morning Hamsters. Dense fog and 59 with everything outside dripping, condensation on the porches and sidewalk, wildlife still snoozing, and the trip out to the road to fetch the Chron left a wake. This mess is supposed to yield to sunshine some time today.

    JJ won the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award last night. Well deserved, sir.
    He’s our Man For All Seasons.

  39. Pretty easy to move 40000 lbs a week when you put a whole pound of cooked meat on a sandwich!

    The Katz here doesn’t do that. But I still keep going back when I can.

  40. Pretty easy to move 40000 lbs a week when you put a whole pound of cooked meat on a sandwich!

    My thoughts exactly, dayaam what a sammich!

    In other news; Leon Panetta is a lying partisan hack…..That is all.

  42. Yeah SD, Nancy told me about that yesterday. The army is not lining the streets here in SS yet, but I expect them to show up any time now. Hey, wait a minute – I thought the Dems didn’t much care for the Constitution. I’m confused again.

  43. phil, in case you didn’t see this prediction:

    Dennis Miller
    My sources inside the Mueller Investigation tell me they expect to wrap in approximately 7 years and will recommend charges of impeachment against President Trump in very late January or early February of 2025. Opps.

  44. Amazon is telling me that I can watch 6.5 hours of programming plus the SB game for free with my prime account. Amazon may be showing up a little late to the NFL party. Don’t plan to watch any at all, but I just though there were some of you rabid fans out there who might like to know. Before long you can probably buy an NFL team on Amazon, then sell it on eBay.

  45. Fog has finally lifted to become merely light gray overcast. Made it to 64 on the front porch, and this for the Houston area compared to Minneapolis hovering around 0 makes us look so much better as a SB host. Although our weather last year was nicer than this as I recall. If’n Houston wants to try again to host another SB.

    However, Minneapolis could have been victimized by a serious blizzard roaring out of Canada this time of year instead of what it’s got now.

  46. My Fry’s ad is telling me that it’s not too late to go ahead and purchase my huge screen TV and home theater system and have it installed by game time. I suspecting that these many years of SB advertising to the once in a lifetime size audience may come to an end. I’m sure people are still having SB parties all over. Back in the good old days, you could start drinking and watching the pre-game hype, get drunk, take a nap to sleep it off, get up and get drunk again before the game ever started. Looks like that part hasn’t changed either.

  47. “They are like animals. A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand. It was horrible,” a Rive-de-Gier customer France told Le Progres newspaper of the “orgy”-like scene that, in many cases, necessitated police intervention.

    Food riots in Venezuela? Water riots in Africa? Asploding Muslim riots in Yemen? Nope. It was the Great French Nutella Riot of 2018.

    Quelle horreur!

  48. I though that Nutella was a Limey thing, BTW; WTH is Nutella? Some say it’s real nasty,….anything like Lutefisk?

  49. Oh and ifin’ you’re wondering where EVERYONE in Clear Lake is, they’re all at Kroger’s on El Camino. Dayaam, what a zoo.

  50. SD, you must be joking? Nutella is a nut butter, kissing cousin to peanut butter. It is ground hazelnuts, flavored with cocoa. It makes a good ice cream topping.

  51. #89 Hamous

    Aha, so that’s what’s in Nutella according to the post. Had wondered what all the excitement seemed to be about this mysterious concoction that caused a riot in France. Do not think it would be appreciated in our house. The hazelnut part kills it for us. Chocolate can do wondrous things, but it can’t offset the hazelnut.

    Love makes the world go round, and chocolate makes the ride worthwhile. Brought home samples of chocolate from Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Chiapas, Mexico. All slightly different, and all wonderful. No wonder the Maya used cocoa beans as money.

  52. Tom Gresham asked, what do you tell someone how asks you how many guns you have? I love his answer, fits me to a tee. “I have more than I need but not as many as I want”. That said; If I’d had a little more time today, I’d have gone over to the Pasadena Gun Show and purchased my Mossberg 590 Shockwave, oh well, next time. 😉

  53. #95, Iron Mary, nope, I’d never heard of it until a few years ago, never tried it, never noticed it in the store. But, I didn’t look for it either.

  54. I though that Nutella was a Limey thing, BTW; WTH is Nutella? Some say it’s real nasty,….anything like Lutefisk?

    I believe you’re thinking of Marmite, and it’s Australian cousin, Vegemite. Nasty, salty stuff, it’s an extract made from dead yeast.

    Nutella is good stuff, if you like hazelnuts and chocolate.

  55. #103 Hamous, Yup, and I’m SOO ashamed, you’re exactly right and when I first saw it, it was related to Australia. That said; we didn’t have either in south Alabama, but we did make our own P-Nut Butter, grinding roasted nuts in the meat grinder. Dang that stuff was good, my grandmother only added a little salt to pure ground up P-Nuts, they were sweet enough without sugar. Also, you’d be surprised just how much P-Nut oil winds up in the butter, after sitting for a while the oil rises to the top so you have to stir it up. One more thing, if I ever make it back to Alabama, I’m going to make me some homemade P-Nut Butter. 😀

  56. Is today the Super Bowl?

    I noticed that this was Super Bowl LII, 52, ?!?! It seems like yesterday we had Super Bowl 33.

  57. Well, it the end of era, Dairy Queen no longer has fried chicken, only chicken nuggets! They used to have the best fried chicken anywhere. Oh well, they still have the finest, orginal, Nanner Splits. I did like thier dairy spoon door handles.

  58. I made an attempt to watch the talking heads this morning, but it was only a few minutes before I heard the memo referred to as a ‘nothing burger’.

    Even if it was a lie, that’s not a nothing burger. But given that so much of it is easily corroborated, it’s red meat.

    I had to change the channel. There was so much spinning I was getting dizzy.

  59. If The Memo is seen as a nothing burger, why all those reports how Wray might resign if it was released?
    DC buffoons.

  60. Which network is the game on Pravda, Izvestia, the All Goebbels Channel-AGC, INGSOC, CemenNN or the NBC-Lester Dolt-Kim Jong Un Channel?

    Hope the Pats win cause the Deep State Propagandist channels hate Tom Brady because he likes Trump.


  61. #111

    Thanks Shannon. I thought I was going nuts, never seen a DQ serve fried chicken neither. I know they didn’t when I worked at one in high school, cause I’da been the one cooking them.

  62. Super Bowl You Over is on NBC. We don’t have a dog in that fight, but since the Eagles have had a long, long dry spell in getting there we hope they win. Anyhow the Patriots are just as easy to dislike as the NY Yankees….

  63. If the propagandist media loses then it will be the greatest SB ever.

    Otherwise I won’t be watching cause I’d rather watch the Columbo episode Strange Bedfellows on DVD.

  64. 15 – 12 and it’s not a field goal game. Lots of SB pots messed up. Or at least some people with bad numbers very happy.

  65. I just finished watching “The Manchurian Candidate” on TubiTV, a streaming service. I’d long heard about the movie but never actually saw it. While it was cooking I made a pizza using a recipe called Fathead Pizza Dough. I had some leftover Italian sausage, and added some salami, mushrooms, garlic, and spinach. Lots of mozzie cheese.

    Oh my my my my my! I ate too much. The only good thing is I didn’t get too many carbs.

    But Columbo is on now, on MeTV. I think I’ve seen this one before, so I may go back to streaming something.

    Was there a ball game today?

  66. I had to check on google to see when Lent started:

    Lent 2018 will begin on Wednesday, February 14

    Because I was surprised that the Kroger deli had fish sandwiches on the hot-and-ready cart when I was there on Friday. So they started a bit early. As everyone here knows, I am not a gourmet, but I find their Spring fish sandwiches among the best fast food I eat.

  67. Never, EVER, saw a Dairy Queen with fried chicken.

    Thanks Shannon. I thought I was going nuts, never seen a DQ serve fried chicken neither

    My goodness, I didn’t know I was dealing with children, SO, y’all have never heard of Brosted Chicken?…Really….In the early 60’s a fellow from New York patented a process whereby chicken was cooked in a pressure cooker, in oil. The best dayaam chicken you have ever ate. He sold these things with the stipulation that he wouldn’t sell them to a competitor within a certain “X” mile radius of the one that he sold to the first guy. Then, Dairy Queen bought him out and all/most of the DQ’s in the south sold “Brosted Chicken”,….dang, buy em’ books and send them to school and what do they do?…I don’t know.

  68. The bowl game is in halftime so the pundits have to yammer fast so NBC can show the halftime show, for which I understand many folks tune in to see, not the game itself.

    Since spouse started watching the game before I got around to it, I asked him if there were any icicles dangling from the stadium ceiling, it being around 0 outside. And a lot of the walls are glass and perhaps part of the roof of the place. Very modern design that disguises it a bit. Also very, very pricey to build. He didn’t see any icicles, and I haven’t either.

  69. Tom Thumb Deli & DQ

    Tom Thumb Deli & DQ is located at 201 North 15th Street in Fort Dodge. Their hours are 6:00am-10:00pm with their Dairy Queen hours being from 11:00am-10:00pm. Tom Thumb Deli & DQ has a full service menu with anything from their Broasted Chicken and Burgers to Salads and Fresh Baked


  70. Dairy Queens in Texas never sold fried chicken unless it was some confused franchise over in the deep Piney Woods who thought they were still in Mississippi.

    “Broasted” chicken is okay, but nothing, not anything, ever beat my grandmother’s fresh chicken, hand battered, and pan fried in a huge old cast iron skillet.

  71. Super Dave

    I just wasn’t that impressed with broasted chicken. I can’t remember whether I was in Little Rock or Memphis, but it was up there when I tried it.

    There were some sleazy guys back in the ’90s trying to peddle a fake fried chicken made in some kind of pressure cooker system to Central Texas convenience stores. Really, seriously nasty stuff.

  72. I repeat. I never, EVER, have been in a Dairy Queen that sold fried chicken.
    Neither broasted, roasted, fried, freeze dried, boiled, barbecued, frikaseed, or poached.

    Nada. NEVER.

  73. Figured it musta been an Alabama thang.

    See #124 #126,
    OK, I give up, and for you folks in Rio Linda, even though, DQ was big in the “dreaded southern states”, the original DQ was in the Chisago area, I think.

  74. I figured you must have seen it in Alabama.

    Alabama, Florida and Georgia, not in Kansas or Texas, the places that I’ve lived. I just wanted to point out that it wasn’t JUST an Alabama Thang.
    DAYAAM, why did I waste my time, I was just surprised that y’all didn’t know about the Brosted Chicken. 🙁

  75. Hell, I’m not sure my local DQ sells ANY chicken products at all.

    It might be against the law in Texas.

  76. I might be happy if they passed a law against chicken, especially fried chicken, being served any other way than homemade. Of course, my libertarian alternate personality would have a strident argument against that position.

  77. Yeah I saw Dodge invoking MLK on a Ram Truck commercial, incredibly over the top. The Dilly Dilly! commercials are reruns.

  78. The only thing worse than commercials in sports broadcasting are the incredibly boorish and obnoxious commentators.

    I hate them all.

  79. When I was 15-16yrs old I worked at the DQ at Hammerly and Gessner, the manager was quite the cat, also a great cook. He would have me spice up the taco meat, way against the rules but we had tons of compliments on our tacos.

    Then there was the special brownies at that one Christmas Party…

  80. Very good game.
    One punt.
    Few penalties.
    Sorry the Eagles won. Never liked them.
    Goes back almost fifty years to when I gave a tinker’s damn about that team in Arlington.

  81. My wife is happy, she only watched the last play but she has some mouthy, Yankee, Patriot fan on her FB page that finally gets hers.

  82. DQ has frito pie, not on the menu last I was at one but they have it if you ask. Yum. Where else can one get this unless one follows fasterthanu426 and slices open a package of fritos and pours in the nacho meat sauce at the local stop. Never ever saw fried chicken at a DQ, just chicken strips.

  83. #154

    Our local diner has chili on the menu and I often axe for some on my fried eggs at breakfast. They look at me funny, but they serve it.

  84. We gave up on the game at halftime and watched some Hawaii 50 shows from the 5th season instead. Tuned in again in time to see all the confetti floating by and see the Eagles won 38-33, apparently late in the 4th Q. The Patriots coach looked pretty glum.

    Presume by now most of the folks in Minneapolis will be happy to see everybody clear out and go home to wherever they came from. We sure felt that way last year when Houston hosted it and it was over.

  85. Columbo was great tonight. George Wendt (Norm on Cheers) was the villain.

    In one scene Columbo says “uh just one more thing” and Norm replies back “ no lieutenant, there is no just one more thing” and then proceeds to kick Columbo off his property.

    Don’t think anyone’s ever told Columbo that in any other episode.

    Sure beat watching the Super Politicized Bowl tonight.

    What are the Vegas odds for overturned cars and burning buildings in philly tonight?

  86. We noticed this evening that our neighbors across the back fence were sitting outside with a fire pit. (That’s the fence that was rebuilt last year after some huge dogs they had for a while had jumped against it so many times that it finally had been so damaged that it blew over in a wind.) There were huge flames visible through the narrow gaps between fence boards.

    Hubs says he never heard of a fire pit and can’t believe it’s legal. He says if you can’t burn leaves in your back yard, how could you burn wood in an outdoor container? Anyone happen to know for sure? Google was not my friend when I asked if fire pits are legal in Houston.

  87. Add me to the list of folks who’s never seen fried chicken at a DQ, other than a chicken sandwich. Before KFC, Orlando had Maryland Fried Chicken. As I recall they advertised their chicken as “broasted”. But they had 21 herbs and spices, not a paltry 11.

  88. Presume by now most of the folks in Minneapolis will be happy to see everybody clear out and go home to wherever they came from.

    I have friends in the area. I warned them last year about the hype. Remember the billboard timers that were erected almost immediately after SB L? Talked to her yesterday and they were counting down the hours until it would all be over.

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