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  1. About the pictures, she has aged well. I always thought Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn were prettiest in their later years.

  2. I’m hearing more good news about the economy. It’s obviously based on racism. A black president couldn’t find the magic wand to boost the economy, but a white man did.

    The Good Economy Fairy obviously hates black people. We should shut her down with and enclose her in a safe space so she can’t make minorities feel inferior any more.

  3. #7 TT: It was the collective racism of America that refused to let the economy flourish during a halfricans reign. They were all committed to saving their money so that it could be spent and grow the economy during white rule. So they could further oppress the minorities. Wimminzes and chirrenzes hit the hardest.

  4. I bounced up this morning and ran to look under the tree, but the memo wasn’t there. I thinking they are just pranking with us, and if it ever does come out, it’ll just be a piece of paper with black lines drawn across it. So it looks like I’ll have to find something else to do. It’s still too cold at night to start planting any thing, and it’s so dry that nothing would germinate anyway. And certainly too cold to paint. So, I’ll work on other stuff. Meantime, you all have a great day.

  5. You know we’re living in Robert Heinlein’s “Crazy Years” when the most accurate news headlines are originating….here.

    FBI Warns Republican Memo Could Undermine Faith In Massive, Unaccountable Government Secret Agencies

  6. 10 EG

    You’re entitled to your prejudices, but excluding Salena Zito would be depriving yourself of the best writer in the country taking a daily pulse of real Main Street America.

    Donald Trump is still the man to this Pennsylvania home

    “We make it a point to discuss current events so that they are aware of what is going on in the world, so for us, watching the State of the Union address given by any president is a family affair,” Michelle said.

    Tuesday evening was no different as the couple sat in their Pennsylvania living room with their children, Lillie, Natalie, Tony and John.

    One constant theme throughout President Trump’s speech, in particular for the kids, was the decision by Democrats not to stand and applaud, especially on issues like border security or historic low unemployment rates, or some of the more emotional personal stories the president highlighted.

    “I just wonder if they thought this through past their politics, on many of these things all of America is applauding while they are sitting,” said 14-year-old Natalie.

  7. FBI Warns Republican Memo Could Undermine Faith In Massive, Unaccountable Government Secret Agencies


    That damage has already is done. Ya just gotta hate it when your Massive, Unaccountable Government Secret Agencies become accountable.

  8. My typical 55 minute trip home from Memorial City hospital took 3.5 hours due to the I-10 West closure at Hwy6.

    From I-10 @ Gessner to Clay Rd @ FM529 was 2.75 hours.


  9. In my eyes Ingrid Bergman could give Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly a run for the #1 and #2 spots on my top 10 list.

    And this is with no makeup.

  10. Super Dave
    I’m assuming I can put you down for 2 thumbs up for Ingrid?

    Yes! Can you say a natural beauty?

  11. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – You’ve got a better chance of saving $2500 on Obamacare than you do of seeing that memo.

  12. Good gloomy morning Hamsters. Groundhog Day and he couldn’t see his shadow here. ” So what?” you might ask. So nothing is the answer, as Spring shall appear as the calendar records the celestial order of things. Cute little critter, silly men in top hats, out and about in the dead of winter. Gotta have something to celebrate in the dead of winter, never mind St. Valentine’s Day 12 days hence.

    Groundhog Day is inexpensive if you rent the top hats. St. Valetnine’s Day, au contraire, requires a cash outlay. 🙂

  13. As for the OC pics, we see stiff, warpaint-obscured natural beauty on the left and natural mature beauty on the right.

  14. Undercover footage shows the House Intelligence Committee meeting one last time to vote on the memeauxs release.

    Turns out they held a secret meeting at one tRick Perry’s now defunct presidential campaign headquarters.

  15. I’m almost afraid to drive to lunch today, all those lib head that went splodey and scattering greasy brains all over the place and such. There are some people named who should face immediate indictment: Comey, Strzxwk, Gumby Page, the Ohrs, McCabe, Yates, Rosenstein, and this slimey Steele character.

  16. I’d say most folks who pay attention to the political climate in this country already understood the gist of the memo, but it really was nice to see it in print.

    RTWDT! (it’s not that long) 🙂

  17. #30 bone
    Kinda anticlimactic.

    “Moving forward, all Fridays are designated as ‘casual’. All staff may wear jeans and polo shirts unless they are meeting in the Oval Office. Staff are reminded that they represent this fine country, and as such, are expected to keep it real:
    o No shorts
    o No flip-flops
    o No wife-beaters
    o No tuxedos
    o No bear, clown, gorilla, dairy cow, or other animal suits, unless the Friday falls on October 31. “

  18. #42 – sorry man no can do!

    I’m torn between watching paint dry vs. attempting to tolerate listening to Axle Rose sing er uh croak


  19. The news just keeps on coming.

    Just read that there’s a new dossier out there that implicates two top ranking Demoscats.

    Yup.–Word on the street says the dossier contains information about a DNCBass fund raiser held at a swanky, elites only, Washington hotel.

    It’s reported that a Russian secret camera, planted in the hotel, captured images of two mayo stained matzo balls and a kosher dill pickle, tangled up in a pair of lacy, fishnet support Underalls, that forensics experts say have traces of Botox on them.

  20. #41 – It’s ready for you to pick it up over at Obama’s house.

    Glad to hear that Fay is on the way back home.

    I’m ready for Pencil Neck to release his memo now. I’m sure it will fill in the blanks.

  21. Now home in her recliner. Where discipline for bad attitude can be easily administered.

    Lemme guess: She makes you wear a shock collar and she gets to operate the remote, from her throne, AKA “The Recliner” right?
    Don’t rub her feet just so . . . . BZZZZZT

  22. Yay! Fay is home. Shannon tries unsuccessfully to make it sound like she is not the one in charge at Chez Fay.

  23. Among the precautions with a pacemaker is avoiding strong electrical fields. Like hanging around under or climbing cell towers.


  24. Dug out the old walker for her to use for a couple of days. Guess I’ll have figure out a way to strap it to the mower. The clover is coming along quickly.

  25. Among the precautions with a pacemaker is avoiding strong electrical fields.

    Prolly ought to avoid things like an MRI machine, metal detectors at the airport, arc welders, nukular fusion reactors, etc.

  26. Amazingly, these latest pacemakers can be safely MRIed, according to the surgeon.

    So she’s good to go on operating the remote to the shock collar, right? Does she make you wear the French maid costume too?

  27. Since she cannot see the pacemaker insertion site (just under the skin near the left collar bone), it is my duty to closely watch it for signs of infection. After the first close close examination to obtain a baseline condition, I told her she’s getting kind of lumpy in her old age.

  28. My Brother is living vewwy vewwy dangerously IMHO…………..

    Fay can shoot the head off of a cottonmouth at 50 yards…………………

  29. Yea that Fay is back home with Shannon and Max. You will notice that I placed Shannon before Max. Max can’t read I’m sure. 😉

  30. As far as The Memo goes, time to cue the cannonade of the 1812 Overture loud and often as a harbinger of things to come to those who trash the Constitution and give We The People the middle finger.

  31. Adee
    Probably should put him first.
    Dumb dog. All this moping around while she’s gone.

    I’m simply the evil guy who makes him bathe, cuts his toenails, hauls him to the vet, etc, etc, etc.

    I’m going to get me an Emotional Support Peacock so I can deal with these two.

  32. Speaking of cottonmouths, I was reviewing injury reports for the facility we acquired in Connecticut while up there this week. One of the injuries was a snake bite. That’s a first for me. The guy got bit while unpacking a pallet of titanium aerospace parts. They took him to the hospital and the doctor said he needed to know what kind of snake. No one knew. They had to call in a herpatologist. He told them it was a Western Cottonmouth and wondered how it got to Connecticut. Turns out the pallet originated right here in Houston.

  33. Since I’m not a Brady hater
    and the last time Philadelphia contributed a single positive thing to this country was back in the late 1700’s, I’m pulling for the Patriots.

  34. Will be interesting to find out how the alphabet networks try to dodge The Memo.

    Fox News at 5 was going full bore ahead on the contents and had Devon Nunes on first thing for a long interview. Brett Baier was talking pretty fast to try to get in as many questions as he could within the allotted time that apparently is under computer control.

  35. 72 Shannon

    …I’m pulling for the Patriots.

    In trying to be a good influence on my brother, I have clearly failed once again.

    Philadelphia – the home of our illustrious ancestor, Benjamin Rush, who signed the Declaration of Independence, co-founded the first slavery abolitionist society in the Colonies, was the first US Surgeon General, founded the first medical school in America and is recognized as the father of American psychiatry.

    Sadly, a complete absence of loyalty and gratitude. Really, after all that, how could you not support the Eagles ?

    Boston – the home of mobster Whitey Bulger, corrupt and imprisoned FBI officials, bad food, lousy restaurants, the worst racial strife in America, John Kerry and all the communists at Harvard. What’s to like ?

  36. Boston – the home of mobster Whitey Bulger, corrupt and imprisoned FBI officials, bad food, lousy restaurants, the worst racial strife in America, John Kerry and all the communists at Harvard. What’s to like ?

    You left out the very salient point that the place is lousy with Massholes.

  37. 69 Hamous

    They had water moccasin anti-venom in the Hartford, Connecticut hospital ?

    That’s pretty surprising.

  38. What’s up with the Boston and Philly arguments? Why would anyone here in Texas want to argue about the pros and cons of yankee towns. Boston = up north somewhere. Philly = up north some where. Some things I guess I’ll just never understand.

  39. #86 EG: Very good point. Almost like having to choose between getting shot in the head with a shotgun or a .44 mag; at that point, what difference does it really make?
    They both lick dog taint so who cares.

  40. 77

    It’s kinda like some psycho came up with a horror movie where you had no choice but to vote for Donald Trump for president of the United States.

  41. Philly quarterback, Nick Foles, was born and raised in Texas and has already applied to seminary to become a pastor after he leaves pro football, but obviously that’s not enough for Shannon.

    His girlfriend wife is a beautiful brunette and former athlete.

    What else could you want ?

  42. Foles – not Tom Brady – has the highest passer rating in postseason history for quarterbacks who’ve thrown at least 75 passes. Foles has completed 72 of 96 passes for 793 yards, with five touchdowns and no interceptions in three games for a 116.4 passer rating.

  43. The one on the left looks like Bruce Ohr from FBI FISA Court fraud claim to me. I think Tom Brady is some guy who has deflated balls or something. I’m easy to confuse.

  44. My 75-y.o. Hubs went to the DMV on Dacoma today and spent 3 hours renewing his Texas driver’s license. He was in a line outside the building, but an employee occasionally came outside and was giving people toward the back of the line info on other offices where the lines were reported to be shorter. She was also looking for people who looked older, and asking them what service they were there for. So, on being told he was there to renew his TDL, she escorted him on in and told him to take a seat. He even passed the vision test.

  45. The Deep State Media has launched operation Out of this Stratosphere Steroidal Propaganda.

    Word on the street is CemenNN is going to hold a seance to see of they can resurrect Joseph Goebbels.

    It’s a jungle out there man

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