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  1. This is a very good read from the NYT on various localities in Mexico that have essentially seceded from the federal and state government corruption to try and create independent, locally controlled municipal governments and police forces. The results haven’t always been successful.

    Fifteen-foot stone turrets are staffed by men whose green uniforms belong to no official force. Beyond them, a statue of an avocado bears the inscription “avocado capital of the world.” And beyond the statue is Tancítaro, an island of safety and stability amid the most violent period in Mexico’s history.

    Local orchard owners, who export over $1 million in avocados per day, mostly to the United States, underwrite what has effectively become an independent city-state. Self-policing and self-governing, it is a sanctuary from drug cartels as well as from the Mexican state.

    But beneath the calm is a town under tightfisted control, enforced by militias accountable only to their paymasters. Drug addiction and suicide are soaring, locals say, as the social contract strains.

    Tancítaro represents a quiet but telling trend in Mexico, where a handful of towns and cities are effectively seceding, partly or in whole. These are acts of desperation, revealing the degree to which Mexico’s police and politicians are seen as part of the threat.

  2. Now that’s a great picture!
    That’s a young Barrel Racer. So, I assume the picture is of Kelly when she was younger?
    Mornin’ Gang

  3. 4 Super Dave

    No, they are unrelated. The photo I posted up top is a fairly recent one taken in Tuscon. Ms. Kaminski is a grown woman.

  4. 4 SD
    It is a fine photo.
    I spent years trying, unsuccessfully, to get just a few perfect photos of some very special Brahma cattle. It’s amazing how difficult it is.
    And those animals were standing still.

  5. When I was a young kid I was riding on my older cousin’s barrel racing pony, circling some practice barrels at a walk like I’d seen at the rodeo. My grandpa caught the horse just in time before he was about to take off. 😀

  6. HEADLINE: Willie Nelson ends concert, cancels shows amid illness concerns
    Willie Nelson abruptly ended his concert in San Diego this weekend after coughing and experiencing breathing difficulties during the first song of his performance.

    The incident was first reported by the San Diego Union Tribune.

    According to the newspaper, concert attendants say the 84-year-old music legend left the stage in the midst of concert opener “Whiskey River” and did not return.

    Nelson’s publicist told the paper that the icon has either “a bad cold or the flu” and would be returning to Texas to recover.

    The representative also confirmed that Nelson would be canceling the remainder of his shows scheduled for January. He was slated to perform in Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and Laughlin, Nevada.

    An email explaining the cancellations from Ticketmaster says in part that “[u]nfortunately, due to illness, Willie Nelson’s performance concluded early.”

    Nelson’s next scheduled dates begin February 7 in Macon, GA, with seven other performances expected throughout the month. His next Texas performance is planned for April 20.

    I really hope that this is not the beginning of the end for Willie. It is well known that he has inhaled massive amounts of pot smoke and that could have damaged his lungs. I don’t agree with his politics, but I like his music.

  7. It is well known that he has inhaled massive amounts of pot smoke and that could have damaged his lungs

    Bbbbut that’s organic and medicinal. That couldn’t cause damage to anyone’s lungs.

    I’m not a big Willie fan. I respect him as an artist but I only own one Willie album, Phases and Stages. It has sentimental value, as it was one of my Pop’s favorite albums. I also remember my grandpappy commenting on how Willie’s voice sounds like a horse getting … well … let’s just say meeting up with an Alabama man (#11) 😉

  8. Some of you are treading on thin ice over here. You could have your Texican citizenship revoked for bad mouthing (or even coming close) Willie. As to whether he smokes pot or not, good grief, he’s 84 years old. If he never ever inhaled anything except fresh mowed hay and cow manure he’d still be starting to show signs of aging.

  9. #16: Those 19 points, if reversed, would have the company and its owners sued into oblivion. These jerks make the McCarthy era look like a bunch of school chirrenzes. They are the worst example of the enemy they claim to hate.

  10. 23
    Comprehensive. A great reference for the future.

    I’m shocked at how much of it I actually remember!

    Trump should have fired Sessions the day he recused himself.

    The corruption at Justice and State render us just another sleazy banana republic.

  11. 28

    And I heard about a chocolate apocalypse the other day.

    I can live without bananas but would miss chocolate.

  12. How is that different than current freight rail?

    Robots! We must embrace the robots!!!

    And it’ll be fun to tear up 290 again, won’t it?

  13. I would like to spend a year in Houston when none of the freeways are under construction. It has not happened yet in my 58 short years on the planet.

  14. They’ve already started a list. If you don’t embrace the robots they will be coming for you one day.

  15. And it’ll be fun to tear up 290 again, won’t it?

    It was all 290’d up yesterday. Took an hour to go from Gessner to the Tidwell exit where a semi had blocked all three lanes. Luckily the wreck was before the next entrance ramp so it was exit and get right back on.

  16. #7 Shannon, last spring my wife and daughter took a road trip through Texas into SW Oklahoma for a concert. My wife got a lot of wildflower pictures, but my favorite was one she took near Brady Texas of some Longhorns. She was photographing some Bluebonnets when she spotted them. I just thought it was pretty neat, especially coming form one of them fancy, new phones.

  17. The Freight Shuttle System will allow more of those old truckers to retire and hang out in their neighborhood and terrorize little children.
    Like SQK.

  18. So you have morning glory seeds and nutmeg
    And LSD and model airplane glue
    And peyote buttons an’ Methedrine, Benzedrine, Dexedrine
    Someone said banana peels would do
    Let us say the use of these various hallucinogens
    Was somehow no longer a legal misdeed
    Well, man, I still think there ought to be some sort of law
    About possession of nothin’ but twigs and seeds

  19. Hey, wasn’t the President supposed to announce the winner(s) of the Fakies awards today? Anyone heard anything about that?

    UPDATE: Looks like the announcement is for next Wednesday rather than today. The build-up and hype continues. Waiting with baited breath.

  20. 16 Hamous & 22 Shannon

    I’ve been collecting articles on Google for a while. I wanted to compose a report on Google for this site, but I’ve just been too busy lately.

    I’m hoping the evidentiary discovery in the Damore case will start a cascade about Google like Rose McGowan did for Weinstein. People need to realize how truly dangerous these that company is.

  21. Linux doesn’t offer Google, unless you want to jump through a bunch of hoops to get there. So, since I’m now a dedicated Linux user, even though I’m still a novice, I avoid it. No problems with Windows or Intel either. The simpler life is the good life. Older junk computer runs fast, no need for anti-virus resource hogs, and only use programs that you need rather than supporting a bunch of stuff you never use. I’m really liking it.

  22. Chocolate. Without it every waking moment around my wife would be abject terror. Please don’t let it run out.

  23. Google is available on Linux, I guess it depends on the distro. I use kubuntu. Google chrome will run on it. I don’t use it but it was crucial for a college student when I recommended kubuntu.

  24. I don’t know if I have enough innate geekness or patience to start up a Linux machine. Perhaps when I’m old and piddling around trying to decide whether to paint or poop I’ll give it a try.

    All I need is an internet machine, pretty much.
    Maybe I’ll give Linux a try….Instead of dropping 2.5 grand on an Mac when my PC explodes from not having a MS update in several years.

  25. I should rephrase my Linux/Google comments. I only use apps from the Mint menu, and Google is not on it. I do not download and apps or programs from the internet, only from the approved menu. I’m sure that there are plenty of apps out there that will run perfectly fine on Linux, but I don’t need them. As to the learning curve to running Linux, I’ll just say right out of the box if you can operate Windows 7, you’re good to go with Mint. And there’s nothing wrong with sitting around waiting for the proper time to go outside and paint either. I think I’ve been in the planning stage for almost a year now, but there’s just no reason to get in a big hurry over that big a project. It’ll still be there when the time is right.

  26. Sure wish Quickbooks ran on Linux. Only reason i have to use Windows and pay their annual blackmail.

  27. Now that MIL is gone, the hard part begins…

    ….the business of closing out someone’s life can be time consuming and messy.

    Like when the BIL descends like a cloud of locusts to go through her house only two days after she takes her last breath. I told him there was nothing to do, and we’re going to get a lawyer to review her will and her trust, and we’d let him know. Also my sister – who’s been through two probates in the last year and a half, said that the insurance money *may* be tied up for a while.

    We haven’t even been contacted about getting death certificates yet!

    He told me before he left on the 31st that he’d be back after her death “to help go through the house looking for stuff”. I was so shocked I didn’t say anything. It shouldn’t have surprised me – when a grandparent died some years back, he couldn’t be bothered to attend the funeral, though when the aunt/executor returned home she found he’d already left a message giving her his mailing address so she’d know where to send his inheritance check.

    Wissed the whole family off. He had to get a check, but the aunt made sure the was the absolute last one to get his.

  28. 61 Tedtam

    The last death we had up here in this family, I requested and prepaid for 10 certified copies of the death certificate. The funeral home handled it for me. The multiple copies came in handy and I probably used at least 8 of them.

  29. #63 Texpat

    The last death we had up here in this family, I requested and prepaid for 10 certified copies of the death certificate. The funeral home handled it for me. The multiple copies came in handy and I probably used at least 8 of them.

    I’ve already told Hubby I’m ordering 20 when I get called. Between all of her annuities, insurance policies, cars, etc., there’s gonna be a big call for certified copies. They are tons cheaper to order at time of death than trying to get them later.

  30. The secret of Bag Balm is in the beeswax. You can smell it when you open the can.

    Check your ingredients again. No beeswax. I think what you’re smelling is lanolin.

  31. 60, 62, I noticed the horse a had tether to keep it’s head down but deleted the comment. Not soon enough it seems.

  32. The secret of Bag Balm is in the beeswax. You can smell it when you open the can.

    Check your ingredients again. No beeswax. I think what you’re smelling is lanolin.

    I’m tellin’ ya, bear grease is where it’s at.

  33. GTO, no more blog now. Have not recorded anything on my own in years. Love being in two bands but they pretty well take all my time. Maybe when I win the lottery I’ll get back to writing / recording LOL. Oh nooooo…

  34. Well, then I may ask some questions here. Too bad your bands are too far north to be practical to see. I could set up some amps on a stage in San Leon, bit drafty though. Carvin or Fender Pro? I’d bet Fender Pro or Coronado Hollow Body.

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