Weekend Open Colloquium

The Long Room, Trinity College Library, Dublin

“The cause of this decay of the family’s traditional role as the transmitter of tradition is the same as that of the decay of the humanities: nobody believes that the old books do, or even could, contain the truth.”

Allan Bloom, The Closing of the American Mind, 1987

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89 thoughts on “Weekend Open Colloquium

  1. Hey ! Wait a minute…I thought they were bulletproof !

    Apple has said that all iPhones, iPads and Mac computers are affected by two major flaws in computer chips.

    It emerged this week that tech companies have been racing to fix the Meltdown and Spectre bugs, that could allow hackers to steal data.

    Billions of PCs, smartphones and tablets around the world are affected – Apple has now confirmed its products are too.

    The firm has released some patches to mitigate the Meltdown flaw.

    It said there was no evidence that either vulnerability had been exploited yet, but advised downloading software only from trusted sources to avoid “malicious” apps.

    Mac users have often believed that their devices and operating systems are less vulnerable to security issues than, for example Android phones or computers running Microsoft systems.

  2. Be Safe Katfish.
    What a great OC Picture, and it really saddens me that bound books may be on the way out. 🙁

  3. the decay of the humanities: nobody believes that the old books do, or even could, contain the truth.”

    Give the all out assault by the left on our culture specifically and Western culture generally, my view is that it is almost impossible for new books to contain truth.

  4. At 10am today, I will attend the ordination into the priesthood of one of my nephews into the Episcopalian Chuch.

  5. Just saw a FB photo from a resident down on Long Beach Island in Jersey. LBI is part of a barrier island system along the central and southern coasts of NJ.

    Southern Barnegat Bay, from Long Beach Island to Tuckerton, at least 20 square miles of Atlantic salt water, is frozen solid.

    I’ll try to get a photo.

  6. Morning all. 30 degrees out here this morning with some overcast. Had deer coming through yesterday before sunset. The animals are eating more now to keep their body heat up. Overall, nothing exciting to report on. I need to take care of inside chores, but it’s pretty tough for me to get motivated on that kind of stuff. Have a great day out there.

  7. #9

    Don’t ferget, you got NFL playoffs today! And the teams got there the old fashioned way, they earned it ! 😛

  8. Texpat
    insert really bored YAWN here

    Hey ! Wait a minute…I thought they were bulletproof !

    Of course you ignore that the user/owner of the Apple product must install a malicious app allowing a third party to exploit the weakness. Unlike Windows flaws that allow the bad guys to circumvent the user and install the app themselves.

  9. #10 – I’d rather watch the roadrunner out back chase bugs. Now if they would issue brass knuckles, shivs, and the like to the NFL thugs, it might start being watchable again. Don’t forget, the college football playoff is on Monday night. And ESPN has scheduled a rapper for the half time show. Probably have a woman announcer too. Appears they are going out of their way to destroy college football too.

  10. The ordination mass took over 90 minutes, but now my nephew is a full blown Episcopalian priest. I am very happy for him.

  11. Hey, that nice man in the big brown truck, stopped by yesterday and left me a “New-Old-Stock”, German, HK 91 Bayonet for my Century C308. I also got the German, Green Stock/Forearm for it but, and the forearm fits perfectly but I couldn’t get the butt stock on, as it will require some whittling.

  12. 12 Squawk

    …user/owner of the Apple product must install a malicious app allowing a third party to exploit the weakness.

    Oh, I forgot, all the Appleheads around the world are geniuses and would never do anything like that.

    (< ;

  13. I bet Texpat wishes he could’ve gone on a 4 mile jog this morning in a perfect 61 degrees and nothing but clear blue sky above.

  14. Texpat
    Never said that. There are billions of people in the world that just scare the hell out of me knowing that they share the air that I breathe. BUT the point is that the operating system is still secure even with a flaw. User input is the weak spot.

    BTW I am a strong proponent of computer operator licenses. Most people just need an internet device.

  15. I was wondering about the Netflix email declaring that they did not have The Gorilla Channel. Fake news from the ethernet about a fake excerpt from a book of fake excerpts about Trump. To whoever started this one, great job.
    Read the comments to get the cited section. And the Netflix post. And other good observations. I’d have gone with SJL TV clips myself if I were setting up the channel.

  16. 21 Squawk

    You’re an optimist.

    I’m thinking people should have to apply for official membership in the human race. If they flunk the test, they can’t have a computer, smartphone or similar device.

    They can have a simple cellular phone to call 911 when they do something stupid. Otherwise, the flunkees have to remain in “remedial humanity” until they improve their character and minds.

  17. Gerard Vanderleun reveals the chocolate chip cookie recipe of his 103 year old mother.

    But we were two to her one; the smallest band of brothers on a mission from God. In no time, we found ourselves cowlick deep in a war of spying and surveillance against our own mother. It was a cold war that escalated over time as our methods of sensing and locating the hidden cookies became increasingly sophisticated. Towards the end, these methods became so refined that we could have found a single small Weapon of Mass Destruction under the shifting sands of the Sahara if it happened to have a Holy Cookie in the war head.

    But we never were required to go that far afield, even if we once found them in the garage of the people who lived next door. (Their kid, our mole, tipped us off for a paltry three cookies.) Over the years we found them at the bottom of the clothes hamper in the master bath, behind a box of motor oil in the garage, in the trunk of her car, under the camouflage of towels in the dryer, behind the set of World Book Encyclopedias in the den, even taped in coffee cans and stuck up under the kitchen counter concealed behind the disposal unit.

  18. BTW I am a strong proponent of computer operator licenses.

    Because licensing drivers guarantees such great drivers.

  19. I propose that those who are found guilty of releasing computer viruses into the wild should have all their fingers cut off and be branded on the forehead. Robo-callers telemarketers just need to be hanged by their feet and whipped with a car antenna until dead.

    I really don’t much care for either of the above types of people.

  20. #24 texpat
    Good read.

    The recipe is similar to the one that the fruit which sprung forth from my loins demand from time to time. I gave them the recipe and told them to have at it, while giving me a small tariff for providing them the info they needed.

  21. It’s 5 degrees here with about -9 degrees windchill. Really dangerous outside.
    Tomorrow morning we’ll sink to -1 or -2 F. This is definitely the coldest I’ve lived through.

    Hottest in my life was 119 in Phoenix, Arizona and 122 in the Sahara Desert in Algeria.

  22. Morning gang. Warming trend continues, and it didn’t get below freezing last night. Things are awfully quiet in the cold period, but the ranchers still have to get out every day and feed their livestock. Of course, frozen water holes are also a problem, and many use the old float valves on their watering tanks which are broken due to freezing temps. I’ve had enough winter now and since the days are getting longer, it won’t be long until the grass will be greening and the mowers will be humming. Bring it on, I’m ready. Have a great day you all.

  23. Well, if you ever had the ill-conceived idea that Chuck Todd was a journalist or had any creditability at all, you can forget it. He’s proving on Meet the Depressed, that he is a partisan hack, by interviewing the Jackass that wrote the defamatory book about Trump. Even most of the biased, lame-stream media have said the guy is a lair.

  24. Went to Republic Grille last night for the wife’s BD with the kids and little people, great time. First time we had been there, I hurt myself!

  25. Christmas, anniversary and birthday all within three weeks of each other, stressful! It’s over for a year! 😀

  26. For the first time in way too darned long, I am going to soak some grain in hot water. The really good things in life take some time. This does not include my courtship with Mrs. Bonecrusher, 1st date to marriage was 4 months and 2 days. That was 23 years ago.

  27. Just called the City regarding how to dispose of the very large quantity of prescription pills that MIL had accumulated. I swear, she never threw anything away – just when I thought I’d found all the tubs of pills, I’d find one more. I think I finally got them all, including the eye drops and diabetes supplies in the kitchen. The City doesn’t have a way to take them all in; it was suggested that I removed the labels from the bottles and put them in the trash.

    A nurse told me to dump all the pills into a trash bag, mix in some soapy water and mash ’em all up, then throw them away.

    Think I’m doing the second method. The idea of removing all those labels….

  28. Tedtam, I must say it would make me a little uneasy if even a loving relative was disposing of all my old unused meds, and me still breathing. Couldn’t that wait until later?

  29. #46 Mharper

    She has new meds for what she needs now. She has no need for her old meds.

    #47 GJT

    Nope. Flushing medications down the toilet is a bad, bad thing.

  30. Tedtam

    I think the idea of flushing meds into the public wastewater disposal system (a recommended U.S. FDA alternative) is a stupid idea. It makes much more sense to mix them with soap & water, seal them into a plastic bag and send them to the landfill. Theoretically, these chemicals would break down before leaching into the water tables.

    The flushing method sends it into our rivers and bays and further screws up the ecology. The estrogen levels downstream from some of our urban areas, via birth control pill users, is already alarming.

  31. The bag looked like a mini-Mardi Gras when I got done dumping all the pills together. It’s soaking as we speak, and I’ll put it out in the trash soon.

  32. #47, #49
    I think Timbo was joking.

    I didn’t think that MIL needed or was using the drugs being disposed of. It just seems a bit premature to be cleaning up her house. Unless there was some chance she night accidentally take an old med?

  33. I received a very welcome package yesterday. While at Uncle Odin’s rosary, I talked with one of my cousins about the pictures being shown and we talked about family histories. She had digitized a bunch of old pictures they had, and even had scanned in some letters between our grandpa to grandma prior to their marriage and during the building of their new home.

    I never knew Grandpa Walzem well. I have memories of him, but never of an intimate nature. We never sat down and talked one to one, for example. Reading these letters really gives me a picture of who he was. He was, besides being an engineer, a devout Catholic. He referred to his boss as a fallen away Catholic, but still an all right fellow. Made me smile.

    I’m going to enjoy getting to know my grandpa.

  34. I feel so sorry for these Hollywood people for once having to confront a huge moral dilemma in real life rather than one sprung from their fetid imaginations.

    The emergency meeting to deal with Weinstein was conducted by the 54-member board of governors — which includes Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg and Laura Dern — after it received a Change.org petition with 100,000 signatures calling for his ouster.

    “But they didn’t give themselves time to plot out how to deal with this going forward,” said one prominent female AMPAS member. “Kathleen Kennedy [producer of the ‘Star Wars’ series] and some other female governors panicked and felt compelled to act. They thought [Weinstein] could hurt AMPAS’ cred. Some of them did admit this was a slippery slope. But I don’t think they imagined how slippery. It’s definitely caused some problems and fights among the board members.”

    And it’s not just new allegations that are haunting the Academy. What to do about two of the most notorious accused sexual predators in Hollywood, Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski, who were charged years before the Weinstein stories broke? Or, for that matter, Casey Affleck — who last year won the Best Actor Oscar — and the two settled cases of sexual-harassment against him? (Cosby and Affleck deny the accusations.)

  35. The whole Polanski thing never ceases to amaze. Weinstein is a real rotten creature and deserves everything and more that he’s getting now and will likely get in the future, but he’s not been charged, let alone convicted yet.

    Polanski is a convicted child rapist fugitive who the Hollywood crowd seems to adore.

  36. Re: drugs in the water supply
    Yeah, I’ve heard that it’s so bad that if you drink enough water, you don’t even need to take birth control or psych drugs.

    Now if we could just get the levels up on my two most expensive drugs.


  37. The real ugly truth in the prescription drugs in the drinking water dilema is the reality that we are drinking recycled terlit water. Doesn’t that just make you want to fill a tall glass. . . . .

  38. The naturally recycled urine of thousands of head of cattle that falls back down as rain onto the hills and plains of Texas before running off into reservoirs for drinking water is what makes all those locally brewed and distilled libations taste so superb.

  39. Addendum to #55:
    Despite literally everyone knowing about the goings on in Hollywood since who knows when, according to Yellow Hair, all the celebs are “protesting” by wearing black at the Golden Globes tonite.

    The red carpet hosts are not supposed to ask about who their clothing designer was, they’re sposeta ask why they’re wearing black. As if it’s a big mystery and as if none of them were aware in the first place.

  40. I think someone handed me a wheat beer about twenty years ago and I have unreasonably refused craft beer ever since. It was really nasty.

    Makes me nauseous to even talk about it.

  41. Shannon: Rye 8lbs, distiller’s malt 5lbs, and canned corn, 5lbs does not make for a tasty beer. I’ll let you know how it tastes around June 2018.

  42. If they can kick a 57/58 yard field goal in New Orleans, I wonder how far these guys can kick one in Denver. Wow.

  43. Waste water treatment plants are an organic process. Sort of like baking or brewing with yeast. When the yeast cells run out of sugars to eat, they die or seal up for another round. Raw sewage comes in and they filter out the insolvent solids, then just run it into large aeration basins. Then finer, as in smaller bubbles, aeration basins. Just air at this point. There are bacteria and stuff that consume the waste. I have seen them bring sewage from a plant to seed a new plant. The plant operators check the process and when all the ‘bugs’ are dead the process is complete and you get sludge. And tomato plants. Every sludge bed grows tomato plants. Chemicals are only added at the discharge. Flushing anything that kills the ‘bugs’ is not a good idea. So the plant operators have told me.

  44. 72
    As a Class “C” wastewater operator, I’d say that is a pretty good one-paragraph description of the process.

  45. Trump is postponing the Fake News Awards set for tomorrow until Wednesday for some unknown reason. It could be that he just can’t keep up with the sheer volume of incoming every day, or it may be that the politics of the situation are heating up as everyone is anxious to get a preview should they have to run out and rent a tux to accept the award. I’m predicting CNN will sweep the field, as I can’t remember the names of any of the other networks. Assuming that NFL stories will not be considered, I’ll skip them; and looking at boobies peeking out from all the black dresses at Golden Globes gets boring, so I’ll skip that too. Maybe Elvira will win best costume for that event tonight. Anyway, I’m still looking for the Gorilla Channel, so if you find it, let me know (and stop sending me SJL videos).

  46. Trump needs to cancel that. The recipients will collectively ‘trump’ these as awards and go into their echo chamber to multiply the effect.

  47. Could insane Joe ScarBurro be charged with sexual harassment if he stuck his thumb in Mika’s Pita Pocket on camera while it was airing out and cooling off on their studio set round table?

    Just wondering.

  48. It wouldn’t be smart to give CNN all of the awards because no one will report on it. (Which may happen anyway.)

    No, he needs to spread it around. Make darn sure of the accuracy of the accusations. Make a very big deal out of it and the press will look bad whether they report on it or not.

  49. Thunderstorms seem to have materialized in NW Houston, so I guess we may get some rain tonight.

  50. Spend a week out in weather above and below zero and you feel like you’ve beaten with a baseball over your whole body.

  51. Just checking Drudge who is all into the GG awards. Apparently all the female types chose to wear black to bring attention to the sexual abusers or something that everyone in town knew about but no one spoke about for fear of losing their job or something. Even in all black however, it seems to me that most of them were letting it all hang out just as normal. So let’s see. The actresses don’t want to be abused but still want to bare all – yeah, that makes sense to a liberal I guess. Oh, and in case you missed it, Oprah is now acting president, but I still can’t find the Gorilla Channel.

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