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  1. 1 BC

    The photo was from an early modeling shoot when she was still a teenager. Monica started modeling gigs when she was 13.

  2. There is a very special part of Hell for hypocrites of this magnitude.

    Meryl Streep, a long-time friend of Harvey Weinstein, recently attacked the first lady and first daughter for being “silent” on sexual assault.

    Streep was pressed by the New York Times for her perceived silence over disgraced movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein’s horrific sexual assaults on women. Streep, who once called Weinstein “God,” has starred in a number of Weinstein movies over multiple decades.

    In the interview, Streep doubled down on the claim that she had no knowledge of Weinstein’s behavior. When she was pressed further about her years of silence on Weinstein’s open secret, she lashed out at the first lady and first daughter. Streep told the interviewer:

    I don’t want to hear about the silence of me. I want to hear about the silence of Melania Trump. I want to hear from her. She has so much that’s valuable to say. And so does Ivanka. I want her to speak now.

    This Streep woman is vile and repulsive.

  3. 1) The contempt citations should have already been issued. Subpoenaed documents at the end of August, not there by beginning of November = CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS
    2) I am not holding my breath that anything will come of this because most Rs are worthless eunuchs and Snoozy McSnoozerson Sessions is too “gentlemanly” to actually prosecute. Linkage for readage

    How about the Clinton collusion with Russia to swing the election via the bogus dossier?

  4. Far too many Senators and Reps with an R behind their name do not have the best interests of the average American at heart, they are far more concerned with extracting campaign contributions from the Chambers of Commerce and big business rent seekers. They are toxins to the body politic.
    DACA Amnesty, chain migration, and visa lottery are all destructive policies that need to stop now. End all immigration from all non English speaking countries for at least 20 years so that those who are here have a chance to assimilate or get out.

  5. #7 – I think you are giving our elected betters too much credit. They literally despise having to go to the voters periodically and could care less what the great unwashed think about anything (actually, they are about half right on that point when you take in to account the women vote). Oh, and it’s above freezing out here this morning at 33, clear skies, and no wind. Slept in my own bed last night for the first time in a few days, and it was nice. Nothing else to report for now, so more later.

  6. The photo was from an early modeling shoot when she was still a teenager.

    And more proof that we are sexualizing our kids and justify it by calling it modeling.


  7. 9 Squack

    I’m pretty sure she was 19 in that modeling shoot.

    I concur on the sexualizing of our children under the guise of modeling. Brooke Shields as a 12 year old prostitute in 1978, the Abercrombie & Fitch catalogues as soft kiddie porn in the 90s, etc, etc.

    But don’t forget – Sophia Loren was just barely 16 when she appeared topless in an Italian movie as a Turkish female sex slave.

    That was in 1951.

  8. Sean Davis is co-founder with Ben Domenech of The Federalist. Check out the excert from Sen. Grassley he posted on his Twitter feed yesterday.

    James Comey stole 7 documents marked classified. Three did not contain classified information. Comey leaked them to a journalist friend who used them to try and make Comey look good.

    This guy has to go down.

  9. My accusations that New Jersey drivers have no idea how drive in reverse were proven in spades this morning.

    I’m easing down our icy little main street in town behind a local police car in a line of traffic when some woman put her car in reverse and backed right into the side of the cop car. Sorry, but I had to laugh out loud. I wish I could have made a video.

  10. David Harsanyi on the selective, subjective fluid lies opinions of economists.

    “A wave of optimism has swept over American business leaders, and it is beginning to translate into the sort of investment in new plants, equipment and factory upgrades that bolsters economic growth, spurs job creation — and may finally raise wages significantly,” opens a recent New York Times article surveying the state of the American economy.

    One imagines readers of the esteemed paper were surprised to run across such a rosy assessment after being bombarded with news of a homicidal Republican tax plan for so many weeks. Not to worry! Over the next few thousand words, the authors do their best to assure readers that neither deregulation nor tax cuts are really behind this new economic activity — even if business leaders keep telling them otherwise.

  11. But don’t forget – Sophia Loren was just barely 16 when she appeared topless in an Italian movie as a Turkish female sex slave.

    Thank you for making my point for me. 19- 16- 12- it is all the same and it has been going on for eons. Does not make it acceptable.

  12. 21 Squawk

    You teed it up and I made your point and expanded on it. This crap has been going on for a long time. Now, with the simultaneous collapse of morality and explosion of the internet, it’s gone berserk.

    I’m not, however, particularly incensed by the overt sensuality of a nineteen year old Monica like I am with, say, the cinematic soft porn of Blue Lagoon in 1980 with a fourteen year old Brooke Shields or what Disney has done over and over again with children’s movies.

  13. Texpat
    My whole outlook on that stuff changed when I woke up one day and said,
    “Crap I am old enough to be “that girl’s” grandpa”. That was my epiphany and change of heart. Oh and the fact I got two daughters and no sons. LOL

  14. #35 Squawk, if that is a about the Yamaha six string, no. I went by guitar center to buy a set of strings, 4, and two guys who work there were jamming on the thing. They both asked ‘have you ever heard reverb on an acoustic’. Twas obviously new to them.

  15. #42 GTO
    Yeah it was about the Yamaha. Even via youtube that had a deep rich sound. That is funny them asking you about reverb. Oh wait i will not go any further lest we be showing our age. 😉

  16. 43, Yamaha has turned the guitar body into a battery powered speaker. It does all that unplugged. If they do this with an acoustic bass, that will change a lot. For me anyway.

  17. I’ve been running around, in and out of stores and vehicles, across icy parking lots all day long. The windchill has been below zero most of the day. I feel like someone wailed on me with a 2×4. I made a special trip up near the New York state line to buy a pair of Carhartt thermal lined overalls today, but they won’t have my size till Monday.

    I’ll be in bed by 9.

  18. After a lot of research and reflection I have determined that today’s OC photo is legal.

    So, pffttttttttthhhhhhh.

  19. Squawk, I am not the doode. He is the ace on the bass. I never held a guitar until about 8 months ago. My wife was terrified I might follow her family tradition and take up golf. But spending time on the eadg after work is fun.

  20. I’ve given up on politics for 2018. Burnt (or burned) out on it.

    Not even listening to talk radio much. All the same old shinola.

    New year…
    Same old Russia sheit featuring Ferris Mueller, the taxpayer, money wasting, Deep State Stooge.

    Same old 1984 Propagandist corrupt Media Monkeys
    Same old GOOPeeCons approving of the Deep State Taxpayer, money wasting Stooge.
    Same old Mayo Stains and Beef Jerky she devils on the other side
    Same old inbred uniparty
    Same old Hollywood Swamp creatures

    As Thomas Aquinas opined…”all I write is like straw”…..

    In 2018 I’d much rather listen to Tom Jones, KISS, Matt Monro and ogle Monica Bellucci pictures while sipping choice Cabernet on the weekend.

  21. Same old shinola is correct. Just can’t get interested. My ears will perk up with the more interesting feining punches now and again but most of the time, nah.

  22. I held a guitar a few times.
    Swung a golf club many times.

    A man’s got to know his limitations.

  23. 48

    You move back here and you won’t have to drive to the state line on ice
    to buy Carhartts.


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