Tuesday Open Comments

One Hundred Years Ago

Firemen from downtown Houston’s Central Station built a snow woman during a rare snowstorm in January of 1918.

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38 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Comments

  1. It was a might chilly outside this am. I neglected to check the temp on my dashboard until I was already on EYE10 where it read 32. I don’t think it got into the low 20s as was advertised threatened.
    Merry New Year Hamsteronianites

  2. #3: Avocados emit ethylene gas and heat as they ripen off the vine. The more ethylene present, the faster they ripen, the more heat is produced, the more ethylene is produced. It creates a feedback loop and once it stops it is almost impossible to stop without unloading the truck and hydro – cooling the fruit. If the fruit is pre cooled to around 35 degrees or so and put in pre cooled reefer trucks, the reaction never starts and the fruit will keep for over a month.

    The above information was imparted to me by a commercial Mexican avocado grower who successfully ships his product to Europe by boat, about a 15 day trip.

  3. I’ve always been a little puzzled about China’s weird obsession with Tibet, but now I understand much better…

    With the world’s most resource-hungry economy, China has gone into overdrive to corner natural resources. On the most essential resource, freshwater, it is seeking to become the upstream controller by manipulating trans-boundary flows through dams and other structures.

    China now controls vast transnational water resources. By forcibly absorbing Asia’s “water tower”, the Tibetan plateau, in 1951, it gained a throttlehold over the headwaters of Asia’s major river systems. Its actions in more recent years have sought to build water leverage over its downstream neighbours.

  4. Corruption, fraud and bribery are ongoing problems at the Congressional Black Caucus.

    After two decades of financial scandals, Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL) was convicted of running a fake charity and sentenced in December. Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) was sentenced last December for bribery, fraud and money laundering. His son, Chaka Fattah Jr, was already in prison on unrelated bank fraud charges. Around the same time the wife of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Il) had wrapped up her prison sentence after her husband had ended his prison term a year earlier on fraud charges.

    Hardly a year goes by without a criminal case involving a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

  5. This from a paper titled “Beer Annuities: Hold the Interest and Principal” published in The Journal of Derivatives.

    A Belgian brewery raised part of the financing for a 3.2 kilometer beer pipeline from it’s brewery to its bottling plant through crowdfunding. For different levels of contribution, an investor receives a certain amount of beer each week for life.

    “While we do not know the age distribution of the funders, the life expectancy data clearly have implications for the value on both sides of the transaction. The data imply that an 80-year-old man who bought the beer annuity can expect a bottle of beer a day for the next 8.2 years and a man between 20 and 24 years of age can expect the beer to flow for another 59.1 years. The price of the annuity was the same for both men. Older beer drinkers subsidize younger beer drinkers. Of course, pricing the annuities according to life expectancy, while perhaps attracting younger investors, could just as likely drive away older wealthier people who invested in the project.”

    HT: Annals of Improbable Research

  6. A Belgian brewery raised part of the financing for a 3.2 kilometer beer pipeline from it’s brewery to its bottling plant

    What could possibly go wrong, sanitation wise, with running a food product through a couple of miles of under ground pipe, particularly when the product changes? Something about this plan just does not sit right with me.

  7. Orrin Hatch announced today he is retiring. We’ll now see if Mitt is really going to run for his seat.

  8. Got stuck with friends due to a freak ice storm, but safely returned to Big D today. It’s cold out there in case you didn’t notice. Roads were clear, but iced lined the ditches all the way. Algore must be somewhere in the neighborhood. Happy New Year to all.

  9. Late to the party today. Overnight our low was 30 thanks to clouds, and all we managed by this afternoon was 35, now slid to 34. Tonight we shall not be so fortunate. Faucets will need to be dripping in the house and everything shut off in the barn as well as outside. But a warmup is promised by Friday.

    So Al Franken resigned today and is replaced by the MN Lt. Gov. for the interim. A Dem for a Dem, no change in the count. Now to see if she has more of a brain than the MN Gov. And that is an easy task.

  10. Cooked cabbage sucks.
    Trying to find out if sauerkraut has equally magical New Years properties, because I like it.

  11. Usually aggravatingly slow, in this weather Max briskly high steps it back to the house from a trip outside.

  12. When I lived in Munich, these two cool octogenarian ladies lived next door. When they canned sauerkraut they’d stink up the entire neighborhood. They’d set dozens and dozens of jars out on the sidewalk in the fall sun to ensure that they sealed.

  13. 25

    It’s very weird how in the winter his olfactory sense is maxed out. No pun intended. I have this theory he can smell every underground bug and grub there is.
    It’s very annoying for the person on the other end of the leash.

  14. Man, that placebo effect is something. A few days before Christmas, I took MIL shopping, and she asked me to get 2 OTC medicines from the store for her: a decongestant/allergy med, and a pill to help her sleep.

    I’ve moved in over the weekend to care for her. Somehow, she got the pills confused and thinks the gel type allergy pill is her sleeping pill. I tried to explain it to her, but she was insistent. I figgered it wouldn’t hurt anything, so I’m now playing along.

    Puts her to sleep. Every time.

  15. 29 Shannon

    I would have said, “Go to hell, California, I won’t sell in your state anymore”.

    When people came onto my website, there would be a warning: Not Available In California with an explanation of why the company refuses to subjugate itself to the rent-seeking greedy, effing bastards of the state.

    I’m not kidding. I would have done it. It’s time business people stopped putting up with this crap from California.

  16. #31 texpat

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. This really ticks me off:

    Another $100,000 will be paid to homeless and domestic violence shelters in California.

    While on the surface that seems like a good thing, but it’s really a way to take care of things so they can also continue to rob taxpayers for things like sanctuary policies and saving the snail darter.

  17. #31: Refusing to do business in California makes very good sense; much more potential trouble than what it’s worth. Kind of being intimate with a crazy Chick – nothing good can come from it.

  18. Just checked outside, no precip here on the moors of the Brazos at Richmond. However it’s 30 and sinking.

  19. 32 Hamous

    I would have done it just to videotape the reactions of the state officials when I told them to go f*ck themselves, I’m outta here.

    I would have put it on youtube and all over my company website.

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