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  1. Don’t anybody tell Phil, but these are the same Russians who hacked every voting machine in the nation and got Trump elected. The mastermind behind the whole thing was Ivan, the bear.

  2. #2 Yup, and at first I thought that they were riding on a vintage BMW, then I realized it was a Ural with a sidecar. For you folks in Rio Linda, a Ural is a Russian clone of the WW II era, BMW 500. They started selling them in the states a few years back and I came thiiiss close to purchasing one, it was the goofy sidecar that almost tipped the scales. A while back, there was one for sale in the Clear Lake area, complete with sidecar. It was parked in the 2500 block of Bay Area where Auto Zone is located.

  3. I could tell that wasn’t a street scene in the USA, something about the cars. And I am usually not any good at identifying cars.

  4. Sarge
    Yesterday 130

    Its not always a bad thing.

    The first multi-role fighter was a relative success.

    There was also another pretty dang good one that was criticized in the beginning as “a fighter designed by a committee”.

    Can’t argue at all about the P-47. The F4 was heavy, had a terrible climb rate and lacked in maneuverability till changes were made in later models. in fact the thinking of the times caused the first couple generations of F4s not to have cannons. Those were added later and a tracking device added even laterr than the cannons. On the plus side it carried a substantial payload and when the after burners kicked in dumping fuel in the engines it got up to speed pretty quick. The F4 mixed reviews during VietNam were deserved.

  5. Sarge
    One more side not about multi-roll aircraft. The canons on the F4 were left off because the powers that be had the mistaken idea that the sidewinder missile would allow the F4 to win via a long distance shoot. An example of putting way to much trust in the technology.
    Super cool does not equal the best.

  6. I wish the genii that order aircraft would put in for an updated A-10 Warthog. Those bad boys are pretty hard to beat for close air support.

  7. Well, I’m crying again. I just opened the mail I received over the weekend, and I found a letter from Beloved Fluttery Aunt’s executrices and my inheritance check. It’s not big, though a little more than I had thought. I’m buying a few things for myself and then it’s going to bills. I have prepare for the family get together soon, and that’ll take some bucks, so it comes at a good time.

    I’m just sad because this closes out BFA’s life. I guess while Eldest Sis was still wrangling with the estate, I felt that BFA was still with us, in a way. Now, life goes on without her. I’m missing her all over again.

    RIP Beloved Fluttery Aunt. You will live on in my memories and my heart.

  8. #17: It was 3 digits with an F in front. I heard them once referred to the F10? THUD, because that was the sound they made when they hit the ground. I don’t think it was the F111. I have a neighbor who flew B52s in the airforce then he switched to the F111. He gave the plane great reviews. Now he flies G550 and G650 in the corporate world.

  9. Just not sure. My memory is that during the early years of development and deployment every time you turned around there was another reported loss.

  10. In the o/c pic, Clarence, the spandex shorted Russian angel, is instructing the motor bikers to bear right.

    He’s saying once you bear right, you’ll see Ferris B Mueller on the street corner, holding out a tin cup soliciting for some Russian collusion.

    Have Ivan fire him on the spot.

    Look Daddy–Every time a corrupt prosecutor is fired an angel gets his wings.

    Atta boy Clarence!

  11. F111 is the aircraft. A dismal failure. The first units were stationed in New England. They were sent there in an effort to keep Pease AFB open. The end of the program also spelled the doom of Pease AFB.

  12. I’ve been wondering about this all weekend myself.

    Lawprof Bill Jacobson:

    It is clear from the prosecution of Flynn that Mueller views the transition as within the scope of Mueller’s investigation, otherwise there would have been no reason for Mueller to prosecute Flynn. The lying took place before Mueller was appointed and did not concern conversations during the Trump campaign. For lying to the FBI when he did, Flynn could have been prosecuted by DOJ itself.

    Yet Mueller’s team took it on themselves to prosecute the case involving a crime (lying) that took place after the new administration was sworn in regarding a conversation during the transition. The public documents regarding Flynn’s plea make clear that the transition is in focus.

    If news reports have any credibility (and they may not), then Mueller is investigating the political actions of the Trump transition team during the transition period.

    What authority, however, gives Mueller power to investigate the political strategies of the incoming Trump administration long after the election was over? It does not appear that Mueller has that power under the Order appointing him as Special Counsel.

  13. I think I remember writing a college paper on the F111. The novel (at the time) concept was a fighter that could cross all the services or be a one size fits all type aircraft, subject to certain modifications depending on the need. The debate, if I recall, was how land based aircraft could land on carriers, etc. It was sort of like developing a component that would do everything all the components in a TV set do, but in one single piece. Adjustable size screwdrivers, electric forks, and the like might also fit in. Don’t remember if it ever worked or not.

  14. Trump is correct about the FBI in tatters.

    An FBI translator with a top-secret security clearance traveled to Syria in 2014 and married a key ISIS operative she had been assigned to investigate, CNN has learned.

    The rogue employee, Daniela Greene, lied to the FBI about where she was going and warned her new husband he was under investigation, according to federal court records.

    Greene’s saga, which has never been publicized, exposes an embarrassing breach of national security at the FBI—an agency that has made its mission rooting out ISIS sympathizers across the country.

    It also raises questions about whether Greene received favorable treatment from Justice Department prosecutors who charged her with a relatively minor offense, then asked a judge to give her a reduced sentence in exchange for her cooperation, the details of which remain shrouded in court-ordered secrecy.

    This is just outrageous.

  15. The F4 was to be a fighter that all services would use, and at the time, it was a great success at that. The complexity of the variable geometry wing of the F111 is what doomed it, as well as the crew survivability component. The crew did not eject individually in their seats, the whole cockpit ejected.

  16. The F4 follows a design concept similar to what the Soviets used. You can make a big block of granite fly if you strap big enough engines on it.

  17. Hopelessly corrupt Corrine “Go Gata” Brown heads off to the pokey.

    HEADLINE: Former congresswoman Corrine Brown sentenced to five years in prison in charity slush-fund case

    Apparently it is possible to send a corrupt D to prison.

  18. I thinking when her Mom was showing off that new baby and the blanket came off the feet…shock and awe.

  19. I don’t know.

    Looking at those pictures, I think playing Dr Scholl with her could get pretty interesting.

    Shoe spooning in a fathom of an ocean so blue with a turquoise hue.

    It’s the new aquatic sport.

  20. I’m a fan of the F-4, back in another life, I worked at a radar tracking site at Eglin AFB and we tracked F-4’s on bombing runs often. I’ve told this story before but one morning after a the F-4 pilot finished his bombing Sortie he went vertical over range 72, going straight up and gaining speed. I was impressed! Oh and the first time I saw one flying, I was heading down FL 85 and passed the end of the active runway when an F-4 was taking off, full after burners! He went right over me and I damn near ran off the road. So to sum it up, I like the F-4 because like that old 69 Camaro with the normally aspirated 502, the horse power is, well adequate. 😀

  21. Good evening Hamsters. Late to the party again, but it’s been a good day out here on the moors of the Brazos. Rains yesterday and overnight measured 1.6″ with several more downpours coming by this afternoon. Pastures soaked it all in, not a puddle to be found. Please, no killing frost with the approaching cold front.

    Delivered a large poinsettia from the Brookwood Community greenhouses to our dear next door neighbors who with their fellow church members rescued our house after Harvey struck.

  22. Just getting ready to settle down and looked outside. Looks like yet another good night for moon howling. This has been the best month ever for moon howlers I think. See if I can get a little help from all the neighborhood dogs chiming in.

  23. The 5th season of Vikings started last Wednesday on the History Channel, and we forgot about it until the weekend. Fortunately spouse had it set up to record, and we watched that tonight. It included a recap of last season’s plots and two hours of the present season’s beginning episodes.

    Not for the weak of stomach, folks, as it is brutal in some scenes. Not only the Vikings but also the English upper class types are the perps. The series creator tries to stick to accurate historical personages and correct surroundings and behaviors, though some time frames are compressed to move the narrative along.

    It was for sure a violent era. Hard to understand how the Swedes became such wimps in our time.

  24. I thought the Vikings were basically Norwegians. At least that’s what my Norwegian friend in the UT Anthropology Dept told us. Nite everyone.

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