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  1. So, word is the NYT is preparing another blockbuster scandal report on the entertainment industry with a number of names.

  2. The Senate got it done early this morning.

    I guess Drudge was out drinking. At 6:20 this morning he still had no reference to the story.

    20% Corporate
    23% Pass Through deduction
    And, by G_d, the Mandate Repeal.

  3. “These new FBI documents show the FBI was more concerned about a whistleblower who told the truth about the infamous Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting than the scandalous meeting itself,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The documents show the FBI worked to make sure no more details of the meeting would be revealed to the American people. No wonder the FBI didn’t turn these documents over until Judicial Watch caught the agency red-handed hiding them. These new documents confirm the urgent need to reopen the Clinton email scandal and criminally investigate the resulting Obama FBI/DOJ sham investigation.”


  4. Andrew McCarthy outlines the Flynn pleading and why it is much ado about nothing.

    Nevertheless, as I explained in connection with George Papadopoulos (who also pled guilty in Mueller’s investigation for lying to the FBI), when a prosecutor has a cooperator who was an accomplice in a major criminal scheme, the cooperator is made to plead guilty to the scheme. This is critical because it proves the existence of the scheme. In his guilty-plea allocution (the part of a plea proceeding in which the defendant admits what he did that makes him guilty), the accomplice explains the scheme and the actions taken by himself and his co-conspirators to carry it out. This goes a long way toward proving the case against all of the subjects of the investigation.

    That is not happening in Flynn’s situation. Instead, like Papadopoulos, he is being permitted to plead guilty to a mere process crime. A breaking report from ABC News indicates that Flynn is prepared to testify that Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians — initially to lay the groundwork for mutual efforts against ISIS in Syria. That, however, is exactly the sort of thing the incoming national-security adviser is supposed to do in a transition phase between administrations. If it were part of the basis for a “collusion” case arising out of Russia’s election meddling, then Flynn would not be pleading guilty to a process crime — he’d be pleading guilty to an espionage conspiracy.

  5. I have grandma duty today. Sunshine and LD2 woke me up this morning…the best wake up calls ever! Mommy and Daddy have a busy day away planned and being executed, so I am all alone with the girls. Yesterday, we went shopping and the girls and I got stuff to work on a secret project today while the grown-ups are gone. They were very impressed that not even LD2 told the secret. Probably because she may not fully understand what we’re going to do.

    LD2 is a thumbsucker, and I tried holding her hand while sitting on the couch. She didn’t fight me holding her thumbsucking hand, but the other one went to her mouth and she started mouthing the back of it. She didn’t understand what she was doing, but the girl has an oral fixation. I guess Mommy and Daddy will deal with that when they’re ready. Lovely Daughter almost needed oral surgery – missed it by THAAAAT much – so it’s a concern of mine. But her parents are aware and I’m sure they’ll handle it when they’re ready.

    We’ve found a show that the girls love – it’s not one of their regular shows, which have been watched repeatedly. “Stella and Sam” is a cartoon of an older sister and how she shares her imagination and adventures with her younger brother. Stella has crazy hair, like me, and she says and does things that are just like me. Imagination..fun…hugs…I’m glad the girls like it. They say Stella is just like me.

    So we’re about to start our day. I need to find the bag with our secret project ingredients in it, but first, we need to change clothes. And get more hugs. Maybe chase the girls around a bit. ‘cuz that’s what Nonna does!

  6. When it comes to your political leanings, you are what you drive, according to a new study that says election results can be predicted by the make and models of cars spotted in a particular community.

    Stanford University researchers used a computer algorithm to determined whether a neighborhood leaned to the left or right by looking at vehicles in 50 millions of images from Google Street View in 200 American cities.

    When sedans outnumbered pickup trucks, there was an 88 percent chance the city would vote Democratic.

    In areas with more pickup trucks, the odds switched to 82 percent in favor of Republicans, the researchers concluded.

    The researchers cross-checked their predictions against actual Census Bureau data and voting results….

  7. Good morning Hamsters. Dense fog started building at 6 out here on the moors of the Brazos. It was mostly dark other than for the yard lights in the neighborhood, but you could see it thickening in the chill (46) predawn air. Made the cold walk to the barn to feed the girls and out to the road to fetch the Chron. Once back in the house, I was amazed to see how much thicker it had become in just a short time. By 7 I could not see the house across the road and barely to the end of our driveway. Out back everything beyond the back of the barn was swallowed up, not even ghostly tree forms to be seen any farther away than 150 feet from the house in any direction.

    It was still pretty dense by 8 even with the sun up and making a brighter spot but started thinning by 8:30. Air you can wear and leave a wake in for sure. Weather Service had a hazardous weather warning up. Very much needed. It’s been a long time since we’ve had fog this dense hanging on this long in the morning.

  8. #15 Squawk

    Wonder if Nazi Pelosi has a brain tumor like McCain’s pair. Her behavior is certainly outlandish enough.

  9. Ms Adee
    i dunno. It is hard to tell because she has been that way since the 70s. John McCain at one time had a bit of sense about him, but like so many others from the get went he has been sliding down hill and it has gotten progressively worse with his tumors.

  10. #15

    Just as an observation, no where in the article does it state Rep. Kihen’s party affiliation.

    Also, I’m behind so this may be common speculation but I see the strategy for Conyers exit.

    Pelosi has called on Conyers to resign. His lawyer, Arnold Reed, said Friday the congressman, the longest-serving member of the House, will discuss in the next few days whether to resign, but his health will be the paramount factor and not pressure from Washington politicians


  11. I like me some Birtha too. Listening to this band is like drinking a fine wine. They have a fine bouquet that reminds me of Janice joplin with a hint of aroma of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead.

  12. Jessica Tarlov is not hawt. Just annoying.

    Kimberly Guilfoyle is not hawt. She looks like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade balloon.

    Megyn Kelly is not hawt. She reminds me of a PMSing Barbie doll.

  13. I’ve been helping promote some fundraisers for my favorite dog rescue, Friends of Emma in Ft Worth, while the founder has been grounded from exhaustion. She spent a day in the hospital but checked out AMA after being subjected to some poorly organized testing. Example: She claims one doctor gave her IV with iron in case she was anemic, then later a different doctor drew blood to test for iron in case she was anemic. No coordination and no one was listening to her.

    She’s still not well and may have some serious medical problems, but she may be too stubborn to try a different hospital.

  14. I used to turn fan shafts on a lathe. When you aren’t quite set up right and your tooling isn’t exactly new and you try to take too big a bite, that thing will squeal like nothing you’ve ever heard.

    Like Geddy Lee.

  15. #14 Squawks


    Dennis Prager says those are LEFTISTS that you hate. He makes a distinction between Liberals and Leftists. But then admits that his Liberals don’t realize the difference themselves. So they continue to support Leftist causes.

  16. I like this version too–When bands actually played live and singers didn’t just lip sync to recordings while surrounded by 400 choreographed Justin Bieber clone and clonette dancers twisting to the sound of backward scratched records and nerologic techno pop propping.

  17. mHarper
    There is no distinction between the left and liberals. A liberal like leftists live in the world of gray areas. There are no set rules for these people. They live in the turmoil of an aeorbic septic tank.

    Example in point. Flynn’s only crime is he “lied” to the FBI. that is suspect. BUT the liberals and left think they have a case against Trump because Trump directed him to contact the Russians.

    Example 2
    EVERYONE knows that Bill Clinton is a rapist, womanizer, abuser. Yet he was protected for years. You remember the arguments, oral sex is not sex, drad a dollar bill through the trailer park and all that. Well guess what, now we are seeing that worm turn. Many men are finally outed (yes I know I have called for their prosecution if they are accused) for the same things Bill Clinton did and holy crap now all men must be hung by their testicle for just being a man. the rules changed.

    For liberals and lefties there are two set of rules for us and them. Their rules change and ours don’t.

    Sorry dear lady Prager is wrong. i will amend what i said just for the heck of it.



    Fox news has a live feed originating from Mike Flynn’s house.

    Ask the liblef and they will defend Hillary.
    2 sets of rules

  19. Ducks? Really? What are our congresscritters going to hold in their hands while they are standing around ogling the interns if they don’t have their ducks?

  20. Anyone that hates baby ducks is highly suspect.

    Baby ducks grow up to be adult ducks have attacked my crotch on one occasion. The only good duck is a cooked duck

  21. The getTV network is running the old Yancy Derringer series.

    Some of you geezers may remember him.

    The titular character, Yancy Derringer, is a gentleman adventurer and gambler. He is a former Confederate Army captain who has returned to New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1868, three years after the end of the Civil War, in the southern Reconstruction Era. The state is under Union control and martial law. The atmosphere is similar to Germany after World War II with a strong military presence and oversight. Life goes on in New Orleans despite the fact that the city’s atmosphere is forbidding, filled with trepidation and mourning. The Derringer family itself had paid a heavy price in both lives and property during the Civil War. Yancy’s brother David and his father Yancy, Sr., had died in the conflict.

    Widely respected by all parts of New Orleans society as a southerner who never surrendered, Derringer is recruited by the Federal City Administrator, John Colton, to work as a secret agent at no pay; and only Colton knows of his special role. Often at the beginning of an episode, Colton, a former Union Army colonel, asks Yancy to help solve New Orleans’ present threat; and often, usually at the end of an episode, he arrests Yancy for breaking the law to do it. Yancy agrees to be Colton’s “huckleberry,” because Yancy feels the United States should be one nation again. Huckleberry was just one of many unique southern slang terms creator Richard Sale brought into use during the show. One slang definition of Huckleberry is man, guy, or fellow, as in “I’m your huckleberry.”

    Yancy owns a riverboat, the Sultana. (The actual riverboat of the same name sank from a fire/explosion on April 27, 1865, with a great loss of life, including returning Union soldiers.) His weapons of choice are four-barrel Sharps pepperbox derringer handguns carried concealed (one held by a clamp inside the top of his hat, one in his vest’s left pocket under his jacket and one up his jacket’s left sleeve in a wrist holster) and a knife in his belt. (A belt buckle inset with a toy single-barrel derringer, sold by Mattel at the time and popularly associated with Yancy, did not resemble anything that the character actually used.) He is an expert marksman. He also carries a cane or a riding crop with hidden swords and is said to have iron fists: one punch and his opponent remains unconscious for a day. Yancy dresses elegantly, most often in a white suit with a long coat, ruffled white shirt, a silk vest, a sash instead of a belt, a black under-the-collar bow tie, and a white flat-topped straw hat with curled brim.


  22. And why isn’t Comey Island Hot Dog being charged for leaking and lying to congress?

    Man, I hate the press.

    We have a press?

  23. Unfortunately my link in #48 doesn’t produce the slideshow of the gun for some reason. You’ll have to go thru Google, I guess.

  24. The former top FBI official assigned to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election was taken off that job this past summer after his bosses discovered he and another member of Mueller’s team had exchanged politically charged texts disparaging President Trump and supporting Hillary Clinton, according to multiple people familiar with the matter.

    Peter Strzok, as deputy head of counterintelligence at the FBI, was a key player in the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server to do government work as secretary of state, as well as the probe into possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election.

    During the Clinton investigation, Strzok was involved in a romantic relationship with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who worked for Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, according to the people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

    The extramarital affair was problematic, these people said, but of greater concern among senior law enforcement officials were text messages the two exchanged during the Clinton investigation and campaign season, in which they expressed anti-Trump sentiments and other comments that appeared to favor Clinton.

    Lisa Page’s mother is a well-known, arrogant loudmouth Hillary supporter/Trump hater on the internet and social media.

    Peter Strzok is the FBI official who interviewed Hillary Clinton personally without putting her under oath shortly before Comey declared her actions didn’t rise to criminally prosecutable violations.

    It seems that both of these people were widely known to be Hillary supporters in the halls of the FBI. Why would Mueller assign them in the first place ? This looks really bad. Mueller is a fraud.

  25. This is a fascinating story about one guy who decided to upend an information cartel for the entire world. You used to have to pay $30K to $50K a year for this data and now he is providing it for free.

    Man, I love the internet even though it cost me a ton of money when it first came to the oilpatch.

    A determined James Stafford of OilPrice.com just busted wide open an oil industry information cartel that has existed for decades.

    Most investors look at WTI and Brent prices at Bloomberg or CME Futures, and figure the oil price is in the public domain. You would be about 2% correct, because there are hundreds of different grades of oil, and hubs where it is bought and sold. And they all have different prices.

    Since the age of oil began until a few months ago, most real time oil prices were jealously guarded by marketers, who used it to their advantage in the daily multi-billion dollar physical oil trade.

    But I’m going to tell you the story of how Stafford and his small team made 18 months of calls, cajoling and ultimately paying for an amazing service you now get FOR FREE. It’s a true David vs. Goliath story. And just like in the Bible, the little guy won.

    What they have assembled to date is remarkable, and free. You can access it through the link below:


    This is an incredible and unprecedented collection of information available for the public.

  26. Out shopping for a new sofa this afternoon, then over to the Brookwood store in Gallery Furniture on Grand Parkway for poinsettias and a couple of other Christmas items. Once home, began putting out some Christmas decorations in the house and the wreaths on the aisle side of the stalls in the barn. Need to get a couple of real pine wreaths for the back door and the front wall of the feed room in the barn. Nothing can compare with the scent of the real thing at Christmas time.

    Yes, our stable is decorated for Christmas, since it all began in a stable. 🙂

  27. #18 squack
    Rush produces nothing but pretentious piffle.

    If you want artsy-fartsy poetic excess, at least go with the Moody Blues.

  28. Wisconsin and Ohio State play for the Big 10 + 4 championship starting at 7, in Indianapolis no less. Presume it was selected as neutral ground. Later.

  29. Well, I’m going to see some real music.

    Just bought tickets to see Morgan James on January 12th at the Highline Ballroom on the Lower Westside in Manhattan. It’s civilized – they have tables and a full menu.

    Can’t beat the price. $20 a head plus $10 food minimum.

  30. Clearly the boy never spent a long, steamy evening in a dimly lit boudoir with Moody Blues background music.

    Too bad.

  31. Au contraire I have had my fill of Moodys in many various and sundry atmospheres. I have probably been treated to Nights in White Satin more than any human being should be subjected to. I am more than a little bit weary of:

    Breathe deep the gathering gloom,
    Watch lights fade from every room.
    Bedsitter people look back and lament,
    Another day’s useless energy spent.
    Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,
    Lonely man cries for love and has none.
    New mother picks up and suckles her son,
    Senior citizens wish they were young.
    Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
    Removes the colours from our sight.
    Red is grey and yellow white.
    But we decide which is right.
    And which is an illusion?

  32. 75 Squawk

    Extraordinary. Really beautiful – the music especially, but her too. I found her website and she has performed in Houston, Dallas and Austin.

    Ana Vidovic

  33. Well, I almost got the Fam room decor finished today. This year’s theme is Christmas Trees, in spite of or maybe because I decided not to put up the 3′ high tree this year. So the fireplace wall is besieged with small Christmas trees. This includes 2 small trees, 22″ tall, that were in a box labelled “Small lighted trees” and so they are. More or less permanently decorated. I also covered the hearth with a mess of stuff called evergreen swag (a green plastic resembling spruce branches) and put mini lights on it. Was able to run extension cords to the 2 small trees and the swag, so it is bright and festive. Only reason I am not through yet is the small tree toppers came up missing. I may have to craft something for small tree toppers.

  34. Texpat

    Her music occupies a substantial portion of data on my music dedicated hard drive. I love that music. And she is easy on the eyes for sure.

  35. 81 Squawk

    Child Prodigy.

    She’s the real deal.

    Ana Vidovic comes from the small town of Karlovac near Zagreb, Croatia, and started playing guitar at the age of 5, and by 7 had given her first public performance. At the age of 11 she was performing internationally, and at 13 became the youngest student to attend the prestigious National Musical Academy in Zagreb where she studied with Professor Istvan Romer. Ana’s reputation in Europe led to an invitation to study with Manuel Barrueco at the Peabody Conservatory where she graduated in 2005.

  36. See y’all just thought you had me figured out. A guy can only take so much trucking music. Trucking music for me equates to every AM/FM station you can find while on the road. Trust me when i say that when you are driving in fly over country, there ain’t much to listen to and the “tapes” I had got old really quick.

  37. 83 Squawk

    Radio graveyard after sundown…

    From Tucson to Tucumcari, Tehachapi to Tonapah…

    San Antonio to El Paso, Lubbock to KC…I could go on and on.

  38. While in Germany, i vacationed in Spain one year. Torremolinos Spain in fact. I got my formal introduction to classical guitar when I visited a traditional flamenco. In my journeys across Europe i got to meet and interact with folks from the Caucuses and Russia proper. I heard original musical scores from farmers, bakers and butchers that would bring tears to your eyes. and that my friends is what sent me on my searches for various musical styles. Anything but that band that shall remain unnamed by me.

  39. I don’t think Wisconsin has pressured the Ohio State quarterback a single time.
    And the poor Wisconsin quarterback hasn’t had a man open down field a single time. Those D backs for Ohio State are like glue.

    Not looking good for the Badgers.

  40. Many years ago, I was down to visit our office in Mexico City. A friend introduced me to this beautiful girl and I developed a big crush on her. She, of course, wasn’t interested in me, but was head over heels for this guy from Spain who was a guitarist and owned a popular nightclub.

    We end up there one night and the guy had brought in a serious flamenco troupe (about 12 dancers plus musicians) from Seville, Spain. That was one incredible education in real flamenco dancing and music. It was nothing like the Americanized, Hollywood version I was used to seeing. This was raw, powerful, almost violent at times and full of all kinds of coded, complex interaction. Fortunately, I was surrounded by people who could educate me as the night went on. The Moorish Arabic influences were very strong, especially all the ululating calls by the female dancers.

    Oh, and the girl left with the club owner. I went back to Heartbreak Hotel.

  41. Texpat
    Flamenco is beautiful story telling. The thing can go on for hours. The two I have seen were the readers digest versions about 90 minutes long but gorgeous art.

  42. squawkbox says:
    DECEMBER 2, 2017 AT 8:21 PM
    And frankly Ride My Seesaw has never been a successful musical invitation to romance in my experience.

    There’s a thing up at the Main Gate that they call “Ride The See Saw” that’s worth twenny bux.

  43. Good morning Hamsters. Big change from yesterday with 55 and misty at 6 instead of a wall of fog everywhere. But it was clear enough to see the giant Moon setting, veiled though she was by the mists. Everything’s dripping, and the forecast is 50% chance of rain today. We shall see, and we need it desperately on our pastures.

    Good grief, the tallow trees are finally showing some color as are the drake elms with the few leaves they still have. Meanwhile our lone American elm is still summer green with plenty of leaves as are some of the native pecans in the pastures. All are in stress mode from Harvey’s smothering silt-laden flood waters that stayed around for several days before totally draining away. So is the St. Augustine in the yards, but the Bermuda is coming back. Spouse planted rye seed that is taking over the yards for winter so we have green around the house.

    Sigh, Ohio State won over the Badgers last night.

  44. So the socialists/Marxists just keep on digging deeper in the hole they’ve made for themselves and thereby created the miserable, failed country. Guaranteed the Bernie Sanders/Hildebeast types here will not recognize the cause and effect, though Hillary’s and Bill’s fall from Democrat grace at last should help some.

  45. The college playoff teams have been announced: Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama. Somehow Ohio State, with 2 losses, still thought they should be in the top 4. I had just about concluded they would allow Ohio State in if they merely had a 6-6 record, but somehow the selection group got it right. My prediction for this year’s national champion (keeping in my 100% forecasting record remains in tact – I’ve been wrong 100% of the time) is: Drum roll please – Oklahoma. Not my favorite mind you, but my pick of who is the best team.

  46. #102 El Gordo

    I’m with you on suspecting Ohio State would weasel its way into the final 4 just because it’s Ohio State. Glad it didn’t make it, though I’m sure the ghost of Woody Hayes was trying hard to sway things.

    As for who becomes top banana, may the best team win. I have no preference.

  47. Ok, my Christmas decor is finished and photographed. With reservations. I still hope to find some good and proper tree toppers for 2 2′ trees that I improvised on, so I could get the set of pix. And OMG, it was a terrible morning for taking pix. Raining outside, light indoors was harsh and lousy. But I wanted to finish that so I coould concentrate on other projects I’m in the middle of.

    Here’s the fireplace wall showing my 2017 theme of Christmas Trees.

  48. Oh and that thing on the mantel that isn’t a Christmas tree is my 1996 collectible Radio Flyer little red wagon, from first year I ever decorated as an adult.

    I’m not tall enough to have noticed until I saw in this closeup pic that the mantel has quite a lot of glitter falling off some of these trees. 🙂

  49. #105 mharper42

    Cheery and bright decorations. Love the little red wagon, as special decorations enrich the scene year after year. Regarding the glitter, hey it’s snowing. 🙂

  50. Checked the radar since things look a little darkish in spots over here. Scattered showers are marching up from the coast, and some of them have bright red spots in them.

    The Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary special is on Ch. 11 7-9 pm tonight. Carol is 84 years old and does not look or act it. Her voice is still strong as is her Tarzan call.

  51. @ the Car Wash,….I’m BAACK!
    We cut the hunting short this morning and headed out early, rolled in about 12:30, unloaded truck/trailer/4 wheeler’s. Then I had to take Lil’ Bit for a ride since she heard me fire the dang thang up. I took a shower, washed off three days of grunge and it was off to wash my GMC.
    We had a great time even if we didn’t’ get anything, saw lots of wildlife, squirrels, wood peckers, owls and even a pair of wood ducks down on the creek. I could have got a doe, but the doe season is over in my neck-O-the-woods and since they did away with the LAMP program, we don’t have any doe tags. 🙁
    But we cut firewood and had big bonfires both nights, ate hamburgers, hot dawgs, beans, chips and tater salad.
    Life just don’t get any better than that. 😀

  52. Men at the deer camp, glad you enjoyed yourself with your friends, Dave. Then you get home, spend time with your foundling dog, and start getting psyched up for the coming work week. Yep, that is how a good life is to be had. Sometimes I miss being in the thick of things. Then I remember getting up at 6 a.m. and driving away into the dark with the moon still up in the sky. 🙂

  53. Heard thunder, checked weather radar, see we may get creamed while I am napping. S’okay, we need the rain, so I’ll take the thunder with it.

  54. #110, mharper42, yup, I even had a little time to talk with my wife before she had to head down to Shoreacres to check out a venue for our neighborhood Assn Christmas Dinner, do you think that she waited until the last minute? She’s been real busy, juggling family, grandkids, holidays and getting all the Assn Due mailers out.
    FWIW; I’m pretty sure that Lil’ Bit was happier to see me than my bride. 😉

  55. Quite a violent thunderstorm roared through here from SW going NE about 45 minutes ago. It was heralded by two substantial lightning bolts a few minutes apart and earth shaking thunder not that far away as light rain began falling. The Direct TV with the Texans game on it in the last minutes kept flashing the in 1 minute signal interruption, check this file on what to do. Then the picture broke up as it always does when a gully washer is less than 5 minutes away.

    It came down in torrents with lots of lightning and thunder. Went to check the radar to see where it was going and how bad it was, and the computer announced we were not connected to the internet, likely thanks to one of those lightning bolts. Rebooted the computer and got the internet back and could see the radar showing a big and wide blob with lots of red and yellow in it coming right at us.

    We’d had light rain for maybe 10 minutes before that, but it was dark off to the SW so I asked spouse if he’d gotten the horses in the barn. No, and he wasn’t sure that would be necessary. Well it was, and by the time I got into the barn to open the back doors to let them in, the bottom had fallen out. I could not find them at first it was coming down so hard and so windy. Finally spied them at the far end of the front pasture huddled under a tree with almost no leaves left.

    Tessa was looking toward the house and barn and saw me under the umbrella, standing in the driveway. Even with the rain she heard me call her and headed toward the barn with Maggie trailing behind. It was still coming down in sheets when I got back in the barn to get them in their stalls. They came in the back door, soaked and covered with small leaves blown off one of the trees out there. Tessa went right in her stall, but Maggie wasn’t sure what to do and just stood in the aisle with the back doors still open. Coaxed her into her stall and closed the door and then closed the back doors as the rain was coming in. Was suck in the barn for maybe 10 more minutes before it let up enough to get back to the house.

    Just checked the radar again as the rain has returned but not so heavy. A big mass is still moving NE through Harris County and Houston.

  56. It was our turn to put out flowers at the cemetery. There are about a dozen graves at the Millheim Cemetery that Fay and her three sisters take turns putting flowers on three times a year. This includes their parents and grandparents (1st generation Americans), Texpat’s and my mother, and various other family and family friends. This time of year it’s poinsettias that we put out.
    We managed to hobble out of the house about 10am after the first shower passed through.
    Though several of the headstones have vases, many of the older ones do not and you have to just push the flowers into the ground. The ground was so dry and hard today that I had to pour water repeatedly and slowly auger a hole to accept the stems. So, any progress I made with my recently ailing back may be gone by tomorrow. 🙂
    Putting out flowers at the cemetery is an ancient, generations-old family tradition which keeps things in perspective and prompts much storytelling and reminiscing.
    Today I learned that Fay’s aunt (her mother’s sister) was 15 years older than her husband. To which I replied that cougars seem to run in the family? 🙂

  57. Packers won over the Tampa Bay Bucs 26-20 in overtime in quite a game of ups and downs. Aaron Rodgers was on the sidelines and is allowed to practice with the team but not play until December 15th. His presence and counsel is most welcome.

    His backup is not the person hoped for regrettably. But he seems to be fearless running with the ball himself and gained quite a bit of yardage today. His passing accuracy leaves much to be desired much of the time. But his running ability set up the winning touchdown in OT.

    Was bouncing between that game and the Texans in the late minutes. Then the storm hit so I didn’t see the end of the Texans game but dread that they did not win.

  58. Bonecrusher

    This article details the proposed new F45 Mustang 2 fighter. It is not nice to the F22 and F35 for the unreliability and expense of those aircraft.

    The major problem with todays fleet of aircraft is the Generals want multi-roll vehicles. That is, they have gotten away from dedicated bombers, fighters recon aircraft. They try to ram too many different types of aircraft missions into one aircraft. This opens doors for problems big time. They have gotten away form pilots flying the planes. Everything is computer driven, therefore software programs must be written to control everything from avionics to the pilots environment in his helmet. These things are so complicated to engineer that, well as they say about computers,
    junk in………junk out. The helmet alone for the F35 cost $400,000

    This is an old story but the questions CNBC posed have come to fruition. Russian planes are built for simplicity and survivability. They are a piece of junk comparatively so but it takes less time to scramble even modern Russian aircraft versus the American Toys.

    The more you mess with the plumbing and place your trust in technology the easier it is to get a mess. The F-35 should have last 25-30 years and the cost of this peace of junk has caused the military to not produce replacement part for the B-1. The old B-52 is scheduled for service for at least another 20 years and parts for that thing are cannibalized form B-52 graveyards.

  59. #118 Squawk

    Seems the old reliable B-52 is similar to the cherished DC-3 for long service and reliability. I still can’t quite understand how that huge plane can actually fly empty never mind fully loaded.

  60. #117 Shannon
    I had a honey who was 8 yrs younger, is that enough difference to qualify as a cougar? I was a very youthful 36 at the time.

    Oh and that was between my 2 marriages to the only husband I’ve ever had.

  61. I can’t believe The Couch would get such disrespect!

    No Hipsters!!
    Don’t be coming in here with your hairy faces, your vegan diets, your tiny feet and your sawdust bedding!
    No, wait….

  62. Yes I was such an innocent 31 year old.
    Didn’t have a chance.


    Yeah, well, when Shannon and Fay got married, she looked younger than he did. What a hottie.

    Pretty sure Tutankhamen’s mummy looks younger than he does.

  63. Just checked my cellphone to see if I missed any calls this afternoon. No calls missed, just a tornado warning for Richmond around 4 pm when
    things were at their wildest out here. Kept telling spouse that there was some serious stuff on the way, and we needed to get the horses in.

  64. That big moon is rising again in the east out there. I may have to duck outside and get in one more night of howling before it gets any smaller. Can’t just howl at any old moon you know, it’s gotta be a big one. Just to be safe, I’m wearing my tin foil hat again. I should just go ahead and build me a Faraday cage out there and then I wouldn’t have to keep up with that hat.

  65. Ms. Adele
    My Dad was a mechanic on the 52s. He flew as “crew chief” during Vietnam. He told me many stories how those birds limped home shot up. Sadly tails of ones lost. Quite the work horse.

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