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  1. Heh heh

    A police officer taunted the Jacksonville man who shot him multiple times last year by taking out a tube of K-Y Jelly personal lubricant in court Wednesday and saying, “You are going to need a lot of this,” local reports said.

  2. #3: I wonder what the verdict and sentencing would be ifn the scum bag murderer of Steinle was tried in Florida, or Texas for that matter.

    I am of the opinion that THE WALL should be built on the eastern border of Californicatia and let Mexico have it back.

  3. Great good first day of December morning Hamsters. Another crisp 46 starts us off out here on the moors of the Brazos, partly cloudy and no breeze stirring yet.

    On to putting up more Christmas decorations inside and outside.

    Can we kick San Francisco and surrounding area out of the US? Can we encourage northern CA’s discussion to form its own state?

  4. Getting ready to head up to the woods in search of Bambi. Got the truck about loaded and waiting for my Huntin’ Buddy to head up the road on his 4 wheeler. A couple of thing that I like about the new GMC, Back Up Camera, I just backed the hitch ball right under the trailer tongue, and I noticed that when I got out of the truck without locking it, the running lights on the trailer were on because the truck lights were on. So I went around to see if all the lights were working and when I hit the lock button the truck flashed the brake lights twice and turned off. I checked all my lights, by myself, with the truck key fob.

  5. RTWT

    Roughly 100 million people died at the hands of the ideology my parents escaped. They cannot tell their story. We owe it to them to recognize that this ideology is not a fad, and their deaths are not a joke.

    Last month marked 100 years since the Bolshevik Revolution, though college culture would give you precisely the opposite impression. Depictions of communism on campus paint the ideology as revolutionary or idealistic, overlooking its authoritarian violence. Instead of deepening our understanding of the world, the college experience teaches us to reduce one of the most destructive ideologies in human history to a one-dimensional, sanitized narrative.

  6. I’m concerned about this alleged deal to put Pompeo at State and send Tom Cotton to the CIA. Tillerson would be gone which is fine with me, but who would replace Cotton and wouldn’t he be more effective in the Senate ? On the other hand, we need somebody who is hard-headed and determined enough to reform a dysfunctional organization like the CIA.

  7. I was half expectin’ that today’s woman OC pic would be of Kate Steinle.

    God rest her soul, and may her family eventually find some peace. I hear there’s moves to pressure Sessions to file federal charges. I hope there is some way to find justice for this family.

    You know Trump rage is real when a young girl is offered up on the altar of anti-Trump.

  8. Lying, hypocritical liars each and every one.

    “Matt’s sexual conquests were general office fodder,” a staffer said. “There was constant innuendo in the office about which woman had just had sex with Matt and which one would be next.”

    Another female staffer said, “All the women on-air knew . . . Al Roker knew. They feared Matt.

    “The last few years, as well as the many years before, Matt controlled all of the women on the show and had all the men bowing and scraping to him.”

    A former “Today” staffer added, “For Matt, some women on the show were just a one-time thing, and he never spoke to them again. Other women he had affairs with. And others he just picked up and disposed of when he felt like it.

    “The most horrible thing was that he made it clear that if they ever spoke out or crossed him, they would be fired from the show, negative stories leaked about them, and their careers would be destroyed,” the source said.

    “So it is insulting to see the pretend shock on the faces of the people at ‘Today’ after Lauer was fired. This is just theatrics.”

    The list of who knew about Lauer’s behavior before the scandal exploded Tuesday started at the top, sources said.

    Previous NBC News chiefs Jeff Zucker and Steve Capus “got the complaints,’’ an NBC insider said.

    Current NBC News President Noah Oppenheim and chairman Andy Lack “knew of the investigations into Matt’s behavior and tried to negotiate.”

  9. HEADLINE: EXCLUSIVE: DOD Inspector General Opens Probe Into Alleged Retaliation By Obama Holdover

    Criminality, pettiness and rank partisanship by a JugEars Admin holdover?!? Say it ain’t so!

    The very notion that any JugEars holdovers are still in positions of power is appalling. I wish that POTUS Trump would acknowledge the evil in his midst and purge it; particularly those who serve at the pleasure of the POTUS. As far as the “imbeds” goes, they need to be purged as well as they are likely the most dangerous.

  10. Don’t get noticed in the major mainstream press as a conservative if you want to keep your social media accounts. The first time Rush Limbaugh read one of my articles, my YouTube channel was demonetized. The second time, which was last week, my Twitter account was suspended. On November 26, I published an article called Teachers Attend “LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP” Sensitivity Training (WTF?). The next day Matt Drudge linked it and it went viral. Then Rush Limbaugh read it on the air.

  11. PRESS EMAIL FROM THE SPECIAL COUNSEL: “The court has scheduled a plea hearing for Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn (Ret.), 58, of Alexandria, Va., at 10:30 a.m. before U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras at the D.C. federal courthouse on 3rd and Constitution. A criminal information has been filed and is attached. No additional information is available at this time.” It’s two counts of False Statements Act violations from talking to investigators.

    UPDATE: From the comments: “So we have a Scooter Libby approach to this investigation. What you hear now is the slurping sound at the bottom of a dry hole when a prosecutor can’t find anything worth charging and the defendants have been cooperative i.e. stupid. The ‘Don’t Talk to the Police’ rule just keeps getting more applicable here.” Sadly, yes it does. As for the rest, well, we’ll see, but this isn’t an auspicious start.

    39 Posted at 9:14 am by Glenn Reynolds

  12. Its not perjury—he’d have to lie in court for that. Its the same thing that gets most of them—lying to the FBI.

    Specifically, the charge states that Flynn lied when he denied asking Kislyak to keep Russia from escalating its response to Barack Obama’s diplomatic sanctions in late December 2016. That’s a potent admission, if Flynn has decided to make it. The outgoing Obama administration accused Donald Trump’s transition team of tampering with its management of foreign policy at the time, and the Trump team denied that they had done any such thing.

    The denial is the issue here. Flynn’s actions with Kislyak would have been a violation of the Logan Act, but no one has ever been successfully prosecuted under that law. However, lots of people get prosecuted for lying to federal investigators, and for good reason. Why lie? It could be that Flynn got out over his own ski tips and decided to fly solo — or that he was told to do it, and wanted to cover that up. If Mueller’s cutting a deal with Flynn, which way do you want to bet this goes?

  13. This FB lady is keeping up with the little boy from here who was shot several times in the church shooting but managed to survive. It’s not asking for money or anything but merely contains progress reports as you scroll through it. Hard to believe that the little rascal is just trudging through this ordeal. Sometime when we think we’ve got it rough……
    If this little guy doesn’t steal your heart, then you most likely just don’t have one to start with.

  14. This is a must read.

    Scientifically Illiterate America

    A good example was a 2012 article by biologist Gilles-Éric Séralini and colleagues, which purportedly showed that rats fed a variety of genetically engineered corn developed more tumors and died earlier than control animals. There were numerous methodological flaws with this study that elicited widespread condemnation from the scientific community and caused it to be retracted by the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, in which it was originally published. The authors then republished the paper elsewhere, essentially unchanged. And this was only one of the many flawed publications from lead author Gilles-Éric Séralini, an avowed opponent of the genetic engineering of crops who boasts numerous conflicts of interest. Even after retraction or publication in predatory journals, his articles are widely referenced by the anti-genetic engineering lobby and continue to show up on the internet as “evidence” of the risks of “GMOs.”

    Adding to the confusion, non-scientists who rely on scientific findings to promote a cause or argument frequently conflate association and causation. When a study finds an association, that means that two events or findings are merely correlated, while causation means that one event actually leads to another. The cock crowing and then the sun rising are two events that are associated—but one doesn’t cause the other. A more subtle example would be a claim that organic foods cause autism, simply because organic food sales and the incidence of autism have increased in tandem. A similar example is activists’ claims that a certain class of pesticides causes negative effects on bees because the increasing use of that pesticide occurred at the same time that bee populations allegedly began to decline; but in the absence of careful, controlled field experiments that subject bees to that pesticide and measure what happens to the apian population, that claim is insupportable.

  15. #14 TP: One of many reasons I don’t do Twitter. I rarely look at FB. I do use youtube to learn about all sorts of stuff and get video demonstrations; like building banjos, damascus knives, learning better techniques of distilling, in addition to listening to lots of different kinds of music.

  16. Trump poised to move U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and declare the ancient city the capital of Israel

    Earlier this year, King Abdullah of Jordan met with Trump and persuaded him to hold off on changes regarding the status of Jerusalem, arguing that his own nation’s predominantly Palestinian population would respond in anger strong enough to topple his government.

    Trump is receiving a lot of pressure from evangelicals to make the move. It is one of Trumps campaign promises. Abdullah has great relations with Israel right now but the one thing he does fear is the like of ISIS and the Palestinians going bat guano crazy in his country. Jordan is just a microcosm of the world at large and the reaction the Muslims around the world.

    ISIS has lost pretty much all of their “caliphate” had dissolved back into the mideast proper. Egypt is having problems, as you may know, with ISIS because as the Bedouins that many are they are living in the deserts and are doing all they can to remain relevant. ISIS has also gone home to Europe and the United States. All it would take for them to really erupt around the world is Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital for them to unleash. Then the mideast has all the variations of Hamas, the PLO, Al-Shabab (list expands from there). All these group and ISIS in particular just needs a reason to say

    “The US destroyed all our lands, cities and capitals and look what they are doing for the Jews.”

    Remember last Christmas in Europe with ISIS? Well they have plans for this year too and sources say New York city is in their sights and they want to make Las Vegas look like a turkey shoot. They are planning for world wide.

    Islamic State said to threaten terror attacks on Christmas

    Whether or not they can pull these things off is questionable, but the atmosphere and conditions are right for them to do something big. If Trump announces that they move is on it is going to be a real bumpy Christmas season.

  17. If we have to make foreign policy based on fear that something bad will happen, we will wind up appeasing our enemies and back stabbing our allies – like the former WH resident. And the enemies will not then become our friends, they will continue to agitate for more and more concessions. Just as we are seeing in norkland, the can kicking has to stop eventually. The eReps have attempted to appease the left for at least the past 60 years, and most still are afraid of them today, thus our national political landscape continues to veer left. Imaging our founding fathers (both at the national and the state level) standing up to this crap, and show me one politician today who would be willing to put those principles ahead of all other. As to the subject at hand, screw those animals. If the Israelis allow the Palestinians to over run their country, then so be it, but somehow I doubt that will happen. Fear based decisions and concessions never work out well and ultimately cost more in blood and other treasures to try to turn the tide once started.

  18. #21 Squawk: Yes, moving the embassy to the capital of Israel, Jerusalem, will cause angst amongst the moon-god worshippers. To this I say “who cares?” They are going to look for a reason to kill and if one is not readily available, they will create one. The embassy move will simply identify the worstest of the worstest [sic] and may actually help us to neutralize a few.

  19. So Flynn is charged with lying to the FBI but maybe his intent was not to lie but the lie slipped out even though his intent wanted to retract the lie before it slipped out so his intent was not to be misleading and if he could’ve he would’ve taken a hammer and some bleech-bit to the lie because his intent was warm hearted and fuzzy feeling even though he may have been grossly negligent and careless he never meant to lie or be malicious because his intent had really good intentions and you never want to skimp when it comes to intent so in the court of public opinion I’m judging him on his intent rather than the lie therefore I say he’s not guilty.

  20. I think Brother Squawk would rather an O/C picture of his new man crush San Fran Nan.

    It’s kind of strange, but whenever I see a picture of Nutsy Pelosi, with her face pulled taught ant tight and her neck looking somewhat leathery, I suddenly get an urge to go buy some Beef Jerky.

    Why is that?

  21. I have always assumed that regardless of any public stance Israel may have about moving the embassy, in the real world they have enough on their plate and simply have not wanted to deal with the consequences and have asked that we hold off indefinitely.

  22. I went to a Greater Inwood Partnership meeting last night where the speaker was Stephen Costello, a hydrologist who is on the CoH City Council. Hands down, the silliest question he got about flooding along White Oak Bayou was “Why can’t you build a 3-ft high wall along both sides of the bayou to contain it when it rises over its banks?” I guess it would only cost about a bazillion dollars to buy all that right-of-way, build that weenie wall, and then elevate all the cross streets and bridges that cross over it from Jersey Village down to where it runs into Buffalo Bayou.

  23. Re: Jerusalem, Israel, Embassy, the US, Muslims

    What I typed above in no way indicates my stance on the issue. I am not so sure that it appeasement to the Muslims that the US has not made the move yet. El Gordo’s and Boncrusher’s remarks are valid points. HOWEVER:

    Fear based decisions and concessions never work out well and ultimately cost more in blood and other treasures to try to turn the tide once started.

    Blood and treasure will be spilled if the move is made now. That begs a question that needs to be answered. Is blood and treasure worth what amounts to a symbolic move? Trump has recognized Israel as a state, Trump has already recognized Jerusalem as Israels capital. So moving a building to Jerusalem? Is that really worth the fight?

    I want the injustice corrected just as Netanyahu has expressed in the passed.

    It will advance it by correcting a historic injustice and by smashing the Palestinian fantasy that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel.”

    Timing is important. Right now Israel is fostering relations with the Saudis, Egypt and many Muslim countries in Africa. These are primarily Sunni countries that fear Shiite (Iran) expansion. There is one truth that cannot be denied. ALL MUSLIMS see Israel as a pariah and these friendships can collapse quickly if the US moves the embassy. The relations for the time being are part of the chess game in Israel’s battle with their current mortal enemy Iran. Those relations do not need something like an embassy move to jeopardize those relations.

    It is one thing to poke a stick in the eye of known enemies because you can, but I question the WISDOM of doing so just to make what is for now an inconsequential point. It is not about fear not to act but the wisdom involved in deciding how much blood of our treasure and peoples is acceptable just to make a point.

  24. And just like that the 1984 Goebbels News Networks will go full court press on the Flynn/Trump Russian collusion illusion taking Kate Steinle, tax cuts, the Al Frankenfurter, Matt Lauer and the proglibdyte Deep State Media sex machines out of the headlines.

    All weekend it will be Russian Spies, did you say Spazz, no I said spies as in Russian Spazz. (southern accent)

    So get ready all you blogging sex machines it’s a Russian Spazz weekend and the ABC Greek Salad midget is going to be there.—YEEEHAWWW!!

    SpazzDuckus Rocks!

  25. For a change of pace, the most interesting player on the college football coaches carousel has been the University of Tennessee. They’ve made a bigger mess of things than anything you could ever imagine. First, they fired their coach after a terrible season – so far, so good. Then the AD made an agreement to hire someone with some of the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky stink on him – the fans revolted, and the AD withdrew the offer, with an embarrassed look on his face. They then started interviewing other candidates, and one after another, were turned down. The latest names brought forward were Kevin Sumlin and Mike Leach. Well, Leach is ready to go, except TPTB at Tennessee have decided they’ve seen enough of the AD, so they fire him. Now there’s no one in charge of finding a coach, or running anything else in the athletic department. And apparently, all the backstabbing, name calling, finger pointing are just getting started, at least out in the open. You’ve got to read about it just to believe any of it. Enjoy. Here’s the latest fact/rumor infused story.

  26. Hot Air has a post tells name of one of the Congressmen who used the secret slush fund to pay off a $84000 sexual harassment settlement. Its Blake Farenthold. I am shocked& dismayed that such a stellar law maker is going to end his career this way

  27. 37

    Lol Brother Squawk–That pic’s worth a 5 bagger of jerky right there.

    Come to think of it, Nutsy Lagosi really is one sexy….
    That choker does the trick.

  28. #37 Squawk: You are one sick bastige to post a pic like that so close to lunch. Shame shame shame on you.

  29. Bonez

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders has my vote for woman of the year, right behind Mrs. Bonecrusher.

    Mrs. Bonecrusher and my lovely BSue gets my vote for women of the Year. Our respective loves of our lives put up with us.

  30. Even Geraldo Rivers was getting in on the act of hush puppy squeezin’ on Bette Midler.

    I guess he was hers .

    It’s a sexedemic.

  31. #48 Squawk: My weakest areas are her strongest and vice versa. She has a great sense of humor and we take care of each other. I can’t think of anything better than being married to the correct woman for me or anything worse than being married to the wrong one.

    She is very concrete and sequential in her way of looking at things, I am more abstract and random. Her view is that order always matters, mine is that it only matters when it matters. We don’t agree on everything and that keeps things interesting. We never fight and we try to encourage the other. I have never heard her say a single negative thing about me – ever; I don’t ever say anything negative about her. Our starting point is that we treat each other with dignity and respect and try to never stray from that understanding.

  32. Regarding Jerusalem, I was listening to ACLJ on the radio last night and heard that one reason to make the move is that our Ambassador to Israel has to go to Jerusalem pretty much every week to conduct business, and stays in a hotel there. While travelling and staying in a hotel, the Ambassador does not have the steel-clad security that living in an embassy building would provide him. Of course the Seculows, among many others, want the embassy there because Jerusalem is in fact the capital city of Israel.

  33. Regarding Jerusalem
    I agree 10000% MHarper. But I return to my original premise………… everyone knows there will be war and bloodshed over the move. Izzit worth the sacrifice of our (Israel also) soldiers for the sake of making a point and moving a building? This is not fear it is a question of wisdom and counting the cost.

  34. #53 – The problem is, there will be bloodshed anyway. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and having the USA recognize that fact, as they do in every other country of the world, is normal and customary. If we are too afraid and timid to carry out our foreign policy, we should just get out of the foreign policy business. It’s not just moving a building, it’s answering a question of the US resolve to principle throughout the world. No matter what concessions we make to these animals over there, they will always demand more. A little push back and letting them know that Wimpy is now back to being a street hustler should be no big deal. Just my .02 as I really don’t have a dog in the fight – other than being a big supporter of Israel’s right to exist and its people to live safe, fearless lives.

  35. Weird.
    That Midler clip locked up YouTube. Couldn’t swipe it. Couldn’t do anything. Had to shut the phone down completely.

  36. Sometimes heavy breathing will do that to a phone.

    I think the guy she grabbed in the front row was comatose.

    The whole front row looked comatose.

  37. 47

    The only thing she left out was his phony birth certificate created with Kenyan Krayolashop, the Kenyan version of Adobe Photoshop

  38. In other NCAA news, no matter how teams above them fare this weekend, Alabama WILL be in the college football so called playoffs. So it is written….

  39. El Gordo

    If we are too afraid and timid to carry out our foreign policy, we should just get out of the foreign policy business.

    So blood is gonna get spilled anyway so go ahead?

    Right now Israel is experiencing relative peace and safety. Yeah Hamas is lobbing a few bombs here and there but the IDF pretty much eliminates the problem pretty quickly. If you have not noticed the Muslims are doing a pretty fine job of killing each other, but again I would point out is safer to visit Israel than driving to catch a flight at DFW or Houston Interconstipational.

    right now the Muslims sans Iran pretty much know that if they jack around with Israel they are going to get their butts kicked. Israel is prepared to lose their soldiers defending the peace. You have not answered my question above. You just keep screaming fear this and fear that. Part and parcel of any governments job is to protect their peoples. So let’s just kick a hornets nest just so a point can be made? Let’s get our soldiers and the population killed to make a point? Invite war to the door knowing that people like ISIS are just looking for an excuse? Let’s go ahead and give the entire Muslim world a reason to take a break form killing themselves and turn their full attention to the “Great Satan” and the “Little Satan”. I got a better suggestion. Let’s see what Trump’s new peace proposal is and see how that shakes out before stirring up the hornets nest.

  40. #62 Squawk: It looks like Jerusalem is going to be the stumbling block after all and moving the embassy is going to be the trigger. This will cause “all the nations” to come against Israel, and they, the nations, will be broken.

  41. Listen, you morons, to the wisdom of Squawk (and Shannon).

    He knows what he is talking about. If Israel really wanted this to happen, it would already have taken place.

    Moving the American embassy to Jerusalem is not about making you or other conservative Americans feel triumphant. It’s about doing it with the least amount of lost blood and treasure.

    Good God Almighty…use your brains.

  42. #62, et al – No, it’s not just moving a building to kick the hornet’s nest. It’s a world wide notice to Israel’s enemies that the US has their back, that an attack on Israel is an attack on the US. It’s a big deal, not just something to rub the locals’ nose in it. And as we speak, Israel is under the gun with a missile shootout with Syria (I think). Now I’m headed out to get started on my moon howling as suggested. Do I need to keep wearing this tin foil hat even at night?

  43. The hat looks good on ya anyways.

    As seen somewhere o’var: This is probably not the year to be hanging the mistletoe up in the office.

  44. I’ma gonna try to watch a little of USC v Stanford for the Pac 12 title. Rice opened with Stanford this year, and they are a pretty solid football team. Of course, it’s on ESPN, but the good news is that their female main announcer is not handling this game. They do have some fat blonde chick on the sidelines, presumably to ask the players or the coaches how they feel about something or another. I won’t last long unless it’s a good game, which it well may be. USC is favored, but of course I’m for Stanford.

  45. 69 EG

    #62, et al – No, it’s not just moving a building to kick the hornet’s nest. It’s a world wide notice to Israel’s enemies that the US has their back, that an attack on Israel is an attack on the US.

    You don’t know what the f**k you are talking about. You’re just babbling on from San Saba, Texas oblivious to the blowback of things you advocate, thousands of miles away, for millions of Jews you don’t know, living in a complicated, complex world you don’t understand.

  46. I might know a little more than you think. Then again, I might be all wrong, and it wouldn’t be the first time for that either. But I stand by my analysis.

  47. It’s a world wide notice to Israel’s enemies that the US has their back,

    After eight years of Obama there might be a few who doubt our commitment to Israel. But only the dumbasses.

    Making a symbolic move to convince the dumbasses is a dumbass move.

  48. I still maintain it will cost a billion dollars to build a secure embassy in Jerusalem.

    For petes sake, we have to make it Mossad-proof, too.

  49. I might know a little more than you think.

    Then stop pretending like you don’t and act like you do.

    I’m the first American in line for the American embassy to move to Jerusalem, but I am also an intelligent, informed Jew who understands the timing is completely up to the Israeli government. When they are ready…we are ready.

  50. Listen, you morons, to the wisdom of Squawk (and Shannon).

    Go outside and howl at that moon.
    Right now.
    That’s an order.

    Well I put those words of wisdom into action and went out and howled at the moon and was anticipating a great cosmic awakening or at the very least a magic genie to appear but alas, no joy.

    It wasn’t a total loss though.—The dog next door came running up to my fence line and joined right in.–After the howling subsided we both hiked on the fence and parted with a new found respect for each other’s territory.

  51. #81 –

    I think a Jerusalem embassy falls about ten levels below a dead Khamenei and a dead NORK midget.


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