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  1. Who’s going to be the next celebrity to fall? I REALLY want it to be Dustin Hoffman. A couple of years ago, the liberal women I know were passing a video around on FB of a teary-eyed Hoffman discussing how he realized that men were evil after dressing in drag for the documentary on Kathy Whitmire movie Tootsie.

  2. Morning gang. Cool 36 degrees this morning. I’ve lost count of the sexual abuse firings although I’ve never heard of most of them. Who knew that they were having so much hanky-panky in all those office buildings and the halls of congress – we knew about the white house in years past of course. Someone should make a movie – oh wait, there are no actors left. I’m much more concerned about what is going on with Rice athletics – looks like basketball is just as embarrassing as football this year. I’m beginning to think the AD is a problem. There’s more to that job than just scheduling games. Rice still hasn’t screwed it up as badly as Tennessee yet, but give them a chance and they still might. Long as I’m focused on Rice athletics maybe I can stay out of trouble with things that really matter. That’s the plan anyway. Have a great one.

  3. re: #4

    He also condemned Andrew Wakefield, a British former gastroenterologist (his medical license was revoked by the General Medical Council of the UK in 2010) who now makes his home in Austin.

    Is there some sort of flux in the Earth’s magnetic core that causes BSC Chuckleheads to be drawn to Austin?

  4. I’m just glad Florida got their coaching situation resolved early.

    Best line I’ve read on Tennessee’s woes: “Jerry Sandusky is interested in the job. And he looks good in orange.”

  5. #4 – I stopped reading when I got to the part about global warming. First, I am not an anti-vaccine person. But, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If the anti-vaccine people want to risk their children’s lives, that’s their business. The ones that are vaccinated should not have any problem. And BTW, I thought we had all these programs to save endangered species – so why are we trying to wipe some of these germs out? Mother nature will take care of herself but she may need all the weapons she has to control the population in certain areas. I’m grateful for the scientists who developed vaccines to protect me and my offspring, but it’s none of my business if my neighbor vaccinates her kids.

  6. Good morning Hamsters. Delightful 46 here at 6 and 7, a hint of a NW breeze, and partly cloudy. Sunrise is just over the horizon now, a bright orange disk glows through the trees in our neighbor’s back yard. This is much more like a winter’s day ought to be on the cusp of December.

    Spouse installed a wireless keyboard and mouse on my computer yesterday, so there is a bit of a learning curve. The old tethered ones required some rearranging of their cords at times and moved with more effort. The newbies move easily, the mouse too easily at first. The new keyboard has only slightly indented textured keys to keep fingers from sliding off; old one had larger indentations. Fortunately the layout of the newbie is the same as the old one. At last standardized.

  7. #7 – Iowahawk from last night.
    David Burge‏ @iowahawkblog
    7h7 hours ago

    RT if you’ve been offered the head FB coach job at Tennessee
    52 replies 724 retweets 666 likes
    David Burge‏ @iowahawkblog
    6h6 hours ago

    CONSUMER ALERT: If you receive an unfamiliar phone call from area code 865, do NOT answer! It could be the University of Tennessee trying to trick you into accepting a job as head football coach
    36 replies 814 retweets 1,176 likes
    David Burge‏ @iowahawkblog
    6h6 hours ago

    Iowa has had a lot of luck with walk-on players, maybe Tennessee could hold open try outs for professors interested in the coaching job


  8. If the anti-vaccine people want to risk their children’s lives, that’s their business. The ones that are vaccinated should not have any problem.

    No, it’s not just their business. There are many vaccines that can’t be administered to infants. By increasing the number of morons who are un-vaccinated you are putting every infant in grave risk.

  9. Herd Immunity and Why Antivaxxers Are Wrong and Irresponsible

    Measles is a highly transmissible disease; so transmissible in fact, that 90 to 95 percent of people must be vaccinated in order to protect the entire population, or achieve what is called “herd immunity.” This effect is what helps eliminate disease entirely.

    When enough people have a vaccine and cannot catch or spread a disease, the pathogen cannot form a functional chain of infection. This means that even if someone cannot receive a vaccine, say a newborn or a child undergoing chemotherapy, they are protected because everyone they come into contact with is immunized. This enables us to defeat strains of disease entirely by denying the strain the chance to spread to new victims. (The Washington Post provides a more exhaustive explanation of this concept here).

    While most unvaccinated children have been protected from diseases by the herd immunity of their communities, the most recent outbreak of measles in a California county with a particularly high rate of unvaccinated children shows the potential harm of an anti-vaccine movement.

  10. That is exactly what happened to the Murr family in Wisconsin. The parents had purchased a lot and built their home, then later purchased the adjoining lot as an investment. When they died and the kids inherited the two lots, they decided to sell off the second lot, appraised at $410,000. But they were stopped by a new local zoning ordinance, passed years after their parents made the investment. Under the new rule, the two lots were treated as one and could only be sold together as one, even though they had always been deeded separately, and taxed separately.

    That zoning ordinance had confiscated the $410,000 value of the second lot, rendering the parent’s investment worthless. The kids sued, citing the Fifth Amendment prohibition against government taking private property without just compensation. They lost, appealed, and lost again. They went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where they lost again. They were prohibited from building on the lot, or selling it — they were out $410,000 (plus legal fees).

    Fortunately, we have people like Scott Walker,

    Within a month after the adverse ruling from the Supreme Court, a bill
was introduced to correct the court’s mess. Committee hearings were
held less than 90 days later, floor votes within two weeks, and by the
 end of the year Governor Scott Walker had signed it into law. The
measure prohibits enforcement of such local ordinances, making it retroactive and restoring the confiscated property rights of families like the Murrs. Wisconsin’s new law should be a model for other States, a beacon of respect for the rule of law, and proof that in our republic the government works for the people, not the other way around.

  11. #4 Shannon

    Great article. As one of the commenters pointed out, conspicuously missing in the resurgence of measles is his lack of mentioning the influx of illegals who certainly aren’t vaccinated, bringing diseases besides TB with them or in peril of catching them and spreading them throughout Texas and other parts of the US they settle in. Legal immigrants are screened for such things, illegals not at all unless it’s after the fact of infection.

    The anti-vax folks are as goofy but more dangerous to the general population than the climate change/mmgw believers. Just a different topic.

  12. For those of you with Netflix, they have a really good Western mini-series now called Godless. I think it’s six parts.

    Have I mentioned how much I don’t miss cable?

  13. #18 Bonecrusher

    Not a surprise that there’s a recurrence. Perhaps this revelation is sufficient for AZ to remove him from the Senate as being medically unable to serve in his capacity to represent the state’s interests.

  14. Hammie

    Have I mentioned how much I don’t miss cable?

    Sniff sniff that is the sweetest thing you have said in a long time. It brought a tear to my eye.

  15. If I had several wimmins credibly accusing me of what he’s accused of, Yellow Hair wouldn’t be at my side in the hospital, she’d be right behind me following me in, hopping on her left foot.

  16. I expect Conyers to never return to DC. He has already stated that he is not running again. He will be fortunate to die before they toss his decrepit, corrupt, azz in the pokey.

  17. Conyers like “Billery” will never see the inside of teh gray bar hotel. Never. Conyers could get caught swapping kiddie porn with Bill Clinton and the worst he would receive is a suspended sentence and fine, which he would pay with taxpayers money.

    Just watch.

  18. 13

    Men/women in penguin suits believe in theft of one’s land all the way up to the Supreme Court Jesters.

    BTW–Your link goes to an article about SpaceX, The Jetsons and space travel.

  19. Conyers could get caught swapping kiddie porn with Bill Clinton and the worst he would receive is a suspended sentence

    Ah yes, Slick Willy and the Lolita Express.

    Flotation devices in a sea of define is-isms.

    But it was just his personal life and had nothing to do with his job performance as president.

    paraphrasing–“Ah did not have sex relations with that woman, Ms what’s her name.” “Ah wanna get back to work doing the job for the Merican people”

    And the media, Hollyweird and proglibdytes nationwide loved him for it.–Joe ScarBurro (I think he’s showing signs of dementia) would lick Slick’s BVDs for free today, I bet.

  20. #4
    Thanks, Shannon, that is a good read. I should mention that, like El Gordo, I didn’t like the global warming view this “scientist” avowed.

  21. i cannot help but notice there are a whole bunch of stories concerning Matt Lower defending him. The stories by women that work with him goes something like this. Well yeah he said some things but they were not that bad. Concerining sex toys in his office….. Women sayi9ng this….. we all knew he had them and he gave some as gifts…… oh well. anyway they are circling the wagons.

    Charlie Roasted on the other hand, the women that worked with him threw under the bus. OH MY GAWWWWWDDDDDUUUHHHHH and he worked so close to us. ETC ETC ETC

    Matt Lower will be back on the tube inside of a year. You heard it here first.

  22. I didn’t really think Nancy Pelosi could look more stupid, but she has surpassed the upper limits of Peak Idiocy.

    Conyers’ lawyer is having a public field day humiliating her. Pelosi rushed to defend Conyers for sexual assaults, shreds whatever small threads of morality remain in the Democratic Party on Meet the Press, receives heavy incoming fire for her hypocrisy and then ups the imbecile ante by demanding Conyers resign.

  23. Hammie

    Best straight 6 ever made was the old slant 6 Mopar/Dodge used back in the early sixties. My Dad drove dodges back then and those were some tough hombres. My first car my Dad gave me was a 64 Dodge 330 4 dr sedan with the old slant 6 and push button transmission. Jet black and hotter than hell with no AC. That car was a tank.

  24. Just saw something amusing.

    Take a $20 bill and above the image of the White House, write “Donald Trump lives here”.

    Drive the lefties crazy. What’re they gonna do? Stop spending money?

    That’ll never happen.

  25. I have long been a fan of the straight 6 because they are naturally balanced. My understanding is that there is no need for a power robbing harmonic balancer.

  26. It gets better. James Clyburn, who yesterday made the case that elected officials need to be held to a different (lower) standard than the private sector, this morning tried to defend Conyers by saying that his accusers were white women and you know how they lie about black men suddenly reversed himself when one of the accusers came forward (in defiance of the non disclosure agreement in the settlement she made with Conyers) and turned out not to be white.

  27. We are seeing just the first round of this sex thing. Next will be a plethora of republicans. Just hide and watch. Only this time it will be real women who have really been abused stepping up with the accusations.

  28. Best straight 6 ever made was the old slant 6 Mopar/Dodge

    Never been a Mopar guy, but those were good engines. I’ve owned a few vehicles with GM 250 ci and a Ford F100 with a 240 ci straight six. They were all workhorses.

    But I’m sure the Germans have found a way to make the straight six overly complicated and requiring a PhD mechanic to service it.

  29. Hammie

    I’m sure the Germans have found a way to make the straight six overly complicated and requiring a PhD mechanic to service it.

    Oh for sure. Between their natural propensity to complicate their Wheaties the anti-smog laws encourage it.

  30. I want a full and complete accounting of who got paid how much, on behalf of whom, from the congressional pervy hush fund(s). Further I want to know if there is one or more on the Senate side, with the same disclosure as above. All the perps on the list(s) need to be expelled with no pensions. All of them. Regardless of party.

    We should further investigate as to whether or not the various bureaucracies have similar funds and expose them as well.

    Hang the bastiges!

  31. I don’t think Lauer’s troubles are near over. We’ll see what happens with all this a year down the road. If Lauer gets any kind of serious broadcasting job, all this sturm und drang has been wasted and men in media and politics will drift back to their old ways.

    On the other hand, here is something that needs to said and Sarah Hoyt said it. The married woman working as a producer who entered Lauer’s office and had the door locked behind her left out some relevant facts about the episode. Lauer told her to take off her blouse and she did. He pulled down her pants and bent her over a chair. She never mentions objecting or saying no. She could have turned around and walked out of the room, but she didn’t. Was the fact there were 50 women down on Sixth Avenue willing to take her job in a heartbeat a factor ? How many of those women would have willingly submitted to Lauer to advance their career ?

    Sarah Hoyt:

    There are very few men who continue being amorous when you punch them in the face. (And there are self-defense classes to handle those.)

    Every woman who didn’t react to these untoward, unacceptable advances in one of these ways fed the system that abused other women. Most of these men were actually convinced they were irresistible and the women were willing. Why would they not be? That was their experience.

    And this is not acceptable.

    If women are going to be adult human beings, in the workplace we need to stand on two legs and demand to be treated like adult human beings. We need to, yes, refuse tainted advancement based on putting out. We need to behave as professionals.

    Sure that will burn careers for some. Let me tell you there is life after burning your career or – ask Roger Simon – after blacklisting yourself.

    The dream of equality in the workplace depends on women stopping these abuses themselves when they happen.

    No one can victimize you unless you allow it. And allowing yourself to be victimized for power and money is not victimization, it’s greed and ambition.

    The continuous denunciation carnival grows tiresome, much as we on the right are watching your cannibal feast with growing fascination.

    The end result of it is to run men from public life as though women had no part in this system. And the abuses will go on, because women abuse power too, just not usually in a sexual way.

    Take a good look in the mirror, ladies and gentlemen. If you were true ladies and gentlemen you’d know there’s a system of mutual obligation. Checks and balances, you could call them.

    Women can’t abdicate their responsibility and not expect men to take advantage.

    We’re racing to a system where women act like poor little flowers who have to be protected and kept safe.

    It’s not a system I want for myself or for my granddaughters. It’s not a system I want for anyone.

    You wanted into the workplace, you have it. Now hold the line. Refuse to sell your body for a career.

    All these victims coming out and crying about long-past sins? These monsters you’re now denouncing? Ladies, you created them.

    You can choose to stop this now and turn it around. Or you can go shambling further into insanity and restriction of women’s options.

    The ball is in your court and the choice is yours.

  32. Bonecrusher
    There is no FOIA for the Senate and Congress. So getting the info you want by the regular joker on the street is not gonna happen. Next you want action brought on by the watchdogs of the law and those are the same people that are doing the deeds. So you are wanting the foxes to investigate the wolves and that is not gonna happen. history has shown time and again the few that have been disgraced and have left still get their pensions and usually go on to work for some lobbyist or becomes a fellow at some college or some advisor on some board of directors.

    SOOOO ya might as well be satisfied with them receiving sensitivity training which they will NEVER set in.

    Make yerself up some popcorn, grab a beer, and your lovely wife (don’t grab your wife just invite her to a movie night) turn on Netflex and catch a comedy and relax. What you want ain’t gonna happen.

  33. Texpat

    Folks are going down but not the right folks. The heads of our Republic are just as guilty as sin (it is rotten at the top) yet there is no discernable cry for their heads. See my #68 to bonecrusher above.

    Lots of grins and Schadenfreude but not much else. When I see 30 or 40 special elections in the coming months for Congressional seats then and only then will i say it is about time.

  34. i do have one bit of hope. i think the Dems and Pelosi realize there is a chance that the sex dam is going to burst in both houses and they are hoping Conyers steps down to quiet thing down. Throw him under the bus and they can say they did something taking the heat off everyone else.

  35. #13 Texpat

    True story about grabby county fathers unilaterally deciding what uses property within the county may be used for. Spouse’s father bought out his siblings for the title to the family farm near the small town of Edgerton in Dane County, Madison being the county seat. They lived in Madison, and the plan was that his parents would retire there when his mother retired, and so he began updating the farmhouse that dates from 1875. Norwegian immigrants settled the area, and some still live there.

    Their home in Madison was sold and waiting for closing when his father literally dropped dead one night in 1985 after coming home from the farm. His heart simply stopped and could not be started again at the hospital. His mother did not want to live alone at the farm, so it was put up for sale. Several years later it sold to a professor of chemistry at the University of Illinois who wanted to retire there and had plans in the interim to use it as a site for academic retreats. The county fathers said he couldn’t do that, though there were no such deed restrictions on the property at that time. They just invented them. Don’t know if the professor still owns the farm and is now living there or has sold it. Have not driven by since spouse’s mother passed away and was buried next to his father in a country church yard dating from the Norwegian immigration era.

    Perhaps Scott Walker’s law has freed the farm as well.

  36. There are still a bunch of people to go down.

    Now isn’t that how this whole House of Sexresentatives thing got started?

    Is this country music?

    My dad would’ve said, The Hell?

  37. And Conyers if he does not admit anything then that opens up due process. Level charges and let both sides be heard and let a jury determine guily or innocence.

    Yes I think their is a high probapossibility that he is guilty but bring on the due process to face your accusers.

  38. Once again I must remind you, the great unwashed, that laws and moral standards are for the little people. The elites are not to be criticized, you are incapable of understanding complex matters like governance and its relationship to dominance over women (and little boys), and thus you should never be made aware of such issues to begin with – damn that internet. So, just settle down, don’t get your blood pressure up, and remember we will call on you when we need your opinion on something. Meanwhile, don’t forget to drop a few bucks in the campaign account and vote when we tell you to.

  39. Hamous

    I called a girl darlin’, like any good Southern boy would, and offended her. Should I resign?

    Did you slap her on the butt like a grand champion bull in the rodeo? Did you ogle her? If you ogled her then I think we may need to take remedial sensitivity training.

  40. Meanwhile, don’t forget to drop a few bucks in the campaign account and vote when we tell you to.

    Look!!….Up in the sky!!…..

  41. “Sensitivity training” is a waste of time, effort, and money for these clowns. Anyone who can fog a mirror knows that what they’ve done is wrong – including them. If they knew they didn’t do anything wrong, then why were they spending all that money trying to keep their actions hidden?

  42. That’s the thing Squawk. Conyers admitted the wrongdoing when he made those settlements with the women and paid them off with taxpayer money.

  43. Bunsonburner

    Ya see that is the problem dumb basses in this country think that if you get caught doing ANYTHING just go to rehad and all will be forgiven forgotten and no harm done. Same principle with the sensitivity training. We know there is a problem and rather than summarily humliate and fire the people and bring charges against these so called civil servants, give em a class and learn em not to do that stuff. They done did something to correct the problem and we the sheeple should be happy bout it.

  44. That would be sort of like holding someone responsible for his/her actions and expecting accountability or something. Can’t have that – must have someone or something else to blame. I shot someone – it’s the gun’s fault. I was drunk and wrecked the car – it’s the alcohol’s fault. I got caught perving – it’s Trump’s fault. You get the idea.

  45. The other thing is that the taxpayer money he used was outside the Congressional system that makes the payoffs and keeps the names of the Congress critters secret. He gave them no show jobs in his office & kept them on the payroll for mo

  46. There are court documents that describe the settlements, and one victim has come forward in defiance of the non disclosure agreement she made.

  47. Sarge

    That’s the thing Squawk. Conyers admitted the wrongdoing when he made those settlements with the women and paid them off with taxpayer money.

    It is still alleged. Even the payments. The slush fund has come to the fore, but the other is still alleged about Conyers. There has not been an official declaration of who has used the fund. Only Conyers has been unofficially linked. CHARGE HIM and lets get all this crap in the open. Then and only then will the dam burst. San Fran Nan (oobie doobie she is hawt) knows if anyone is charged then heads are going to roll like bowling balls on league night at a 40 lane house.

  48. You are under informed about Conyers. The payments did not come from the secret slush fund. They came from his office budget. The court documents have been made public because the actions were taken in civil courts, not the Congressional review system.

  49. Due process has already occurred. That’s what court settlements are…..Due process of law. He admitted the wrongdoing, made payments, and got non disclosure agreements from the victims.

  50. You can make the due process argument for Franken, but as of a couple hours ago, six women have come forward. Two in the last 24 hours

  51. Okay
    Conyers has been charged and he settled because of the courts. Move along nothing to see here. Unless he has offended again. If so bring charges………..fish or cut bait or go home

  52. He didn’t settle because of the courts. He settled because he was guilty. He said in court “Yah. I did it. Here’s your money. Now keep your mouth shut.”

  53. Sorry bout the Conyers misunnerstooding on my part.

    When it comes to politickles and the 4th
    estate I no longer trust allegations about anything. Why you may ask. There is a long and distinguished history of false accusations simply to cause FUD in the political world.
    Furthermore BILL CLINTON. The freakin republicans nor civilian law had the testicles to bust that clown with ALL THE EVIDENCE HE HAS HAD AGAINST HIM. So screw em all including the woman that got ragged at hammie. She prolly believes Clinton is innocent too. I am sick of it all. Got an accusation…………….. take them to court…………. period end of story with me. Till i see people in court this constant drip drip drip of she said he said means nothing to me.

  54. No argument that. But he has been adjudicated it should be over so again move along is what i think. “She” shoulda brought all this to the papers long before now.

  55. Jus’ passing through , but Squawkster is right the old Chrysler slant six is a tough little power house. Built for trucks, it was only 225 CID but it was an understroke engine, that is the bore was smaller than the stroke, giving it lots of torque per cubic inch. I don’t remember the exact bore/stroke numbers, but I think it was something like, 3.5″ X 4″.

  56. I called a girl darlin’, like any good Southern boy would, and offended her. Should I resign?

    Try singing this to her next time.

    She may like it.:)

  57. Trump may announce moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem next week. Seems like every Republican president in my lifetime has promised that. If Trump does it I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  58. Listening to this song really worked me up an appetite for some fried potato skins, hush puppies smothered in giblet gravy and a main course of tempered glass back bacon.

  59. Trump may announce moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem next week

    What’s that going to cost? A billion dollars?

  60. I’m always reluctant to pass judgement on a jury verdict when I wasn’t there to hear the same evidence they did, but good grief, an acquittal?

  61. I don’t know how it ended up in my YouTube rotation but it surely had something to do with my sex scandal boredom.

    A Warner Bros. 1946 blooper reel.

    It’s a little slow but it has about ten bloopers featuring the obscure actor Ronald Reagan.



  62. If the illegal would’ve shot and killed the seal he said he was shooting at he’d of received the death penalty.

    Build the Wall.

  63. Had Mr Haney been elected the wall would’ve been retroactively built in 1986.

    Look!!…..up in the sky…….!!

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