Monday Hippie Death Cult Open Comments

August 9, 1969

Manson had directed his “family” members to go out into the dark of night to do “something witchy.” That they did. The way they killed Sharon Tate was especially gruesome. Shortly after midnight, they stabbed Tate at least a dozen times, mutilating the beautiful actress, who was due to give birth in two weeks. Tate had reportedly begged for the life of her unborn child but was told by one of the Manson girls: “Look bitch, I don’t care about you. I don’t care if you are having a baby. You are going to die and I don’t feel a thing about it.” The Manson girls repeatedly rammed forks into Tate’s belly to kill her child. The dead baby boy was later removed from his mother’s still womb and buried with her in her arms.

Manson’s acolytes took Tate’s spilled blood and used it to paint the word “PIG” on the front door of her home.

December 27, 1969

That surreal, cruel moment came at the appropriately titled “War Council” held in Flint, Michigan on December 27, 1969, two days after Christmas. It was attended by some 400 student radicals from the SDS-Weathermen cabal, who promoted this political-ideological-sexual gathering as a collective “Wargasm.” For the lovely ’60s hippies, it would be (as usual) a night of radical politics, unrestrained sex, and violence.

Among the ringleaders was the late John Jacobs, who had coined a fitting slogan for the evening and for the entire movement: “We’re against everything that’s good and decent.” That became obvious when the indecent Bernardine Dohrn grabbed the microphone. “We’re about being crazy motherf—ers,” Dohrn shouted, “and scaring the sh-t out of honky America!”

and this mockery of justice,

They planned attacks, planted bombs, and engaged in murder, all along fleeing the federal authorities as fugitives on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list. Ayers would change his name from town to town, chillingly visiting dead cemeteries where he borrowed the names of deceased babies from tombstones as his macabre aliases.

Neither Ayers or Dohrn would get prison time. Quite the contrary, both spent the 1980s earning education degrees from universities like Columbia, and in the 1990s would become professors at, respectively, University of Illinois-Chicago and Northwestern.

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39 thoughts on “Monday Hippie Death Cult Open Comments

  1. O/C topic, I’ll try to read the whole thing later today. To think that Bill Ayers was Obama’s mentor and that didn’t prevent Obama from being elected is astounding. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a free press in this county? Another thing, if the news media would just report half of the good things Trump was trying to accomplish, his ratings would be much higher.

  2. The swamp/deep state apparatus is on the line and the dwellers therein, Congress, LSM, entertainment, and academia know it. It is possible that the bulk of the country is on the verge of being “woke” and are starting to see the corruption beyond the veneer. The idea that Nanzi will defend Conyers against the “allegations” in spite of the $payoff$ on record to one of his victims while at the same time insisting that Roy Moore drop out based on far more flimsy allegations is not lost on anyone who is paying the slightest attention. This is a whole new level of hypocrisy not seen since the time MESSIAH walked the planet.

  3. Morning gang. Too early for any reports yet this morning. Looking like another beautiful fall day out there – problem is I need a gray, rainy day as things are getting pretty dry again. My Christmas shopping is done, well maybe except for one or two little stocking stuffers. And it didn’t cost me anything. Hope you all have a great day, and I certain there will be some adventures to report on later.

  4. And despite nearly two months, they still haven’t identified the weapons involved, but have notified us that multiple weapons “jammed”. Y’know, like they do when you shoot them.

    And oh, BTW, they have no idea why Paddock is supposed to have started shooting.
    Nor why he stopped.
    Nor why he quit with over 4,000 additional rounds remaining.

    I repeat, this wasn’t a mass shooting as much as it was a photo op. One or two weapons is a shooter. Twenty-three is a press release.

    And quitting while fully healthy, with over 80% of your rounds remaining?

    The simple answer is that the shooter didn’t want to get caught. And didn’t.

  5. #5 EG
    How did your Christmas shopping not cost you anything? I hope one of the adventures you alluded to isn’t going to be a police chase out your way in San Saba.

  6. The last transfer of 1911s to the CMP was in 2015, when President Barack Obama signed a defense bill that included a measure to transfer 10,000 pistols for sale to the program; lawmakers har stated that May that the DoD spends $2 a year to store each of its 100,000 surplus 1911s. With 10,000 already transferred and 8,300 additional pistols “sold or disposed of,” per, that means there are at least 80,000 1911s ready and waiting for a nasty civilian to give them a good home.

  7. At Chez Harp, we’ve pretty much stopped giving each other presents because we have already pretty much filled up all available space with stuff. We got to where we would give each other calendars because everyone needs calendars. But since I retired, I no longer want a page-a-day calendar near my computer. I still give him a page-a-day cat calendar and a Gary Patterson cat wall calendar. And I buy a wall calendar for the kitchen, which is where I note the CoH heavy trash and recycling schedules.

    A few days before Thanksgiving, we got a large number of packages delivered to the house, and Hubs took them all upstairs, thinking they were all for him. He came back down after a while and confessed he had opened the package of calendars, without noticing it was addressed to me.

    Darn, spoiled all the surprise!

  8. We bought ourselves a new TV for the bedroom yesterday from Sam’s. Merry Christmas to us!

    The ads can stop now.

  9. In the mid 00’s my wife worked for an oil and gas pipeline company. They heavily recruited engineers out of colleges, had a full time person to wine and dine the little snowflakes, paid big time signing bonuses. Talk about chaos.

  10. Hate to lose a fine man like David Bailiff as the Rice football coach, but the team’s on the field performance the past two years has been pathetic. Rice is a tough place to recruit and coach, but it was time for a change. I pity the next person who takes the job as there is a monumental rebuilding challenge ahead, and Rice will not allow transfers in to provide immediate relief. It’s going to be a long 3 or 4 years ahead for the program.

  11. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes. Nations and events are aligning with what was prophesied 2500 years ago.
    Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39. Read them and look at the events of today. Be it the King James Bible, authorized Catholic Bible or the Tanakh they all three say the same thing. The news is full of prophetic news. Just search the headlines and read for yourself. (A great news aggregation site for the middle East.)
    Identifying the players:
    Magog = Russia
    Gog of Magog = Gog = a title of a person = the Prince/King = I believe is Putin
    Meshech and Tubal = Cities in Russia (as identified by Iraeli hisotrian Flavious Joesephus located in the Caucuses)
    Persia = Iran = Rhouani (Leader)
    Gomer Beth Togarmah = Turkey = Erdogan (leader)
    Put = Libya
    Cush = Etheopia
    Sheba-Dedan = Saudi Arabia
    Merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions = Great Britain and POSSIBLY the United States (young lions)

    A bit of history sets this all in perspective. 1978 and prior Israel was allied with Iran and Turkey. In fact Jews used to vacation in Turkey in complete safety. All this changed and began changing when Ayatollah Khomeini did his thing in Iran in 1979. Now something unprecedented in history has occurred…..
    Turkey and Iran have formally aligned with Russia in Syria.
    Saudi Arabia has aligned with Israel
    AND Putin has become the most influential world leader in the OPEC Nations
    Remember the days when the nothing was done in the midEast without the United States approval? The United has has become or is becoming inconsequential in the Middle East. Putin has told the United States to stop meddling in Syria and Netanyahu has told Russia they will do what they must to keep Iran form building bases in Syria. A little message to Macron from Israel.

    There is more, lots more, the bottom line is the chess pieces are in place for Iran Turkey and a couple other nations led by Russia to attack Israel in the very near future. Soon very soon Damascus is, while basically destroyed now, is going to go completely away as I believe Israel is going to destry that place in response to Iran and Turkey are building bases near and around Damascus.

    Gods prophetic timeline restarted with Israel returning to the homeland in 1948 and sped up in 1967 when all Jerusalem was captured by Jews in the 6 Day War.

    Bible prophecy is not to scare ya, it is to prepare ya. Don’t believe me? Think i am just some religious nut? That is okay. Read what God says and compare that to the worlds events today and see if the two pictures are not identical. I have been studying this stuff long long before the internet brought the real whackos to the fore and cast a pall over Bible prophecy. Russia is in it for the money, Iran is in it trying to bring about their prophetic visions of the return of their Mahdi and me? I am in it because God’s word is true and he wants us to know what is going on.

  12. #11 GJT

    The ads can stop now.

    I’m still seeing washers and dryers in my edge ads. 🙁

    And those navy blue Astros panties with the star on front. 🙁

  13. There’s a couple problems with the CMP 1911’s. First, they aren’t going to be cheap. Second, the last one produced for the military was in 1945. One of the reasons the Army went with the Beretta in the 80s is that they did a survey of the 100,000 or so that they had on hand and determined that most, if not all were pretty ragged and not worth refurbishing. It was cheaper to buy new pistols.

  14. In 78 or 79, Jimmah put out an order that no new ammunition would be produced for the 1911. Knowing that in the next fiscal year the Army would set all remaining stock aside for combat and training use, but none for weapons qualifications, my unit scheduled a qualification shoot for the unit. We used pistols from a unit in Dallas as that’s where the range was. They were all crap. One went full auto on the range. I’ll buy a new 1911.

  15. The expose in the OC of the Weather Underground human debris members is well done. It is not news to someone who lived through the turbulent 60s at the University of Wisconsin, for their types visited our campus and recruited useful idiots for their protests.

    Fast forward to 2007 and into 2008 for the few conservative voices on radio who dug into Obama’s background and revealed it to listeners. Hannity was the most thorough and Rush a close second so that by listening to them regularly one knew precisely what kind of Manchurian Candidate Obama was long before the election. All the while the MSM were licking his rear end and so were members of the DNC once Hillary was knocked out of contention.

    High time for some sleuths to crack the seal on Obama’s college transcripts and other factoids of his shielded life and reveal them to the public. A check on statutes of limitations of relevant activities would be wise.

  16. Hey Super Dave.
    It appears you may have a choice between a couple of models. Which will you choose and why?

  17. #28 Shannon, well I’ve always wanted an M-1 but the price kept slipping away until I decided if I’m paying $1200 bucks for an Arsenal Reworked M-1, I’ll just toss in another $300-$400 Bucks and get a new one with the chrome barrel. SO, I thought that I might like to have and old original, 1911 since I only have one 1911, a Para Ordnance GI Expert, I bought it because it was a plain-Jane 1911 that looked like the original.

  18. Woah there TT. Where’s the warning label on that link. I know there’s a law somewhere requiring a label. Now I gotta go find the eye bleach again.

  19. #30 – Get that feed ramp polished SD and that critter will eat just about ANY ammo!

    My ‘Elite Commander’ (same frame but 4.25″ barrel) runs .45s SO smoothly you’d swear you were shooting .40s!!

  20. I’ll one day own an M-1, and I’ve never owned an AR or a AK, I’d kinda’ like one but the 223 (5,56 NATO) and 7.62X39 aren’t major calibers. The 223 is a watered down 22-250 and the 7.62X39 is a modern day 30-30, both are fine but they don’t come close to the 30-06 or the 308. I’ve posted this before, but last Summer I purchased a Century C 308, a German designed, roller locker-delayed blowback operating system. The weapon was a reworked, Spanish made NATO rifle and I paid $700 Bucks, tax-title-license, out the door! It is robust and almost as reliable as an AK-47, and shoots a major caliber, 308. I might add that it is fun to shoot and for some reason doesn’t kick that much. The first time I took it out I fired 100 rounds of Military Ball and my shoulder wasn’t bruised. 😉

  21. #33 Katfish, I’ve run about 1500 rounds through the Para GI Expert and it shoots anything, it doesn’t seem to have an ammo preference, that said; most of the rounds were Remington 45 Ball, Speer Lawman and Federal American eagle.

  22. RE:The OC topic.

    I once saw a video on youtube of Charles Tex Watson preaching a sermon in prison.

    Since reading Helter Skelter years ago and seeing many documentaries about Manson and his family’s hideous and savage crimes, I have to admit, it really bothered me seeing him preaching a sermon knowing what he did to Sharon Tate and her friends in Aug 1969.

    Just didn’t seem right to me to say the least.

  23. #29 TT
    Gor blimey! Substantia is the perfect name for that gal.

    I expected one of your “models” choices would be GUNS!!!!

  24. I should have been more specific.
    The article referenced the M1911 and M1911A1 being availaible.
    I was wondering which of those you would choose.

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