114 thoughts on “Weekend Open Comments – Tank Crab Edition

  1. I’m tempted to return to the Colorado Bend State Park today since it looks like another great one out there, but I’m pretty sore after yesterday’s outing and hiking. That place is over 5000 acres with the Colorado River running along one side and the rest consisting of rugged hiking and biking trails, scenic outlooks, a 70 foot high waterfall (the parking lot was actually full yesterday for that), and other natural beauty. The real way to handle it is to spend at least 3 days camping and riding a trail bike all day. I would recommend it to any of you rugged outdoorsmen or outdoorsladies. Have a great day.

  2. Will we look back on the fashion trends of these days with the same smirk as we do when we consider parachute pants and platform shoes for men?

  3. Hamous

    Some places I used to go to don’t appear to be there anymore. If you decide to come up 146, you can always get off at 10th Street and go down to Rose’s or L&A Seafood. There used to be a couple of dozen seafood markets crammed down there along the docks. Go late afternoon Sunday and you can buy dirt cheap.

  4. I wear unstarched, unpressed jeans from Costco that cost me $13.99 a pair usually with topsiders and a polo shirt. In the winter, I wear my Red Wing boots and put on a sweat shirt. I don’t look much different from how my father did 40 or 50 years ago.

    That’s about as exciting as my wardrobe gets these days unless I have on a coat and tie.

  5. I just saw a video of Jackie O, with a caption touting her ability to speak two languages. “The current First Lady can’t compare!”

    Sometimes, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at their ignorance and/or their feeble attempts to diss the current occupants of the White House. The fact that they have to try so hard and reach so much to find something should tell ’em something.

    But noooOOOOOoooooooo……..

  6. Morning, chickadees. I have 2 things on my list for today.

    1. Use blower to get leaves off the front lawn. Possibly bag them for the community garden at Treesearch Farms, where they use them to suppress weeds on the walkways between growing rows. Yesterday, I only generated 2 bags, because most had been in the street or driveway too long, were practically mulch already. The rest of it, I blew up the driveway to my leaf compost area between the garage and the high brick wall my neighbor put up 30 years ago to keep the 6 kids of the previous owner of our house from partying in his swimming pool when he was out of town.

    2. Box up the pumpkins and scarecrows. They go back upstairs to the holiday closet, and the Christmas decor for the fireplace comes down. Hubs talked me out of putting up even the 3′ table tree this year, giving Lynx more time to grow up and mellow out. Don’t want to have a repeat of what he did to that little tree last year, the first night it was up. The loss of that red glass tree topper was quite a blow.

  7. I stayed up late and made some progress on my bookkeeping backlog. I’m going to the gym today, and I need to start making prep for our family get together after Christmas, then back to bookkeeping again.

    I moved my “office” downstairs for the weekend. Sometimes it’s good to get a change of view. I get to see trees, grass, and sunshine from the dining room table.

  8. Hammie
    Galveston to Freeport. Love that stretch, especially around Freeport/Quintana because it’s quieter and less frenzied. We used to get a place with a kitchen and cook shrimp every day but the last fifteen years we’ve opted for letting restaurant slaves cook for us.

    By the way Fay saw a report from Port A this week. 80% devastation. Breaks your heart.

  9. And another requisite piece of clothing to accompany the starched pressed jeans is SHINED BOOTS. My preference is cowboy boots but the likes of chukkas and dingos are okay. No birkenstocks, loafers or running/tennis shoes. I can make an exception for classic canvas hightop Converse or PF Flyers.

  10. I also ordered a few Christmas gifts last night. I found some deep pocket sheets on Overstock.com and bought a few sets for MIL. She really needs them, and I can’t think of anything else that I can do that will make a difference in the time she has left.

    I was thinking about treating Hubby to Drive Tanks, but I can’t afford anything on that list. He said he wanted speakers for his shop, so that’s what he’s getting.

    Me? I have no idea what I want, other than a treadmill and maybe a certain type of home gym, which I’ll probably buy when I get the inheritance money that Eldest Sister is trying to get out to everyone before Christmas, God bless her. She cannot wait for all of this to be over – dealing with two probates in two years has been stressful. When she told me at Thanksgiving that people were hounding her about BFA’s inheritance money, I dang near ‘sploded. It’s not their money until they get it. If BFA was still alive, they wouldn’t have the money anyway. Are they really pushing Eldest on this? It really ticked me off.

    I told Eldest Sis to take her time and do it right, and not let anyone push her into rushing things. She’s responsible for all the fiscal issues and the last thing she needs is to have something go wrong because some idiot couldn’t manage his/her own life, whoever it was.

    I have a feeling I know who it might have been, but it’s only speculation.

    PS: BCS called out “Happy Thanksgiving” to me as she walked by me on Turkey Day. Fortunately, she didn’t push the issue and we spent the rest of the day without a word shared. She’s emotionally untrustworthy and I don’t need to share any personal info with her. I did hug her hubby – he’s a sweetheart and deserved a genuine smile and hug. Another of the Harpies was trying to suck up to me. I was civil, and as friendly as I could handle. We actually had a convo, and she may think things are smoothed over. Nope, actually, I still don’t trust any of ’em. But if she’s happy, then she’ll leave me alone.

    I was proud of my ability to handle that potential powder keg. I told Eldest Sis about my mother’s condition when I saw her, and the mysterious ER visit that I’m not supposed to know about. Her head almost ‘sploded, especially when she realized that the family’s not being told about these changes. The hypocrisy of the situation is really angering. We expect Mom’s condition to deteriorate – she’s been on a downhill slide since her fall over a year ago. The dialysis is taking a toll, plus her diabetes, so while sad, this isn’t unexpected. But where I was accused of being a “medical dictator” and withholding info from the family – the Harpies are actually doing everything that they falsely accused me of doing.

    Projection is a wiss. It’s actually a mirror.

  11. I have a decades old pair of black elephant cowboy boots in perfect condition. My back just doesn’t tolerate a lot of standing around in those boots. I wear them occasionally but pay dearly for doing so.

  12. The governor must have a guardian angel.

    It’s an interesting array of evidence they have on the bomber.

    Investigators traced the devices to Poff after examining several of their components, including a cigarette box and a salad dressing cap. The cigarettes were bought at a truck stop near Poff’s home in Brookshire, Tex., 30 miles west of Houston. The salad dressing was a brand Poff was known to have bought for an “anniversary dinner,” the indictment said.

    Most tellingly, the court documents noted, hair belonging to one of Poff’s two cats was found under the address label of the package sent to Obama.


  13. #14 mharper42

    Ouch! Poor tree. Does Lynx have any other destructive tendencies toward household things the rest of the year?

  14. Shannon

    I wear them occasionally but pay dearly for doing so.

    Yes my son we must endure some discomfort to be style mavens. Take hope and press on, the rewards out weigh the pains.

  15. Hillary Clinton is the premiere Winston Churchill Church’s fried chicken eater to Vladimir Putin’s Stolichnaya Vodka shot drinking.

    She may not starch her pant suits but I bet she starches her Depends.

  16. Late good morning Hamsters. A pleasant 48 out here at 6 and now 72 with a nice breeze. Cool enough so far to feel reasonably comfortable putting out Christmas decorations and not seeming to be ridiculous.

    Staying clear of malls and shopping centers today. A side effect of Harvey’s invasion of our house is needing to look at everything that’s been stashed and forgotten in cupboards and deep recesses of closets over the years to assess some usefulness still, or damage requiring disposal, or best of all good condition but no longer having a place for it. Good condition stuff is great for donation to the Pennywise Resale shop in Richmond run by the Fort Bend Women’s Center.

    I was pleased to see at least four high-school age young folks donating their time in the donation intake part of the Richmond store. All smiles and politeness. We are not totally doomed out here in the sticks. 🙂

  17. It’s football Saturday, and many of the games involve grudge matches between assorted land grant colleges and their respective state’s flagship university. I decided to peek in on Fla v Fla State, but it’s on PMSESN or something like that with a woman announcer, so that’s off the table for now. Rice plays at noon in what is finally, mercifully its last game of the season. I expect the highlight of that game to be the unceremonious firing of the head coach as the team is departing the field after the final gun. There looks to be a number of unemployed coaches out there after today. Several schools got on the firing bandwagon early, but there are several others out there waiting for the final gun to sound. Why Rice didn’t make a move in mid-season I don’t know. That is a tough job to fill, so if any of you wannabes are interested, send your resume over – I’m pretty sure no experience is required. OK, 30 minutes to go so I gotta go get my game face on. More later.

  18. Yes my son we must endure some discomfort to be style mavens. Take hope and press on, the rewards out weigh the pains.

    Hey, with the shape I’m in, I’m going to soon be rocking the guayabera and tennis shoes look.

    Probably not high tops, though. I’ll leave those to the hottie gang cholas.

  19. I bought a pair of cowboy boots to wear to my grandpa’s funeral a couple of months ago. This is the first pair I’ve owned since I was a boy. They are quite broken in now that I wear them to the office every day and are very comfortable.

    I have also discovered those $13 Costco jeans. Those are actually a very well made pair of jeans. If you need to work hard in them, they can handle it. If you need some really durable jeans, check out Arborwear. They are designed for arborist who need to climb up into a tree. They are made of a really thick denim/canvas material and have a gusseted crotch. Be warned these pants are pricey.

  20. Once again we turn to Angelo Codevilla to sift out the reality.

    Remember, we are dealing with the worlds of politics and media where power and sex are coins of the realm and men are not the only players of the game.

    What, then, is the fuss about? It seems as the ruling class’s leadership experiences a major turnover, it is making a minor shift in tactics and in its list of enemies. Herewith, I try to explain.

    Washington’s Trade-Offs
    First, the basics. During my eight years on the Senate staff, sex was a currency for renting rungs on ladders to power. Uninvolved and with a hygroscopic shoulder, I listened to accounts of the trade, in which some one-third of senators, male senior staff, and corresponding numbers of females seemed to be involved. I write “trade,” because not once did I hear of anyone forcing his attention. Given what seemed an endless supply of the willing, anyone who might feel compelled to do that would have been a loser otherwise unfit for survival in that demanding environment.

    This, I wager, is not so different from others’ experiences in Washington. Senior female staffers were far more open than secretaries in describing their conquests of places up the ladder, especially of senators. There was some reticence only in talking about “relationships” with such as John Tower (R-Texas) and Max Baucus (D-Mont.) because they were the easiest, and had so many. The prize, of course, was Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.)—rooster over a veritable hen house that was, almost literally, a “chick magnet.” Access to power, or status, or the appearance thereof was on one side, sex on the other. Innocence was the one quality entirely absent on all sides.

    In the basic bargain, the female proposes. The power holder has the prerogative to say “no,” or just to do nothing. By a lesser token, wealthy men need not offer cash to have female attention showered on them. Money is silver currency. Power is gold. A few, occasionally, get impatient and grab. But taking egregious behavior as the norm of the relationship between power and sex willfully disregards reality. Banish the grabbing, and the fundamental reality remains unchanged.

  21. She may not starch her pant suits but I bet she starches her Depends.

    I’m sure she does a whole lot of unmentionable things to her Depends.

  22. Now underway, it takes a tough man to watch Rice football right now. The announcer is a former Rice player, N. D. Kalau who also did some sports radio in Houston and played some pro ball. Let’s see how it goes. Certainly better than having some woman sitting up there reading what ever someone tell her is relevant.

  23. Pecan Pie and me.

    I, don’t know, just where my stomach’s goin’
    but i’m, gonna try, to be a glutton, if I can
    only twice a year, well that’s the plan
    When I put that 3rd piece on my plate
    and that Cool Whip hits my veins
    and the Karo syrup melts my pain

    That sugar rush can be so fun
    And I feel just like Arnold Ziffel’s son
    but I know, I must make amends
    to atone for my gluttony sins
    and hit that running track
    Five miles to beat fat back


  24. And a couple wrestler type ladies.

    Navy guys got their girl in every port. Truckers got a choice between lot lizards, roller derby queens or ladies of wrestling.

  25. At the half, it was Wisconsin 17, Minnesota 0. They’re playing in Minneapolis in good if a bit chilly weather under clear skies. It was a bit startling to see that the Golden Gophers have a cartoon gopher face on one side of their helmets and a large M on the opposite side. The M is expected, the face isn’t. It does not look like a Rhodes scholar. At least the Bucky Badger face looks more like a real badger and has an air of fierceness about it. Oh well, nobody asked me.

  26. My wife is trying to set up for some online classes, they require a webcam which neither of her dual monitors has, nor a microphone best I can tell. We are looking at webcams to install, anybody got any tips?

  27. Well, I did not finish job #1 on my list. Blew 4 huge leaf piles on the lawn — 90% of it is from the neighbor’s elm tree — and got 3 leaf bags from the 1st pile. I was too tired to bag up more, but also knowing that Hubs sacks out early, we would have to wait for tomorrow and hope we can finish then. He does a good job of holding the bag open so I can use a big scoop to grab a bunch and cram ’em in. Not sure how I would get it done otherwise. We don’t have a barrel that size to put the bag over.

    Fam room deco later, not so much urgency there.

  28. GJT

    Go to Best buy and get this one.

    It is plug and play and pretty self explanatory. On your personal confusor their should be a microphone jack on it. While at best buy get the cheapest computer headset you can find. It will work just fine.

  29. Wisconsin 31, Minnesota 0, final. Wisconsin gets to keep the humongous Paul Bunyan axe that goes to the winner of this game each year. The Badgers are 12-0, and next up is the Big 10 + 4 championship. Well done, Badgers. Presume a major bowl game is in their future as well.

    Wonder how the mavens of college football ratings will juggle today’s games results to arrive at their placings, and will they go incognito afterwards?

  30. #23 Adee

    Does Lynx have any other destructive tendencies toward household things the rest of the year?

    I doubt if he thought of that as destruction, he was just curious and he knocked it over and off the table. The crash actually woke me up and I turned on some lights to investigate. I did pick up the lopsided tree and just placed it back sorta upright. That’s the pic I took next morning — all misshapen and bashed in.

    I don’t think he’s any more rambunctious than the average 1 1/2 y.o. cat, but at 17 lbs, he’s a lot more forceful. Thankfully, at that weight, he’s unable to jump up onto many places where he could cause damage. Dunno how long that will be true. I once adopted a stray cat who weighed 22 lbs, but he had lived outdoors for who knows how long, and was very adept at jumping from one place to a higher one. I once got home from work and found him up on the highest of some builtin shelves next to the fireplace. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to lift him down, but I got up on a sturdy bar stool and could reach him.

  31. #26 Adee

    A side effect of Harvey’s invasion of our house is needing to look at everything that’s been stashed and forgotten in cupboards and deep recesses of closets over the years

    While we didn’t have damage to anything that wasn’t sitting on the floor, or in contact with something sitting on the floor, I am actually enjoying the long slow process of clearing out a lot of clutter. I have not gone to donate anything yet. but I have quite a few boxes stacked up in the utility room, as soon as I determine where they are going.

  32. Welp, finished my workout, made dinner, did a little house cleaning, made another batch of laundry soap, changed my bed and put the old sheets in the ‘chine, washed the dishes, took a shower, and now I’m settling down to do some more bookkeeping while watching old episodes of “Hunter” on TV.

    I have windows open and a couple of fans on. The a/c won’t come on set at 74, and if I put it any lower my bedroom becomes a freezer.

    RE: kitty cats in odd places

    Since our floor is our heat source, Barf Kitty could be counted on to find the warmest spots on the floor. I heard a meow one day and kept looking until I found her – under the flap of a box we had near the washing machine. I looked down and all I could see were her eyes and nose. And she wasn’t coming out. One other spot she favored was right in front of our double oven, but it was out of the traffic pattern just enough that she didn’t get stepped on. During the summer, she made the route from upstairs, down the stairs, to the point where she could no longer find the patch of sun from the skylight in the center of our roof.

    Years ago, when Hubby went to a couple of radiant panel conferences to learn what we needed to build our house, there was discussion of how to find a leak in a hydronically heated floor:
    1) Turn on the floor and mop it. The warmest spots would be the area directly over the tubing, so a wet floor would dry from those strips outward. A big dry splotch would indicate where the warm water was leaking out.
    2) Turn on the floor, close the drapes, and toss in a cat. The cat will find the warm splotch and settle down. Every time.

  33. G’night all

    What? I’m just getting started. You folks mainlined way too much turkey and dressing the last two days. Comatose corpuscles and geriatric gingerbread don’t mix.–hit the track with a vengeance and get the blood flowing again.

    Walk away from the table now, while you still got a chance.

  34. Good morning Hamsters. Dense fog advisory here on the moors of the Brazos and 52 greet the day. No kidding about the dense part. House cross the road is almost totally obscured, and I can’t see beyond the back of the barn that’s only 50 feet from the house. Daylight is sneaking in anyhow, and the fog will soon be gone. We’ll take moisture any way it comes.

  35. We fed about 12 people, a smaller crowd, on Thanksgiving. We went out Friday evening to see Her Highness’ former student perform with his large band at a local nightclub so we postponed our annual Thanksgiving Leftover Dinner until Saturday night. We ended up with 9 people last night and made a large dent in the food supply since Her Highness insists on always having enough food for an army. I’m tired after running a 72 hour restaurant here and I’ve consumed more sugar in that period than I do all year long and it doesn’t help.

  36. Shannon says:
    NOVEMBER 26, 2017 AT 8:21 AM
    Does anyone know what film this clip is from?


    Lawless, a decent but uneven telling of one moonshining family down South during the Depression. It appears the screenplay was written from the reminiscences of Grampa, who may have embellished a bit.

    Its got its moments, but its not one you’ll watch over and over.

  37. #63 Shannon

    The pastures form a U around the house and yards that take up 3/4 of an acre of the 6.4. The barn is next to the back yard, deliberately so if there is a commotion out there during the day or night we can hear it in the back of the house and investigate. We can see the pastures from various windows in the house, and it is habit when we’re outside to check to see where they are and what they’re doing.

    Several other horse owners in our neighborhood also make a point of looking in pastures adjoining the roads on the way out of and into our subdivision. That vigilance on occasion has caught issues that might have gone unnoticed for quite some time to the detriment of some horses.

  38. Morning, Hamsters and Hamsterettes!

    I am feeling great due to good chow and lots of exercise this long holiday weekend. Been out already and bagged up 3 more, and have emailed for interest in uses for these leaves.

  39. My visitors go away this morning after a late breakfast. I enjoyed having the company for a few days, and the cleanup will serve as a reminder. Time to settle back now for a long, cold winter although I’ll probably make a break for somewhere for Christmas/New Year. We covered just about all the sights that are listed on the internet for places of interest around here. I’m still impressed with what they have done at the Colorado Bend State Park which is where we used to go camping/fishing when I was growing up, but before it became a state park. College football took some new twists and turns over the weekend, and it’s now time for college football coaches roulette – we will see who winds up where after mass firings and the like. OK, I’m off to see what needs to be done next. Have a great day – one that looks beautiful so far.

  40. 68 Siskel

    It looks minimally politically correct and propagandist.
    A period piece with some violence.

    I’m certain I would like it.

  41. Mornin’ Gang,…..is it still morning?
    I’ve been out working on my new pick-um-up and repainting my old Tool Box. I was going to install it in the new GMC, but figured with what I spent on it, (the truck), I can swing for a new one and I’ll sell the old one to a Mesican for $100 Bucks. The problem is that I have to acquire the new one then get it down to the guy that sprays in bedliners and have him spray the inside before I install it.
    Dang, did y’all know it was HOT outside?

  42. Shannon says:
    NOVEMBER 26, 2017 AT 11:26 AM
    68 Siskel

    It looks minimally politically correct and propagandist.
    A period piece with some violence.

    I’m certain I would like it.

    Shia Lebeoff is off putting (both his acting and the character her portrays) and one ends up wishing he would just go away. There are lots of loose ends that never get tied up. You end up wondering why some parts of the movie are even there. Its as if the screenwriter and director assume that you know the details of the story and won’t have any questions.

    Not near enough splosions and bangity bang to put it anywhere near the top of the list.

  43. Does the Shia Leboeuff character ever get the crap beat out of him, if yes, then it is worth the watch.
    /shadenfreud and all

  44. Made it to 70 and widows are open to let residual sheetrock dust escape while gravel dust from the road behind us might take its place. But we have a north wind, and that ought to keep it away from us.

  45. So what you’re telling me is that Hollywood can’t even make a mediocre shoot-em-up

    Okay, then let’s just nuke them, too.

  46. I got **THAT** close to bagging up everything before I ran out of the big leaf bags. Only got estimated 1 more bag worth to go. I may put that pile in a big cardboard box and tote it to the compost heap. After my break, I mean.

  47. I just got finished installing Cleats and Cam Cleats in my new Pick-Um-Up. Since I’m always hauling hunting/camping/fishing/BBQ gear in the bed of my truck, I started installing the cleats with Dock Lines, first in my 97 GMC, 2005 Silverado and now my 2016 GMC. They really come in handy and are versatile. If there is a downside, it’s that the parts and line are Boat/Sailboat equipment so they’re dang Expen$ive! The Cleats, $20 bucks ea, Cam Cleats, $32 ea and the 25′ Dock Lines, @ 25 ea.

  48. Not sure why it happened, but I have lost all interest in movies and TV. I used to watch so many mostly cable dramas that I was recording one while watching another. Now I do max 5 hours of TV per week, and that is one daily soap opera that I have been watching for over 40 years. The last movie I saw was Elysium, a so-so sci-fi flick that we went to only because I had 2 free tickets to the Edwards Marq’e on the Katy Freeway. We went to a weekday matinee and had that theater entirely to ourselves.

  49. I doubt that y’all watched the Alabama Auburn, football game yesterday but I did and it was brutal! Alabama, made too many mistakes and Auburn came to Kick A$$ and take names. I was surprised at how good the Auburn defense was, not to mention their Quarterback. The game reminded me a little of the last Alabama/Clemson game, in that last night, Alabama was out-Quarterbacked.
    That said, hat’s off to Auburn and the best team on the field last night won. 🙁

  50. Super Dave

    I doubt that y’all watched the Alabama Auburn, football game yesterday but I did and it was brutal!

    I watched it. The Tide got rolled. Way too many self inflicted wounds and Auburn had the salt shaker.

  51. Shannon says:
    NOVEMBER 26, 2017 AT 12:09 PM
    So what you’re telling me is that Hollywood can’t even make a mediocre shoot-em-up

    Okay, then let’s just nuke them, too.

    As long as we can film it.

  52. Going to make our annual safari to Taste of Texas to see the Christmas decorations.

    They get more numerous and prettier every year. Can’t imagine the work and hours that go into putting them up and taking them down for storage. It has to be meticulously organized, and Nina Hendee is the lady who can do it.

  53. Allahpundit on Pelosi’s disastrous appearance on Meet the Press:

    An astounding performance, in which the first woman Speaker in American history goes to bat for a credibly accused harasser in the midst of a cultural revolution about stopping sexual misconduct by powerful men. She’s getting shredded for it on social media this morning too, and not just by Republicans…

    and I refuse to watch Sunday morning network panel talk shows even as my brother masochistically views them without fail,

    Conyers needs to go and he needs to take Pelosi with him and a lot of Democrats won’t disagree after this. In the meantime, if Roy Moore has a campaign staff that’s even half-competent, he’ll have this clip on the air in Alabama in any format that’ll take it. Watching their least favorite Democrat shill for an accused harasser on her own side is going to convince Republicans who are on the fence about Moore that it’s not only okay for them to support him, it’s the responsible thing to do as a partisan by punishing Democratic hypocrisy. I think he just won the election.

    I do wish I had seen this train wreck live though.

    Maybe Pelosi, in her early onset dementia state, has swerved into career suicide with this political vaudeville act. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  54. All leaves accounted for. I had exactly enough bags to hold ’em all except for a minor pile that I toted to the compost heap and pitched. Every bag tied with a bow so the bag can be opened, emptied and then reused. We go through a ton of bags at the Butterfly Garden when we are weeding over there in the spring.

  55. Question: When have congresscritters of either party been held to the same standards they expect others to be held to?

    Answer: Seldom, if ever.
    This is not news. This is business as usual. News would be a man bites dog story where the perp was actually held accountable. Seriously, Pelosi makes news by being a partisan hack dumbass. That’s about the same as putting SJL up there to say something stupid. Laws and standards are for the little people, and the sooner you little people figure that out, the better off your betters will be.

  56. Of course we watched Alabama.

    Their heads were elsewhere.
    It happens, but rarely with well coached teams.
    Maybe Saban has been reading his reviews too much.
    That guy has been walking on water for a long time according to the press.
    Auburn came to play and win.

  57. #90 EG
    This is a legendary post, my good man!

    Laws and standards are for the little people, and the sooner you little people figure that out, the better off your betters will be.

  58. #91 Shannon, you’ll get no argument from me, I just don’t remember a game, (in the last few years) where Bama made so many mistakes. That said, it may not have made a difference, Auburn wanted to win and their defense was perfect. No flies on their Quarterback either.

  59. and I refuse to watch Sunday morning network panel talk shows even as my brother masochistically views them without fail,

    Well, perhaps not so much any more.
    This morning I watched Jack Lemmon in The Wackiest Ship In The Army and the worst Stallone/Snipes film of all time, Demolition Man, which is one of those movies so bad you can’t quit watching. They knew how bad it was going to be so they forked over the big bucks for Sandra Bullock to walk around in some futuristic form fitting garb.
    Man, she was so hot I somehow forgot to switch over to Chris Wallace, Chuck Todd, and the little Greekboy.

    I’m kinda sorry I missed Pelosi’s most grotesque self-debasing performance.

    Not really. Those people in Washington can do nothing to surprise me anymore.

  60. Go read Conyers’ statement resigning his post on the Judiciary Committee.

    I’ll bet $500 that illiterate bastard didn’t write it himself.

  61. I’ve always said Nancy’s botox penetrated the skull.

    And she’s been doin’ it for a while.

    She needs to go home and enjoy grandmahood while she still can.

  62. Hubby and I were both at MIL’s house recently – he was putting up a new TV antenna and I was cleaning. We both saw the note she left out.

    From the doctor’s office.
    Okaying her to jump from an airplane.

    Bucket list time. Made us both smile. We’re rootin’ for her to go for it!

  63. I’ll bet $500 that illiterate bastard didn’t write it himself.

    Probably had to dip his pen in the mayo jar first.

  64. Back from an early dinner or late lunch at T of T with friends shortly after 3 this afternoon. Not crowded yet and beautifully decorated as usual. We sat in the wine cellar, which was nice as it is a much smaller room and has better acoustics for conversation. The main dining room sections are all open to the common ceiling and can get quite noisy when the place is just about full. That is distracting unless you happen to be seated in a corner. Conversation with friends is part of an enjoyable lunch or dinner.

    In recent years about all I can manage is a soup and the salad bar with occasionally a dessert to split with spouse there or when we really splurge, dessert for each of us to take home. Spouse had the salmon dinner. We brought home some of the delicious rolls.

  65. Shannon

    …so they forked over the big bucks for Sandra Bullock to walk around in some futuristic form fitting garb.

    Mom was a huge fan of Jennifer Garner when she was the young star of Alias. I told her I wanted to marry Jennifer and she said no, the woman I should track down and marry is Sandra Bullock.

    Maybe she was right and I could have prevented her from making this horrendous mistake…

    Let Her Speak

  66. #107 Adee, I’ve not been to the Taste of Texas since my 60th birthday, when my kids took me there. I had a 16 Oz steak and managed to eat all of it, the Boys young men, both had 24 Oz steaks! That said, I really remember the soup/salad bar, I could easily make a meal of it. I noticed that they had a daytime, lunch special that included just the soup/salad bar for $12 Bucks! This was in 2014 and I thought that for the price/quality it was a great deal. If I worked within 5 miles of there I’d have to stop by for lunch.

  67. #99, #103 – He probably did not know anything about his resignation from the committee or the letter until he heard it on TV. He would never have done that on his own – the Party took care of it for him. Gotta let him save face you know. Those Dems never make an independent decision – the decisions are made for them by Nancy the prune and her staff (can I say “her staff” without getting in trouble?).

  68. 112

    He probably did not know anything about his resignation from the committee or the letter until he heard it on TV.

    You are probably right.
    But I doubt Nancy is the big boss.

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