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  1. Mean Gene Green has been my congresscritter on and off since the district was created. On occasion, my half of the neighborhood got pushed into SJL’s district, only to be rescued during the next redistricting session. One thing I’ll say for Gene, he always showed up at our Civic Club forums. I never voted for him but he did make me laugh with his handling of the ever-present LaRouchies. Other than that, I don’t particularly care which lying Democrat occupies the seat. I suspect Adrian Garcia will now be coronated his successor. Because, you know, we simply MUST have a Hispanic in that seat.

  2. We have a bountiful harvest of acorns out here at the Rocket Ranch, and the deer have been eating them up, all over the site you see hordes of them under the many Oaks. Driving in this morning, I had to go around a doe that was in the edge of the roadway eating away. Yesterday, I saw a big Buck chasing a Doe down at the other building, I snapped a picture but haven’t downloaded it yet, if it’s good I’ll post it.

  3. I get to ride a Vespa 150 to pick up the mail, usually when the weather is nice. I have a tough job.


  4. The Truth About Nachos and Nacho Anaya.

    But the death of the 84-year-old San Antonio native Frank Liberto is a reminder that cultural appropriation’s biggest enablers aren’t entrepreneurs but rather clueless reporters who’ll swallow any Montezuma’s Revenge that PR hacks and Google feed them. Liberto died on November 6, one day before National Nachos Day—fitting, because he helped push the cheesy, crunchy meal beyond the American Southwest and into leaky concession-stand cartons and souvenir ballpark baseball helmets nationwide with a cheese sauce that didn’t need to get refrigerated. Liberto debuted these prefabricated nachos at Arlington Stadium during a Texas Rangers game in 1976, and consumers haven’t stopped squirting watery queso since.

    Liberto didn’t invent nachos. That genius was Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, who whipped up a quick meal of fried tortilla strips, melted cheese, and pickled jalapeños for hungry American military wives at his Piedras Negras restaurant in 1943. But facts didn’t stop the San Antonio Express-News, San Francisco Chronicle, and Washington Post from calling Liberto the “Father of Nachos,” even as they all acknowledged Anaya’s innovation—and betcha more media outlets will do the same in the days to come.

  5. Darko Crncevic is the son of Croatian immigrants to Sweden decades ago. Here he is interviewed about what is really going on in Sweden with the news media there complicit in the silence.

    I loved growing up in Sweden: It was clean, safe and everyone was nice to us (well, there of course were some idiots – there always are). I grew up with hard working parents and had a great childhood. It was a good time in my life. My parents did start with nothing and slowly built a life for us.

    Sweden allowed me to get an education and a career. I currently work as an IT/tech-specialist at a US-based company. I also have some small side projects involving helping people in Sweden to cope with their situation. I moved my parents over to Poland and my wife’s parents will come here in 2019.


    This was one of the reasons I left. My wife was actually afraid her boss would see my Facebook posts and lose her job over it. The articles were nothing bad: from Swedish newspapers, blogs and some of my thoughts. Hahaha… and all my likes were from friends from the Balkans. Hahaha… to brand me as a racist is so dumb but still… that happened.

  6. When this country starts allowing the seating of judges who send their kids to Lutheran schools, you know the apocalypse is nigh.

    By “passionately held social agenda,” the ABA means abortion; in his prior life Mr. Grasz defended—as a state deputy attorney general is obliged to do—a Nebraska ban on partial-birth abortion. What it means by “rude” no one knows, because the ABA has thrown this out there while providing almost no specifics. For good measure, the ABA has twisted a two-decade-old law review article to suggest Mr. Grasz rejects a point he explicitly states, to wit, that judges are bound by clear legal precedent—even when “it may seem unwise or even morally repugnant.”

    So Wednesday’s hearings offer Republicans an excellent opening to press ABA officials on how they came to their “not qualified” rating. Here’s a few suggestions:

    • Why did the ABA ask where Mr. Grasz’s children went to school? Does the ABA believe their Lutheran education affects his fitness as a judge?

    • Is it ever appropriate for an ABA interviewer to refer to “you people,” as Mr. Grasz’s did? When Mr. Grasz asked for clarification, the interviewer said he meant “Republicans and conservatives.” Has the ABA ever referred to “you people” when interviewing a Democratic nominee?

  7. Got another road trip coming up later in the week. Nothing as exotic as SD’s travels, but I’ll get to see a lot of east Texas, and it should be pretty this time of year. The back has improved, but I’ll have to treat it with special care as it most certainly has not completely recovered. I saw a comment somewhere that I logged in to the memory bank that goes something like this – “Who needs intelligence when we’ve got feelings.” Yep, therein lies the answer to all problems. OK, have a nice day. I’ve gotta get moving.

  8. A Democrat running for Congress in New Mexico’s second district was found and arrested at an apartment complex in Albuquerque on Friday, nearly two weeks after an arrest warrant was issued for him.

    David Alcon is now behind bars after a woman accused him of stalking her, according to local station KRQE News 13.

    The woman, who attended a Halloween party at a hotel in Santa Fe on Oct. 28, said she started receiving persistent text messages from Alcon—one with a picture of his genitals, some suggesting that he was watching her, and others professing his love for her.

    The woman said later that night he texted her that he was outside her apartment.

    And for some consistancy:

    If so, I look forward to the calls from Democrats across the nation for him to “step aside.” If nominated, he should drop out. If elected he should not be seated. If seated he should be expelled from Congress. That’s basically how the drill goes, right? After all, the guy is a convicted stalker and now there are fresh allegations being brought against him. In 2017 we default to believing the accuser. Isn’t that the new rule?


  9. Legalized rent-seeking from the poor.

    Wilkins is the lead plaintiff in a new racketeering lawsuit against the Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association, every sheriff’s department in the state, and the court fee collections firm Aberdeen Enterprizes II. When Oklahomans owe court fees, their case is assigned to Aberdeen, which charges them an additional 30 percent on top of what courts want. If they don’t pay, Aberdeen requests a warrant for the debtor’s arrest. It’s big business for Aberdeen and the Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association, which received more than $800,000 from Aberdeen in 2015.

    and guess who started up this criminal enterprise,

    Aberdeen is the brainchild of Jim Shofner, a former Oklahoma bankruptcy lawyer who was disbarred after pleading guilty to fraud in 2001. Shofner admitted to helping a client hide over $100,000 from the IRS under a fake name. After his release from prison in 2003, he founded Aberdeen in 2006. Reached by phone on Tuesday, Shofner said he had retired from Aberdeen and was unaware of the lawsuit. Neither Aberdeen nor the Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association returned requests for comment.

  10. Google is fun to say, but DuckDuckGo — at least for me — is a lot more fun to use. While I can’t repeat the name as a verb (I can ‘Google it’ on Google; I don’t know what I’d say for a DuckDuckGo search), the upstart search engine has quickly become my go-to on a day to day basis.

    So, why is DuckDuckGo better than Google?

    While its main draw is privacy, DuckDuckGo has another killer feature you may not have heard of. In fact, it should cause you to consider ditching your existing search engine for DuckDuckGo — yes, even Google. I’m talking about bangs.

    No, not 80s hair bangs (but they would look cool on their mascot, Dax). Bangs are simply exclamation points ahead of site tags, which redirects you to that page.

  11. Since Hamous looks like a Middle Eastern terrorist or a South American drug lord, I think he would be a cinch to run in the 29th District.

  12. I hear Ted C Haney has also pulled his support for Roy Moore.

    Since all the GOOPeeCons believe all these accusations, from 40 years ago, are true about the judge, then when will Slick Willy be sent to prison?

    Do they not believe Juanita Broaddrick’s claim?

    I wonder…who does W the Dunce believe? His twin brother Slick or Juanita?

    I wonder…does W the Dunce believe his dad or his dad’s accusers?

    Can fish and humans coexist peacefully? Are people still working hard to put food on their family?

  13. #13
    Seems to me that if you PAY your court fees, you don’t get assigned to collections and end up owing more. How is that different from other debtor situations?

  14. CNN BREAKING: Trump interferes to deny 3 African-American youths opportunity of fair trial in China!

    For the first time my faith in President Trump’s judgment has wavered as he intervened with the Chinese to bring these UCLA basketball thugs back home.

  15. Just as the Deep State Swamp and the DSM are using somebody, anybody, Mueller, to accomplish their goal of overturning the presidential election, they’re doing the same in trying to deep six Judge Moore’s run.

    Only Deep State Swamp Monster approved candidates need apply.

  16. I just got back in from fire ant patrol since recent rains have pushed them up to the surface. Those living in the yard seem pretty tame, but those living in beds out by the highway are wild and mean suckers.

  17. Good late morning Hamsters. Started off at a nice 59 today, now it’s sunny and breezy. Spouse was telecommuting on the computer I use, so I had to content myself with doing laundry this morning and perusing the Chron for anything useful.

    Texpat’s # 9

    Poland suffered greatly under the Nazis and Soviets, and the Poles are a stalwart people. The Swedes have long ago lost their Viking heritage, remained “neutral” in WW2, and have sunk further ever since. It appears that their compatriots in Viking heritage, the Norwegians and the Danes, have awakened in time to losing theirs and have begun to recognize the invasion of Islam for what it is.

  18. Since Hamous looks like a Middle Eastern terrorist or a South American drug lord, I think he would be a cinch to run in the 29th District.

    He could just claim to be transracial. An Hispanical-type person trapped in a pasty white cracker body.

  19. Things are gonna get worse before they get better in a coupla third-world workers’ paradises.

    Venezuela has apparently finally defaulted on some bond payments, so there’s very little cash left to import anything and assets could start being seized soon.

    That lovable little imp, ZimBob, may be facing a military coup right now.

  20. 21 mharper42

    It appears that all court fees in Oklahoma are administered automatically by these scumbags. I think the 30% is added to every fee. Even if it is not, I don’t believe it is fair or ethical.

  21. Uh oh.

    SO ONE OF MY COLLEAGUES JUST UPDATED HIS iMAC TO THE NEW HIGH SIERRA VERSION AND IT BRICKED IT. I’ve seen other folks complaining about that on social media. So if you’ve got a Mac, maybe hold off on that one. . .

    Posted at 1:10 pm by Glenn Reynolds

  22. Oklahoma is not fair with its fees and funnels money to political favorites? Say it ain’t so. Next thing you know someone might come up with something off kilter in Louisiana – think of the outrage following the outing of corruption in that squeaky clean state.

  23. Adrian Garcia never struck me as the sharpest knife in the drawer. He’ll fit right in with the Houston Democrat delegation.

  24. #35 He’s a little brighter than SJL but not by much. Only thing I can say good is that his world isn’t wrapped up in race. I expect that to change once he gets to DC, though.

  25. Great story that never would have been told if this veteran had not been there.

    “Far away from cameras and fanfare,” Brown saw a “lone man” who he later realized was retired U.S. Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis, who is secretary of defense. At the time, he was surprised to see him at Section 60, but upon reflection, he told IJR, “I can’t imagine anywhere else he’d be on Veterans Day.”

    An older man, who donned a hat and sweatshirt with Marine Corps logos and slogans, approached Mattis, shook his hand, and called it an “honor” to meet the general. While the father was moved to see him, he clarified to Mattis, “I know that’s just the kind of man you are.”

    Brown explained to IJR that the man had been visiting the grave of his son, who was a Marine and told Mattis his son considered him “his hero.”

    The general smiled and said something similar to, “Well, I think your son is one of mine.”

  26. That’s sort of like picking the prettiest sow in the pen, isn’t it?

    Or choosing which herpes strain you want. Only difference is the size of the chancres.

  27. “The Department of Justice can never be used to retaliate politically against opponents. That would be wrong.”

    **Jeff Sessions

    **Except when The Kenyan did it.

  28. Yo T.P. or Squawkster (or anyone in the know)

    What’s the take on this ‘Firefox Quantum’ I’m reading about?

    *and* – I’m giving ‘duckduckgo’ a trial spin…………..

  29. A judge in Dallas, Texas has been sanctioned by the state’s judicial ethics oversight board after being accused of interfering in a case involving her nephew and shaming jurors who convicted a rapist in her court.

    District Judge Teresa Hawthorne was given a Public Reprimand by the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct late last week.

    The commission accused Hawthorne of abusing “the prestige of her office to help resolve her nephew’s pending case” and also claims that she “failed to treat jurors [in the case of the convicted rapist before her court] with patience, dignity and courtesy when she shamed and reprimanded them for their verdict.”

    She should be thrown off the bench.

    Oh. and she’s a Democrat.

  30. Another one bites the dust.

    NBC News fired Matt Zimmerman, senior vice president of booking for news and entertainment, on Tuesday following an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.

    A NBC spokesperson released a statement about Zimmerman.

    “We have recently learned that Matt Zimmerman engaged in inappropriate conduct with more than one woman at NBCU, which violated company policy. As a result he has been dismissed,” the statement read.

  31. #47 – It does seem that the judge in this case was not the same as the presiding judge in the case against her nephew. But wait, I though all women were to be believed regardless of evidence (or lack thereof) according to the Dems. She better be careful of they will pull her Dem card.

  32. 50 EG

    Yes, there were 2 separate cases involved in her reprimand. One involved her nephew in a court in the Panhandle and the other was a rape case in her own Dallas courtroom.

  33. Next year at SCOTUS is going to be very interesting. There are now 6 major freedom of speech cases granted certiorari for the next session.

    The court on Monday granted three new speech cases, including a challenge to a California law that requires licensed pregnancy-counseling clinics to tell patients they might be eligible for free or discounted abortions. The nine-month term now features six cases, out of 44 total, that turn on the reach of the Constitution’s free speech guarantee.

    Several will be among the term’s most closely watched. They include a high-profile fight over a Colorado baker who refuses to make cakes for same-sex weddings and a challenge to the requirement in some states that public-sector workers pay for the cost of union representation. Both of those cases offer the prospect of ideological divides that could put the court’s five Republican appointees in the majority, backing free speech rights.

  34. Firefox will not be installed on any of my devices. I’ve been playing with the minimalist Brave browser for a few months. This is the one that was developed by the guy who created Mozilla and then was fired because he didn’t embrace teh ghey murridge with all his heart and soul.

  35. 54 Hamous

    I took Firefox off of the 7 computers I was using when that happened. I read about the Brave browser months ago, but forgot about it.

  36. Good Grief.

    DeBARY, Fla. — Authorities say they’ve arrested a man who was creating a weapon of mass destruction in his home in DeBary, Florida, CBS Orlando affiliate WKMG-TV reports.

    Police discovered explosive devices and about 200 containers of acids, unknown powders and other materials, including bodily fluids, inside the residence. The suspect was one step away from creating the weapon of mass destruction, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said.

    Chitwood said the chemicals were similar to items used in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.


    Chitwood said Langer was an anti-government heroin addict who wanted to “get even” by harming first responders. He said authorities were recently called to his home to revive him after he overdosed on heroin.

    “Two weeks ago, we saved your goddamn life, and now we’re here, two weeks later, and you’re talking about how you want to blow us all up,” Chitwood said.

  37. #49 EG
    Ok, that is insane. No rational woman would video herself using a lens that makes her look like a blue-eyed guppy.

  38. LOL–Best line I’ve heard in a while was on the Chris Salcedo show from a caller named Sammy.

    With Jeff Sessions I was hoping to get a cross between John Wayne and Clint Eastwood but instead we got Barney Fife.

    Couldn’t agree more.–I believe Sessions has skeletons in his closet and the Clinton Crime Syndicate has his Skeleton closet key.

  39. I went to the cardiologist today.
    Few, if any, empty parking spaces across the street at Memorial City Mall.
    At 11:00 in the morning.

  40. Hammiie
    Re: Brave browser
    i be likin this critter. So far it beats the heck out of everything else I have tried. Firefox is a no go for me for quite some time now.And while i love my Mac, Safari stinks in every way possible.

  41. #59 – Maybe she was trying to remain anonymous, or maybe she actually just looks that way. Oh BTW, and I did pick up your oxymoron – “rational woman”

  42. 60 phil

    I see where McConnell came out and suggested Sessions as a write-in candidate for the Moore position.

    That would get Jeff back on the Hill and open up the AG for someone who can handle the job.

    Even a dumb, deaf turtle finds an acorn now and then.

  43. I don’t think that Jeff could win his seat back after his poor showing in the AG slot. And if he did he would have to be forever another McConnell lackey, which the good people of Alabama are not interest in. So, that’s a no go.

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