Weekend Open Comments

Prague, Czech Republic

In front of the [Spanish] synagogue is a statue of Franz Kafka on top of a figure with no face and no hands. It’s based on one of his early short stories called Description of a Struggle, and is one of the few pieces of his writing that features the streets of Prague.

“And now – with a flourish, as though it were not the first time – I leapt onto the shoulders of my acquaintance, and by digging my fists into his back I urged him into a trot. But since he stumped forward rather reluctantly and sometimes even stopped, I kicked him in the belly several times with my boots, to make him more lively. It worked and we came fast enough into the interior of a vast but as yet unfinished landscape.”

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134 thoughts on “Weekend Open Comments

  1. Hey I’m out and about! A bag full of Rudy’s breakfast tacos makes powerful “trade fodder”……Gracie’s mechanic will eat well then shoehorn us in early on his Saturday queue (need a new front cylinder exhaust gasket)

  2. #4 – Are you talking about AOL? Apparently Verizon bought AOL, presumably looking for huge tax write -offs or something, and then transferred its (Verizon’s) email all over to AOL. I use their email service, and now AOL is trying to get all its Verizon people to get rid of their Verizon domain and get an AOL domain in its place. I talked to AOL about this and told them that I would be embarrassed if anyone knew that I had an AOL address and could I just keep the Verizon name on it. Apparently I’m not the only one, so all the Verizon stuff is now directed through AOL but the user never knows it. Crazy stuff going on out there.

  3. There was a time when I could not live without Microsoft’s Instant Messenger. We even had a company-sanctioned version of it running on our work computers. Nowadays, I would hate to be interrupted by any messages.

  4. Nowadays, I would hate to be interrupted by any messages.

    My company recently installed the descendant of Microsoft IM that’s tied into Skype for Business. Very annoying. The good thing is you can set it to “out of office” and continue to work. Mine is permanently set that way.

  5. Good morning Hamsters. So Nate approaches NOLA and neighboring states, and I had wondered if the pumps are finally fixed. If not, what excuse does the mayor have this time around? Other than he’s politically connected of course.

  6. What is African sounding about name, Nate ?

    Nathan, Nathaniel, Elnatan are all derived from the name of the Hebrew prophet, Natan.

  7. I worked for a black guy named Nate many years ago. I think he’s the only black guy I’ve ever met named Nate. An infrequent commenter here is named Nathan. He’s a honky. I currently work with a few Nates. All of ’em are honkies.

  8. I need to get visual evidence of which dogs are coming around terrorizing our dog on the back screened in porch at night, they have torn the screen off three times now. We are pretty sure we know the culprits but need proof. You hunter types have any preference on a cheap game cam name brand? I’m looking at Browning, Stealth and Moultree for anywhere from 50-120 bucks. Don’t need anything fancy but must work at night.

  9. GJT says:
    OCTOBER 7, 2017 AT 10:36 AM
    I need to get visual evidence of which dogs are coming around terrorizing our dog on the back screened in porch at night, they have torn the screen off three times now. We are pretty sure we know the culprits but need proof. You hunter types have any preference on a cheap game cam name brand? I’m looking at Browning, Stealth and Moultree for anywhere from 50-120 bucks. Don’t need anything fancy but must work at night.

    Here is my recommendation, with a lazer actuator.

  10. #16

    Thanks for the offer TT but I’m on the opposite corner of the world from you, a good bit west of Magnolia.

  11. If’n I only had an offer or a reason to go to Bryan….

    I may need to take pics of an apartment up there for a listing in the next day or so. Mebbe we could meet up if you don’t find something before then.

  12. I’ve started reading the “Dune” series. I’ve only read “Dune” before, but I went and bought most of the series at Half Price recently, including the prequel.

    I forgot how fascinating that story was. I plan on reading straight through, stopping only for Brad Thor’s “Code of Conduct” when I can find it or get it from the library. I think that’s the last book in his series, which I’ve read.

    I gave Eldest Sis my Vince Flynn books, when I finished with them. It seems we share an interest in spy thrillers.

  13. #12 Texpat

    What is African sounding about name, Nate ?

    I think I was thinking of the infamous slave rebellion leader, “Nate” Turner.

    Of course that was Nat Turner. 😳

    I’ve known Nathans and Nathaniels, but no one of any ethnicity who used the nickname Nate.

  14. I outdid myself this morning, taking a break from my ongoing downstairs cleanup, to bring down the Halloween decorations. Completed set up around the fireplace in < 3 hrs. I've got out way too many scarecrows for a 4.5' mantel, but if I had tried to use fewer, it would have taken me longer.

  15. #29: The man is a genius! What a wonderful medium for his creativity.
    He must have sh!t for brains.

  16. Well, I’m Baack! Rolled in about 11:30 this morning, we went up to the woods yesterday, to beat back the weeds, vines and other flora that was determined to swallow our little camp. With all the rain this year, we knew that the cabin might be hard to find in the “Tall Grass”,…and,…we were right! We’ve never seen it this bad, so we attacked with knives’, machete’s, sling blades, weedeater’s and the little Urban mower. After some considerable whacking, proceeding to the south east, we found the cabin, just where we let it. What a mess and did I tell you how much I HATE beggar lice? Well, I do, I had to wade through a covey of that crap walking from the gate up the road to the cabin and it was waist high! I had them from my ankles to my chest.
    Anywho, we Got R Done and rode around to the stands and going down to son-in-law’s old stand, the wet corner was so grown up we had to detour several times to get to it. Oh and I used 4 Wheel drive for the first time on the beast, negotiating a log pile covered with two foot of Ivy vines, only 2 wheels were touching anything at times.
    Afterward, we showered on the truck tail gate with a 5 gallon jug and then built a big fire, burn’t some hot dawgs and had a fine supper by the fire, the big old moon lighting up the whole camp.

  17. I was gonna say, I figure only we are farther away than GJT from the Dome.

    Other than that skinny dude in San Saba.

  18. For some reason I still like the Tigers, but they are not nearly as much fun to watch now that Les Miles is gone. Football needs a touch of insanity thrown in every now and then just for grins.

  19. For some reason I still like the Tigers

    Which one? The SEC has three Tigers. When the SEC was expanding the last time someone suggest they align the divisions into “Dogs & Cats” and “Original Names”.

    Dogs & Cats: LSU, Auburn, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi State, Texas A&M*

    Originals: Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tennessee*

    * Tennessee and Texas A&M could go in either group since both have dog mascots.

  20. Upon returning to the barrio I had lots of paper on my door hawking Sylvester the Rat’s money-grabbing bond elections. When I become king my first royal decree will be that only property owners are allowed to vote on bond elections.

  21. IF this is true, it is very sad.

    HEADLINE: Trump’s Older Kids Tried To Cut Tiffany Out
    Tiffany Trump has always appeared to have a sisterly relationship with her half-siblings Donald Jr. and Ivanka.

    But behind the scenes, things haven’t always been so friendly. According to newly unearthed recording from the Howard Stern show, two of Trump’s children with his first wife, Ivana, tried to “bump” Tiffany, Trump’s daughter with his second wife, Marla Maples, out of her inheritance.

    During the interview from December of 2005, which was obtained by Newsweek, Stern asks Trump, “Do your older children get nervous every time you have another child?” referring to matters of inheritance; Melania was pregnant with Barron at the time of the conversation.

    So they money grubbing little inheriters are going to gripe about 20% less of infinity?!? Makes me friggen sick.

  22. Just checked the ballot. This ratty sumbitch has a half billion dollars in bonds on the ballot. My prediction is every single one will pass.

  23. That bright blue wall clock only harmonizes with my summer red, white, and blue decor. Looks worst with Christmas red and green. Between myself and Hubs, one guess who bought the clock.

  24. #46 mharper42

    What a lovely convention of scarecrows you have assembled on the mantel. The entire fireplace looks so bright and cheerful, so the mission is accomplished. Chaos softens a bit when there are nice and normal seasonal things to look at amidst a jumble of things.

    Am slowly getting our fall stuff out as I can reach it/find it. Several things have too much other stuff in front of them to get out now, as there isn’t much of any safe place to put what has to be moved to get at them.

  25. Lots of interesting Rice trivia, unfortunately very little lately (at least on the good side). Record vs. :
    Alabama – 3 – 0
    Arizona 4 – 0
    Auburn 2 – 0
    Stanford 3 – 1
    Now we play teams that I never heard of, and still can’t win.

  26. Why you need a clock when you’re retarred?

    If you live out of a laundry basket, why you bother decorating? 😀

  27. I heard a weather guesser say that Nate (the hurricane, not my old boss) would make landfall between Louisiana and Alabama. Um, that would be Mississippi. I tell ya they don’t get no respect.

  28. #56

    Don’t you think the clock would look better in the laundry room?

    Doesn’t matter. It is the best clock in the house. Autosets itself from the Naval Observatory, or wherever the national clock is.

    Who needs to know what time it is in the garage? Or laundry room, for that matter.

  29. #58 Tim!!

    If you live out of a laundry basket, why you bother decorating?

    Only decorate the family room, mostly just that one wall. We have a nightly “family hour” to sit in comfy Mission-style lounge chairs, looking out the back windows at birds and squirrels, and that one part of the house needs to be enjoyable.

  30. How did OU lose? When I left the house they were ahead 17 to something and were rolling over them at will.

  31. Owls secret game plan is to spot Army 21 in the first quarter and probably another 3 or 4 touchdowns in the 2nd, then they can finally score at the end of the game and call it a moral victory. This is pathetic showing by the Owls for the 4th week out of 5 this season. Just awful.

  32. Army’s coach kept Army under 50. They could have had more had they wanted it. #76 – Phil, if that’s your resume, I think it will do for now. Report to the stadium at 6AM tomorrow.

  33. Looks like Alabammy is going through the car wash. I hope SD’s loved ones fare unharmed and their property intact.
    The radar also shows that Texpat may be in for some wet weather.

  34. Morning gang. I’ve still got a football hangover from yesterday. When guys are out there competing with all they’ve got, but they are undersized and outmatched, I can live with losses. But when they are out there and don’t know what to do, are not using proper techniques, making rookie mistakes, and otherwise self destructing, then the problem is bigger. These guys appear to me to be soft, they don’t practice fundamentals, and they are not competitive. Everyone can have a bad game, and sometimes things just get out of control, but when every game is going that way, something else is wrong. OK, enough of that. By about Wednesday I’ll be OK and off on some other topic to rant about.

  35. Yeah, Jeff and I were going to take the 36′ cabin cruiser up the Hudson River today and burn out all the fuel from the tanks before winterizing, but it looks like the weather won’t cooperate today.

  36. Good sunny morning Hamsters. David Paul promises a low humidity day and also tomorrow before the muglies come back. Have to wait about a week for a cool/cold front to get this far south and push all the way out into the Gulf. The current respite ends because a weak front will limp back up over us. But at least it was 69 out here before sunup.

    Wisconsin alums and fans are pleased with the 38-17 win over Nebraska yesterday, and with it sole possession of first place in the Big 10 + 4 (?) West division. Do not know if anybody else has joined recently. 😉

  37. #85 Hamous

    Perhaps he’s had enough and is on his way out the door so it is a parting shot.
    Discovery that there is so much more to life than the NYT would be a wonderful thing.

  38. Mornin’ Gang, checking in late.
    I talked to sister earlier and they’re getting lots of rain and some wind. The storm is moving fast and is up around Birmingham, I think.

  39. I’m not having a stellar morning. Got about 3/4 through the HouChron sudoku when I discovered I had made an error at some point. Best remedy is erase and start over. I’ve erased, but not yet started over. Guess I wasn’t as awake as I thought I was.

    I think today’s chore is clean the kitchen floor. I may start that first, then take a break and try the puzzle again.

  40. Just finished watching “This Old House”. Mike Rowe is joining the team on this project, and is promoting “Mike Rowe Works” as well. Apprentices for the different skills will be joining the project and learning on the job and on camera as well. I fully support that! All the focus on “college prep” really has shorthanded our country on skilled tradesman. Getting hands dirty doing real work is so much more productive than getting hands dirty in politics.

    I read somewhere that skilled tradesmen can actually be better off in retirement than college grads, because during those college years, the tradesmen can start putting money aside for retirement, and those extra EARLY years accumulating interest can outweigh the gains of a college stimulated career, delayed by the years in study before money can start to be saved.

    But then, we have to teach financial sense to both groups. And responsibility.

    They announced this is the 39th year of TOH. I really noticed the changes in some of the contractors this morning. A lot of the main guys are much rounder than they used to be. Richard Cook, the landscape guy, looks shoulder stooped and I thought I saw some small symptoms of a potential back issue.

    I guess they do need to bring in the young folks. STAT!

  41. From the end of August to the end of September, the favorable ratings for the NFL have dropped from 57 percent to 44 percent, and it has the highest unfavorable rating – 40 percent – of any big sport, according to the Winston Group survey provided exclusively to Secrets.

    Link here.

  42. Hubby cracks me up. He complains about the cable channels replaying the same episodes of his crime shows over and over and over. I brought up the idea of cutting the cable, which means I have to to teach him how to use the streaming devices.

    I come into the living room this morning to find him watching “Blue Bloods” via stream.

    This is a show we’ve watched since it started. He’s seen just about every episode. He has hundreds – nay, *thousands* – of shows and movies to choose from through the various apps and channels available to him.

    And he chooses something he’s seen before. Which was his original complaint.

    /not enough facepalm in the world

  43. Some people just don’t understand men. He is obviously “practice watching” while learning to use the streaming device. I’ll often get a notification that a new season of something is out, but in order to catch up, I’ll go back and watch the old season again since I no longer have a photographic memory. And often times, you have to watch things more than once to pick up the parts that you missed the first time through. Some people just don’t understand.

  44. #91 TT
    Another big factor for college educated workers is whether they start out having to repay huge college loans. I often listen to Dave Ramsey on the radio at night, and it is appalling how much debt people go into to get Ivy League degrees and medical schooling.

  45. Bwahahaha!

    An interesting report about Colin Kaepernick from CBS NFL insider Jason La Canfora on Sunday’s “The NFL Today”: Kaepernick confirmed he will stand for the national anthem if an NFL team signs him this season.

    Sorry, punk. All you’ve done now is show the world that, not only are you an ungrateful bastard, you don’t even have the courage of your (warped) convictions. Time to go coach Pop Warner, if any parents would have you.

  46. My Civic Club (ok, HOA) newsletter was printed on Thursday, folded on Friday, and delivered to residents this weekend. It looks absolutely fabulous!! I never dreamed that Word 2003 was capable of the formatting finesse needed for such a publication. Had I known that, there would have been a September newsletter. Of course, the professional printing job has a lot to do with how attractive it is.

  47. #97

    I guess Jason La Canfora is walking back the statement now but he is just repeating what was widely reported several weeks ago, before this got all ginned up again.

  48. Dallas is still trying to figure out how to build a football stadium.
    The last one had a hole in the roof – basically a sweat lodge in warm weather.
    This one has a wall of glass facing west.


  49. It’s been a hard week. I closed out my project, gave a eulogy at my Grandaddy’s funeral, and now I’m sipping on bourbon as I wait for my flight to Dubai and then on to Dammam KSA. Y’all take care and hold down the fort in TX and NJ.

  50. I watched the last half of the Packers/Dallas game and what a game! If you didn’t see the last play, you need to Google it. In Alabama we call that the razzle dazzle play. 😀

  51. So, my wife and boy are at the Texan’s Game, what is wrong with this picture? One of the wife’s old gal friends had two tickets to one of them fancy box seats thingys and she asked my wife if she wanted to go. This was around noon, so my wife called DIL to see if it was OK to go since DIL is due at any minute. As soon as my wife got off the phone, my boy called and asked her where she got the tickets. At that time he didn’t have tickets but somehow he managed to get them later.

  52. VP Pence was invited to attend the Colts game today to help celebrate some award or another to Peyton Manning. He exited after players knelt for the national anthem.

    I was at the gym this afternoon, spent about 30 minutes on the treadmill. In front of me were several TVs, one of which had Fox News on it, the other MessinBC. During that 30 minutes, these topics were covered:

    Fox News: Puerto Rico recovery, the possible cancellation of PR debt so the island can recover, and about five or six other stories of national import. Not a mention of football during that time.

    MessinBC: “Trump told Pence to leave the football game if anyone kneeled.” That was what the chiron read the whole time. That was what was discussed. For the whole 30 minutes. By a panel of five people.

  53. Yeah I had that thought when the sun was in the Packer’s eyes, did they not know or think about that? It’s not like it’s unpredictable!

  54. Okay, Mercilus and JJ are both out. This game is gonna be painful to watch. Goin’ to watch something else.

    The only reason I turned the game on was for JJ.

  55. 124

    That is simply a spectacular gallery.

    Poor old FLA.

    They had everything Louisiana had going for them and turned out weird and psycho, instead of weird and wonderful. 🙂

  56. JJ – tibial plateau fracture.

    I figured that’s better than an ACL.

    Fay’s not so sure about that.

  57. Well, Aaron Rodgers pulled a rabbit out of his helmet very late in the game, as he can do on many occasions, and the rest is a win for Green Bay. Delighted at the outcome, however they didn’t start off very well in the first half. Guessing no matter how far we come from 1967, nobody on either side forgets the Ice Bowl. And won’t until they’ve all passed on. 😉

    It appears the Texans have the same problem tonight with Kansas City. Started watching at 9 after seeing a new show at 7 and NCIS-LA at 8. What happened to JJ? This sounds serious.

  58. #130 Shannon

    That answers that question. Oh boy, let us pray there are not ligaments also involved, as in torn. From my personal experience, the fracture is not the most painful event, but torn ligaments are, as in hurting so much you can easily pass out.

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