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  1. It’s gonna be a rough day for me today. I have to go to the Astros game – and get paid for it.

  2. This congress-terd, Bill Foster (P)rick democrat from Ill, is a bald faced liar!

    HEADLINE: Congressman: Requiring ‘Military-Type Weapons’ to be ‘Locked Away’ in Gun Club Consistent with Second Amendment

  3. I lost my Duolingo streak again. I was so tired yesterday, I forgot I didn’t get my morning lesson in. I’ve had a hard time sleeping lately – too much pain to sleep the night through.

    I finally realized that my air bed had leaked out enough air that it was causing problems. I did my hang time about 11:30 last night (after doing some bookkeeping), and remembered to pull out the bed remote before I closed my eyes. I was surprised at how low the number was, so I cranked that baby back up.

    I slept better last night. No trying to get comfortable until 2:00 a.m., or waking up at 4:00 with my leg aching. I need a really firm mattress. Or a floor. I’ve done some of my best sleeping on a floor.

  4. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) is trying again to pass criminal justice reforms that would enhance the requirement that prosecutors prove criminal intent to convict people of federal crimes.

    Hatch, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), David Perdue (R-Ga.), and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) introduced the Mens Rea Reform Act of 2017 on Monday.

    Hatch included a similar bill within a package of criminal justice reforms in 2016, but it did not pass.

    “Mens rea” is the legal concept that that a prosecutor must prove a defendant was willfully and knowingly engaging in criminal or harmful behavior in order to convict him or her of the crime.

    Many federal laws have mens rea requirements. But many do not and the application is not uniform across the board. Hatch’s bill would create a “default” mens rea requirement for federal laws that do not have one.

    Long past due in this country. Now that we have a nation in which vast numbers of citizens unknowingly violate some federal law each day, the “mens rea” requirement could not be more important.


    Professor Harvey Silverglate’s powerful book, Three Felonies a Day:

    Three Felonies a Day is the story of how citizens from all walks of life—doctors, accountants, businessmen,political activists, and others—have found themselves the targets of federal prosecutions, despite sensibly believing that they did nothing wrong, broke no laws, and harmed not a single person. From the perspective of both a legal practitioner who has represented the wrongfully-accused, and of a legal observer who has written about these trends for the past four decades, Three Felonies a Day brings home how individual liberty is threatened by zealous crusades from the Department of Justice. Even the most intelligent and informed citizen (including lawyers and judges, for that matter) cannot predict with any reasonable assurance whether a wide range of seemingly ordinary activities might be regarded by federal prosecutors as felonies.

  5. Morning, Hamsters and chickadees. I’m just barely up, so I don’t yet know what is going on in the world. I do like the Friday OC pic, very pretty and colorful, and for a change, the gal is fully clothed!

  6. I know that you all have been anxiously awaiting a progress report on the house painting project, so you will be happy to hear that the project has finally gotten underway. Specifically, I have picked up the first gallon of paint off the floor and shaken it vigorously. Then I set it up on the kitchen counter so that I would not forget about it and poured my second cup of coffee. If that’s not progress, I don’t know what is.

  7. Just an fyi….my post on the crochet site hasn’t had comments shut down yet (which I’m expecting at some time, so new posts have more room). I’ve accumulated over 930 positive hits. The flow has slowed considerably, as people have moved on to other posts.

    Again, not quite world domination, but more than I thought my project deserved or would get. I’m still blown away by the reaction to something I thought was mediocre, but full of love. I’m glad I could inspire others. There was more than one grandma there who said she was going to make something similar for her loved ones.

  8. Good late morning Hamsters. Heavenly 64 out there at 7 and the so late it missed September Harvest Moon on her way to bed. Does this mean the Hunter’s Moon will come in November this year? David Paul is a treasure trove of celestial facts.

    So we have Nate lurking out there and supposedly headed for landfall at NOLA or environs, thence fizzling into a rainmaker as it heads toward the VA/WVA border. Hope they need rain there inland. NOLA does not need a visit from another TS or hurricane. Has it even recovered from the heavy rains months ago before Harvey showed up?

  9. According to (ahem) Infowars (*cough cough cough*) Paddock was at least inspired by ISIS to carry out an attack in the US. We shall see.

  10. Texpat;

    I’ve long been troubled by the fact that anyone can go to jail because everyone has commited some crime somewhere somehow. I love the requirement to show intent ot commit a crime in order to be incarcerated.

  11. Rush is just going chapter and verse how the NFL Players Association has been playing footsie with and donating to Lefty causes and been influenced by Soros and Co. over the past several years.

    The Soros object is to destroy the NFL as a viable entity, and by egging the protesters on, well we know what’s already happened. It’s evil America you know.

    They’re being helped over a cliff as are the owners, and they are oblivious to what they are doing. The black players who have been seduced by the Left and started all this protest stuff will be dropped the second they are no longer useful idiots. It will be hard to work their way out the of mess they blindly created by themselves. Finally this is coming out, and how many players have any idea this is what’s been going on?

    Pay attention to your union NFL players before the damage is beyond repair.

  12. Average NFL career is around three years, none of them believe it will effect them. If they cared at all. Most are no different than the guys out in the shop just complaining about the man.

  13. #21

    That FBI guy that was speaking at the press conferences as of a couple days ago anyway, is as stereotypical a Joe Friday guy as he can be. I was literally waiting for “Just the facts ma’am” at any moment.

  14. The Left wants to kill football. I’m seeing news stories about schools that are eliminating football from their athletics programs as a safety measure. Moms don’t want their boys playing football any more.

  15. I can see that Boncrusher is indeed having a grooling day. He’s going to be so disgruntled. 🙂

  16. Post 7th inning stretch.

    Back teeth are floating. Went to Men’s room.

    Two guys leaning over the urinal digging spinach out of their teeth with toothpicks.

    Took leak in beer cup instead.

    Back at seat now.

  17. #55 – I’m trying to get this picture right in my mind. Were the two guys leaning over the same urinal or separate urinals. Were they each picking their own teeth or each others. Was this raw spinach or cooked? Did you leave the restroom with the teethpickers to pee in the cup, or did you do that while still in the rr? What did you do with the cup upon completion? Was it your beer cup or someone elses? I’m just trying to get the picture complete.

  18. 57

    One looked like Ferris B Mueller and I think he was leaning over the urinal looking for another phony dossier so he could justify his existence and waste gobs more taxpayer money.

    Picking spinach from his teeth was probably his cover.

  19. What kind of backward-a$$ country are we living in where we can’t watch some fine Ivy League football on a Friday night in fall?

  20. fine Ivy League football

    INFRACTION: No such thing as “fine” Ivy League Football; violates the space-time-sanity continuumm.

  21. Astros won and Houston is doing the Snoopy Happy Dance. Now to finish it up in Boston and go on to the next round.

  22. #64 Ms. Adee: Yes indeed. Final score 8-2. I believe that this is a best of five series, so the Astros only need to win one more. Won’t it be sweet to see them celebrate on the Boston Terd-Sox home field?

  23. #62 – Just go watch Rice play Army tomorrow. Rice is bad enough to be in the Ivy League, but geography won’t permit it. All the seats in Rice Stadium are good seats, and you should have your choice available.

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