Wednesday Open Thread

Bonnie Kristian writing in Rare:

An unexpected but welcome result of some lawmakers’ outrage over pro athlete’s political activism is their new impulse to stop government subsidies of pro sports.

The Daily Caller reported Sunday there is fresh interest in the Senate in a bipartisan proposal “that would ban professional sports teams from using municipal bonds in relation to federal funding to build their sports arenas.” Louisiana’s attorney general is pushing for a reassessment of any taxpayer funding for the New Orleans Saints. And a Washington Post piece Wednesday noted several House Republicans are looking to cut off special tax breaks for the NFL.

More troublesome than federal tax breaks, however, are the outright subsidies state and local governments hand out to pro sports teams for stadium construction.

Taxpayers Protection Alliance’s 2015 Sacking Taxpayers report (PDF) is here and the Houston Texans are on page 8.


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77 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. I honestly thought this was a joke when I read it.

    The IRS will pay Equifax $7.25 million to verify taxpayer identities and help prevent fraud under a no-bid contract issued last week, even as lawmakers lash the embattled company about a massive security breach that exposed personal information of as many as 145.5 million Americans.

    A contract award for Equifax’s data services was posted to the Federal Business Opportunities database Sept. 30 — the final day of the fiscal year. The credit agency will “verify taxpayer identity” and “assist in ongoing identity verification and validations” at the IRS, according to the award.

    The notice describes the contract as a “sole source order,” meaning Equifax is the only company deemed capable of providing the service. It says the order was issued to prevent a lapse in identity checks while officials resolve a dispute over a separate contract.

    The US government is run by utter morons.

  2. Is Rexxon’s time in the Trump admin going to come to an end sooner rather than later?
    I haven’t perceived Tillerson to be completely on board with the Trump agenda and the public conflict between the two project instability. I seriously doubt that Tillerson would have tolerated his own behavior from one of his subordinates when he was heading EXXON. If he is not going to push the policy of the POTUS for whom he works then why is he there?

  3. I’ve been led to believe the Dallas Cowboys’ facility was privately funded for the most part, they soaked the taxpayers worse than Houston. Cracked me up, Arlington gets hit with big tax but they’re ain’t nobody outside of the DFW area could tell you the Dallas Cowboys are based there.

    The report is too old to include stadiums for the Rams/Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders. Guess those are already done deals.

  4. I just wonder if the press discussions regarding conflicts between Tillerson and Trump are not exaggerated. Dems always load up their teams with in step ideologues which explains how they always seem to march in lock step. In reality, State is all about diplomats – attempting to achieve diplomatic solutions to disputes. Trump is anything but a diplomat – he wants it his (our?) way right now. Trump sets the tone, Tillerson makes the opposition feel good when he gives in a little. Oldest negotiation technique ever. I think they actually make a pretty good team. The other side fears Trump and readily accepts the “level headed, reasonable” Tillerson. Has the press moved on from PR now to gun control? Wonder what will be next. Stay tuned to find out.

  5. Oh my word….I just looked at my FB post where I posted Sunshine’s birthday blanket.

    I was joking about world domination last night, as the likes/loves/wows climbed into the mid-300’s. I’ve never had a post that popular before. I finally went to bed.

    I am now feeling humbled. Truly I am. I had no idea the impact it would have on my fellow crocheters. The hits are on the way to 700. Some of the comments have floored me:

    This is so so lovely, i actually shed a little tear, as I felt the love that went into making this, you are both so lucky to have each other, she must make your heart sing, what a blessed child. <3

    That lady gets it. Totally.

    What a fabulous blanket you have made! So full of love and character….I’m certain the story will become a fascinating part of family history for years to come!

    I absolutely love it. It is the most appropriate bespoke loveable blanket for a special child. Such a wonderful gift that will be treasured for life

    This one floored me:

    I sat here literally stunned for a full three minutes. That could hang in a textile museum. It is MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!! And love in every stitch, as you say. Wonderful!

    I read this one, and thought “I see all the imperfections and things I’d wish I’d done differently/better!”

    This is the best crochet project I have ever seen. Bravo to you. Your granddaughter is a lucky girl to have you.

    I hope that Sunshine loves her blankie as much as these women do. Or as much as I love her.

    I think I gotta go…got some dust or something in my eye.

  6. Tedtam;

    I must have missed that post of yours on facebook.

    Anyway, could you crochet Shannon a sombrero so he could properly eat his tacos? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  7. #8 Darren

    The post is in a private group, it’s not public. Only my fellow hookers can see it.

    It’s hard to crochet a sombrero – getting that brim stiff enough using yarn is a challenge.

    I could do a snood, though, no problem! Maybe a cloche? Then he could eat some bratwurst. And wear makeup.

  8. Only my fellow hookers can see it.

    Ah, I see why it’s private. 🙂

    getting that brim stiff enough using yarn is a challenge.

    Dip it into Mercury. Shannon won’t mind and it should enhance his taco eating experience.

    Then he could eat some bratwurst.

    Um, please check your German privilege at the door. 🙂

  9. He eats white people tacos.

    Shannon seriously needs to check his white privilege at the door. 🙂

  10. #5 EG: The problem with State is that they never accomplish anything to the benefit of the USA. It was the State Dept under John Effing Kerry that paid off the goat-rapers in Iran and to what end? It appears that REXXON is more interested in getting along with the Arabs than he is in promoting the US interests, it also appears that he is no friend of Israel which is a big line not to be crossed.

  11. Good morning Hamsters. Comfy 72 at 7 and sunny. Got a smidge less than an inch yesterday, so everything looks green as only God’s rain can make it.

    Congratulations to Tedtam for the wonderful reception of Sunshine’s birthday blanket given by fellow crochet enthusiasts. That means a lot.

  12. It appears that the Taxpayer’s Protection Alliance referenced in the OC article above is unaware that the Green Bay Packers are owned by the city of Green Bay and its taxpayers and thousands of other shareholders who live far and wide outside Brown County. This is the only NFL team that is publicly owned. Which, incidentally, annoys many of the other owners.

    This is a big oversight. As is missing the practice of raising funds for stadium improvements by having sales of stock in the team, purchased by many folks who do not live in Green Bay or even in Wisconsin.

  13. Just hit 700 reactions to Sunshine’s blankie.

    It seems the “crazy quilt” aspect of the blankie has them all excited. Most quilt projects are done with squares that fit together at corners, or repeated patterns. This blanket is very different. One grandma said she’s so excited about it she can’t wait to get started on her own for her granddaughter.

    Again, I feel humbled. I used to think people were “just saying that” when receiving an award, but now I know what it feels like.

    I had no idea…

  14. #1 Shannonigans

    It’s National Taco Day. You know what to do.

    Write a letter to the HouChron protesting cultural appropriation?

  15. Just saw this over yonder: The Chicago PD has replaced sirens with the national anthem, to force suspects to stop running and take a knee.

  16. TT, I am so glad your crocheted blanket is getting all those Likes and praise! Now I must insist you post a pic on your own FB page and link to it from The Couch, so everyone here can see it!

  17. We need to get TT a GoPro camera to wear on her head while she’s crocheting.
    We know she’s more than capable of giving a running commentary.
    Put it on the YouTube.
    It’ll go viral.
    Blow that other guy clean out of his hammock.

  18. Shannon;

    We need to get TT a GoPro camera to wear on her head while she’s crocheting.

    You could crochet her a head band to secure the GOPro. In fact, you can do that while you eat your tacos and wearing your crocheted sombrero.

  19. Hmmmmm……..

    Paddock purchased the drug — its brand name is Valium — without insurance at a Walgreens store in Reno on the same day it was prescribed. He was supposed to take one pill a day.

    Diazepam is a sedative-hypnotic drug in the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines, which studies have shown can trigger aggressive behavior. Chronic use or abuse of sedatives such as diazepam can also trigger psychotic experiences, according to

  20. Darren

    I still say that Paddock was not radicalized into Jidhidism

    Correct. He was not radicalized. He made a quiet decision to follow Jihad and ISIS. Sources close to Israel’s Mossad have hard evidence linking the shooter to ISIS. Contrary to what you have heard on Cirque De Media ISIS claims only what they have been involved in. They were involved with the LV shooter.

    Furthermore Russia claimed that they had killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIS. Well it seems that the rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated.

    ISIS leader heard alive, talking about North Korea in new recording

    Las Vegas is one more in what is to become a longer line of terrorist attacks in this country.

  21. I searched a little and found “audio of multiple shooters” at Vegas and a webpost blaming Jews for the Vegas shooting and the upcoming control in its aftermath. I feel dirty now. I need a taco.

  22. Well, the reactions are slowing down at about 750 or so.

    Just a little short of the billions needed for world domination.

    So, I remain a frustrated, unrecognized, impotent Queen. I can’t fix the world through my dictates if my power is not accepted nor recognized.

    Now I know how liberals feel.

  23. #25 TT
    No, no, no!

    I don’t wanna hunt through that crochet site looking for your blanket. I requested:

    1. Post your blankie pic on YOUR FB PAGE,
    2. Link to it from Hammy’s Couch.
    3. Or tell me (1) is done and I will link it here.


  24. #41
    Yeeks, that “golf cart” cost more than my 2011 Corolla. Wonder is it street legal? Golf carts usually aren’t, except in golf-course residential areas. ( – Memory waves and zither music – ) Hubs and I were shown a house in a golf-course subdivision, think it was somewhere out around Copperfield, back in the mid-90s when we were house hunting. I was a little freaked out when a golf ball sailed in over the back yard fence, then rolled down the driveway into the street. I don’t think we even went inside to tour the house after that.

  25. Hope you’re not westbound on I-10. They have a big old wreck about 500 feet east of the truck inspection station on the Austin County side of the river. And the inspection station is open.

    Probably backed up to Brookshire by now.

  26. Ok, TT, Share your blankie pic to MY PAGE and I’ll link it to the Couch. That way all your 65 FB Friends will not be able to see it. Except for the 11 Mutuals.

  27. Speaking of pix, my Halloween decorations from 3 yrs ago popped up from the FB Memory Bank this morning. After I got all my favorite pumpkins and scarecrows put out around the fireplace, I posed in my witch costume that I wore to a neighborhood party that year.

  28. The US government is run by utter morons.

    The same utter morons and politicians that allow the IRS to hire/pay the same firm that lost 143 million persons confidential data because of a security breach are the same utter morons and politicians who’ll lie to your face and cover up what happened in Las Vegas.

    What ever happened to the person(s) who were going through the crowd telling concert goers they were all going die about an hour before the shooting began?

  29. I’m going to differ with those of you who thing the government is run by morons. Just as many thought Zero was a moron, or that SJL is an idiot, they always get what they want. Always. Now that we know that the story about hiring Equifax to provide security is not a hoax, we have to begin to ask ourselves “why?” The answer may be obscure, but it’s been a while since someone brought up the idea of a national ID. To install a new ID system, we first must destroy the old one. What better way than just opening up everyone’s books to the world and then claiming there is nothing that can be done about it. Or something else. These things do not happen in a vacuum. Government is always marching toward a goal of some kind or another, and it does not care who it has to tromp over to get there.

  30. #66, 67: With all of our current identity and security precautions in the process of being destroyed, perhaps now would be a great time to introduce a new procedure that can’t get hacked – like maybe a microchip embedded in the right hand or the forehead? Kind of like a “special mark” that shows that you have been approved by the state?

    /just sayin

  31. I just came back from Taco Bell having bought you know what (the cheapest kind) for the family. Now, if Shannon can make his way over to my house here in Spring, TX and drop off his 100% authentic Made in China maracas I’d sure appreciate it.

  32. Has Ferris B Mueller overturned the election yet?

    Are the GOOPee Cons still goopin’?
    Are the Mayo stainers stainin’ their Zippers and flies and dippin’ French fries?
    Has GreenEggs&HamMan saved the day yet?
    Has Paul Ryan ever won at anything since he got in office?
    Did Mitch McConnell get giblets on his gravy while he gobbled quite savory?

  33. You shall all be able to behold Sunshine blankie wonderment tomorrow. I finally had time to find a picture resizer.

    I’ll bet you can’t wait.

  34. NOVA is studying the manufacture and functionality of midieval armor.

    I find that kind of stuff fascinating. I watched the show on ancient Greek, then another on ancient Egyptian, chariots. And another on ancient swords.

    They have historians and artisans working together to study and recreate the old methods, using the tools of the time. It’s amazing what the ancients were able to do with what they had.

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