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  1. OC Photo:

    Bridges, particularly beautiful ones, are a symbol of optimism and hope. They are a physical manifestation of mankind’s ability to overcome insurmountable obstacles and improve the world for everyone.

    I thought we needed a little of that today.

  2. Oops. Yesterday was Come And Take It Day.

    In 1835, the president of Mexico, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, overthrew the constitution and appointed himself dictator. Recognizing that the “American” Texans were likely to use his rise to power as an excuse to secede, Santa Anna ordered the Mexican military to begin disarming the Texans whenever possible. This proved more difficult than expected, and on October 2, 1835, Mexican soldiers attempting to take a small cannon from the village of Gonzales encountered stiff resistance from a hastily assembled militia of Texans. After a brief fight, the Mexicans retreated and the Texans kept their cannon.

  3. So they were talking on the radio about weird things people eat for breakfast.

    When the one caller said he knew some Mormons who ate tuna on pancakes, not only did I almost hurl my own breakfast, I decided that we have found the boundary of the 1st Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech.

  4. Darren, you realize that if you tell me you eat that unmentionable combination I will have to reevaluate our relationship?

  5. When I was a kid my Mom had gall bladder surgery, which in those days meant a week long hospital stay. The first morning we had pancakes with blueberries. Supper was pancakes with sliced hot dogs. A horrible trend was developing….

  6. Cold, leftover fried fish, left in the refrigerator overnight in a cardboard beer case bottom, is sometimes hard to beat for breakfast. Especially if the refrigerator is the one out in the garage and not the one in the house.

  7. After thirty years she still puts the chicken in a warm oven if I’m running late.
    She just won’t do it.

    Oh, well. Compromise.

  8. A bowl of Finding Nemo or Finding Dory cereal does it for me.

    No fishy aftertaste like sardines and orange juice.

  9. This includes the Alexander Soros Foundation, a liberal group headed by the son of liberal billionaire George Soros; Boeing, the American airline manufacturer that stands to make billions selling Iran a fleet of new airplanes; and the Ploughshares Fund, a seed group that played a chief role in pushing the Iran deal and funding a network of organization, such as CNAS, that promoted it.

    Both the Soros Foundation and Boeing have contributed anywhere between $250,000 to $499,999 to CNAS, according to grant information published by the think-tank. Ploughshares has contributed anywhere from $50,000 to $99,000.

    The organizations stand to benefit from the deal remaining in place.

    Boeing, for instance, is locked in a multi-billion dollar effort to sell Iran a fleet of new airplanes, which many suspect will be used to ferry weapons and militants across the region.


    h/t: Ace

  10. Yosemite Sam is one of my favorite cartoon characters.

    Did Yosemite ever call Bugs a terd schnizzle?

    Just curious.:-D

  11. One caller said she has a friend who won’t consume dairy products who pours orange juice on her cereal.

  12. pancakes with tuna salad?…mmmmmmebbe

    just plain tuna? NOSSIR

    I’ve never been terribly thrilled with pancakes regardless of any topping(S)

    Now a p-nut butter waffle at Waffle House? YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. #6, 23, et al: Yosemite Sam was a classic. We all know/knew a little guy just like him. One of my favorite lines was “OK rabbit, I gotcha outnumbered, its one to one.”

    As far as fish for breakfast goes: Hell yes, any clean fish any day.

  14. #29 Pyro: Don’t screw with the po po in Israel; unless you just want the crap beat out of you.

  15. Just heard Eric Metaxas interviewed on Dennis Prager’s show about his new book out on Martin Luther.

    Dude was pretty crazy. Called the Pope a werewolf and operator of brothels. And he said bad things about just everyone in creation, especially the Jews.

  16. I like my oat cereal dry. Get my breakfast dairy from cottage cheese (with a banana), and a yogurt smoothie.

    Cold pizza leftover from night before makes an excellent breakfast. No fish.

  17. Good afternoon Hamsters. Spouse telecommuting again today and took up my space all morning.

    Got a decent rain a couple of hours ago that left almost an inch and cooled us off to the upper 70s. Perhaps there’s more to come tonight, and that would be nice.

    Sean Hannity has just played a cellphone recording of the crowd at the country music concert in Las Vegas singing God Bless America not long before the murderous shooting started. This concluded a segment honoring military members on stage.

  18. Cold pizza or pasta for breakfast works well. Fish? Not here. Sometimes leftover cake or pie can fill in nicely. 🙂

  19. Did that new bridge in W. Virginia escape being named for Senator Byrd? Just wondering if he’s still influencing the state from the grave.

  20. What’s happening?

    In the wake of increased national anthem protests by NFL players, Anheuser-Busch is reconsidering its NFL sponsorship, likely because the protests are very unpopular among everyday Americans. Bud Light currently serves as the official beer of the NFL.

    So the company set up a hotline for fans to call and give their thoughts about the protests and Anheuser-Busch’s sponsorship of the NFL. The number for the hotline is: 1-800-342-5283.

  21. #33
    Ms Adee

    If you haven’t seen the video make sure you watch Hannity’s show tonight as I’m sure he will show it again. The crowd had their phones lit and facing the stage while singing God Bless America. Very moving when you realize in just an hour later there would fifty-nine fewer phones.

  22. Called the Pope a werewolf and operator of brothels.

    Given that Pope Leo X (former slave, ancestor of Malcolm & Quanell?) was a Medici, he might not have been too far off the mark.

  23. So, silly question. Or at least I feel probably should know the answer. I know it is legal to purchase kits to modify semi-autos to full, is it illegal to own a modified AR? Specifically the bump stock (stop) kit.

  24. No, it is not. New full auto weapons made after 1986 are illegal to own by anybody but law enforcement & military entities, and parts kits that can do that have been outlawed since that time as well. This has made the Class III market very expensive.

  25. But the bump stock kit can be purchased legal, question is, does modifying the weapon make it an illegal weapon.

  26. A WW2 BAR starts at more than $14000. Belt feds are even higher. Every one of them is tracked by the gummint, and you even have to consent to unannounced visits from ATF who will check to see if you have it and that it is stored properl

  27. But, the thing is, we’re getting reports of both bump stocks and full auto weapons. Bump stocks don’t explain the sustained fire reported and recorded as the weapon becomes difficult to control.

  28. If he had actual full auto weapons that were not registered with ATF, he either modified them or obtained them illegally. He’s described as not being familiar with weapons,so modification is unlikely IMO. It requires knowledge of guns and machining.

  29. I still smell a cover up whatever the narrative.

    But I’m cynical that way after being lied to by our leaders for most of my life.

  30. I’m with you Phil. My general take on matters is that given an entire universe of events that could have happened, the ones that you can rule out up front are the ones you hear from the press and the politicians. Whatever they are telling you it is, that’s the one absolute that you can be assured is not it.

  31. Since I’m old and experienced with the stupidity of the lying and fake news press I’ve refrained from commenting until we get what seems to be the real story from seemingly dependable sources.

    But I was wondering if I’m the only one that when I first heard the audio of the shooting, I thought that it didn’t sound exactly correct for an automatic rifle. Some of the time the reports don’t sound quite fast enough, which could be explained by the use of the bump stock. Upon hearing some of the audio again, I’m not so sure.

    But we have to keep in mind it is being said this evening that the firing lasted for nine minutes and we’re only hearing snippets.

  32. Just called the A-B hotline to give my two cents. Thanked them for being a company that listens to the folks who pay the bills that keeps the company in business in contrast to the NFL that ignores us as long as possible. Until, that is, a company that listens to the folks who pay their bills turns around and makes the NFL listen to a company that pays their bills. 🙂

  33. I was just watching a bit of FoxNews about the Menendez corruption trial. Kathleen Sebelius testified that Menendez did, in fact, intervene on behalf of the corrupt Dr. The underbusment of Menendez is underway.

  34. And although I don’t like beer and never have, I’ll gladly support the Clydesdales’ oat and hay supply any time.

  35. The sound on the video is consistent with automatic weapons fire, that much is sure. Bump fire appears to have the same cyclic rate, but it is slower and thus can be measured—but the quality of the recording would be a big factor and the video we’ve seen is cell phone stuff, so I’m not sure if its useful.

    One thing that could explain all of the weapons in the room is a knowledge of how quickly a barrel heats up under sustained automatic fire. He set up in two windows, so would have switched locations while one barrel cooled down. There would eventually come a point where a new weapon would need to be used in each location.

    This was not a guy who “snapped”. This was deliberately planned and if he used the bump fires, he trained on them to be able to maintain the sustained fire we hear on the video. At the cost of ammuntion these days, that’s a big investment.

    There are reports that he either scouted the location or tried to do this at another music festival a couple of weeks before the Aldean concert, but he couldn’t book a room. There’s speculation that he went on the high stakes gambling binge so he could get comped a corner room—but that’s all it is: speculation.

    For a guy who supposedly was not a gun guy just a few years ago, he learned a lot and he learned it fast.

  36. I hear the Major League Baseball post season has begun.

    I don’t care anymore. They almost lost me with the strike. But the crowning blow was abandoning half their fans and moving the post season pennant chase off of free TV.

    I haven’t watched a baseball game since.

    Oh, and the evil gamblers.

  37. phil says:
    OCTOBER 3, 2017 AT 5:29 PM
    I still smell a cover up whatever the narrative.

    But I’m cynical that way after being lied to by our leaders for most of my life.

    One of the reasons why I like to wait a bit until good information comes out is to see whether its the loons on the right or the loons on the left will allege a cover up.

    Because I guarantee you, if it does turn out that this guy posessed illegal full automatic weapons, the loons on the left are gonna start screaming that Trump put them there to squelch their semi-automatic weapons ban.

    And if they came across the border, you’re gonna here even wierder stuff.

  38. Bump fire appears to have the same cyclic rate, but it is slower

    I thought so, and I swear I can hear it on some of the audio tracks.


    Now I know my brain hasn’t completely degenerated.

  39. Top of 1st – Twins 3, Yankees 0.

    It’s on ESP&N, which not only makes you pay for it (via your cable) but now has a female announcer whose claim to fame as a baseball expert is that she played college softball. And, they are using that piped in crowd noise that the NFL uses on radio (or did back when I used to listen to them while traveling). It’s pretty awful.

  40. Middle of 4th – Yanks 5, Twins 4. Both starting pitchers knocked out in second inning. Not a pitcher’s duel. Shame it’s on MSESPN, because it’s actually a pretty good game except for fake crowd noise and female script reading yapper.

  41. I posted Sunshine’s “special blanket” on a crochet page in FB. It’s about to hit 300 likes/loves/wows. I look at it and see the imperfections, and these women are all gushing words like: heirloom, masterpiece, wonderful, imaginative, beautiful, etc.

    Those words and the recognition are nice, but my favorite reaction was her smile.

  42. You go girl. If I were you I’d get in touch with Sarge right away to get some tips on dealing with internet stardom. Don’t want that slipping up on you in this modern day of electronic wizardry and overnight fame.

  43. Well, that’s it then. I was totally prepared to give you some tips like Gordo suggested, but if I’m going to be dominated, I’ll just keep them to myself.

  44. It’s almost scary how much I have enjoyed putting together an 8-page newsletter for the HOA. I used to write a lot for it some years back when I was on the board, but now I’m not on the board but I’m writing almost everything and doing the layout also. And OMG, I’m doing it in WORD 2003. Never knew what all features it had buried in it that I never needed before.

  45. OMG! I turned to CNN to check the other side’s coverage and they are talking about Russian campaign ads in the 2016 election. Is it really a 24/7 drumbeat over there???

  46. Okay. I’ll take it.
    Good morning.
    Dang. You people need to clean up around here. How old is that pizza box anyway?

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