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  1. Gotta hand it to Google and its algorithms. I watched a short video clip in which you could clearly hear automatic weapons fire – I think each magazine holding about 50 rounds. The Google ad that appeared at the bottom of the screen was for Call of Duty video game. Way to go Google.

    This was clearly not a semi-auto, it was full auto. Wouldn’t it be something if it turns out to be a Fast and Furious weapon? There really aren’t that many full autos floating around out there that no one knows about.

  2. When I think of white privilege, I think about my Grandpa that had a bad crop one year and sold his mule to pay the note on the farm, then took what little corn he’d grown to take the mule through the winter and had it ground into corn meal. He took his sugar cane to the mill and had syrup made out of it. He and my grandmother lived on cornbread and syrup, eggs and an occasional rabbit, squirrel or quail. At Thanksgiving and Christmas they murdered one of their chickens. That spring he borrowed a mule, (late in the planting season) and put in his crop. He said then that once he owned the place they’d never be another mortgage on it.

  3. #2 El Gordo, I’d be interested to know where the weapon came from and if it was legal. They said he had a record, but we don’t really know, but if he did here is no way he’d be able to get the BATF stamp for the weapon.
    Problem is that there will be all sorts of stories, accusations and just pure BS coming from all the Talking Heads IDIOTS and since they don’t know a full/semi auto from a 57 Desota, facts will be few and far between.

  4. Now, the shooter is supposed to be an old, presumably white guy who was living in a retirement “community?” Yet he has a fully auto weapon. I’m curious to see how he got his hands on that.

  5. I heard that the shooter was born in 1953, that ain’t so old.

    Wouldn’t it be something if it turns out to be a Fast and Furious weapon? There really aren’t that many full autos floating around out there that no one knows about.

    A very good question indeed. Would Holder and JugEars be liable as aiding and abetting a felony?

  6. #7 El Gordo, I edited my #6 so it would be clearer, I didn’t mean that the shooter didn’t use a full auto weapon, just that the news media don’t know the difference. That said, my original quote could be easily be interpreted the way you thought.
    Oh, and I heard a clip on the radio this morning and there was NO DOUBT that it was a Full-Auto Weapon.

  7. The always outstanding Salena Zito with The Creators That Also Destroy:

    YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Mike Juhasz is nothing short of the classic American Renaissance man; the 32-year-old grandson of a tool and die worker who lost two of his fingers to a press, he began adulthood working in manufacturing. Ten years later he still is, only now with high-technology that promises to reinvent manufacturing and bring skills and jobs to a Rust Belt city he calls home.

    Glenn Reynolds’ comment:

    It’s not so much the creative destruction that is toxic as it is the attitude of entitled contempt toward those whose jobs are being destroyed.

  8. 14 Super Dave

    From the very first audio clip I heard, I never questioned it was full automatic fire.

  9. Somebody did not get Squawk’s memo, or do not care for it:

    Congressional Democrats chose not to wait for all the facts to come in before immediately pushing for increased gun control measures following the Las Vegas shooting Sunday night that left 50 people dead and more than 400 injured.

    It’s not yet clear how the shooter, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, acquired his guns or if gun control measures could have prevented him from obtaining them, but leading Democrats are already demanding stricter gun control legislation. (RELATED: Massacre At Mandalay: Las Vegas Gunman Kills At Least 50 At Country Music Concert [VIDEO])


  10. Since they “authorities” are already saying the shooter/murderer had no connections to ISIS, I tend to lean towards the belief that he may have had ties to ISIS.

    Just for the simple fact they discounted it so quickly.

    Kind of like when in Europe, the terrorist shouts Allahu Ahkbar, right before they carry out their attack and then afterwards and rather quickly the “authorities” say he was just a mentally ill loner.

  11. Good afternoon Hamsters. Late to the party as spouse was consulting this morning and took up my perch.

    Discovered the horror in Las Vegas on the radio coming back from the grocery store late this morning. President Trump is right in calling it pure evil.

    Also heard that the NFL honchos are starting to think they might be on really thin ice and heading for a big hole of open water. Far from land. Gonna be interesting to see what happens before the games this weekend.

  12. According to my feces brained brother, the line is going to be that Nevada is the easiest State to get a machine gun in. They’re all over the place there.

  13. I’m cutting my losses not because of the shooting, nope I am thinking about cutting out because of the left insane clowns and the demorats and repubs that are going to start doing something anything to “keep us safe”. And that is what worries me. We are never kept safe and we always end up losing more liberties and freedom all in the name of peace and safety..

  14. I another day I most likely would’ve believed the FIB but since both J Comey Clinton and the find the Russian Hoax in the bicycle spokes, taxpayer money wasting, Ferris B Mueller, were former directors of the FIB, eh, not so much.

    IMO…something fishy going on here and there ain’t nothing the propagandist TrollBots in the DSM say that I believe anymore.

    If anything, the DSM TrollBots are in many instances, violence instigators with their constant beating of their propagandist driven proglibdyte agenda.

  15. Oh goody they are marching out the usual subjects. Mr Cathy Gifford and his wife Cathy declaring all the what ifs on guns. I cannot stand it any longer

  16. Phil #22 & 32;

    I believe rhe FBI on the Vegas case, despite ISIS repeating their claim to the shooting. The update in the article in my link above pertains to you. Hope it helps s bit.

    Update: An interesting point regarding Paddock’s motives:

    7. I can’t think of a single case in which a jihadi terrorist shot themselves dead after an attack. A big theological no no for jihadis

    — Paul Cruickshank (@CruickshankPaul) October 2, 2017

    Jihadis commit suicide all the time during attacks in order to inflict casualties on the enemy but is there a case of one committing suicide purely to avoid being captured or killed? A jihadi would have shot it out with the LVPD until they brought him down, no?

  17. I just broke the news to a 60ish FB friend in Arizona. She was a big fan. She had tickets this summer for a Tom Petty concert in Austin, but for some reason I don’t recall right now, she was unable to come. Gave her tickets to a friend. She will be heartbroken.

  18. I thought Tom Petty was a race car driver.

    Caller on Rush’s show was curious that less than 24 hours after the event the FBI could conclusively report that the LV shooter had absolutely nothing to do with ISIS. But almost a year after assembling the best of the best in former FBI resources, they still can’t report anything on the collusion between Trump and the Russians, but continue to search. Interesting.

  19. #31

    And that is what worries me. We are never kept safe and we always end up losing more liberties and freedom all in the name of peace and safety..

    And I repeat myself…everyone should read “With Folded Hands”.

    Sent a cold chill up my spine when I got to the last paragraph of the story. This is exactly where Libtardedness would take us.

  20. A pasty white 64 year old son of a psychopath bank robber? Who lives with an Asian casino hostess?

    I have my doubts he’s an ISIS terrorist.

  21. Tedtam
    Really I do not need to read another book to know the what and whys of libs.I have been an eyewitness for years. In fact this country is split right down the middle and the days of suggesting a book to enlighten people are gone. The people one would need to change with that book will not read it any way.

  22. I’m not ruling out anything at this point including ISIS ties/influence and questioning if he was a lone wolf.

    64 year old pasty white guy or not.

    It’s hard to believe “authorities” that spend most of their time lying to us 24/7, 365 days of the year.

  23. 64 year old white guy with 2 airplanes, lots of real estate, no interest or training in guns, a Filipino girlfriend who is out of the country assembles an arsenal of expensive federally controlled weapons and opens fire at a country concert.

  24. 64 year old white guy with 2 airplanes, lots of real estate, no interest or training in guns, a Filipino girlfriend who is out of the country assembles an arsenal of expensive federally controlled weapons and opens fire at a country concert.

    Occam don’t have a razor that will shave that cat.

    What Sarge said. As weird as this one is I’m inclined to give it at least a week before I start forming opinions. Right now I don’t know what to think.

  25. Yup. I’m even open to thinking maybe this guy is a complete throw down stool pigeon.

    2+2 just ain’t equaling 4 in this case.

    As my sage old Grandpa used to say…always question the source of your milk.

  26. squawkbox says:
    OCTOBER 2, 2017 AT 5:34 PM
    We will never know where he got the guns. That was quite an arsenal to assemble even for a drug head.

    I can tell ya if he had them legally, we’ll know soon.

    The ATF keeps pretty close tabs on each and every legally owned functional Class III weapon in the country. If they were legal, they’ve been to his house at least once as year just to make sure he still has them.

  27. I say pasty white guy with a Filipino girlfriend lead a life of mainly gambling and moving from place to place. I fail to see what he’s done productive in the past 20 years or do. I say idleness lead him to snap.

  28. Well the boy closed on his new house. He was a little nervous writing a check for $66K, to cover the 20% down, but there was no way he was paying PMI insurance. My thought was how many 29 year olds could write a check like that, and without selling his old house. HE!! how 50 year olds could do that today? His wife really likes the place and my boy reminded me that when he bought the other house he was on his own, dating her but not married yet.

  29. Channel 11 made a mistake in allowing the CBS Evening News to continue through the 6-6:30 period instead of doing the local news. All we got from NYC was commentary from several personages described as experts in security or mental disorders and not much current info interspersed with video from last night during the shootings and early today comments by the Las Vegas police chief giving details as they became known.

    Of course, not a peep was heard about firing the indiscreet woman executive for her incendiary Facebook posting that’s guaranteed to lose the network a bunch of viewers and give advertisers the vapors. That they wanna keep buried. I’m surprised she was fired so fast, but then Facebook is almost universal these days at a speed slightly slower than light. But so are conservative social media access and outlets. 🙂

  30. Apparently we have an answer to his weapons. He did not have any full auto weapons, he had two bump fire stocks. You guys know how much I support the 2nd Amendment, but I’ve never been much of a fan of any of the various devices to come down the pike of the past few decades that were meant to increase the cyclic rate of a semi-auto weapon.

    I’ll shed not a tear when they are outlawed.

  31. Logistics will be interesting to figure out on this deal. I think the death toll is now near 60 with another 530 injured. Reports say 72 minutes elapsed from the first 911 call until the hotel door was breached. Distance around 1200 feet. I think I counted about 50 rounds per burst on one of the videos. So, with almost 600 hits, and most likely not very accurate shooting, it might be safe to say he expended at least 1000 rounds – my guess would be quite a few more. That’s 20 magazines at 50 per, and that barrel has got to be hot. With 2 weapons, I supposed he could go back and forth, but that’s still a lot of shooting. Will be real interesting to see how all this shakes out, assuming that it ever gets properly analyzed and reported.

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