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  1. Dang, what a bar! I wonder what sort of stepladder do they use to get to the top of the cabinet?
    Mornin’ Gang

  2. Wait a second, the steps are on the right and I guess that they hook on those rails and then are stacked on top of one another? That last one would be spooky. I wonder what is on the top shelf?

  3. Hoodwinked, Bamboozled!

    There are a whole lot of really ticked off people out there. That the vile b!tch Lois Lerner could skate with all the evidence of blatant criminality on her part and the fact that Koskinen is still head of the IRS tells me that it is only going to get worse, or more worser for those in Pasadena, TX.

  4. #3 – Just checking on your spelling, but wouldn’t that be a “wench” according to the photo?

    Now, the new college rankings are in, and Rice seems to have moved up a notch, to #14, and the only Texas school in the top 50. I’d like to think that if it weren’t for me, they might be in the top 10.

  5. Speaking of Singapore, just booked a flight with Singapore Air. Their economy seats are like other airlines’ business class only half the price. But their website sucks for making reservations.

  6. Steyn speaks:

    September 11th 2001 was supposedly “the day everything changed” – if by “everything changed” you mean “the rate of mass Muslim immigration to the west doubled”. As that absurd statistic suggests, we are not where I thought we would be 16 years on: We run around fighting for worthless bits of barren sod like Helmand province in Afghanistan, while surrendering day by day some of the most valuable real estate on the planet, such as France and Sweden.


    Who’s winning what turf? After 16 years of western military occupation, the Taliban control more territory in Afghanistan than at any time since the first US troops went in. On the other hand, after 16 years of accelerating Islamic immigration, Europe has more no-go zones, more sharia courts, more refugees, more covered women, more Muslim-dominated schoolhouses, more radical mosques, more female genital mutilation, more grooming and gang rape, more Muslim Brotherhood front groups, more Muslim mayors and legislators, more Muslim-funded Middle East Studies programs at universities …and fewer churches, fewer Jews in Toulouse, fewer gays in Amsterdam, fewer unaccompanied women out after dark in German and Swedish cities, fewer historical representations of Mohammed in Continental museums, art galleries and scholarly books, fewer mixed bathing sessions at municipal swimming pools, fewer lessons on the Crusades and the Holocaust in European schools …and less and less free speech in some of the oldest democracies on earth.

    Read the whole thing.

  7. In what should be a surprise to absolutely no one, there is no mention of BLM or other black racist orgs.

    HEADLINE: Congress Passes Measure Challenging Trump to Denounce Hate Groups
    WASHINGTON — The House and Senate have unanimously passed a joint resolution urging President Trump to denounce racist and anti-Semitic hate groups, sending a blunt message of dissatisfaction with the president’s initial, equivocal response to the white nationalist violence in Charlottesville, Va., last month.

    The resolution passed the Senate without dissent on Monday and was approved without objection by the entire House on Tuesday night. It could be sent to the White House for Mr. Trump’s signature as early as Wednesday.

    A White House spokeswoman did not immediately answer a request for comment.

    The nonbinding measure specifically singles out for condemnation “White nationalists, White supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups.” That represents a sharp contrast to the president’s first comments after the deadly early August demonstrations in which he assigned equivalent blame for the violence on anti-fascist counter-protesters.

    I would really love to see Antifa, BLM, Occupy Wall Street, and all the other pointless trouble makers lumped in to the same sewer as the KKK, neo-nazis and the like. I am disgusted that the supposedly reasonable Rs refuse to do so.

  8. There was a nice quote in the John Cleese link that Katfish provided last night:

    If people can’t control their own emotions then they have to start trying to control other peoples’ behavior.

    That describes the modern Democrat party perfectly. They are the Ctrl-Left.

  9. #8 El Gordo, Bingo! I thought about saying something about a Wench being lifted by a winch, but decided not to. 😀

  10. I was listening to AM 1070 yesterday morning and the guy was from Dallas. He said that a friend called him from West Virginia and asked if he was affected by the storm. He replied that Texas was a BIG state, so Imagine that a storm hit Detroit, that would be about the same distance from WV that I am from the coast.

  11. Top of the morning to ye, fellow Hamsters. I am feeling a need for change today, so I think I’ll take a break from cleaning up inside the house, and mow the front yard today. Finish breakfast and get cracking.

  12. I just finished giving my yard a mow job in the front. Maybe later on the back side. It’s been so dry and now with the weather cooling, it’s not growing and is mostly dormant. This is normally a time for fall showers, but I guess this year the harrycanes sucked all the moisture out of the atmosphere and dumped it on Houston and Florida. Need to do a little indoor work, but having trouble getting inspired. Maybe later.

  13. #19 – Funny you should bring that up. I’ve been thinking the same thing, but what with the holiday season all most on top of us, I’d hate to get started and then have to stop. Maybe one of these days I’ll wake up and decide today is the day – maybe…..

  14. This is a short, good story about price gouging…be sure to read it to the surprise ending.

    I walked into Walmart and made a beeline for the dairy case only to find it empty. Walmart, too, had sold out of milk. It, too, didn’t increase the price of its milk, selling it for its normal price of $2.79 per gallon.

    But wait! Next to this empty dairy case, I saw another dairy case with a sign taped to the door. Behind the door with the sign taped to it were dozens of gallons of milk.

    What did the sign say? “The price of Maola Milk is temporarily $6.50/gallon.” That was more than double what Walmart normally charged. I happily grabbed a gallon from the case, paid for it, and made my way home.

  15. Well, The Daily Caller has a post about another brilliant tactical move by Trump. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is telling folks that Trump has always backed Amnesty.

  16. Not bad, more than half done, 45 min expended time. Hydration break and check on sick cat Tyler. Hubs forced an appetite stimulant tablet down his throat an hour ago, and we hope he will eat today. He ate some Tuesday of his own volition, but I’m sure he was still coasting on his treatments at the vet Monday morning. I think he can recover if we can get him eating consistently.

  17. Patience Grasshopper, patience.

    Government is not supposed to swing like the pendulum of a clock, first all the way to the left and then all the way to the right. It’s supposed to move slowly. For instance, when the people have finally had enough of Ocare, they will elect the people who will actually do something about it, not just those who promise to do something about it. Draining the swamp is a long slog, especially if all you have to work with is a Dairy Queen straw. But, I’m reminded of the old saw – “when you’re up to your azz in alligators, you need to remember the objective is to drain the swamp.” I’m over 70, and I doubt that I’ll ever see the results of the swamp draining, since it will take decades. Remember, it took the lefties since at least the 1960’s to get us to where we are today – but to their credit, they never, ever give up – ever. Thus the effort to overturn must be constant, without ever pausing for a rest, uncompromising. There will be setbacks along the way, but the pressure must always be there. No go along to get along – and remembering that regardless of the label most of these jackasses wear, they are opposed to the effort. The future of our once great nation is at stake.

  18. If you ever wondered if there was any hope left for NASA, I received information yesterday that assures me, it’s over,….done,….stick a fork in it. I went to a meeting that lasted from 8 AM until 12:45. It was ostensibly to show how our new paperwork procedure would “Streamline” our work flow. Well, a NASA dude started the presentation on one dry erase board and continued on to another one!
    You can’t make this stuff up, and sadly they’re serious,….that said, not one of them has ever ran a test or have an understanding of what is involved, BUTT HE!! they’re the experts! Just ask them. I will say that when I started out here 32 years ago it wasn’t near this bad. 🙁

  19. FWIW; We’re not real busy right now and we’re finished with the Orion Hatch Assembly, so I decided to head out to Midland to see daughter. I may stop in San Saba and see El Gordo, then on to Sweetwater to see how the hew WASP Museum hanger is coming along. I’m leaving in the morning, spending Thursday night in Sweetwater then on to daughter’s on Friday afternoon.

  20. Here’s the great thing about Trump. I no longer have to listen to Republicans tell me I need to be patient and that compromise is necessary, even if it means campaign promises are broken.

  21. If the San Saba meetup happens, I will want to see pix Over Yonder. No pix, it didn’t happen. That’s the rule.

  22. 21 Sarge
    Huckabee’s comment is in direct conflict with specific anti-amnesty speeches Trump made during the campaign.

    How many years is it going to take for Trump to assemble a staff which is on the same page as him?

    Or is the problem that, lacking any core policy values, no one knows what page he’s on on any given day?

  23. I forgot to mention that running the old 335 shaker yesterday, we “Rang the Bell”. We hit the over current limit and the amp shut down. I download the Excel File and we tripped @ 1061 Amps! The trip is set to 1050 but it spiked past the mark. The good news is that the amp and shaker survived unscathed.

  24. Here’s an excellent read regarding the Masterpiece Cakeshop case the Supreme Court will hear:

    A further example, and one that hits very close to home, is the case of the Vishnitz Girls School in the UK. In 2013, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services, and Skills (OFSTED) visited the Orthodox Jewish primary school and passed it with flying colors. OFSTED highlighted the excellence of the commitment of teachers and staff to the pupils’ welfare and development.

    That was before the British redefinition of “marriage.”

    This year, OFSTED revisited the campus. While again noting the excellence of the curriculum and the fact that the girls were “confident in thinking for themselves,” the school was failed because of one issue:

    Pupils are not taught explicitly about issues such as sexual orientation. This restricts pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and does not promote equality of opportunity in ways that take account of differing lifestyles. As a result, pupils are not able to gain a full understanding of fundamental British values.

    The school is in imminent danger of losing its accreditation and being shut down.

    As the brief goes on to note, the sole major difference between all of these jurisdictions and that of the United States is that none of them have the Free Exercise Clause — but we do.

    The LGBT Agenda vs. Religious Freedom

  25. Huckabee is Trump’s spokesman. There is no denial tweet. Her statement is in line with the Historically Brilliant deal Trump made with the Democrats that will result in the Historically Brilliant granting of Amnesty to Dreamers.

  26. How many years is it going to take for Trump to assemble a staff which is on the same page as him?

    Which page of what volume of the Trump tome?

  27. I’m sure Don and Chuck and Nancy will make a statement after their dinner tonight that will further provide proof of Paul Ryan’s ineffectiveness and Trump’s tactical brilliance.

  28. Within the last two days I bought airline tickets for two upcoming trips. It cost me $40 more to fly to/from Indianapolis than it did to fly to/from Manchester, UK. That don’t make no sense.

  29. 40 SD

    So how much is the light bill for that building?

    Well the 335 is powered by a small 150 KW amp and the 4022’s, a 300 KW amp so they’re not power hogs. When we fire up the twin, 4500 HP, 27,500 CFM, 12,750 volt 3 phase, compressors we have to call work control to get permission to crank them up,..oh and we can only run them after dark to reduce the peak load at the site.

  30. Woo hoo!

    “I think the wealthy will be pretty much where they are, pretty much where they are,” Trump said at a bipartisan meeting of lawmakers when asked by a reporter about tax rates for the rich.

    “If they have to go higher, they’ll go higher,” he added.


  31. Shannon says:
    SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 AT 5:44 PM
    Either Huckabee is wrong, or Donald Trump is a frikkin liar.

    Either the White House issues a denial, or she’s right.

    Like I said, he’ll probably clear everything up after dinner.

    The focus of Wednesday’s dinner, according to sources familiar with the meeting, will be to discuss protections for so-called Dreamers, undocumented immigrants currently protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, which the administration said last week it would end in six months. The trio will also talk about efforts to stabilize health insurance markets.

  32. Trump, Schumer, and Pelosi getting together to solve illegal aliens and Obamacare.

    What could go wrong?

    Brilliant strategy.

    Absolutely brilliant.

    Showed Paul Ryan who’s boss he did.

  33. HEADLINE:Paul Ryan: ‘Not in our nation’s interest’ to kick out Dreamers

    This pos is the enemy! The reality is that it may not be in his interest, but it is darned sure in our interest to kick them out! The net cost to the economy is huge, given all the govt programs given to illegals, not to mention that, as a group, they are the least productive to society as a whole. I may be persuaded, at great cost, to allow those who speak English, have never had so much as a speeding ticket and have never received government assistance to stay under the following provisions:
    1) They are never allowed to vote
    2) They must pay taxes, including Social Security
    3) They are never entitled to any Social Security benefits
    4) The first unpaid traffic ticket or worse and they are immediately deported
    All others must be deported. Secure the blasted borders. Fine employers who hire illegals and deport those caught on the job site. Make darned sure that E-Verify is used and updated. Vigorously prosecute all instances of identity theft/fraud.

    All of the above is following the laws on the books right now, how about we try that first as see how things shake out.

    Let’s add into the mix not allowing anybody the ability to vote who receives any govt benefits other than earned Social Security retirement (which they were forced to pay for and it is a contract). If you want the right to vote then don’t voluntarily take govt benefits that you did not earn.

    Given the current affliction of the political whore class with which we are currently saddled, I have very little hope that any of the above will be accomplished – without copious amounts of bloodshed.

  34. Even if Trump turns out to be a useless dope, he’s still better than having Hillary in the W.H. Judge Gorsuch alone is a win.

  35. I wish the stakes were so low that having a useless dope as president wasn’t an existential disaster.

    I really don’t now what comes after this. My take is pretty dark.

  36. Bonecrusher says:
    SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 AT 8:35 PM
    Why do I have one (#62) in the spit bucket?

    The blog monkey didn’t want to hear any banjo music?


  37. mharper42 says:
    SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 AT 7:54 PM
    Even if Trump turns out to be a useless dope, he’s still better than having Hillary in the W.H. Judge Gorsuch alone is a win.

    Look on the bright side.

    At least we don’t have Ted Cruz in the office.

    He would be way worse—–

  38. Trump realizes that when you are the President, you have to make deals with the ruling party in Congress to get anything done. His mistake was in assuming that since the Republicans held the majority, that they were the ruling party. Now he knows that they are merely a bunch of gutless, nadless drones – so he’s now moved on to propose his deals to the ruling party. Sad, but that’s what’s happening.

  39. Looks like Dennis Miller has come down with whatever our phil has.

    Dennis Miller
    Wait till Trump gets a load of Schumer pre-chewing that demented asshat Pelosi’s food and feeding it to her in an eyedropper like Robert Stroud would feed a rain soaked wren.

  40. El Gordo says:
    SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 AT 10:35 PM
    Trump realizes that when you are the President, you have to make deals with the ruling party in Congress to get anything done. His mistake was in assuming that since the Republicans held the majority, that they were the ruling party. Now he knows that they are merely a bunch of gutless, nadless drones – so he’s now moved on to propose his deals to the ruling party. Sad, but that’s what’s happening.

    It looks like he’s trying to make the Ruling Party the Majority party in Congress so he can make even better deals next term

  41. But hey.

    If Trump wasn’t making deals with the Ruling Party, Paul Ryan would be caving in to them and getting some kind of Amnesty passed for the Dreamers.

    Oh, wait—–

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