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  1. Gary Oldman: Modern world has parallels with Winston Churchill era.

    Oldman said he can see similarities between now and when Churchill was warning of Adolf Hitler’s danger to the world while others wanted to appease him.
    “He’d seen this pattern and (war) was unthinkable because of the cost of life, the financial burden that it would put on Europe and then the depression,” he told the Press Association.
    “War was not very popular, but I think he (Churchill) was not just a great statesman but somewhat a prophet.
    “Maybe we’re in that lull, maybe we’ve been in another eye of the storm.”

  2. Things I ponder …..

    Around here with all the two lane country roads if the little creek bridges have any damage to the guard rails they’ll put up a warning sign saying “Guard Rail Damage Ahead” and I think what is the purpose of that? I mean if you were to need the guard rail, aren’t you out of control already and it doesn’t matter if you know there is damage?

  3. I ran into a high school acquaintance last night.. She was SO happy to see me and another HS friend! We talked after, and I found out that she used to be a nun but is still living a consecrated life. “Been married to Jesus for 25 years!” she said as she proudly held up her wedding ring. She lives in a hermitage not far from Laredo. She has such a peace about her, and such joy! “When you just let everything go and trust in Jesus, you’d be surprised at how things unfold and how much you get!” I told her a road trip of that length would be no problem for me, and that I’d love to see her there.

    If I hadn’t met Hubby, I was considering a religious life. Part of me is jealous.

  4. I must have started a real uproar with my post #47 yesterday. Sylvester the Cat’s tax proposal is all they want to talk about on the radio this morning. Poor guy, he can’t line his own pockets with the Fed and State money since he was such an azz during the storm, so he has to create his own tax to get in on the action.

  5. I see that now that the storm is over, all those evacuees who want to return home are not being allowed. The bureaucracy has to do its inspections and make sure everything is safe you see. During Ike Seabrook was evacuated (I stayed behind) and then they would not allow the residents back in. Since I stayed, I was free to roam around as I pleased, but if I left, I could not return. I wanted to go about 3 blocks and get gas for my generator, but that was across the line, so I could not go. It’s crap like this that causes people to stay behind when they should leave, because they know that they won’t be let back in until the looters and the bureaucrats have had their chance to pick all the bones clean. There oughta be a law – oh wait, there is, but it makes no difference any more in today’s lawless bureaucracy.

  6. Have you ever noticed that when something happens to cause a public outroar, the politicians will do one of two things. If the “fix” is something they don’t want to do, they will create all kinds of hearings and bureaucratic obstacles, wait for the crowd noise to die down, and then a few years later manage to bring the matter to a vote which will fail. On the other hand, if there are things they have been wanting to do, they jump through hoops and try to get it done while the iron is still hot. Raise taxes, build another boondoggle in the name of flood control, improve public transportation, warning systems, whatever. Funny how that works. Somehow I think that ties into my natural reaction to oppose most ideas proposed by politicians right out of the chute following a disaster. Look at TSA for a classic example.

  7. I just got my laugh for the morning. We’re looking for a laborer to work at our plumbing company, and the first resume this morning had this in it (exactly as it was on the paper):

    I learned that this is serious work and you are very responsible for the workers safety and yours and that’s a big deal for me especially when you have workers that don’t like to listen or some can’t understand English well so paying attention is the most important

    Below that was:

    Skills Used
    Reading, Writing, verbal communication and Responsibility

    Cracked. Me. Up.

  8. USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Speaker Paul Ryan will not allow Congressional action on national concealed carry reciprocity to move bills forward, Rep. Thomas Massie told host Mark Walters Thursday on Armed American Radio. The reason given is Ryan thinks the timing isn’t right to consider H.R. 2909, the D.C. Personal Protection Reciprocity Act, a supplement to state reciprocity provisions of H.R. 38.

    Massie introduced his legislation after the ball field shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and other Republicans by an anti-Trump Bernie Sanders supporter in Alexandria, VA.


    “We’ve got over 80 cosponsors at this point,” Massie told Walters when asked the status of his bill, which is currently and procedurally in the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform because Congress has oversight responsibility for Washington D.C. He’s “pressing for a hearing on it.”

    “Why haven’t we seen movement over either 38 or 2909 since the horrific events in Virginia?” Walters asked, noting the Republicans control the House and the Senate and both Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appear to be blocking bills advancing the right to keep and bear arms.

    “You know what?” Massie replied, “The Speaker told me he didn’t think the timing was right. And I think this is the exact timing to bring this bill.”

  9. I never give to the Red Cross. By the time the original Intl. Red Cross in Switzerland was operating in Nazi Europe, many in it had Nazi sympathies and their actions during and after WWII were disgusting.

    It wasn’t until 2006, 76 years after its founding in Israel, that Magen David Adom was accepted as an affiliate of the International Committee of the Red Cross. And it took place after decades of enormous political pressure even though the Red Crescent societies of Arab countries had been associated closely with the Red Cross since 1919.

    Give to the Salvation Army instead.

  10. #18 TP: My Paternal Grandmother, G-d rest her, volunteered for the Red Cross/VA from 1917-2000. She helped to inaugurate the Grey Lady Program at the VA. I think she would be appalled at what happened to the Red Cross and the VA.

  11. #3 GJT

    Around here with all the two lane country roads if the little creek bridges have any damage to the guard rails they’ll put up a warning sign saying “Guard Rail Damage Ahead” and I think what is the purpose of that?

    I wondered the same for decades until a few years ago I was traveling on Hwy 36 approaching Sealy. On the edge of town was some pretty nasty guardrail damage at a small creek crossing which had yet to be marked. I had my mind on other things and didn’t see the damage until I was right on it. The conditions were a little windy and dirt and leaves were blowing across the road from the damaged location. The sun was shining brightly, but that area was shaded by a large tree.

    In less than a millisecond my brain decided there was some kind of post-accident immediate danger or something. I involuntarily jerked the wheel a little to the left, though I never left my lane. Such circumstances may be hard to imagine until it happens to you.

    Less than five hundred feet down the road I told myself, “Now you know why guardrail damage is marked by the DOT!”

  12. HEADLINE: “Sambogate
    by David Cole

    September 12, 2017

    You have to read the article to understand just how effed up the left is. No more “compromise,” no more negotiations, no more discussions are possible with the left when this is the result. I reminds me of trying to discuss Israel with a muzzy; simply not possible.

  13. I saw it was on when I was getting ready to watch something I had recorded. I think I saw Cher, Hand in Hand with someone. Muted.

  14. I sorted through some job applications this evening, gave phone interviews.

    One guy said he *loved* digging.

    I think we may have found our guy.

  15. Politicians will never fix the mess we’re in for if they wanted to or could we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

    Hollywood is in the toilet.

    The Deep State Media and most of academia is pure unadulterated propaganda.

    The only place left to look for the truth is upward.

    Peace to all.

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