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  1. I talked to a woman with the COH health department who’s worked at the GRB since it opened as a shelter. There are about 1000 people still left there. They are almost exclusively comprised of the downtown professional homeless. They’re getting the boot this week.

    She also told me that a lot of people were showing up just for the free services and supplies. They had medical, dental, infant care, barber, hairdresser, etc. stations set up for evacuees. Many people were just coming in for the free services then going back to their nice, dry home. They were also providing transportation out of Houston so people could stay elsewhere with family members. One woman wanted to go to Los Angeles so they gave her a bus ticket to Los Angeles. She got mad and screamed, “No! I wanna fly!”

  2. Good morning Hamsters. Greetings from Chaos Manor.

    Wonderful 65 here and sunny, so this is a day to be enjoyed no matter where you are and what you’re doing. In our case it’s a treasure hunt through the jungle of furniture and stuff. Latest search item is the power cord for the Direct TV.

    Can’t bear to watch the news from Florida, too heartbreaking on top of what Texas has suffered. Hoped that my cousin in Panama City would be spared the worst of Irma, but it keeps moving slightly NW, and now the Panhandle seems in serious peril. At least the folks in that part of the state have a choice of directions to flee unlike those stuck in the peninsula. North is their only choice.

  3. Paywalled, unfortunately.

    Weird. I don’t have a subscription. Here it is:

    ‘Why is it that so many of us on this side have this very uncomfortable feeling that—you know, dogma and law are two different things. And I think whatever a religion is, it has its own dogma. The law is totally different. And I think in your case, professor, when you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s of concern when you come to big issues that large numbers of people have fought for years in this country.”

    Thus did California Sen. Dianne Feinstein pronounce on Wednesday that, by virtue of being a faithful Catholic, Amy Barrett, a respected law professor at Notre Dame, may have excluded herself from a federal judgeship. President Trump has nominated Ms. Barrett for the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. But the Democratic obsession with Ms. Barrett’s religion transformed what should have been a routine Senate confirmation hearing into a tour of the mind of the modern secular left.

    The ugly implication of Mrs. Feinstein’s words is underscored by the context. She deployed them to suggest Ms. Barrett’s faith would lead her to substitute her personal beliefs for the law, basing the accusation primarily on a law review article Ms. Barrett wrote in 1998 as a law clerk.

    Ms. Barrett and her co-author explicitly reached the opposite conclusion: “Judges cannot—nor should they try to—align our legal system with the Church’s moral teaching whenever the two diverge.”

    The question addressed by the law review article was what Catholic judges ought to do when they conclude they cannot in good conscience apply the law as written because it clashes with their own moral views. If she was rattled by the question, Sen. Feinstein ought to have been reassured by the answer Ms. Barrett gave: They should recuse themselves.

    David Rivkin, a constitutional litigator, says “the tenor of questions by Democrat Senators seemed designed more to challenge the ideas of Catholic orthodoxy—a subject more fitting for a theological debate than a Senate hearing.”

    Proving Mr. Rivkin’s point. Sen. Dick Durbin jumped in to demand of Ms. Barrett: “Do you consider yourself an orthodox Catholic?” Does Mr. Durbin understand that he sounds like the Southern Baptist ministers in 1960 who thought Jack Kennedy shouldn’t be President because he’d take orders from the pope?

    This questioning is part of a broader effort on the left to disqualify people with strong religious views from the public square. Ms. Feinstein’s smear about Ms. Barrett’s “dogma” dovetails with the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center’s effort to label any outfit that doesn’t go along with its agenda a “hate group.”

    Sen. Al Franken, the great legal philosopher, wrapped it all up nicely by accusing Ms. Barrett of having appeared before a “hate” group. He was referring to the Alliance Defending Freedom, a religious liberty outfit that the Southern Poverty Law Center designated a hate group because it adheres to traditional views about human sexuality and marriage.

    As for judges imposing dogma over the law, it’s worth noting that not all dogmas are religious. Democratic interest groups are explicit in demanding that Democratic judicial nominees be committed to overturning Citizens United’s defense of free speech while brooking no modification in Roe v. Wade.

    Let’s hope the Senate rejects the bigotry that marred Wednesday’s hearing and approves the eminently qualified Ms. Barrett for the Seventh Circuit. The federal bench could use more judges who understand their civic duty as well as Ms. Barrett does.

  4. Paywalled, unfortunately.

    Weird. I don’t have a subscription. Here it is:

    I have a subscription but sometimes the WSJ forgets who I am and assumes that, I’m a non-payer, it’ll let see about three, full length stories before it cuts me of and I have to log in.

  5. #6 Hamous

    Gee, are we surprised?

    To the ingrate who wailed about a bus ticket, she should have been told to take the bus ticket to whatever airline she chooses and ask them to use it as a down payment on transport to LA in their vehicle. 🙂 Then said, “Next in line, please.”

  6. #6 Hammy
    Wonder if any of those bums taking advantage of the hospitality at GRB were still here from the Katrina bunch that got bused to the Astrodome?

  7. 8 Hammie

    Sen. Feinstein needs to familiarize herself with Article Vl, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution.

    …; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

  8. Now the climate change loons are trying to blame the earthquake in Mexico on Climate Change, all that ocean heating you know. What idiots.

  9. Looks like the fambly will be spared the brunt of Irma Gerd. 2-4′ storm surge on the east coast. The dunes are 20′ at my sister’s. Small chance of hurricane force winds. Mom and baby sister may get some stronger winds. But all in all things look better today than they did yesterday.

  10. 8 Hamous

    Jews are pretty sensitive on the subject of religious tests given their history of exclusion being via the use of them. The fact that Feinstein is so careless in this case is beyond reprehensible.

    What if the tables were turned and a conservative Catholic senator like Marco Rubio made that same statement to an Orthodox Jewish mother of seven being nominated to the federal bench ?

    We’d never hear the end of it. The list of words I have to describe Feinstein can’t be printed here.

  11. Most meteorologists seem to be MMGW — errr, I mean climate change — lackeys.

    Here’s this story about Irma, Jose and Katia.

    It’s almost as if something is going on with the climate.

    The cone for Jose already predicts it turning up into the empty middle of the Atlantic, then losing power as it moves over cooler water.

    Katia has already fizzled out.

    Last Updated: 9/9/2017, 10:00:00 AM (Central Daylight Time)
    Location: 20 N 97.9 W – Movement: WSW at 4 mph – Wind: 35 mph

  12. Well, I’ve been out running around all day and as I drove up, I noticed the Thermometer in my old pick Up mirror read 82 degrees!!! 82?! I’ll take it, it makes me wish that I’d picked up those poke ribs that I was planning on grilling today,….but there is always tomorrow. Tonight will be Hot Wings, last night it was BLT’s and they were a hit! Daughter-In-Law had noticed that I posted BLT’s over yonder, a while back and was jealous. Also, if y’all have not been keeping up, they’re staying with us while the old house is being repaired and new house, gets new flooring and paint.
    BTW; Granddaughter, is a dirt road sport, loves to be outside and eats anything. Last night she filled up on boiled P-Nuts and afterwards, her diaper was bad, I thought we’d have to call in the Haz-Mat team. 😀

  13. In my travels today, I picked up my Super-Combo License at Academy, $96.50!!! Duck Stamp alone was $28.50! Since they’ve severely cut a lot of our property down by the two creeks, we’ve lost most of our Wood Ducks, but you never know when you’ll round a bend and flush a pair of them,……Hitting them BTW, is another story altogether. They either go straight up and level off at tree top level, or zig-zag through the trees, so they’re usually pretty safe.

  14. Since I have a funeral to attend in Austin Monday, I decided to detail the truck. We have a new drive thru car wash which is the best I’ve ever used. It has a final blower that buffets the whole truck, top, sides, an all.

    As for the interior, it hasn’t been done since……………,,,……….,I bought it.
    That was about ten bucks in quarters at the vacuum. Plus other cleaner.

    I may be able to get in and out of it in a dark suit, now, with minimal evidence stuck to me.

    One of these days I’m going to have a work truck and a styling around vehicle.

  15. 23 Sarge

    Fay’s little Dodge truck was bought New Years Eve Dec 31, 1999.

    A Y2K truck, baby.

    Now 16 years, 9 months old, she’s averaged about 6,000 miles a year.

    Everyone who knows us wants the truck whenever we’re ready to get rid of it, including our mechanic. (Kinda like mharp’s Toyota.) Fay’s son has the inside track on it.

    A six-cylinder….if it was standard, you could smoke the tires. Way too much engine for a little truck.

    The Dodge people responsible for building it should be taken out and shot. It is a four wheeled torture chamber; the most uncomfortable vehicle ever made. I start crying at the thought of having to drive it more than a mile.

  16. Shannon

    What was the name of the guy who was a vet in Oak Forest for years and then moved back in the ’80s and bought the hardware store in Bellville before he passed away ? They lived up on the hill near Fay’s old house. Was it Bruce…???

  17. Re: detailing the Chevy

    I left the glass for last. Maybe tomorrow.
    Cleaning the interior glass may require a sandblaster.

  18. Well, great news! I had gone to our river property to take more pictures, since we got a crew to start the demo on our “A” unit, which didn’t have flood insurance on it. We thought we were going to have to wait until Wednesday morning to meet the adjuster on the B and C units, nearest the river. I was about to leave when I got a phone call from Hubby – the adjuster, Ryan, was close by and could meet us in 15 minutes! Hot dang! I waited around and Ryan was able to document the condition of the units. He told us it looked like we were going to max out our policy limits, which will give us enough money, or close to, to rehab ’em and get them rented again. Yay!

    I took Hubby round back to the river frontage and we both got a laugh at our new “beach”. I thought the flood would take frontage off our lot, but it looks like we actually gained a foot or two, along with a higher elevation. It dumped about 3-4 feet of sand in some spots, especially along the river front. We’ll see if it stays.

    We noticed that not a dock remains for as far as we could see. They’re all disappeared completely, or only mangled remains. I hope the owners got their boats to safety.

    We should get our first check in a week or so, and I need to check with our mortgage holder on documentation procedures to follow. Our wonderful tenants are still around, and want to come back when we get the units up and running. We are offering to help them out with things as much as we can in the meantime. We don’t wanna lose them. It’s good to keep awesome around when you can.

    I didn’t get done the things I wanted to get done, but it wasn’t a bad day, all told.

  19. Sounds like some good news from the river bank. My friend living in Tampa is starting to come to the realization that he may take a direct hit from Irma, versus a day or so ago when he was planning to just be without power for a day or so. No doubt Irma has been a big storm, but odds are it will be a 2 or barely a 3 when (if) it finally comes ashore on Flarada’s west coast. “Storm surge” seems to be the phrase of the day on news media. I went to my Roku and downloaded TV stations in Miami and Tampa so that I can watch the local coverage. Their on air talent is not as good as that in Houston, but they are full on into the hype, gloom and doom predictions, and questionable likelihood of there being any survivors – even those that evacuated the area. I’m afraid to turn them off because they are telling me I will die if I quit watching. Oh well, best of luck to the folks.

  20. I felt so sorry for Ryan. After he spends the next day or so in this area, he heads to…


    Man, those are gonna be some loonnnggg days.

  21. #23 Sarge

    I finally got a vehicle made in this century.

    Until you said that, I hadn’t realized how it applied to me. 🙂 I drove that 1991 Toyota pickup till 2016. Man, I miss that truck in so many ways.

    It’s actually more convenient to put groceries in my 2011 carpet-lined trunk, but there are a dozen other hauling-type things I just can’t do any more.

  22. ** inhale **
    Boomer Sooner
    Boomer Sooner
    Boomer Sooner
    Boomer Sooner
    Boomer Sooner
    Boomer Sooner
    Boomer Sooner
    Go OU
    ** exhale **

  23. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) fired back at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for his comments on Texas last week following the devastation of Houston by Hurricane Harvey.

    Christie criticized Cruz’s request for federal aid last week in wake of the storm’s destruction.

    In an interview with CNN, Christie called Cruz a hypocrite and accused him of “playing politics” when the latter opposed an approximately $50 billion relief package for those affected by Hurricane Sandy, which devastated areas of New York and New Jersey in 2012.

    Cruz explained his opposition, noting that the relief package included funding for projects not related to hurricane relief.

    Cruz did not mince words for his former rival, telling The New York Times that Christie should “go back to the beach.”

    The conservative senator added that he is “quite confident that nobody in Texas gives a flip what Chris Christie has to say.”

  24. It’s actually more convenient to put groceries in my 2011 carpet-lined trunk, but there are a dozen other hauling-type things I just can’t do any more.

    Like composted manure, to the butterfly garden?


  25. OU 31 – The Ohio State University 16. That #2 ranking may have been a little high. And they were playing in Columbus. Hope they rub Urban Meyer’s nose in it just a little bit if not a whole lot.

  26. Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner
    Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner
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    Oklahoma, Oklahoma
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    Oklahoma, OK U!

    I’m a Sooner born and Sooner bred
    and when I die, I’ll be Sooner dead
    Rah Oklahoma, Rah Oklahoma
    Rah Oklahoma, OK U!

  27. n.b. According to our friends at Wikipedia:

    Some fans have informally counted it being played between 70 and 90 times a game.

    That’s why going to a OU game is so awesome.

  28. #38 ShanMan
    No, I could haul a limited amount of bagged products. I could NOT haul:

    – a 55 gallon drum of water and 5 gallon buckets with handles to deploy water on esplanades (did routinely 2005-2012)

    – 10 huge bags of leaves to a community garden

    – helped at friend’s garage sale by hauling exercise machines to homes of buyers

    – you get the idea. If you have a pickup, there is nothing you can’t carry

  29. Good luck.

    The footage below, which will be updated throughout Saturday, Sunday and Monday, was obtained from a couple who is weathering out Hurricane Irma from a reinforced home in the upper Florida Keys near Tavernier/Islamorada

    (VERO BEACH, FL) The home is rated to withstand a Category 5 Hurricane, and the couple staying within told TruNews correspondent Edward Szall that they decided not to evacuate because they do not completely trust the warnings coming from the National Weather Center, and suspect monopoly of satellite data has allowed a small group of scientists to exaggerate estimates of the storm.


  30. Cruz did not mince words for his former rival, telling The New York Times that Christie should “go back to the beach.”

    Kabuki theatre at its finest.

    Good Pub, bad Pub
    rubba dub the tub
    of the lard and the scrub

    the mayo’s in the cookie jar
    Schumer bites his pine of tar

    But for me, I prefer the opera.

    Fill the swamp
    Drain the gators
    Croc the rock
    and Shock the baiters

    A solar eclipse
    the world has flipped

    a government
    and for the people
    is but a dream
    for serendipitous sheeple

    GOOPs and Dems
    are spawns of hell
    so live your life
    and live it well

    the best you can
    only time will tell

    look upward and believe
    that those in power will deceive
    but karma will in the end
    bring a new beginning with no end

  31. 43 WB

    Any team that beats Ohio State, a black-hearted institution if there ever was one, deserves at least a golf clap from me.

  32. I saw a whole trailer load of pumpkins going through town yesterday. Probably headed for Dilorios in Hempstead.

  33. Even The Houston Comical gets it right sometimes.

    Linbeck: Hurricane Harvey was not a catastrophe.

    Tales from ‘narrative spinners’ are trying to change our city’s formula for success.

    Imagine the following scenario:

    A major metropolitan area with millions of people is hit with a natural disaster of unprecedented proportions. Everyone expects a catastrophe of biblical proportions.

    After the disaster passes, you learn the following:

    99.5 percent of people are able to remain in their homes.

    94 percent of homes suffered no damage.

    0.0000075 percent of the population dies from the disaster, an increase in the annual death rate of about 0.1 percent.

    At any given point, more than 98 percent of Houstonians have electric power, and 92 percent of Houstonians never lose power.

    City, county, corporate, non-profit, and community leaders do a great job of responding to the disaster, as do state and federal government emergency management agencies.

    Average, everyday citizens step up in a big way to take care of family, friends, and neighbors.

    The economic damage caused by the disaster is estimated to be than 10 percent to 20 percent of annual regional economic output, most of which is covered by insurance or tax deductible. This is like someone who makes a salary of $60,000 having suffering loss of $6,000 to $12,000.

    Houstonians don’t have to imagine this scenario – we just lived it.

    But Hurricane Harvey was not a catastrophe. It was Houston’s finest hour, evidence that our distinctive approach to self-governance works, even under the stress of a major storm.

  34. I feel like Rip Van Winkle.

    I can’t believe UTSA and Liberty universities have football teams. I also can’t believe Liberty has an enrollment of 110,000 students with an acceptance rate of 21 %.

    Texas A&M – 66,425 at 66%
    UT Austin – 50,950 at 39%

    And A&M just beats Nicholls State ? Really ?

    What has happened to Texas football ?

  35. No hurricane or wind or rain out here. Another cool, crystal clear morning. Almost makes me want to get outside and do something. I’m still keeping up with our friends in Tampa via local TV on the Roku. Seems like I’ve already seen this program before. Houston set the new standard for behavior following a hurricane, and sounds like the Flarada folks intend to follow suit to the extent they are able. Have a great day all of you.

  36. 54 Super Dave

    Even The Houston Comical gets it right sometimes.

    Trust me, the Chronicle must be really pained to publish something like this. Leo Linbeck doesn’t work for the paper. He runs a very successful third generation family construction business and is very supportive of independent small business and conservative, anti-cronyism initiatives. Linbeck is very active in helping startup entrepreneurs. One of the good guys.

  37. #58 Texpat, good information, and that, of course, makes sense, I wonder why the Comical even let it get published?

  38. The Linbecks have always been strong supporters of Catholic schools in the Houston area. The Linbeck Group also built the Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral downtown.

  39. #54 SD
    Bingo! Houston rocks!

    So many people that I know got damaging amounts of water in their homes, and are having to renovate their ground floors. But they were able to stay in their homes, because we never lost power, AC, refrigeration, running water, internet. We’d be so much more miserable had we lost even one of those things.

    Loss of life was relatively minor, and most who died just weren’t smart enough — IMHO — to stay where they were, and not drive in high wild water.

  40. #56 SD

    Tour with Bob Hope in 1967, but Tedtam Crocheted her outfit.

    Methinks Tedtam was prolly in kindergarten in 1967, prolly hadn’t learned to crochet yet.

  41. Methinks Tedtam was prolly in kindergarten in 1967,

    So you really think she’s 55?

    I would have said younger than that.

  42. #64 #65, someone is walking on thin ice, I’ll just go on record to say that I happen to know Ms Tedtam is 29. 😀

  43. I’m pretty sure Tedtam is within a couple of years of me 😉

    Sunshine: Noona, how old are you?

    Noona: I’m 39 and holding, Sunshine!

    Sunshine: How old would you be if you let go?

  44. #67

    I’m pretty sure Tedtam is within a couple of years of me

    Not a very useful hint, Hammy, as you have not even listed your birthday Over Yonder.

  45. Crazy Eyes Hall of Fame: Katherine Mangu-Ward. She is editor in chief of Reason Magazine, a once-creditable Libertarian magazine.

    She got some coverage recently after an interview by Tucker Carlson.

    I don’t know what this means to say — meaningful priority over aliens. American citizens benefit when people come here work here, raise families here, and it is absolutely the case that these dreamers in particular are going to add to our economy add to our culture make America a better place.

    Partial transcript at:

  46. Good afternoon Hamsters. Greetings from Chaos Manor.

    Got Tessa and Maggie home from their vacation a block away around noon. Their godmother misses them already, and they lived very well while there. About the first thing that stopped them on their examination of the pastures was the fallen top 30 ft. of the ancient pecan tree that Harvey’s henchman tornado knocked over. They spent a lot of time looking at the wreckage, as if wondering what happened to their tree.

    More stuff cleaned up today so the patio table is now bare of etcetera and ready to be a table again. Things more organized in the garage that usually live in the garage. More rescues of items hastily put in plastic bags to enable wet carpet uprooting have been made. Our wonderful volunteers said we ought to look in those bags as they hurried to stay ahead of the wet carpet removers. Therefore things are askew all over the house, so it is indeed a puzzle palace. We have a large framed mirror in our bathtub protected by pillows and a quilt. The guest bathtub has equally fragile things in it protected by pillows. At least the master bath shower is available and empty. The Waterford crystal is in the guest bathroom medicine cabinets instead of the dining room buffet that currently is in the family room.

    I think we’ve found all the remotes now. The TV in the garden room works, so we can watch the Packers v. Seahawks in a few minutes.

    Sheetrock repair/replace folks come tomorrow morning. Yea.

  47. The note on my cell phone that Mr. Watson replaced Mr. Savage in the Texans game some time ago and provided a spark seemed to be an omen of doom.
    Not that Mr. Watson did anything but help in an apparently lost cause. Good grief.

  48. Adee, glad to hear that y’all are gettin’ her done! My boy went to a friend’s house to watch some sort of Football game and his bride/daughter went to see her mom. I tossed a slab of Poke Ribs on the BBQ and will have supper whenever they decide to show up. Yup, Life is Good!

  49. We — meaning mostly me — are still cleaning up at Chez Harp. Some progress made every day. Expect completion around Halloween, based on the current pace. It is good to have goals. And exercise.

  50. Not a very useful hint, Hammy, as you have not even listed your birthday Over Yonder.

    I would’ve thought the one of the photos posted there and here was a pretty good hint.

  51. #74 – SD and more of his food porn. I passed up the ribs on sale yesterday at the grocery store, and now I may have to go back and get them. I noticed that the Slap Yo Mama was missing from the spice rack, and there is a locally produced rub I use that is pretty tasty (and pretty pricey). Better yet, just slice off a couple of those things, put them in an envelop, and mail them to me. I’m sure they will be here in a day or so. Happy eating.

  52. We’re having a rather hard time watching Ch. 26 with the Packers/Seahawks game as the picture keeps breaking up. Presume something is wrong with the antenna in the attic. Our Direct TV cable is still missing somewhere in the house, so spouse ordered another one to come by FedEx. Lotsa things are still missing in the house, I guess.

  53. Sigh, the commercials are not having problems, but the game keeps going out briefly or contorting the picture. Anyway, things are going well thus far for Green Bay.

  54. Tedtam has just returned from her errands and kitchen duty. I’m not making sammiches, but some meatballs for the freezer and stuffed eggplant for tonight, using up the pork roast leftovers taking up room in the frig.

    Keeping mum on the whole birthday thing. If it was important, I’d let y’all know. But I *can* say that I didn’t crochet that outfit. I don’t make many clothing items, as I’m pretty sure if I made it, it would be too small or too large.

    Which reminds me, I need to get back to work on Sunshine’s belated birthday blanket.

  55. I had to go help MIL with her TV again today. Part of her is really resisting this whole satellite TV thing that we thought would bring her some enjoyment. She said this morning that even though she had checked the menu for the language selection, she was still hearing Spanish.

    Turns out, she was smack dab in the middle of a bunch of Spanish language stations, and so flipping up or down a few channels didn’t get rid of the foreign language problem. “How do I know if I’m on a Spanish station?” she asked. I showed her how to use the guide button again, and pointed out that the remote has to be able to see the satellite modem box for it to change channels. She seemed so surprised when I told her that.

    She used to figure this stuff out all by herself. That is one of the most capable women I’ve ever seen. I try not to think about it too much.

  56. We have a volunteer from Wisconsin staying with us and my daughter and SIL plus Maximus are here plus one other friend. We had Cornish game hens, Corn on cob, berry spinach salad. It was yummy.

  57. Davey, you have set a good example for your son, being able and willing to cook up a storm like you so obviously enjoy doing!

  58. I was excited to see the premiere of “The Orville”. It’s a new space show, and the commercials made it look kind of Star Trek-ish.

    Too much levity. I’ll try to keep watching, but I’m not impressed.

  59. Looks like Harrycane Irma is playing out on Flarada’s west coast. I’ve been watching the ABC station in Tampa (actually just had it on) to watch the storm’s progress. My friend in Tampa decided this morning to go to Jacksonville, and somehow, was able to find a room for the night. Once again, the storm of the century has been tamed, until they decide that Jose may become the superstorm of the century. The more they hype these things, the more skeptical the public becomes, until eventually they will just ignore important warnings altogether when they actually do come down. Sort of on the downhill path just like the NFL – it may be a dash to the finish to see who collapses first – the weather bureau or the NFL. I’m putting my money on the NFL to bomb first.

  60. What kind of berries? We’ve used strawberries in spinach salad and it was so

    Tedtam was cryogenically preserved back in the 1800’s. She’s ageless.

  61. Tedtam was cryogenically preserved back in the 1800’s.

    You have me confused with my lovable, liberal brother. Seriously, he wears a bracelet to let first responders know that – and I am quoting him directly – “If I fall down put ice on my head and call this number.”

    He’s only freezing his head.

  62. I bought a pint of the the new BB flavor.

    It’s okay, but I’m never going to crave chocolate and strawberry in the same bowl.

    Pralines and Cream,’now that’s a different story. 🙂

  63. Is that a baked sweet tater on that plate?

    Yup, daughter-in law and I love baked sweet taters, my wife and son, not so much. I swear, DIL and I have the same taste, often when we’re at a restaurant, we order the same thing, without talking about it first. Oh, and if you didn’t notice, she is due in about a month, I’m gonna’ have two granddaughters. 😀

  64. Alright I just made my first turmeric bomb. I sure hope it works cause I sure ain’t gonna drink it for the enjoyment.

  65. Little Ricky has his second BD Saturday. Youngest always gets ripped off, big sister got crawfish boil and beer parties! This is just a little cake and ice cream get together. 😀

  66. #95 Shannon: Blue berries and strawberries. Sweet purple onions also. We also had cornbread stuffing available, I don’t eat that, so others will have to tell you how it tasted. I cooked the hens in a bag like I do the T-giving turkey. They were falling off the bone tender, had to serve them with a spoon.
    My little grandson sure is a cutie.
    Tomorrow I’ll post a picture, he turns one 09Oct2017.

  67. Kind of interesting that Tampa Bay is experiencing the same effect as Galveston Bay had after Rita passed the jetties and drew all the water out of the bay. Irma has drawn all the water out of Tampa Bay and the TV reporters are amazed. Being on the west coast and facing the Texas coast, the storm is drawing the bay down before it passes the mouth of the bay rather than after it passes. They may still get some storm surge after Irma passes by. People are out walking all over Tampa Bay since it’s dry – and full of abandoned crab traps, etc. Could probably open a sporting goods store with all the junk lying on the bottom out there.

    I understand that the same effect occurs when a giant tsunami is on the way, except people die when it starts coming back in.

  68. I saw pictures of the dry bay with people walking way out on it, and a couple of dogs. Most people who saw it were outraged about people letting their dogs wander into possibility of harm if water came rushing back up the beach. As for the people, I feel about as much concern as for those who drive out into a flood.

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