Friday Bubbles Open Comments

Government running amuck with our money. Flooding and heartache. Killer storms.

Thought something a little lighter would be appreciated.

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87 thoughts on “Friday Bubbles Open Comments

  1. There are always a lot of strange things going on in the world.

    This is a guy who knows a guy, a middleman in the black market for Instagram verification, where anyone from a seasoned publicist to a 22-year-old digital marketer will offer to verify an account—for a price. The fee is anywhere from a bottle of wine to $15,000, according to a dozen sources who have sold verification, bought verification for someone else, or directly know someone who has done one or the other.

    “These guys pay all their bills from one to two blue checks a month,” another message from the middleman added later.

    The product for sale isn’t a good or a service. It’s a little blue check designated for public figures, celebrities, and brands on Instagram. It grants users a prime spot in search as well as access to special features.

    More importantly, it’s a status symbol. The blue emblem can help people gain legitimacy in the business of influencer marketing and bestows some credibility within Instagram’s community of 700 million monthly active users. It cannot be requested online or purchased, according to Instagram’s policies. It is Instagram’s velvet rope.

  2. GREAT NEWS! The northbound side of the West Belt 8 is now open. Hopefully the southbound side will open today. This should help the gridlock on the west 610 loop.
    I will dance a jig when Hwy 6 is open from Clay to Eye-10.

  3. #2

    Kind of sort of related but not really. I’m always fascinated when I run across some product or service that people do that you never thought about or knew existed. One of them was my step-brother several years ago worked with oilfield tubing, drill pipe, casing manufacturers going around to well sites collecting the plastic thread protectors and returning them for re-use. He’d get pretty good size trailer loads of them and made pretty good money.

    Another is one of our shop guys’ brother works with a company installing exercise equipment in gyms, whether a remodel or new gym, they go around the country and replace carpeting, re-set up the equipment or install new equipment. They were supposed to be in Florida this week but got postponed so now they are in Las Vegas.

    I thought gym equipment just appeared! 😀

  4. Some actress I never heard of said Gaia is pissed and has loaded up her sacred vagina with hurricanes and is hurling them at states who voted for Trump:

    “And you have voted very recently, as a country” the reporter noted – to which Lawrence replied that “it was really starting” Trump was elected. She then suggested the recent hurricanes devastating Texas and nearing Florida may have been prompted by Trump winning the presidency.

    “You know, you’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s really hard, especially while promoting this movie, not to feel Mother Nature’s rage and wrath,” Lawrence said.

  5. Every time I see the title of Felonia von Pantsuit’s new book, “What Happened”, I can’t help but think it should have been titled, “See, What Had Happened Was….”

  6. I did too. I thought this was funny:

    Thank You
    Based on the information provided, we believe that your personal information was not impacted by this incident.

    Click the button below to continue your enrollment in TrustedID Premier.

    Yeah, I’m gonna sign up and pay for a service who just exposed nearly half of all US residents’ personal information.

  7. Crystal clear, cool morning today. As usual, we desperately need rain out here. My hummingbirds haven’t left town yet despite the cooler mornings. Yard needs work, house needs work – the usual. Not sure where I’ll start, or even if I’ll start, but I’m sure I’ll be struck with the motivation to do something here soon. I’m hoping that you all have a great day, that the reconstruction and recovery efforts are properly rewarded, and that things will be better than they were before. I’m always a skeptic when the media is hyping things, but the Flarada thing may be for real too. fortunately, those people know how to deal with storms and can hopefully keep the government at bay. Plus it should recharge their lakes and aquifers and provide life giving water to the southeast for quite a while.

  8. #8 % 9 – Yeah, I was just thinking that if they didn’t have my info before, they have it now if I click on that. Go ahead and give them your bank account number, pin number, and social security while you are at it.

  9. The ghouls demonstrate once again how tone-deaf and hypocritical they can get.

    “Here at Planned Parenthood, we firmly believe that every person has the right to live, work, and raise a family freely and without the threat of deportation or separation,” CEO Cecile Richards said in a fundraising email Tuesday.

  10. 11 & 13

    If you don’t think Equifax doesn’t already have access to your intimate personal information, you’re deluding yourself. If they don’t have it all on file, they can get it in seconds.

    My prediction: Lawyers are lining up to file class action suits for 143 million people. The judgment will be $143,000,000 or one dollar for each person. However, after attorney fees of $42,900,000, it will be only $0.70 cents. Twelve rent-seeking lawyers will each get 3.575 million bucks.

  11. It is now the ninth month of 2017 and this remains, so far, the Tweet of the 21st Century.

    David Burge‏

    Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.

    6:57 AM – 9 May 2013
    3,948 Retweets 2,851 Likes

    152 replies 3,948 retweets 2,851 likes
    Reply 152 Retweet 3.9K Like 2.9K

  12. I read the Equifax CFO sold off/dumped almost a million in stock 3 days after the breach yet public wasn’t made aware until yesterday.

    Issue #2

    Trump stuck his toe in Schumer’s mayo jar and rubbed snake skin Pelosi’s belly.

    Not good. If he starts eating baloney on rye with olive loaf on a regular basis, I’m done.

    But I understand his frustration.

    Has has there ever been more of a loser duo than Ryan and McConnell?

    Those two couldn’t even inspire a great white shark to eat a seal or a doodle bug to roll up in a ball when you touch it.

  13. 5 GJT

    I’m always fascinated when I run across some product or service that people do that you never thought about or knew existed.

    Me too.

    There used to be 2 guys who had a large yard on the ship channel with a huge warehouse. I found out about them through some friends in Europe. They supplied Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy, etc. with enormous amounts of used drill pipe.

    What was it used for ? All of it was used to build retaining walls along mountain roads to prevent highways and roads from collapsing. There were several large companies over there specializing in installing it with large pile hammers driving the pipe into the rock vertically side by side. All over Europe.

    I had wondered for years where all the millions of feet of used drill pipe was going and nobody could really tell me. The guys at the Port were very secretive and it took me awhile to even find out the name of the company. They had deals with all the drilling contractors. Needless to say, they wouldn’t even return my phone calls. If they didn’t know who you were, they wouldn’t even talk to you. They were making a fortune and didn’t want anyone to know what they were doing.

  14. #18

    That would have been good to know after the bust in the ’80s. The rig manufacturer I worked for had financed a drilling rig and part of the collateral was 14,000 foot of 4 1/2″ drill pipe. They went down and our company was the proud owner of all that drill pipe. Problem was it was in Denver and would have cost more to truck it than the pipe was worth at the time.

  15. 21 GJT

    When you went by the yard, there were never cars parked outside. No company sign of any kind, gates were always locked, warehouse doors always closed. They ran their own trucks and everybody must been very well paid to keep their mouth shut. It was like a CIA op. The warehouse must have covered several acres.

  16. If we are to believe the chatter on the innerwebs the Red Cross has been more of a hindrance during this storm. Looks like they’ve become a quasi-governmental agency.

  17. Re: Red Cross

    Our church is a Red Cross shelter. A group of folks from the church decided to start cooking real food in our kitchen for the people staying there.

    The Red Cross said, no, they weren’t allowed to do that because they didn’t have some special certification.

  18. 27 Shannon

    The Red Cross said, no, they weren’t allowed to do that because they didn’t have some special certification.

    Because millions have died after eating at Lutheran potluck dinners.

  19. Good morning Hamsters. Greetings from Chaos Manor.

    Sheetrock restoration/repair begins Monday morning. The dizzying hunt for all the remotes might have ended when we finally found all the decorative boxes they live in. I knew I’d put them somewhere together, but I couldn’t remember when we got to the house this morning. Spouse finally spied them on the counter of the guest bathroom sink, kinda hidden. I think we have them all, but the job of figuring out what each turns on will be interesting once we find all the things that respond to remotes.

    #6 Hamous

    Jennifer Lawrence starred in The Hunger Games trilogy. It was the commoners against the tyrant and his cabal. Bet the majority of movie goers were conservatives that filled her pockets, as the scenario could be taken as heroic by them and also by the libs she obviously supports so heartily against Trump and conservatives from flyover country who elected him. Her political savvy is obviously a mile wide and an inch deep, however.

  20. Who is Tom Brady? Who’s Belichick? Are they helping out with Harvey? Red Cross has been a fraud since at least 9-11, and probably long before that. But they were able to hide their deceit prior to Algore’s invention of the innanet. Speaking of frauds, has anyone seen hide nor hair of Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell?

  21. In the midst of Harvey floor cleanup, I decided 2-3 days ago to clear out my closets. I do believe I had about 200 pair of office-wear slacks hanging in one closet. I am keeping maybe 6-8 that I would conceivably ever wear again. The rest are being processed one high-water-level load after the other, then dried and folded into piles for donation. I had planned for that to be the Manna Thrift Store which is fairly close by, but I heard yesterday that some sick SOB had recently torched the place.

    So whether they move, or maybe wait for that location to be rebuilt, they will surely be in need of restocking donations. I also heard that the video cam at the Dollar Store next door to Manna may help the police find this creep.

  22. Looks like Grandma Hamous or the Google censors have decided to take my post down. Guess they will have me headed for reeducation camp soon.

    I did some research, and it seems that Belichick may be the Hiliary of the NFL. He didn’t expect to lose and can’t understand why he did. Who will he blame – stay tuned.

  23. Alls I know is I would not want to be in Patriot’s practice this week. And they have three extra days of practice, I’m assuming since it was a Thursday night game.

  24. Unfortunately I’ve got a week and a half worth of work to catch up on and the boss desperately needs to invoice for something ASAP

  25. Government run amok.

    Since trading cattle to care for their first horses in 2012, the Wilsons’ Deerwood Station Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary has become a resounding success. The couple now take 450 guests annually on tours to see the horses. The BLM pays the Wilsons $1.30 per day per horse and has increased the Wilsons’ horse allotment from 300 to 350 (at full capacity, they would be paid roughly $166,000 a year). Plus, in August, it extended their contract for another five years. The pilot program includes two other sites nationwide, and many more private landowners would be joining the effort if administrators had their way, says Mary Jo Rugwell, the BLM state director for Wyoming.


    However, stewardship of wild horses on private property is only a fraction of what it will take to solve the nation’s most pressing pest problem. There are more than 70,000 horses on the range — nearly three times the number that regulators say can be managed while preserving the land. An additional 45,000 horses are in federal holding pens, which are at capacity. And while the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 allows agencies to euthanize horses that cannot be housed, adopted or sold, a series of actions in Washington, D.C., have made it illegal for administrators to cull the herd through humane killing. That poses a problem for wildlife management, especially as conditions on the range deteriorate due to overgrazing. “It’s not as if these horses thrive,” says Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead, who sued the BLM in hopes of forcing the federal agency to remove wild horses from public lands (a federal appeals court ultimately threw out the lawsuit).

  26. An army travels on its stomach.

    Well I’m certainly no military expert, but seems like there would be a faster method they’d have found by now.

  27. Gasp! Irma is back to Cat 5.

    However, I recall Gilbert in the late 80s that covered the entire Gulf of Mexico and went to a 5 at one time, scared everybody in Houston as it was seriously threatened. Umm, with it that big, every place along the Gulf was threatened at one time or another. The weather wizards were sure we were the target.

    Only Doug Johnson who was the weather expert on Channel 2 as I recall said Gilbert would turn and go into Mexico. The experts blew that off. Spouse was working in Austin at the time and was able to obtain a generator there thanks to friends who lived there paying for it with their local check. Otherwise he would not have gotten one to bring home. Nothing available here of course.

    And Gilbert turned into Mexico at less than a 5. Red faces amongst the experts. Cheers for Doug Johnson ever after.

  28. Well, I went to the Verizon Store to get a new Flip-Phone to replace my old reliable 2009 model. I only decide to replace it because all the buttons have fallen off except (#1) and (*). After that, I had to go down and meet the inspector that was looking at the Boy’s new home. I snapped one picture with my new-fangled phone. It’s pretty dang nice, 2800 Square Feet, 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath, with a huge master bed/bath and two good sized bedrooms and one small one. The one downside is that it has a formal dining room….Oh, and Shannon will notice my Rolls in the driveway. 😀

  29. Nice looking house, Davey. I especially like the shutters, I’ve never seen any quite like that, the shape makes it looks like they’ve just been flung open to greet the day. (If they are like most shutters nowadays, they are just decorative and don’t actually move at all. The ones in my neighborhood sure don’t. But don’t have that jaunty look, either.)

  30. El Gordo, your post has been liberated. I have no idea why it went into the bucket. None of the banned words or websites were present. Just your day in the barrel I guess.

  31. When the NFL gurus realize no one is watching and the ratings will suck no matter what, maybe a Houston team will make it to a Super Bowl.

  32. #45, Decidedly biased, or accurate depending on one’s opinion, against Trump in that. A freight train running from China to the UK is quite an engineering marvel. I wonder if it had tanker cars to fuel it along the way. Surely the thing made some stops for maintenance, safety checks, etc. Hope the Elponians nationalize the track though their turf and make the Commies howl.

  33. Dang, the wife had the day off and went to the bay. Talked to her earlier. There is a bar ditch next to the place which the tide fills sometimes. ‘There is a big fish chasing finger mullet in the ditch’. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!

  34. #46

    I snapped one picture with my new-fangled phone. It’s pretty dang nice, 2800 Square Feet, 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath, with a huge master bed/bath and two good sized bedrooms and one small one.

    My first thought was…that is SOME kind of phone!

  35. Just so you folks know where I get it from:

    My Dad and Stepmother have been back in VT visiting fambly. At 2:00 this afternoon they got on a plane to go back home. To Tampa.

  36. Went to the river property today, to eyeball things fer m’self.

    The “front” unit only got about 3-4′ of water. It didn’t have flood insurance, so we aren’t waiting on adjusters and demolition began today.

    We were afraid the $7K Hubby spent on the asphalt driveway (it’s a long driveway) would have been wasted, expecting some erosion problems. It’s got a few holes in it, but overall, it’s okay.

    The two river units, “B” & “C” units, were the ones I thought were toast. It’s not as bad as I thought. We’ll have to gut them but Hubby thinks they’re salvageable. He talked to an engineer who said about a week with water was the limit for saving the structure. The units had water for….about a week, so we’ll see what we find when we open the walls. The laminate flooring is curling up in places. The C unit frig actually floated up and poked a hole in the ceiling, and the kitchen island is laying on its side – with the stove and all.

    Can’t really tell about the back yard (river side) yet. There was a high tide inflowing while I was there, and the river level was over the bluff, if the bluff is still there. The high tide surprised me – with all the water pushing to go downriver, I was surprised at how strong the upstream flow was. We do have a slightly higher property now, as we have a layer of sand that looks like it could be a coupla inches deep in spots. I told Hubby we could start charging more for rent, as we now have beachfront property.

    Our across the river neighbor has a much nicer property than ours, and has an outstanding boat dock for his very nice boat, too. Or I should say “had,” as I believe his boat dock is now a mangled mess in the middle of the river.

    The amount of water still in the area is amazing. There are a lot of houses still with several feet of water. I got detoured onto FM521, and there were long stretches where I felt I was driving through the middle of a great lake. The water was blue, so it wasn’t river water, but it stretched for as far as I could see.

  37. The mother of my stepdaughter’s sorry ass SO lives in Seminole, FL near Tampa. I’ve never looked at the interesting geography around Tampa Bay until today.

  38. Well after Googling all afternoon looking for the Boy’s house, on-line, I found out that they posted it after 5 PM. So, here is the Boy’s new abode. I’ll add that growing up poor in Alabama, we couldn’t imagine living in a place like that.

  39. Oh and the carpet will be removed before he moves in, he’s putting down the same type of wood flooring that damn near broke my back, removing it from his old house.

  40. I heard that the earthquake in Mexico City claimed a lot of lives. President Trump has apparently offered to send in replacement Mexicans, but the offer of aid has been rejected.

  41. I am listening to the Jay Seculow radio show while I load the dishwasher. The guys are discussing recent revelations of more crap that James Comey has been shown to have pulled. Harry Hutchinson chimed in and said he thinks Comey should be brought in to the Senate committee investigating him, and subjected to enhanced interrogation. Jay S hastily interjects, “only symbolically, of course”.

    I adore these men.

  42. How come he can say ass?? White privledge or German mob??

    I’m still tryna figure out: “The mother of my stepdaughter” living in Seminole.

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