Thursday Open Comments

The members of the Deep State are fighting not only for money and power, but their very sense of being.

Increasingly, it looks like the political fight isn’t between Republicans and Democrats, but rather the American people against the Deep State. More and more often we are seeing bureaucrats, lobbyists, and elected officials of both parties circle the wagons so to say in an effort to prevent any true reforms of our government.

While we the American people may believe the government isn’t working, for an elite group embedded throughout our government and media, the government is working quite well — for them!

So, how did this come to be in a nation that’s founding document begins with “We the People”? For a take on the development of the Deep State and what it represents, we turn to Joost Meerloo in his seminal book The Rape of the Mind.

Presciently, in his discussion of the Deep State or the “administrative machine” published in 1956, Meerloo states,

“The burning psychological question is whether man will eventually master his institutions so that these will serve him and not rule him.”

Here’s how he describes the rise of the Deep State:

“… The development of a kind of bureaucratic absolutism is not limited, however, to totalitarian countries. A mild form of professional absolutism is evident in every country in the mediating class of civil servants who bridge the gap between man and his rulers. Such a bureaucracy may be used to help or to harm the citizens it should serve.”

Read the whole thing.

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70 thoughts on “Thursday Open Comments

  1. #1 – If it’s any consolation, this is exactly why the “progressive” trend of losing elections continues. From a comments on the Slate article:

    Oh, Slate. Its like you watch Salon, and go, “Hold my beer”

  2. Apropos of the conversation last night:

    I remember reading a book where a guy killed a bunch of bad guys by putting alka seltzer in a gallon of bleach and putting it in the room where they were sleeping. Was the author full of prunes?

  3. Hmmm. You’d have a couple of competing chemical reactions going on at the same time. Alka Seltzer is sodium bicarbonate (base) and citric acid suspended but separated in the same tablet. When you drop it in water they react, producing CO2. Essentially, the acid and base neutralize each other. If you drop it in bleach there wouldn’t be a harmful reaction from the baking soda. The citric acid would react similarly to vinegar and generate chlorine gas. But it’s a weaker acid and you have the competing reaction with the baking soda going on. I would say it would generate much less chlorine gas than vinegar/bleach. Certainly not enough to kill a room full of bad guys.

  4. Inebriates of Virtue

    But impermissible attitudes and images are never in short supply once the itch to stamp out heresy gets going. Yesterday, it was Calhoun and representations of the Antebellum South. Today it is a carving at an entrance to Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library depicting an Indian and a Puritan. The Puritan, if you can believe it, was holding a musket—a gun! Quoth Susan Gibbons, one of Yale’s librarian-censors: its “presence at a major entrance to Sterling was not appropriate.” Why not? Never mind. Solution? Cover over the musket with a cowpat of stone. (But leave the Indian’s bow and arrow alone!)

  5. #1 Shannon, great article and in it I found another one.
    In crises such as Harvey, you want outdoorsmen on your side.

    The country is suddenly grateful for this “Cajun Navy,” for their know-how, for the fact that they can read a submerged log in the water, and haul their boats over tree stumps and levees and launch them from freeway junctions. There are no regulators to check their fishing licenses or whether they have a fire extinguisher and life preservers on board, which they don’t. They’re used to maneuvering through the cypress of Caddo Lake or the hydrilla and coontail of the Atchafalaya, where the water might be four feet or it might rise to 18, and the stinking bog is called “coffee grinds” because of the way boots sink in it. Spending hours in monsoon rains doesn’t bother them, because they know ducks don’t just show up on a plate, and they’ve learned what most of us haven’t, that dry comfort is not the only thing worth seeking.

  6. Yay dead babies!

    In the video, Plimpton talks about the violent act of killing a preborn baby as if she’s cheering for her favorite team that has won a championship game. She opens the show, where she interviews Parker, by praising the city where she had her first abortion. About one minute into the video she says:

    Seattle has some particular significance for me for lots of reasons. I’ve got a lot of family here, some of whom are here in the audience tonight. I also had my first abortion here at the Seattle Planned Parenthood!

    She then throws her arm up in the air and yells, “Yay!” And in response, the audience bursts into cheers.

    Plimpton continues:

    Notice I said “first.” I said “first.” I don’t want Seattle–I don’t want you guys to feel insecure–it was my best one. Heads and tails above the rest. If I could Yelp review it, I totally would. And if that doctor’s here tonight, I don’t remember you at all, I was 19. I was 19, but I thank you nonetheless. You probably won’t remember because I wasn’t that famous then.

  7. Back in SS to the cool, dry fall morning out there. Will go outside with my coffee and admire my new set of tires while soaking up the cool morning air. I think it’s interesting that President Trump went to Pelosi and Schumer in a surprise move on the DACA front. Nothing he could do would more effectively point out how useless and worthless the Republican leadership in Congress is. Just cut their legs right out from under them, leaving them with a shocked look on their faces as they see their political future toppling over. Brilliant move. Of course, kicking the DACA issue to Congress in the first place is a brilliant move – it will force the eReps to go on the record again with a vote they do not want to take. I think Trump is still playing the long con with the swamp instead of just impulsively reacting to all their nonsense. He may react, but it’s always with a longer objective in mind. Watch for a Trojan Horse’s head to show up in the Senate any day now.

  8. 9 Hamous

    I saw that story a few days ago. I didn’t post it because I didn’t want to ruin the weekend for everybody.

  9. Irresponsible journalism.

    HEADLINE: BIN JONG UNElite US Navy Seals that killed Osama bin Laden are training South Korean assassination squad to take out Kim Jong-un

    Wasn’t a large percentage of ST 6 killed in a helocopter crash?
    If the story was true, why would it be publicized?
    Some commenters noted that the patch was not Navy, so definitely not SEALS?

    I think having the ROK take out Whoa Phat is the best solution, provided that they also take out the whole Kim family, plus the next couple of layers in that govt. Any way this thing shakes out, there is going to be lots of blood spilled and it will likely happen sooner than later. My guess is that there will be shooting involved in NORK before May 2018.

  10. Israel just pounded Syria hard. Events leading up to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy coming to pass now. Wanna know what is happening in the world and why? Read your Bible, Tanakh.

    Isaiah 17 Damascus is destroyed
    Ezekiel 38-39 The coming war between Israel, Russia, Iran, Turkey
    These things were foretold over over 2000 years ago when Israel did not exist.

  11. 8 SD
    Yes, I was going to post that one too but decided to leave it as a hidden gem for those that bothered to read the first one.

  12. Thanks to our wonderful lege in Austin, as of last Friday, it is now legal to shoot feral hogs from a hot air balloon. They are really getting things done up there!

  13. Psalm 118

    10 All the nations surrounded me,
    but in the name of the Lord I cut them down.
    11 They surrounded me on every side,
    but in the name of the Lord I cut them down.
    12 They swarmed around me like bees,
    but they were consumed as quickly as burning thorns;
    in the name of the Lord I cut them down.
    13 I was pushed back and about to fall,
    but the Lord helped me.
    14 The Lord is my strength and my defense[a];
    he has become my salvation.

  14. After Hurricane Harvey devastated swaths of Southeast Texas last week, Gov. Greg Abbott is tapping John Sharp — current chancellor of Texas A&M University and former longtime Democratic elected official — to lead rebuilding efforts in the state.

  15. We are meeting with our flood insurance adjuster next Wednesday morning. It’s still wade-deep for our duplex down there. With his schedule, He and Hubby determined that’s the first “free” day where the water will be low enough to examine the damage.

    Our other unit wasn’t flood insured, so…..just a lot on our plate. Eating that elephant one bite at a time.

  16. I guess you didn’t see those thousands of balloon pilots marching on the Capitol screaming for hog hunting rights.

  17. Morning, y’all. We got a lot of wet discards out in the regular trash bin this morning, but still a lot in the back yard, drying out more with a week of predicted dry weather. I called my neighbor across the street last night when I saw she had put her recycling bin out, to tell her the CoH recycling program is suspended until further notice.

    Either she didn’t believe me, or maybe thought (correctly) that no harm would be done if she left it out and it wasn’t picked up. Hubs reported that when he rolled our incredibly heavy black bin out this morning, he saw lots of green bins out on our block. Very few people on this block are ever aware of what’s going on.

  18. I just got a better look at a recent pic of our river property.

    I *think* our building was washed off its blocks. It’s jam up against a tree; I think that tree was on the other side of the driveway.

    I could be wrong. Either way, it’s toast.

  19. Today’s OC article is the best I’ve read on the subject.

    Just to provide some anecdotal evidence, the water system I work for is a member-owned, non-profit rural water system. It is overseen by an all volunteer, unpaid board drawn from the membership – ninety percent of whom are conservative, retired or semi-retired rural folks, some of whom have served for decades.

    The regulatory burden emanating from the State is bad enough, but this board has created some really stupid micro managing policies and record keeping which are NOT required by the State. These costly and time consuming policies begin to strangle the licensed, contract Operator (my boss).

    It just goes to show you that even conservatives are subject to contracting the bureaucratic Disease.

  20. Since 8/21, 4 Hurricanes and a massive solar flare yesterday.

    philosophical’s theory prevailing.

    Flat earthers beware.

  21. The GOOPs are the 2017 version of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox.

    They’re throwing the election results so they can lose big in 2018 and go back to pretending they’re conservative and care about you while popping the champagne corks with their Deep State Masters.

    They’ll go back to collecting their mountains of cash, preserving their power and perks while becoming millionaires in office and living like rock stars on a diet of caviar and groupies smothered in Mayo.

    How much taxpayer money has Ferris Mueller wasted so far?

    Fire him and give that money to the Hurricane relief effort here and soon to be in Florida.

    How bout it GOOPs?

  22. #16 – I would always prefer to have a government body making more things legal rather than their normal position of making things illegal. The four or five people out there who want to shoot hogs from balloons should be allowed to do so without government interference. I’m calling for an initiative to allow me to shoot them from drones – all from the comfort of my Captain of Industry chair located in front of my computer right here in the kitchen.

  23. Good afternoon Hamsters. Today is gorgeous and a Snoopy Happy Dance day because we have a contractor starting work Monday on restoring our sheetrock and insulation removed a week ago. It is a branch of a business in the area that’s been here since the stone age and has given us good service for roofing over the years. Straight and to the point, they replace the insulation and sheetrock, clean up the mess every night before they leave, match the paint above the correction and paint the wall, seal spots with mold killer, and probably some other stuff we haven’t heard of.

    Much better info than from ServPro yesterday afternoon about having to tear out cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms to get at moldy sheetrock. And when we saw the TV news piece on ServPro illegally charging sales tax on their repair services, that did it for doing business with strangers, especially large companies.

    News bulletin at 1 pm on the radio: Governor Abbott has suspended the state occupancy taxes on hotels and motels during the recovery from Harvey. Yea, Governor Abbott.

  24. I would always prefer to have a government body making more things legal rather than their normal position of making things illegal.

    Was there a law that made it illegal to shoot hogs from balloons?

  25. Mold killer recipe that has worked well for us is 1 part bleach to 10 parts water mixed in a pump sprayer. Just wear old clothes so splashes don’t bleach where the drops fall on you.

  26. Just trying to stay in touch with the most up-to-date cognitive dissonance.

    If Paul Ryan makes a deal with the Democrats, he’s a traitorous RINO.

    If Trump does it, that’s proof that Ryan is ineffective and Trump is a brilliant tactician.

    Is that about it?

  27. #35

    Mold killer recipe that has worked well for us is 1 part bleach to 10 parts water mixed in a pump sprayer. Just wear old clothes so splashes don’t bleach where the drops fall on you.

    I read that it helps to add a little bit of dishwashing soap to the mixture to help the bleach penetrate the wood.

    And Hammy – I found the website that I had glanced at prior to last night’s posts re bleach and other chemicals – and there WAS a warning about vinegar and ammonia both. I had confused it with another, but I had plans to go back and double check the info, anyway.

    Thanks for the concern, however.

  28. Because y’all know it would kill me to lose my ability to talk, right?

    Same as having your hands tied behind your back?


  29. I get it now. As long as the subjects are increasing our society crushing debt and trading Congressional blessings on DACA for disaster money for Harvey, he’s a brilliant tactician.

  30. I wonder what he’s going to trade for Irma disaster money.

    I mean, there’s no way he’d be able to get disaster aid passed without trading stuff away.

  31. This should put a smile on your face, it did mine.

    HEADLINE: US warplanes pick off ISIS fighters drawn to stranded convoy ‘like moths to the flame’

    IRBIL, Iraq — An attempt by Islamic State to evacuate hundreds of fighters from western Syria to the Iraqi border has instead left them sitting ducks for aerial attacks by the U.S.-led coalition on the convoy.

    “We were able to exploit it and take advantage,” Army Col. Ryan S. Dillon, a coalition spokesman, said of the ISIS maneuver Thursday morning as 11 buses full of ISIS fighters and civilians remained stranded in the Syrian desert.

    U.S. warplanes continue to pick off militants who stray too far from the protection of the convoy’s women and children, officials said. Strikes have also destroyed militant vehicles coming to the area from ISIS-held territory.

    “Like moths to the flame,” more than 40 vehicles have come to try to aid the convoy, including armored technical vehicles and a tank disguised as a truck, Dillon said. “We were able to continue to just observe and pick them off one at a time.”
    The coalition has promised to prevent the experienced fighters from linking up with extremists to the east but is continuing to allow supplies of food and water to reach the convoy from the Syrian government side, he said. A delivery on Tuesday night ended with the fighters showing apparent signs of frustration at being pinned down as they attacked each other.

    “You could clearly tell they were going to fisticuffs,” Dillon said.

    They should start dropping Bibles in Arabic so they will have something to read while they wait.

  32. This guy commented at PJMedia on a story about three Nevada senators being recalled. They are all accusing the Nevada GOP of being behind it, but the commenter from Colorado tells a different local story there.

    Here in Colorado, as soon as the Democrats had both Houses and the governorship, they started passing laws to eliminate the 2nd Amendment in Colorado. The TEA Party and brave locals fought back. We filed recalls against 3 Democrat state senators. The State Republican Party was horrified and opposed us tooth and nail. We recalled 2 and force the third to resign. Which gave the state senate to the Republicans, which they did not want because if they hold nothing, they can’t be held responsible for anything.

    As soon as the recalls were over though, they claimed the whole thing was their idea and run by them.

    We had to have armed protection for petition carriers in Democrat Pueblo. I did not see one GOPe type putting his ass on the line. They would rather lose everything to the Left.

    I assume the Republican Party in Nevada is the same.

    Subotai Bahadur

  33. First and foremost, everyone knows that the debt limit is a farce. Always has been, always will be. Congress will not stop spending until the currency is worthless and the system collapses – and even then they will continue to try to spend. So why the artificial debt limit? – makes no sense.

    Secondly, Trump just cut a deal with the Dems on spending – while the Rep leadership was standing right there with their ducks in their hands. The Reps have actively worked against the Trump agenda, and the leadership has been arrogantly strutting about thinking that they are in control of the agenda. Well, if what Trump just did is not the most direct, insulting thing he could have done to them, I don’t know what is. It merely solidifies what we have known all along – the Rep leadership is worthless and needs to be replaced. Voters will most likely figure out the same thing next year.

    So, I don’t take too much offense at Trump putting the eReps in their place, publically bench slapping them, and exercising his position as POTUS, on an issue that in the big scope of things is not that important. I think this was a tremendous demonstration of strength against the eReps, and I hope that they were paying attention (although I’ve given up on them already anyway). Trump always plays the long con.

  34. A most efficient day here at the house. One pile of carpeting and moulding is at the road ready for Fort Bend County big trucks to pick up whenever they come down our road. Made sure the county folk knew we had stuff, as we’re the only house in the subdivision that had water in it.

    The Temper-Pedic mattress atop the pile might attract attention after dark or at least before the midnight –6 am curfew out here. It got wet leaning against a wall in the hallway when we evacuated the sunken rooms as we did last year when we missed flooding by 1″ or so. Not so lucky this time, and its down side got wet. It’s only a year and a half old. We’ll gladly claim its loss but replace it with a more conventional mattress and box spring. Even though it has a cooling substance in it, it is still too warm for our tastes. That’s the main downfall of that type of mattress.

    And after two loads of laundry I am happy to report the washer and dryer are undamaged.

  35. CBS has been trickling out video clips of the Charlie Rose interview with ElGordo.

    But for some reason they keep calling him Steve Bannon.

    It is said that 60 Minutes will only have a small portion of the the interview. The full interview will be shown on the goulish Rose’s PBS show.

    Hey, ElGordo. You didn’t tell us you lived in a palace in SS.

  36. Seriously, and this is a real question. Why do we bother to have a debt ceiling that congress can increase at will? It’s just a political fairy tale, much like the Social Security lock box or the Medicare fund – open it up and there is nothing in it. Government spends money – that’s what it does, and nothing is going to stop it until the system collapses. It may collapse in 400 years or it may collapse tomorrow – no one knows how many straws that camel’s back will hold, but they will spend until they find out – and even then they will continue to try spending. That’s what they do. Discuss elimination of this phony limit with the Dems, while the hapless Rep leadership stands by embarrassed and watching – a cheap price to pay for slapping those weasels around.

  37. $20 trillion in debt.
    $200 trillion in off budget unfunded liabilities.
    I don’t think it matters any more what they do.

  38. Seriously, and this is a real question. Why do we bother to have a debt ceiling that congress can increase at will?

    My understanding is Trump was going to fix that. Instead, he’s leading the charge. I agree with almost everything you say. I just don’t see why you have to pretend it’s all part of his secret plan to “drain the swamp”. There is no secret plan. He’s in cahoots with the galoots. He just has the freedom to choose which side of the galoot chute gets our money to squander.

  39. The debt ceiling has become nothing but a political tool between the parties and has lost any meaning. I don’t really care about it because no one in Congress does either other than as a cudgel to assault one another with in the media. The debt ceiling votes have become red flags to wave in front of the idiots and morons.

    There will be a reckoning sooner than later for this sh*t and a lot of people will be really hurt.

    As much as I admire David P. Goldman, I don’t agree with every solution he recommends here, but his predictions are dead on in my book.

  40. If these ghouls had a normal brain their synapses would start firing so fast the electrical impulses would create a feedback loop and their pointy heads would literally explode.

    “Here at Planned Parenthood, we firmly believe that every person has the right to live, work, and raise a family freely and without the threat of deportation or separation,” CEO Cecile Richards said in a fundraising email Tuesday.

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