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  1. Morning, chickadees. See we got some rain last night. Not good for those of us who had items outside to dry out. But now we have a predicted week of dry for my zip code. My drying items were all destined for the trash bin, but had wanted to get the water weight outa there if possible. Fortunately I did triage yesterday and had already put maybe 1/3 of the junk in the bin.

  2. Traditionally we’ve had three defined areas for tropical cyclones – Alantic basin, Eastern Pacific, and Western Pacific. Apparently, the news whores didn’t like that Irma was the 5th strongest hurricane on record in the Atlantic Basin so they dropped the Caribbean and Gulf out of the Atlantic basin so they could say it is the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic. BOOGA BOOGA!

  3. This is an informative article about why overweight people are always hungrier than slender folks.

    It’s like edema, a common medical condition in which fluid leaks from blood vessels into surrounding tissues. No matter how much water they drink, people with edema may experience unquenchable thirst because the fluid doesn’t stay in the blood, where it’s needed. Similarly, when fat cells suck up too much fuel, calories from food promote the growth of fat tissue instead of serving the energy needs of the body, provoking overeating in all but the most disciplined individuals.

    We discuss this hypothesis in an article just published in JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association. According to this alternative view, factors in the environment have triggered fat cells in our bodies to take in and store excessive amounts of glucose and other calorie-rich compounds. Since fewer calories are available to fuel metabolism, the brain tells the body to increase calorie intake (we feel hungry) and save energy (our metabolism slows down). Eating more solves this problem temporarily but also accelerates weight gain. Cutting calories reverses the weight gain for a short while, making us think we have control over our body weight, but predictably increases hunger and slows metabolism even more.

    On another note, intensive exercise by those with low body fat ratios actually tends to suppress appetites. It’s why training athletes often have to force themselves to consume enough food to feed their metabolism.

  4. Pro-abortion Congressman Adam Schiff sent out a tweet today that said this: “Donald Trump again shows that no child is too young or vulnerable, no step is too low, and why he is the worst President in modern history.”

    I mean, come on. “No child is too young or vulnerable” you’re worried?

    Even if I wanted to, how could I possibly take these arguments seriously coming from folks who just got through explaining why unborn children should be executed because their mommies and daddies made a mistake and didn’t mean to conceive them? How could I sit with a straight face and listen to lectures about “cruelty” from people who think it’s cool to butcher a human being and sell his body parts to a research lab? How could I make any sense of the idea that a child has the right to remain in America because he’s already here, but no right to remain on planet Earth despite already being here? How is that even logistically possible?

  5. Black family lawsuit: School officials did not protect gifted daughter from black student abuse

    The parents of an academically stellar African-American student are suing a South Carolina school district alleging school officials did not prevent continued verbal and physical abuse of their daughter from … other black students.

    Students at Richland School District One’s Hand Middle School “called (the girl) racial slurs like ‘Oreo,’ ‘white girl,’ ‘wannabe white girl’ … and generally maligned her for ‘acting white,’” the lawsuit says, according to The State.

  6. #13 TP: I’m glad this information is finally getting more coverage. It won’t be long before the American Heart Association finally admits that dietary fat is not what is causing the heart disease, but that the same sugars and quick digest carbs that cause obesity are the real culprits. I also expect the data to be revealed that excess sugar fuels cancer cells. Weight loss is best achieved by frequent high protein, high fat meals and frequent exercise. Walking 3-4 times a day for a mile is much preferable to increasing metabolism long term than walking 4 miles once a day. The increase in metabolism is what burns the excess fat off.
    When I went on a candida cleanse diet I lost about 10% of my body weight. The diet was brutal: I could eat all I wanted of meat, green vegetables (not night shades) eggs, butter, olive oil, and sweet potatos. Salt and black pepper were the only seasoning and water was the only liquid. NO dairy other than butter, no grain, no beer or other alcohol, no fruit. I went from 181 to 163 in about 4 months and I was eating enough for 3 people. I would have 6 eggs in the morning by 6 am, a big snack around 9:30, a big lunch, another big snack around 3 and finally supper around 6pm. I remember having more energy and I felt pretty good, but I missed lots of other foods. I am back to where I was after only 8 short years.

  7. Just got back from my pedicure with MIL. Prolly the best visit I’ve ever had with her. She’s feeling a mite perky today; a big change from yesterday.

  8. #21 TT
    I am sure she appreciates the effort you took, to have all the food you prepared for her, now right there and ready for her. That was huge!

    Oh and I hope you told her the story about going back to the store for some missing food, only to find later that your neighbor’s loose dogs seem to have scarfed it away from you, somehow.

  9. Well, I’m here in Hamilton Texas, and after having a blow out on one tire, and one more with a chunk missing, I in process of getting a new set. Should be done in an hour or so, and then I’ll be back on the road again. . Road trips are most always an adventure. BTW, if you are ever west bound on Hwy 67 out of Glen Rose, there’s a Tx Dept of Hwy road side park that offers an amazing vista out over the Brazos Ricer plain. Just amazing.

  10. Well, yes, madam, now that you ask, they’re made of bronze.

    This Delta crew took a 737 into San Juan, Puerto Rico in an outer pocket of Irma, landed, loaded the plane and took off. Wheels down to wheels up, total turnaround 52 minutes. They took off through the hurricane with 40+ mph head and crosswinds.

    Radar here.

  11. #25: If you just stick with it the weight will come off. If you walk 10k steps or more every day, not all at once, it will come off faster. If you get hungry, eat more of what is on the approved list – the weight will still come off. Try not to allow unapproved food items in the house.

  12. Yesterday, I was talking to a gentleman in our office about the floating mounds of fire ants and how they stay alive by rotating around and – if they float into something that is dry, they’ll swarm onto it to keep the queen alive.

    Today I called a client and his right hand man went to save his horses last week and encountered a bunch of fire ants – he died yesterday from complications. (he might
    have been allergic to them also). 27 years old…a real tragedy…

  13. 2 3 hurricanes. A cat 1 and two major, a 4 and 5 and 1 tropical storm since 8/21.

    Pythagoras’ theory lives.
    Thales of Mietus theory failed.
    philasophical’s theory prevailing.

    Flat earthers beware.

  14. phil, are you done with Ducktopus Magnus? What about Schumer and his lunch meat?

    Level with me, dude. Did you look straight at the solar eclipse last month??

  15. 25 Shannon

    I’m at 195, but I haven’t mustered the will power to get to 190, which is where I really want to be.

    I just got back, by the way, from my first full physical on the Medicare dole and everything was pretty near perfect. Cholesterol at 182, BP at 128 over 70, pulse at 65. Lab tests were excellent. EKG good.

    There are no massive, budget breaking bills headed to DC for the rest of you taxpayers to have to pick up.

  16. 33 cont’d.

    I eat 4 eggs and one piece of toast for breakfast. Usually no lunch. I’ll eat a steak or some kind of meat for an evening meal with salad. That’s it.

  17. I eat 4 eggs and one piece of toast for breakfast. Usually no lunch. I’ll eat a steak or some kind of meat for an evening meal with salad. That’s it.

    4 eggs with one piece of my bread for breakfast. Some big lunch, frequently leftovers. I may or may not eat a light supper. I really need to lay off the ice cream.

  18. Good late afternoon Hamsters. Back home briefly to further check out the damage done by the Brazos backing up. Wet carpets out, most of the sheetrock that was wet has been removed so we have see-through walls up to 4 feet, and one estimate by a company that does remediation of which walls need to have sheetrock removed because the moisture meter says are wet but unfortunately behind cabinets….
    Biggest issue is mold.

    House is pretty much dry and cold because the AC is way down. Furniture is all over the place, a jumble of a puzzle because the dear folks who came Saturday and Sunday to help had to work fast to get things cleared out so the wet carpet could be pulled out.

    Now getting opinions on what needs to be done. Sheetrock contractor coming tomorrow to give an estimate.

    Horses are at the neighbor’s on the other street, hoping to get them home in a day or two when the barn dries out more. Had 2″ in the house and about 5″ in the sunken rooms.

    More tomorrow. Good to be back.

  19. Adee, good to hear from you, I hope that you can get things back in order quickly, but I know that it’ll be tough. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but my Boy got about an inch of water in his house and we spent all of last Wednesday pulling up wood flooring, not what I had in mind, but it had to be done. He was over at a friends house when the flood came and was stuck there for several days. He drove over to his subdivision on Monday and waded through waist deep water to check out his house and considerers himself lucky, he had a friend in the same subdivision that got a foot of water in his house and ruined all the furniture.
    With all that, he solved his housing problem last night by signing a contract on a house in Friendswood that didn’t flood and he can move in on the 19th?! He plains to rent out his old house until the values go back up and with the coming housing shortage he’ll be able to rent it easily.

  20. So sorry to hear about your house Ms Adee, and SD your son, I don’t think I saw before he got hit. I think renting out is a good plan, it’s good he has the option to go forward as he has. Yes rentals will be in demand.

  21. I have mentioned Fay’s losses and fluctuations in her sense of taste.

    The most exciting recent development along these lines is that she’s decided she hates broccoli.


  22. Well, Daughter-in-Law is on the way over and she’s making Chicken Taco’s, I’ll be her Wingman, in my kitchen! Now that’ll be different, I hope that I can stay out of her way since she’s become a pretty dang good cook. She of course, got some pointers from her Mom and me. 😀

  23. When I have more time, I’ll try to explain my Boy’s convoluted trip to the purchase of this house. He considers himself fortunate that he held off for years buying another house since his served them just fine, but with a daughter and another one on the way he decided to pull the trigger. He’s Rat-Holed about $200K! in the last 9 years so the $65K down payment will not be a problem even though he’ll keep the old house.
    Did I tell Ya’ that I’m blessed?

  24. When I hit the door in the evening and broccoli is on the stove, I immediately start searching around for a Max poop accident or rotting corpses, until I figure out what it is.

  25. Our tenant’s daughter swung by our duplex on the river and sent us a pic today.

    Hubby and I were hoping the San Bernard would take it down river for us. Save us the hassle of bulldozing it. I think that’s the best option.

    Our “A” unit, half way up the long driveway, got about 5 feet of water. That tenant was there earlier to make sure he didn’t leave anything behind of value that was salvageable. Mold and mud everywhere, he said. He opened the windows for us so when Hubby and crew get down there this weekend it won’t be so bad.

    I was buying supplies today – bleach, gloves, etc. I still have to get some stuff. I research some on mold removal and learned that it is best to mix bleach with a dishwashing detergent as a surfactant so that the bleach will penetrate the wood. Otherwise, the mold will leave “roots” in the wood and come back again. I also purchased borax. That will also kill mold and can be left as a film on the wood surface to prevent future mold growth.

    I better write Hubby some instructions….

  26. Some idiot decided to blow up some post office with a cat 5 hurricane barreling into a major state. Could luck getting any news coverage for days genius.

  27. Vinegar and peroxide were other items on the mold killing web sites.

    I think I actually found a recipe for bleach, vinegar, and detergent.

    And yes, I know better than to mix bleach and ammonia.

    But I *DO* keep Hubby’s life insurance paid up…. /evil smile

  28. Adee, sorry to hear you have some Harvey damage, but it sounds like you are dealing with it. Tedtam, sorry the flood didn’t take your duplex down the river. As of yesterday, I was still hearing on radio traffic reports that there are roadways that are still underwater. Dunno if any of that is because of the reservoir lowering that the Army Corps of Engineers is doing.

  29. We meet with the adjuster next Wednesday. We figger by then the river’ll be down and we can see just how bad it is. I saw some pics today from a tenant, and I’m not sure but the building may have been floated off the blocks.

    We were told that neighbors noted how “bad our place got hit”. We not only got rising waters, but we got the current, too. I’m afraid to see the loss from erosion.

  30. Maybe I got the recipe confused…I was going to go and print off the website.

    Perhaps it was borax? Or Peroxide?

    I’m thinkin’ of recommending bleach/detergent scrub, followed by a borax wipe down.

  31. Mixing bleach and hydrogen peroxide (at store-bought concentrations) will not produce any toxic gases. You may see an aggressive reaction but, unless you mix it in a sealed container, it won’t be dangerous.

    But as to the efficacy of these internet concoctions I can only say: Dammit Jim, I’m a chemist! Not a mold remediation specialist!

  32. Hamous says:
    SEPTEMBER 6, 2017 AT 8:32 PM



    But don’t listen to the WW1 historian, listen to the chemist on a blog—

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