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  1. Hubby took her to chemo this morning….I pick her up this afternoon. The pickup time can vary from 2:30 to 9:00 pm, depending upon whether she needs a very slow magnesium drip or not. I think she will. She called me last night and asked me to have Hubby bring her the walker I bought at a garage sale recently, the one with the seat on it. She has eschewed any assistive devices, up ’til now.

    Be listening for any real loud ‘splosions. A walker does not prevent her from blowing her top.

  2. People are way too self-absorbed these days. I mean, really? There’s an agitated elephant and you decide to take a selfie?!

    A forest official said the elephant was already agitated before the incident.

    “We were trying to drive away the tusker [elephant] with the help of local people. But suddenly a person present there among locals, went nearer to the tusker and tried to take a photograph of the elephant on his mobile phone.

    “He was also trying to take a selfie with the elephant when it turned on him,” the official told the India Times.

  3. If the most accurate models are right, Irma will turn north off the coast of Cuba straight up through the Keys and the Florida peninsula. It looks like every square inch of Florida will bear the brunt of this storm. Apparently, the weather geeks believe it’s now too late for Irma to spin back out into the Atlantic.

  4. You’ve got to be kidding me.

    One group of negotiators spent all day Sunday working on the labour file, according to a schedule of the talks obtained by The Globe and Mail. One source familiar with the discussions said Canada wants the United States to pass a federal law stopping state governments from enacting right-to-work legislation; the source said the United States has not agreed to such a request. Canada believes that lower labour standards in the United States and Mexico, including right to work, give those countries an unfair advantage in attracting jobs.

    Jerry Dias, the leader of Canada’s largest private-sector trade union, said Ottawa’s negotiators are: pushing Mexico on its corporate-sanctioned unions, which are accused of negotiating collective agreements unfavourable to workers; agitating for both countries to offer a year of paid family leave, as Canada does; and targeting American right-to-work laws that allow workers in unionized shops to refuse to pay dues, draining money from unions.

  5. #12 TP: This smacks of “Soviet Style” negotiations: demand 20x what you really want and settle for 10x.
    The real problem is that so often in the past, our State Dept of Eunuchs have fallen for this BS. Perhaps our State department has gotten an injection of testicular fortitude with the election of Trump. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  6. So I’m out on the boat in the Hudson River yesterday enjoying a truly beautiful day. When I brought up a couple of recent news stories about a 7 year old being suspended from school and a teacher being fired for not using the “preferred pronouns” of little boys who decided to pretend to be a girl for the day, week, month…who knows…

    I was shocked by the reaction of my black, NYC born, Obama supporting, lifelong lefty Democrat friend. He said, “These SOBs are going to turn me into a conservative before it’s over. And then I’m going to have to go down and register as a Republican !”

    Now that is hope and change you can believe in.

  7. I predict the Weather Guessers and other media darlings aren’t going to be pleased with level of panic on display for Irma so they will invent a new Category 6 in an attempt to scare the bejeezus out of everyone. Because Anthropogenic Global Warming.

  8. Just picked up MIL. She was grateful for all the work I did on her house/kitchen. I had to clear out her refrigerated food but I made sure she had some ice cream restocked. She grinned as She said seeing that put a smile on her face.

    She wants to take me to get a pedicure tomorrow morning. I’m sure it’s a thanks for all the work I did cleaning her house. I’m not a fan of pedicures but I’m going anyway. Letting her do that little thing for/with me will make her feel better.

    Charity is sometimes in the accepting from others as much as the giving to others.

  9. Shortly before Granny Hamous passed I remember sitting around with the family and one of my cousins was giving Granny a pedicure. I looked at them 93 year old gnarly toes and put that cousin in for sainthood right then. I loved my Granny, and I’d a paid for a pedicure, but there ain’t no way I was touching them toes 😉

  10. Hamous says:
    SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 AT 3:40 PM
    I know it’s not Friday but… The more I hear this fellow, the more he makes me think of Guy Clark 40 years ago.

    He had promise and then Ray Wylie Hubbard mentored him into writing songs with a left wing political slant.

  11. So, my Sh*thead brother sends me well wishes and adds his political slant to it. The entire exchange is pasted below:

    Sent: Tuesday, September 5, 2017 3:55 PM
    Subject: Re: Storm

    So what happened?

    Here’s a link to the interactive web app we use at work, note another tropical storm is coming off the Yucatan and entering the global warming hoax superheated ocean currents, creating a global warming hoax re-occuring weather pattern.

    WunderMap® | Interactive Weather Map and Radar


    We’re home. House is dry and most of the neighborhood looks like nobody got water in thier homes—at least there’s no piles of sheetrock, carpets, and furniture out in front anywhere. The office got flooded so I’ll be working out of the house for the next couple of weeks.

    We left b/c the Brazos was projected to crest at 59′, and that would have put water in the house. When they downgraded the crest to 56′, I knew we’d be OK. Last year it got to 54.7′ and we were on an island for a week. From that point, it would have taken another 3 feet to get water in our street and another 18″ to get water in the house. Final measurement for the river was 55.1′.

    God was good to us. We just made it out of town and spent a week in a nice B & B in the Hill Country.

    I prefer throughtful, well balanced articles like this one to fear mongering, thanks.

    Scientists Aren’t Sure What Climate Change Did to Harvey

    Using the words “super heated water” shows your lack of information or your willingness to fear monger. Even the wiki is enough to show what super heated water is:

    Superheated water

    Recurring hurricanes in hurricane season is indeed a recurring weather pattern. That’s what hurricane season is: a weather pattern that features recurring hurricanes. We call attention to this annual weather pattern by giving it a name: “Hurricane Season”. Its a lot shorter than saying “Look out for a recurring pattern of weather systems coming across the Atlantic from the African Coast that can develop into storms in the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico.” Hurricane seasons have been quite docile since Katrina, so I’d expect a deviation from that much longer pattern (12 years) as opposed to the one that you’re claiming (two weeks) being meaningful of any alarming change.

  12. phil’s theory on Harvey.

    The wildcard phenomenon.

    The Solar Eclipse.

    From nothing to Cat 4 in 3 and 1/2 days.

    They scoffed at Pythagoras too.

  13. Oh phil, have you been mulling over how the Solar Eclipse caused Hurricane Harvey for a solid week?? Please don’t drink hemlock, professor.

  14. #36 Tim

    Two wimmins hanging around here and ain’t a birthday cake in sight.

    Have you not noticed how most of the home-made foodie talk and **ALL** of the closeups of “What’s fer supper?” presentations have been posted by Hamsters of the male persuasion?

  15. So, I get home and start fumbling around in the kitchen Fixin’ supper and what do I see in the Backyard? Yup, Granddaughter’s clothes on the line.
    It did my heart good, and I remember that my wife wasn’t real happy when I put up the rudimentary clothesline back during Ike but I use it all the time,….and don’t tell anyone, but she does to, if she has a quilt or some such thing to dry. 😀

  16. Hamous says:
    SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 AT 5:27 PM
    So the Gulf of Mexico is one giant pressure cooker now?

    Apparently, yes.

    For some reason that can only be explained by Global Warming, sea water near the Equator is getting warm—-in August of all times—-

  17. Apparently, yes.

    For some reason that can only be explained by Global Warming, sea water near the Equator is getting warm—-in August of all times—-

    You forgot, Halliburton,……You’re welcome….

  18. Shannon says:
    SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 AT 6:20 PM
    Christmas 1975 at Guy’s place. I don’t think anyone was feeling any pain. Steve Earle and Rodney Crowell not the least.

    A little while later Commie Steve does the best rendition of his best song.


    Today, I resisted a very strong temptation. On Friday we moved from out palatial vacation cabin to another location in Wimberly owned by the same guy (it was reserved for the weekend). It was a little artsy fartsy motel type place called “Hotel Flora and Fauna”. It was the kind of place attractive to Austin Hipsters with an 8 foot tall wall a the the front of a courtyard with rooms on three sides with mural featuring wildlife painted across the fence and modern style architechture and welded yard art all over the place. One of the nice things about the room was that it had a turn table and some vinyl albums—Linda Ronstadts greatest hits principal among them. What tempted me so was the autographed copy of “Chinaberry Sidewalks”, Rodney Crowell’s autobiography. Its still there. Room 12 if anyone’s spirit of Larceny is higher than mine.

  19. Heh.

    Subject: Re: Storm

    Dude, the US is about to get hit by two catastrophic hurricanes in ten days. Get real. The weather certainly is.

  20. Wait, a turntable in a motel? When I found mine in storage and replaced the belt my son watched and asked ‘What is that’.

  21. The last time Sarge saw a turntable in a motel room it was actually the bed.
    Near the Main Gate.
    50 bucks for two hours.

  22. I have driven through horrendous weather and flooded streets, across a town as Mother Nature destroyed it, and was tempted to my very moral limit.

    But at least this didn’t happen to me, and for that I shall be eternally grateful.

    You know its got to be good, because it starts out this way:

    “We had a lovely evening, and enjoyed each other’s company very much.

    “After our meal, we repaired back to my house for a bottle of wine and a scientology documentary.

  23. Speaking of hurricanes, I am always amazed at the run on bottled water. I heard Rush talking about that strange thing in the kitchen sink called a faucet. It can be used to fill up bottles and such instead of the stampede for the stores.

    OH5 heard me cheering.

  24. Heard Rush too. But you need containers suitable for potable water. I fill the bathtubs with water to flush the commode.

  25. #58 Shannon

    You didn’t know Super Dave had a cooking show, did ya?

    Not sure how I should take that, but, being the Redneck that I am, I’ll take it as a complement. 😀

  26. Shannon says:
    SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 AT 8:12 PM
    And the moral of that story is, flush first?

    I think its don’t date a Chinese girl named She Flung Poo

  27. #60

    I don’t think Hamous will go for your microwave birthday cake.

    Whew, that’s a relief. I haven’t bought a bag of flour in about 20 yrs.

  28. I save some of the plastic bottles that I buy 12 packs of green tea in, and reuse them a few times to make Crystal Lite drinks, before eventually a final rinse and into the recycling bin. Well, a few days before Houston got its big rain, I filled about 10 bottles with tap water and put them in the freezer. I was thinking that would help when we lost power, but we never did. And that if we had no drinking water, we could set a bottle of ice out and let it melt into drinking water. Of course, I also had several gallon jugs of water in the fridge. That’s the water I normally drink, after it has gotten cold and the chlorine has outgassed.

  29. I watched “American Horror Story” on Fx tonight. The whole world reads like an Onion story so I don’t know what’s serious or not anymore. But it was funny either way. The story starts out on election night as Trump wins. There’s a lesbian couple watching the returns with a liberal Asian couple. One of the lesbians starts freaking out, saying she wouldn’t believe it until Rachael Maddow said it. The Asian guy says something about Trump outlawing homosexual murridges. Switch to another couple, a guy with blue hair who is a Trump supporter and BSC of course. His girlfriend is a Hillary supporter who’s talking to another girl on the phone wondering if she gets pregnant where is she going to get an abortion. Then she starts whining because CNN didn’t give her a trigger warning before they announced the election results. Meanwhile, the boyfriend grinds up a bag of cheetos in the blender and pastes them on his face. Then it gets good. Trump’s election triggers the crazy lesbian’s coulrophobia. She starts seeing creepy clowns everywhere. Skating down the aisles in the grocery store, having sex in the produce section, masterbating in her kitchen. The non-crazy lesbian is whining because the crazy lesbian won’t have sex with her. Then the Asian couple gets murdered by clowns I think. It looks like its going to be some right wing conspiracy masterminded by the crazy blue haired cheeto-faced Trump supporter to drive queers and minorities insane.

    All-in-all one of the weirdest shows I’ve seen since I watched that freaky movie recommended by El Gordo with Rod Stieger as “Joy Boy”.

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