Weekend Labor Day Open Comments

Statue of Lenin being removed, Berlin, 1991

President Grover Cleveland finally agreed to formally declare a Labor Day holiday in September after the violent and deadly 1894 Pullman strike in Chicago.  Cleveland insisted on a September date rather than May 1st favored by the labor movement.  The first day in May was already celebrated around the world as International Workers’ Day, a communist inspired holiday chosen to commemorate the “Antifa” of the era, the labor union anarchists who blew up seven police officers and four civilians in London during the Haymarket Affair of 1886.

The actors, the venues and the costumes change, but there is nothing really new in history.  The stupid and violent will always be with us.

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161 thoughts on “Weekend Labor Day Open Comments

  1. As I posted earlier;
    Hey, It’s the weekend!….What in the HE!! am I doing up so early? I woke up about 4:30 and couldn’t sleep then decided to make a wildlife run on the old Mule. I only saw a coon down by the creek and a bunzy on the backside of the little pasture across the road.
    Oh, and I was scanning through the AM band looking for a clear channel blowtorch since I could depend on the Skip Effect, before day and the dial stopped on 740, so I wondered what station it might be and dang if wasn’t 740 KTRH over in Houston. I, of course picked up WLS, Chicago and WWL, New Orleans.

  2. It seems like some “progressives” are starting to realize that identity politics is a loser for them. For all the wrong reasons of course, but some of them recognize it isn’t working. I have no doubt they will be devoured by the boutique grievance industry before any changes can be made. I think that’s a good thing. Their sick ideology will slide further into irrelevance.

  3. From last night:
    #97 phil says:

    SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 AT 11:20 PM
    It’s kind of been in the back of my mind but …

    We had the solar eclipse on 8/21, then Harvey rapidly developed, and basically from it’s own remnants, off the Yucatan Peninsula into a Cat 4 and made landfall on Aug 24th.

    Eerily strange, no?

    So what did you conclude, phil? The Mayan sun god decided to punish Texas because we want a yuge wall on our southern border?

  4. Been watching Fox26 a little this morning and some agitator, disguised as a journalist, is down at the George R Brown trolling folks with his leading “what would ask the president to do” questions while trying to get his desired bash Trump answers.

    The proverbial snake’s belly is high ground compared to these “reporters.”

    Had to turn the channel.

  5. I have this guy who I hire to do back breaking work around my house. He’s always borrowing 20 or 30 bucks and is always in the red to me for up to 100.

    Today is payback day.

    Hee hee. 🙂

    He’s been picking up limbs, large and small, for an hour and a half so I can – hopefully – mow some wet grass later.

  6. I beeped him Over Yonder to see what is up. He’s been posting there through the Weather Event of the Century, so I know they aren’t flooded out.

  7. Also just over to check on ST. Her daughter and many of her closest friends have been chewing her out for not letting them know if she is Ok. She says she has been helping flooded friends in her neighborhood, but she herself is fine. Her cajun BF is with her and presumably making sure she eats and takes care of herself.

  8. Tomorrow is Handsome Son’s birthday. His actual birth day was on Labor Day. It was quite appropriate, after 25 1/2 hours of labor.

    Hubby and MIL should be back by then, so I’m planning on having a dinner for him. His SO will probably be working, dangit.

    It’ll be nice to have something to celebrate.

  9. Squawks:

    We are okay. I am just taking a rest from all things social media. Messing with pictures and just taking it easy.

  10. I headed out to the local, booming metropolis about 10:20 and as I backed out of the driveway a big doe eased across heading towards the house about 50 yards to the west. I grabbed my camera but she never slowed down, not in a hurry but not milling about either. I walked down to the trail that is just west of the driveway to the tractor shed but she was lost in the underbrush.

  11. We are okay. I am just taking a rest from all things social media. Messing with pictures and just taking it easy.

    We’re just a blog. We don’t rate as “social media” or his presence.

    Thats alright. We’ve got long memories.

  12. So what did you conclude, phil? The Mayan sun god decided to punish Texas because we want a yuge wall on our southern border?

    No my thoughts were more of the Sun/moon and the whole gravitational forces relationship and a solar eclipse occurring three days before Hell Storm hit the Texas coast.

    But if you’d like—my ultimate conclusion was porcupines consist of neither pork nor pine and a catfish won’t purr no matter how much rub its tummy.

    Running song for the day.

    Stay safe. Help a neighbor.

  13. #22
    So never trust the name of a thing? The name will always mislead us? Izzat the take-home lesson?

    Ima just killing time waiting for the garage door opener company to call that the repairman is on the way. Hubs and I have a bet on whether they will replace the side-to-side sensor that didn’t get smashed, as well as the one that did.

  14. We don’t rate as “social media” or his presence.

    Okay. I am just being unsociable.
    /sheesh. so much for trying to be a little tactful.

  15. Lindner For President!

    Fat guy with a brain. Like me !

    I assume y’all heard someone started a crowdfunding site to pay for his next vacation?

  16. Maryland has a football team?

    Horns have gotten so bad that only a team of federal bureaucrats-in-training will play them in a non-conference game?

  17. I thought Maryland had been swallowed up by D.C. and we were down to 49 states.

    Or 53 if you’re Obammy.

  18. Timbo: That is identitarian.

    I got in a fist fight with autocorrect over that one, and still got it wrong. 😀

  19. Okay, okay…

    Of the 10 players suspended for at least Florida’s opener against Michigan, nine are reportedly connected to the misuse of scholarship money in general and, specifically, for making improper charges on their student IDs at the school bookstore and then selling those items for cash.

  20. So maybe Tom Harman isn’t the Messiah after all?

    Help, help. There’s a new wave of flood waters coming down 290 as Austin is shedding teasip tears.

  21. I don’t know if y’all watch the talent shows, but there’s one clip on Youtube that just gets to me. It’s an X-factor/Britain week 1 audition, and there’s one guy named Josh who sang a rendition of “Jealous,” interpreting it as his best buddy in Heaven not missing him.

    I can’t see it without crying. Simon was so moved that he couldn’t say anything and practically ran out of the studio in tears. You can tell everyone was moved by that song.

  22. Please take a look at this 3-day flood progression and tell me the name of the channelized bayou, and the name of the street that crosses it on that bridge. No prize involved, not a contest, I simply do not recognize this.

  23. Appropriate for the end of this brutal week, tonight my brother-in-law and I sang It Is Well With My Soul.

    We only had time to rehearse one verse, one time through.

    When the piano began to play the opening, I very uncharacteristically relaxed and the duet came off as well as we’ll ever do it.

    You could hear a pin drop at the end. And I managed to finish it without blubbering.

    It was one of those very special moments that comes along only rarely.

    If you don’t know the story behind the song, see here:


  24. Squawkie’s wife BSue who works at TMC has identified it as bridge on Cambridge St over Bray’s Bayou. I’ve never seen that “back side” of TMC, I have only been to buildings and hospitals on Main or Fannin. Thanks for the help.

  25. I’ve had no access to YouTube since Harvey hit Rockport. I thought it was because I had updated my phone. I have deleted and downloaded the app six or seven times.

    Tonight on the way from church I did it again.
    It worked.


    YouTube is my source for music as opposed to the hundred other sources. I was getting pretty damn agitated over the whole thing.

    One of these days I suppose I should try one of the others. When I was tied to a desk I really enjoyed Pandora.

  26. #53 – Yep Brays it is!

    Now our Brother Rocket seems to be getting moved faster than I can learn the hallway “bread crumbs” & parking garages to find Him.

    But I say that is a good thing – today being Day 31 since he go whacked on his way to help a young HERO.

    next stop therapy in the TIRR

  27. When I was growing up in the ’50s and ’60s, it was always spelled Braes Bayou. There may have been instances where someone used Brays, but the Post and Chronicle used the Scottish spelling back then.

    Here’s history according to Wikipedia:

    The origin of the name Brays Bayou is unclear, and the alternate spellings Braes and Bray’s have been used throughout its history, most prominently in Braeswood Place, a neighborhood which straddles the bayou southwest of Rice University, and Braeswood Boulevard, which runs along the river between Interstate 610 and Texas State Highway 288.

    Braeswood may have originated from the Scottish word brae, for hill or slope. An early settler along Brays Bayou, Henry MacGregor (the namesake of MacGregor Drive in the Third Ward), may have coined the name.[2]

    The name Brays has been used to describe the river since the arrival of the Old Three Hundred at Stephen F. Austin’s colony in the 1820s.[2] In 1822, a man named Bray settled along the bayou, possibly providing its name.[2]

    There’s also Braeburn Country Club.

    Here’s a WSJ article about Meyerland folks considering leaving the area and whether the neighborhoods will be rebuilt like before.

  28. El Gordo

    Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
    Praise him, all creatures here below;
    Praise him above, ye heav’nly host;
    Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

  29. #67 TP: Do you have any ideas about what can be done for the Meyerland area? Instead of raising all the individual homes, a levee could be built around the community. I’m not sure which would cost more. Deepening and widening Braes Bayou is a naturalish solution. Digging new retention ponds/reservoirs upstream and using those spoils to build the levee around the area? Buy out some of the lowest lying homes in sections and dig big retention ponds where they currently stand is an option to be considered in addition to the above.
    The Fondren area south of 59 tends to flood as well, I wonder how they fared through this event?

  30. 70 BC

    I’m not happy about the American taxpayer having to buy out all these people. I’m really not in favor of the exorbitant federal grant program they were using in Meyerland to raise individual homes eight feet to avoid flooding. Can you imagine the cost for thousands of concrete slab homes ? It’s mind-boggling.

    I don’t really have any ready answers for this.

  31. Morning, chickadees. Enjoyed a normal Sunday morning when my HouChron had been delivered onto dry grass, and Hubs fetched it in and scanned and enlarged and printed me the Sunday Sudoku, which I worked while waking up with my big Sunday coffee cup.

    Weather prediction for today had looked like rain in my zip code, but I’m glad to see that has gone away. I wasn’t ready to see more water falling from the sky just yet.

  32. This beef situation is getting out of hand.

    A 3/4lb. tough old Chuck Steak, $5.00?

    A Chuck Steak, for petes sake.

  33. I think raising the houses individually is not a viable answer; too expensive and too time consuming. Any way it gets sliced, trying to save that neighborhood is going to cost a lot of money and so is buying out the residents if the hood is going to be condemned.

  34. This unseasonably cool weather the last week has started shutting down my flowerbeds. We usually have our flowers last until the end of September. The asters that bloom in the fall have already budded out.

    Looks like an early winter, dammit.

  35. Here’s an idea. Give Meyerland area a good leaving alone. Keep government out of it and let the market decide what to do with it. Just my $.02.

  36. #76

    Kind of my thoughts. Make it widely known there will be no more assistance in the areas deemed to flood at an agreed upon level of rainfall/ flood level. Seems that already happens in some cases.

    What are the new flood plains? In three years we have had two 500 yr floods and one 800 yr. Is this the new normal? After the last one I told my wife, for this part of the world anyway, that I wouldn’t be concerned buying a home flooded in the last two storms unless it also flooded in ’94. Now I don’t know what the benchmark should be.

  37. I heard mention of another reservoir/ dam above Addicks/ Barker reservoirs. Seems that would be feasible, to my simple mind anyway. Not sure what all areas that would help.

  38. Problem is, how do you create a reservoir? You flood someone else’s property, right? How is that fair? Now I don’t deny that a lot of flood control work, levees, and the like have been an economic boon to the area, but sooner or later you have to face the fact that mother nature will always win. BTW, what about that hurricane gate to close off Galveston Bay when the hurricane comes. How well would that have worked? Get government the heck out of the way…and stay out.

  39. 76 EG

    Keep government out of it and let the market decide what to do with it.

    Those libertarian notions are almost sentimentally quaint. That train left the station a long time ago.

    Meyerland has 2,300 homes with a median value of $420,000. Just the median cumulative value is almost one billion dollars. The actual total value is probably in the 1.5 billion range.

    Take those valuations off the tax base and City of Houston and Harris County bonds become junk. The debt service expenses skyrocket. HISD will be in big trouble. These are just some of the reasons governmental agencies have an intense and vested interest in those neighborhoods.

    I don’t have to like it, but I realize what the realities are.

  40. If the municipal bonds are at such risk, then they are junk anyway. HISD is worthless as an educational facility with over 90% fail on standardized tests. If things are this dependent upon Meyerland, they are in horrible shape. So, spend money to make money? I said to let the market take care of it, not to abandon it. Let the market determine its value, proper use, etc.

  41. The guy who bought the Lawrence Marshall property in Hempstead opened it up for the National Guard to stage there. Some friends of mine are over there cooking for them this afternoon.

  42. At some point you have to cut your losses. Also, a little due diligence should be in order before you buy any property and decide what level of risk you’re willing to accept.

    I bought my house in 1990. It was built in 1939. I did a lot of research and discovered that no houses in this neighborhood had ever flooded. Since then, we have had at least 10 100 year floods, two 500 year floods and now an 800 year flood (I didn’t know this one got upgraded). 110 tropical systems of varying degrees have struck Texas during my house’s lifetime. In all these deluged over the last 27 years the water has never gotten within four feet elevation of flooding my house. Even if it was on a slab (it’s pier-and-beam) it would have never gotten within two feet. I’m fairly confident I won’t flood.

    Brays Bayou and Meyerland were notorious for flooding when I moved here in 1981. Nothing has changed. Sims Bayou was another one. A decade+ ago the HCFCD started widening the bayou and adding retention zones in areas where some government agency had bought up perpetually flooding homes. That seems to have decreased the number of flooded homes drastically during recent floods.

    Is that an answer? I don’t know. Like El Gordo, I am loath to suggest spending my tax dollars to buy out such properties. By the same token I hate my insurance rates continuously going up to subsidize rebuilding in areas where we KNOW the same houses will flood again and again. Tough love may have to be the answer. Insurance companies may just have to refuse coverage for such areas. Build all you want but you’re on your own.

  43. #83

    Wow, that is neat. He needs to put that ginormous American flag back up if it is not still flying.

    I remember years ago running on Hwy 6, I looked up and an eighteen wheeler was on the 290 exit over pass, as it passed in front of the flag it showed how yuge it was. It dwarfed the truck, you could have stacked another on top of it and the flag would still have been larger.

  44. Yikes. I just realized our (Fay’s) Handicap Placards expire this month.

    I use them occasionally when my back gets really bad.

    So shoot me.

    Fay’s drivers license expires also. That’s going to be interesting, taking her into DPS for renewal….barely walking with a cane. I assume they’ll renew it as long as she passes the eye test.

    She’ll probably never drive again but not having a license in your wallet is a landmark no one wants in their rear view mirror.

  45. #84

    I agree, flood insurance should be denied and FEMA needs to deny assistance as well. Broadcast it to the masses, make sure it is widely known you buy, it’s your baby.

  46. About 100 yds behind the house is a circle of ancient Pecan trees which I mow under. It’s the only large patch of St. Augustine that I mow. I call it Max’s Park. Those trees survived just fine.

    But on the way to Max’s park was what had to be the oldest Pecan tree for miles around. 8 – 10 feet diameter at the base.

    A nice tree already when Sam Houston rode by.

    The saturated ground released this magnificent tree and it just leaned right over during Hurricane Harvey.

    Pretty depressing.

    Oh well, now that the dew may possibly dried, I’m off to start mowing.

    Instead of 2.5 hours, I figure it will take 4 or more.

  47. #84, 88 et al: I agree that the process of continuing to rebuild at others expense has to end. I don’t want the rug jerked out without warning, however, there needs to be notice that there is only one more bite at the apple. If there is not going to be a federal, state, city and local partnership in a large scale project to mitigate flooding to the area (levee around the hood, deepening/widening the bayou, upstream retention areas or combination thereof) then a last bite option needs to be extended. In most of the cases the houses were bought long before this 3 year string of disasters and that was with the understanding that flood insurance could be obtained. It should also be noted that this last event dumped a record amount of rainfall, not just for the city but for the country.

  48. Shannon, is the trunk solid? If yes, it would be a tragedy to let all that wood not be recycled into something else other than firewood.

  49. Texpat
    Excellent observation in the OC story.

    The actors, the venues and the costumes change, but there is nothing really new in history. The stupid and violent will always be with us.

    And to show how spot on you are. In Pyongyang NK, The images of Lenin and Marx once adorned the walls of Kin il Sung square as did the Russian Hammer and Sickle. English and NK versions of why the pictures were up differ like night and day sorta. English sources say it is because Sung embraced Marx/Lenin Socialism then Communism. While that is basically true Sung was honored that Russia (Stalin) supported North Korea during the police action (it was not a war [cough, cough]). Russia fell into disfavor with Kim Jong Un aka the pot bellied pig, early in his career when Russia signed on to UN sanctions. Un decided to take down all Russian pictures and symbols because North Korea followed the Juche (self dependence) ideal so they did not need the communist influence. Ummmmm Juche is communism but why split hairs. Even among other communists Lenin has fallen out of favor.

  50. I had one sad closet in which paper products in cellophane wrappers were stored right on the floor. I have managed to get those soggy bundles out to the back yard. Let them drain a while and hopefully get smaller and lighter before they go into the trash bin for the next pickup.

  51. Not surprised! Have you ever seen a 12-roll package of paper towels, still encased in cellophane, soak up some water? Well, of course you haven’t! And no, you prolly don’t ever want to see that.

  52. Have you ever seen a 12-roll package of paper towels, still encased in cellophane, soak up some water?

    Like oversized tampons. Of course we don’t want to see that. 😉

  53. I am NOT going to embarrass myself by posting a pic of the stuff I have “drying out” in my back yard!

  54. But but but I WANNA SEE. Puhlease? I said please. My Momma said if I said please I would usually get what I want. You are surely not gonna prove my momma wrong are you?

  55. Where the HE!! is ole Dave?
    Well, it’s fair and cool here in Alexandria, LA, 67 degrees.
    Mornin’ Gang

  56. Being that I-10 still has issues in east Texas, I decided that I’d return to Texas the way I came. I also decided that I wouldn’t drive back on Monday since I absolutely have to be at the Rocket Ranch on Tuesday and I getting too old for this. So, I headed out early yesterday, 5 AM, I was planning on leaving at 6 AM but I woke up early and lit a shuck. I took US 84 to Evergreen Alabama and the smart thing to do was to stay on it all the way to Archie Louisiana, then on to Alexandria, but my Part Time Daughter posted, over yonder, something about eating Boiled P-Nuts out of a can. A couple of “True Florida Cracker’s” ribbed her for that and I thought that I just had to get her some Bessie’s fine Boiled P-Nuts @ The Stennis Exit, I-10 MS/LA Iine. I got a quart for her, my boy N his wife and I for my wife. This added bout an hour to my trip but was well worth it.
    (Edited per Hamous) 😀

  57. I took US 84 to Evergreen Alabama

    The home town of Grandpappy Hamous.

    I-10 FL/LA Iine

    Is your vehicle equipped with a flux capacitor? Because there hasn’t been a FL/LA line since 1810.

  58. 106 Hamous’

    Is your vehicle equipped with a flux capacitor? Because there hasn’t been a FL/LA line since 1810.

    WTH?!?! I guess that the coffee hadn’t kicked in yet

  59. Feeling betrayed by eReps?

  60. I sure wish I could finds some green peanuts in Texas.

    I wish I’d known, brother in law has a couple hundred acres of them.

  61. Our father used to love fresh peanuts. One year I took a burlap bag from Shannon’s harvest out of the field. It was around the Christmas holidays and I was going to Austin to visit Dad and I spent all afternoon and very late into the night roasting one big cookie sheet after another in the oven. I delivered around 25 lbs. of fresh, roasted peanuts to Austin the next day.

  62. Wow, I was out late last night (after 9PM) and forgot about the Aggies playing UCLA. Apparently the Aggies squandered a comfortable 34 point lead and lost the game by one point. Guess they had to lose in more dramatic fashion that the state’s flagship school. One regent already calling to fire the coach. College football rocks.

  63. I wish I’d known, brother in law has a couple hundred acres of them.

    Consider it a standing order for a bushel during peanut season. I’ll drive down, reimburse, and buy you lunch at your choice of bayside dives.

  64. #105 Dave
    So that little trailer is the only place on earth that you can acquire these “boiled peanuts” of which you speak?

  65. Hubby and MIL finally returned last night. It was so late when he got home, and he was so tired, he actually fell asleep in the middle of our conversation.

    He goes to see MIL soon, and I’ve asked for a report on her attitude towards her new cleaned-out kitchen. I’m afraid she’s gonna blow a gasket at all the stuff I discarded.

  66. Ack! Not the weather prediction I wanted to see today. Looks like the projected track for Hurricane Irma has straightened out and could smash Cuba before heading to the Gulf Coast. I wanted that sucka to curve north by Thursday at the latest.

  67. From the comments section on a hurricane Irma thread:

    Marvin McKinney · Austin, Texas

    I stop using platic bags, wipe my but with my hands, and I drive an electric car. Why is it coming towards us?

  68. I’ve been following the Hurricane Irma tracking models fairly close. Bob Henson is the hurricane meteorologist at Weather Underground.

    A better guide to how strong Irma might get is the European global model and the HWRF regional hurricane model, which extends out to 126 hours (just over five days). The HWRF, in particular, has proven to be our most reliable model-based intensity guidance in recent years. The 0Z and 12Z Sunday operational runs of the European model deepen Irma to the 920-930 mb range, and the 0Z, 6Z, and 12Z runs of the HWRF show similar intensities. Even these less-extreme numbers are nothing to sneeze at: they suggest Irma will be a very formidable hurricane.

    The Euro model has Irma running straight up the middle of Florida. East Coast routes seem to be the majority choice. We’re very concerned because we have the Lovely Princessa wedding with 200 people scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 16th. The ceremony and cocktail hour are supposed to be outside.

  69. It looks like we won’t be celebrating Handsome Son’s birthday after all. We couldn’t do it yesterday because Hubby and MIL weren’t home yet. HS called this morning – he is on call this weekend and you can only imagine how many commercial a/c units are toast today. I’m guessing the calls are coming in, now that the property owners are getting into their properties. /sad

  70. Today is BCS’s birthday. I sent a “happy birthday” message. Because I don’t wish her ill, and I really do want her to have a happy birthday, despite her flooded house issues.

    It’s just how I roll.

  71. Quotes of the day:

    “There is not enough alcohol or drugs available that could ever make Manchelle Obama a sex symbol. That would be like dragging your balls across 5 miles of broken glass just to hear Michael Moore fart in a payphone.”

    “Her poor attitude and condescending arrogance is a symbol for abstinence. A person’s charm is what attracts. She is disgusting. Every parent of a horny teenage boy should make certain he has a picture Michelle in his wallet next to the Trojan.”

  72. I had to bring out my BASF (Big Azz Shop Fan) and and one of the house fans by my smoker to clear the love bugs away – they just enjoyed the breeze. So I mixed up some insect stuff in my pump up sprayer and went after ’em. Actually cleared them out enough to give me thirty seconds to put the meat on. My wife got home and suggested a citronella candle, put that on top of the smoker and it is helping.

    Ten percenter problems, I tell ya.

  73. #131 TT
    A delayed birthday celebration will be just as joyous, or maybe even more so, since everyone was scattered out and busy on the “actual day”.

    Ok, never mind.

  74. Dayaam, It’s good to be home! 1716 miles, but it seems like a lot more. Well, I’m off to the car wash to get the 1/2″ layer of love bugs outta’ the grill. Mississippi and Louisiana has cornered the market on the damn thangs!

  75. #111 GJT says:
    September 4, 2017 at 8:41 am

    I was gonna look up Bessie’s address but its a trailer.

    Type this; GJT says:
    September 4, 2017 at 8:41 am

    Type this (30.312770,-89.594000) in Googles maps, that where she’s been for 22 years.

    #105 Dave
    So that little trailer is the only place on earth that you can acquire these “boiled peanuts” of which you speak?

    Oh, you can buy boiled P-Nuts most anywhere in Alabama or Mississippi, but if you want the finest Cajun Spicy ones this the only place

  76. I see that with law enforcement and the National Guard being occupied with hurricane relief and road access to Bellville limited, Texpat is importing foreigners and coming up with a plausible excuse to put them all on a silent train to town and set his plan in motion.

  77. #136, now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are…..But on a somber note it is very true.

  78. Well, I noticed that all of Livingston Texas’ population was at the Whataburger, US 59 US 190 around noon, and now I can say that all of Clear lake is at Car Spa! They keep squawking about the cars being ready since they’re running out of space to park them. FWIW; I tipped the poor Ba$tards that were hand scrubbing the love bugs off my truck, a little extra.

  79. As seen over yonder

    Another life lesson from Harvey: When trying to catch a lost chiahuahua running in traffic on FM 518, wear gloves.


  80. Well, I went to the HOA Labor Day event at the pool. It was only announced yesterday, so was lightly attended. I heard there was an anonymous donor who decided to fund the fried chicken and sodas, as there otherwise were no plans to have it this year. Could be because of 30 of the 280 houses that were still cleaning up. I was probably the only attendee who had gotten any water in the house, but came anyway.

  81. In the end, Sarge is the psycho we always imagined he was.

    Still accusing us of taking over Austin County.


    /Sieg Hiel, baby.

  82. Clear Lakers don’t have car washes.

    They have Car Spas.

    People who work at NASA need a spa for their Rolls.

  83. #152 Shannon, yup, I’m sure that all those Mesicans were real impressed with my 12 year old Chevy. 😉

  84. MIL didn’t make it, but Handsome Son came. He seemed to appreciate the very nice, very large insulated mug I got for him. I figgered with all the overtime he’ll be racking up, a cup to keep his drink cold would be appreciated. Hubby got him some Beaver Nuggets at Buc-ees on his way back into town, and HS appreciated that, too.

    We had a nice visit.

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