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  1. It’s Thursday!
    Well, since the wimps out at the Rocket Ranch are shut down until Tuesday, I’m off to Alabama, getting stir crazy in Casa del Dave.
    Mornin’ Gang

  2. From yesterday;

    #81 mharper42 says:
    August 30, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    Speaking of B42, I saw him comment on Fishie’s page Over Yonder, and I swear it sounded like he is back in H-town.

    He’s been back in Houston for a couple of years.

  3. Have you guys seen what the San Jacinto did at 59 at Humble? Concrete barriers moved completely across the freeway!! No wifi and hardly any data I can’t find an image to link. Looks like the San Jacinto was offended the Brazos keeps being referred as Mighty. 😀

  4. Beaumont water system shut down indefinately, additional evacuations called for this morning near Barker Cypress Reservoir area. Dear Lord, the hits just keep coming, please help these people.

  5. Boss’s wife’s niece who lives in Dickinson got flooded, they had to go into the attic and hatchet through the roof. She is eight months pregnant, already had the baby shower and of course all that stuff is destroyed.

  6. Very light traffic going into work this morning at 6am. For awhile it was looking like it would be just me, a coworker, and one of our clients in our project task force area. I would say the majority of folks trickled in by 8am.

  7. We haven’t worked all week – hard to put in water meters under 2 feet of water, even if the city permit office was open. I don’t know, but I’m assuming, that office got well flooded because of their proximity to Buffalo Bayou. We have no idea when we’ll be able to work again, so that means no money coming in. We’ll have 3 vacancies for a bit, and that’s gonna hurt – as you guys know, this has been one of those vacancy years for us, so property taxes will be difficult to meet in about six months.

    Yep, life will be challenging for a while. But you know what? Our house never flooded, nor did MIL’s house. I’ve had power this whole time. It’s been lonely here, but I have you guys to keep me company, so I haven’t gone stir crazy. I have plenty to keep me busy, if I can just focus, which has been a challenge lately. My Lord loves me.

    Life is good.

  8. All shop and office people here and working, only one field tech available, the other two are not flooded but still stranded. Can’t get to any of the jobs open yet anyhow. UPS says they don’t know when we can expect shipments we had on order. They said pick different terminal to ship to for future orders? I don’t even know how you do that, closest zip showing in operation is Navasota. We don’t have any new orders to make yet, we will have to see how Fed Ex is doing. We need the parts UPS has.

    At least the guy that smirked at us last week about possible delay of his parts dependent on the storm (storm?? ain’t gonna be no storm!) got showed.

  9. A lady at my church posted on FB that she was going to order supplies online and have them delivered to her sister in Temple. They would then meet somewhere in between. I can’t see how that would work too well for a business.

  10. Along the same lines I will probably have to order the pump for my washing machine from a local supplier since I have no idea when FedEx, UPS, or US mail will resume.

  11. Out of 90 people at work we have five people whose houses flooded. Two of them also lost their cars.

    I don’t know the exact number here, but I think the ratio is pretty close.

    Our house was fine throughout – Willowbrook Mall area 249 and BW8.

    3 friends who I know who don’t have it so good:

    1 guy (a drummer I used to jam with) and family on TC Jester just N of 1960 had several feet of water in their house. He had a problem to a lesser degree with the tax day flood so I suspect now they won’t return to that place.

    1 lady who lives on the perimeter of the Addicks / Barker reservoirs – y’all know the story there.

    1 longtime family friend who lives in Silsbee, TX – property backs up to Village Creek. She and her husband were rescued by boat yesterday and are safe and dry now but as of the last pic I saw the water was up to their roof line and it was still raining.

  12. Dallas is pleasant this morning, low 60’s, dry and sunny (or at least as pleasant as Dallas can be). Yesterday’s drive through all the little towns had people raising funds, collecting goods, and loading trucks for delivery to flood victims – every little bit helps. I’m still impressed with people taking care of people. It will be a shame when government comes in and tries to take over. If government will just send money and stay the heck out of the way it will speed the recovery effort immensely. Have a great day you all, and get that pressure washer up and running.

  13. Am I the onlyiest Hamster that got even 1″ of water in the house? Well, I guess Adee and Sarge may not know how they fared till they get back.

    One of the unusual results for me has been a peace truce between my 12 y.o.cat Millie and the other 4 cats. The disruption that resulted from keeping foster cat Gypsy’s son Lynx caused the 3 10-y.o. cats to pick on Millie. I ended up having her live in solitude in my bedroom. But now everyone is getting along again.

  14. We need to get the Legislature back in special session to pass a law allowing anyone to punch a hollering reporter in the mouth during a press conference.

  15. Ole Miss students traumatized by a banana peel in a tree.

    “The overall tone was heavy. I mean, we were talking about race in Mississippi and in the Greek community so there’s a lot involved,” McNeil recalled, later adding that she and her friend were “all just sort of paranoid for a second” after spotting the banana.

    After word of the banana spread throughout the retreat, leaders decided to end the event early. Arndt explained that she “felt it was imperative to provide space immediately to students affected by this incident.”

    According to The DM, some students left the retreat in tears, with McNeil noting that they “didn’t feel welcome” and “didn’t feel safe.”

    Dude was eating a banana. Couldn’t find a trash can for the peel. Basically said, “Meh.” and threw it into the air, whereupon it landed in said tree. Freaking out and several cases of The Vapors ensued.

  16. FOX News, both local and national are reporting on the “mishap” at the Arkema chemical plant in Crosby. This place makes organic liquid hydrogen peroxide. It is required to be stored in refrigerated tanks. They lost main power and the 3 back-up systems. One of the 9 containers is having the pressure valves release due to decomposition and there is fire. They anticipate the remaining 8 to do the same.
    [edit] Perhaps Hamous or one of the other chemical wizards on the page could describe better what is going on and the hazard potential.

  17. Organic peroxides can become notoriously explosive. Decomposition can begin at room temperature. Once that starts it’s only a matter of time before it spontaneously asplodes.

  18. Once that starts it’s only a matter of time before it spontaneously asplodes.

    Without the previous sentences, this could have been the MSM meltdown over Melania’s choice of footwear heading out to her flight to Texas.

  19. #19 Hamous: Are you familiar with the Arkem plant in Crosby? What are the odds that big bangs are going to happen?

  20. What are the odds that big bangs are going to happen?

    Without refrigeration? Odds don’t come into play. Chances are 100%. Part of their emergency action plan is to notify all authorities that there WILL be explosions. There’s a no-fly zone imposed around the facility.

  21. TexMo, I don’t know if you are price shopping or availability/accessibility is your priority but I’ve had great luck price wise at Worthley’s here in Tomball and Benchmarks Parts on Louetta at Champion Forest.

  22. I’m trying to figure out what to fix for dinner – for MIL. I have plans to cook up some casserole dishes to take down and put into her frig/freezer for her, so she doesn’t have to cook when she comes home. They’ll be back in a few days, and I’m sure she’ll be tired.

    She loves her carbs, so I’m sure I can do something with some noodles. Lasagna, maybe. Special mac & cheese dishes. Maybe something cauliflower based. Chicken, cheese. Maybe make a pot roast and put some sides together for her.

    I do have a store nearby that’s been open, so I guess it’s time to make plans and go shopping.

  23. We’ve been monitoring conditions at the mini-compound through NextDoor, which I’m finding indispensable. So far, no water in our street. Through an accident of topography, the houses closest to the river are on the highest spot of ground, and our street is right at the crest of the rise. We were dry last year when the river got to 54.7 feet, and now they’re saying it will get to 56, which might put water in the street, but not the house. That being said, we’re going to extend our stay here another day or two as the rest of the subdivision is under water and they’ve shut off the sewage lift station. God has blessed us, but so many other neighbors are suffering.

    The next situation to overcome is work. The office is near Clay and Hwy 6 and there was 4″ of water in the building yesterday. Boss waded in to make sure the computers were off the floor, but couldn’t get any out of there. That’s important so that he and I can work from home as neither of us has computers new enough to handle the client’s software. He’s taking his kayak in today to see what he can do.

  24. #24 Hamous: Way back, when I was in my 20s some friends and I were out at the deer lease consuming copious amounts of beer. There was a campfire. In our brilliance we decided to conduct an experiment: we placed 2 unopend beers, one in glass, the other canned directly in the fire. The can blew first but not very spectaturally just a leak, then a spew then the top lifted a bit. The bottle was different, it started to leak around the cap, then more then the bottle asploded. I am guessing it is because the fire started to weaken the glass as the pressure was building inside. Is this what is going to happen to those tanks in Crosby?

    I guess it could be said that I had a rather colorful childhood.

  25. Sarge, here’s hoping your abode escapes the rising waters. Your story of the kayak and the computers wins the #Harvey tale for the ages, as far as I’m concerned.

  26. Well, I’m pole vaulting across cental Louisiana, en-route to Alabama, I had to go slam to Huntsville to get around the Trinity River. LA 28 is a nice road, 4 lane a lot of the way but no traffic. 😉

  27. Bones there is no telling what the weakest link is in their design at that plant. Relief valves are the last line of defense to protect ASME stamped pressure vessels. It is darn near impossible to design a relief valve for something that could be subjected to a runaway reaction which a decomposition reaction would certainly fall into. Sometimes they will use a rupture disk because it will react faster than a relief valve. Relief valves and rupture disks are typically routed to a flare system. When TSHTF for certain substances/reactions, an explosion hatch will be provided. Think of something the size of a door that will blow out in a “safe” direction to relieve the pressure and attempt to save as much of the plant as possible.

    Check out a video on this commercially available software’s site called Phast. This program can perform dispersion modeling to see which direction a vapor cloud will go if there is a release. It can model liquid releases for pool fires. There are a couple of people at my company that can run this software.

  28. Another in my long line of former jobs: in 1967, I was a lab tech at Reichhold Chemicals in Austin, manufacturer of peroxides sold as accelerants for polymers. Most customers were small fiberglass boat manufacturers like Glastron, also in Austin. (I worked there, too, for a couple of weeks, but didn’t like it.) The benzoyl peroxide was a granular solid packaged in sacks that looked like Weed n Feed. Those sacks were stored in subsurface buildings that had the roof just a few feet above ground level. Theory was if the building blew up, it would go straight up, then fall mostly straight back down. (I doubt if Austin still permits such lackadaisical storage of hazardous chemicals.)

    Bizarrely, a decade later, benzoyl peroxide was selling like gangbusters as an acne cream.

  29. GJT, availability/accessibility won out. The online parts dealer had it for $80. The local store, 1st Source on Westpark, had it for $110. I’ve already been a week without a washing machine so I’ll splurge this time.

  30. #37 Another thing that Phast program will do is calculate the overpressure created by an explosion (as seen by the circle radiating outward from the blast in the video). That way you can design the buildings around it to withstand the overpressure or better yet you can be proactive in facilities sighting and not put an occupied building so close to a potential source.

  31. Well, I’ve got a big Mexican bean casserole cooking. When it’s done I’ll let it cool and divvy it up into some containers I purchased for MIL. I have four breakfast scrambles done for her, ready to go.

    I bought stuff for more, but she has limited space, in her body and in her frig, so I better stop. I’ve been known for runaway cooking before.

  32. #38

    Well, if I had your kinda money I’d do it to. 😀 You’d probly go thru 30 bucks in quarters waiting for UPS/FedEx.

    Tracking one box we need that was ordered last week, it has bounced around everywhere ending up in Dallas/Ft Worth twice now. We were laughing they probably don’t have space to hold it so they keep putting it on a truck lol.

    Anyway our suppliers are holding shipments coming down here until UPS/Fed/Ex say it’s clear. Oddly enough one of the boss’s orders for his keyless ignition//GPS biz to Hong Kong did arrive today via the evil DHL.

  33. TT, remind me where your husband and his mother are, they’ve been away for that car show so long I lost track of where they got stranded. it is just so good of you to be getting all this done for making her life easier when she gets home.

  34. I dropped off mail at a local post office, and found a worker emptying the outside drop box. I don’t know if my zip code has delivery yet, though – it’s actually further away.

  35. #42

    TT, remind me where your husband and his mother are, they’ve been away for that car show so long I lost track of where they got stranded.

    They had gone to Eureka Springs for a car show, and got stranded in Longview. Longview was where MIL ran out of meds and I had to go through the rigamarole with the pharmacy refills. Since there’s such chaos on the roads, they’ve decided to go to Austin to see BIL there, then attend a car show in San Antonio. By Sunday, they’ll be headed back home.

    Right now, they are en route to Austin.

  36. Hubby just reminded me that MIL was without power for about 3 days…I need to go empty her frig and I guess I can cook more food to stash in her freezer now.

  37. I finally get to Uber and Lyft drive again. Both had suspended all driver’s accounts until yesterday. Uber is even paying for all rides to and from homeless shelters. That pretty much means they’ll charge nothing for these specific riders but still pay the drivers the same amount out of their own pocket. Very cool. My first two rides yesterday were for people who had their cars flooded. Very unfortunate. We’ve been blessed with a dry house, power and internet The whole time except for a few short brown outs. I can only stay in the Spring and Woodlans areas as going southward for me is pretty much impassable.

    Like clockwork the Mormons are out cleaning homes. Niki and the kids have helped out for day two so far. Niki gets very depressed in seeing the lose people have experienced. They helped a widowed lady today. She gave Breelahn a Bonzai tree for thanks. That was very nice of her.

    It looks like folks here at Hammy’s site are OK for the most part. I am very happy for that. God speed to you all.

  38. Sam’s on West at 290 is open. I got the first whole strip loin off the truck. They did not have any ribeyes, whole or otherwise, or I would have gotten that instead. Lots of food available there.

  39. I went to Kroger’s today and there were empty spaces in the produce and dairy shelves. I’m assuming there were some light spots elsewhere, and they had signs up saying that their warehouses were under a lot of stress right now.

  40. Everybody creating panic about gas shortages, causing everyone to needlessly fill up everything they own again. Of course making the problem worse. I got gas, cause I was on ‘E’!, no problem. Dang FB.

  41. Hit and miss, the local HEB had pet food which is a mixed blessing. At least the cat will have something to eat before my starved carcass goes stale.

    They had a couple of frozen turkeys. So Thanksgiving this weekend it will be. They also had a full stock of most of the beer brands. They were completely out of water but plenty of beer. Not sure if this means water is in more demand or the beer guys restock faster. Already have plenty of water, so nice to see the latter is available.

  42. Well, I rolled in about 7:15, 13 hours 15 minutes, 822 miles, and dayaam, I’m Tarred. After a few detours, to get around the dang San Jacinto River, I headed up 45 to Huntsville, took 190 to Jasper, 63 to Leesville LA, then 28 through Alexandria and Tee-boned into US 84 about 10 miles east of Jonesville. After that it was 84 all the way to Opp Alabama, then pig trails through New Brockton on to the farm house. Not a bad drive really after I got of 45, and scenic in a lot of places.

  43. Oh and I met a convoy of Serve Pro trucks from Kansas?, crossing the Sabine River just outside of Leesville. I told the Boy the other day that they’d be sending them from all over the country.

  44. I went to Krogers earlier to get some supplies to cook some food for MIL for when she got back. I had to clean out her refrigerator, since she lost power for 3 days and none of her refrigerated food was safe. I purchased some meat items and shredded cheese, among other things, but couldn’t find them when I unloaded the groceries.

    I went back to the store and asked the cashier if I’d left them behind. A nearby assistant manager asked for my receipt and then called another manager. He said they may have restocked the items already, and told me to get replacements. I did so, checked in with the assistant manager as per my instructions, and left with the new items.

    After I fixed a couple of dishes and divvied them up into containers, I took them down MIL’s house and cleaned out her frig and freezer. After a few hours, I came back home to find the meat packages open (and somewhat empty) on the ground.

    I’m guessing the wissing neighbor’s dogs must’ve grabbed the bag without me realizing and helped themselves to a free meal or two or three while I was gone. Wissed me off.

    I sat down and wrote a note to Krogers, explaining what happened, and included enough cash to cover the cost of the items they replaced for me earlier. It’s not their fault I lost the food after leaving the store. I even found the same assistant manager that had helped me earlier, and gave the sealed envelope to her.

    I feel so much better. That would’ve chewed on my conscience if I hadn’t reimbursed the money.

  45. I just finished off a pint of Cajun Boiled P-Nuts, imported from Mississippi, dang they were good! 😀

  46. #56
    Davey, I read your sentence up to “just finished off a pint” — and felt a yuuuuge craving for some Blue Bell. I’ll try to rustle some up tomorrow. 🙂

  47. Funny that you should say, after the P-Nuts, I found some Eddy’s? Double Fudge Brownie ice cream in the fridge, that someone left, it was tolerable, but not Blue Bell. Beer and Blue Bell, a man’s gotta’ have his priorities straight. 🙂
    Oh, and in my defense, I missed supper. 😉

  48. Iron Mary and I are just about to kill this dang blog.
    I guess I’ll call it a night, as usual, I’m wore slam out but still wired after the long drive sometimes when I get here I stay up until midnight, and I NEVER do that.

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