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  1. Good morning Hamsters. Mugly 77 at 6 with a slight breeze lightly swaying the flag on the front porch. The dog days of August are upon us, though we aren’t quite at the it’s all downhill to the first cool/cold front point. The end of August probably is that point.

    The sign above covers everything.

  2. No skunk report this morning as it remains at large. One of the local cats is apparently not too happy with me. I opened the trap to release him and he took off running out into the wilds faster than I have ever seen a cat run. You would think he would appreciate me turning him loose. Still reviewing today’s TODO list. The only thing on it so far is painting, but if I study it long enough, maybe something else will pop up. You all have a great weekend now. I’m really jealous that you Houston area folks can have your own private Uber driver on call – it just doesn’t get any better than that.

  3. In their August outlook update released Wednesday, NOAA forecasters said there is a high chance โ€“ 60 percent โ€“ of an above-average hurricane season, with 14 to 19 named storms expected throughout the season.

    Tropical storms Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Don and Emily, and Hurricane Franklin โ€“ all of which have already occurred โ€“ are included in the seasonal forecast numbers in the outlook.

    Apparently Captain Obvious works for NOAA now. “We’re counting them because they happened.”

  4. Just because there hasn’t been a killer hurricane in several years now, you should know that the very next one will probably kill everyone residing in the coastal plains. And now that we are just near the half-way mark with nothing to report, that only means that the really devastating one is still building up out there undetected somewhere, just waiting until the most opportune moment to spring into action. You must be afraid all the time. Without fear, how is the government going to protect you. Put another way, if you are not afraid, why would you need government? Yes, you must fear weather, thugs, traffic, disease, pestilence, EMT’s, radio waves, space aliens, ISIS, President Trump, the coming eclipse, etc. Go inside, lock your door, put your head under your pillow. But what about that monster that lives under your bed and comes out while you are sleeping. Fear, fear, fear…….

  5. Hamous, it’s about time to close it, unfortunately, they need get rid of the 10-12K apartments in the area – but then, where would those go? Woodlands Mall already has 3-6 car breakins daily.(and interior Wdnlds is having more crimes from Houston; but you won’t hear about that) Spring residents are grouping together to try and stop Metro from extending further north. It’s already getting tough there on the east side of 45.

  6. Morning, everyone. Weather.com forecast for my zipcode shows lower daytime highs for a week, starting on Monday. Not 98s, but 90s and 92s. That could make a pleasant week this time of year. I’ll try not to waste it.

  7. Hamous, is this what you’re talking about?
    Greenspoint Mall under contract for redevelopment.

    Greenspoint Mall is under contract to be sold and redeveloped, ending its life as a retail center that has for years lost stores and customers.

    A group of investors with a company called Global Plaza Union have agreed to purchase the property at the intersection of Interstate 45 and Beltway 8 and transform it into some sort of mixed-use development. The group is considering three concepts and declined to specify them before the sale is finalized.

    Reggie Gray, president of the Houston Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce, facilitated the transaction. He expects it to close within the next four months, a due-diligence period that will determine the plan for the project.

  8. Well, I’m off to the Gun Show, wish me luck,….pulling all the “C Notes” out of my billfold. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Saw Lisa Morales and the Blasters at the Mucky Duck last night. Never saw the Blasters live before. Their bass player had one of the most physical styles of playing. How he did not break any strings is interesting to watch, sometimes pulling the A string well above the neck. Fun thing about shows at the Mucky Duck I got to ask him about that. Says he uses GHS brand flat wound strings and seldom breaks any like he did in the old days. The lead guitarist on his Gibson is a magician. Only about 10′ from the stage and he plays with a pick. That was about all I could keep up with.

    Also first time I saw Lisa live, won’t be the last. Her sister was in the audience. Lisa said the duo will tour soon. The few times I have heard her on radio she seemed okay. Live, she is worth the drive to see. Plays and sings well, too.

  10. #10 Hamous

    Now you just know that even hinting that is raaaacccciiiissst talk according to the PCers. They know for a fact that only people of color fled here, that Houston did not open its arms to everyone fleeing Katrina.

    Never mind that we met two white families who fled to relatives in Fulshear from the NOLA area and stayed with trips back home to assess damage to their property and arrange repairs.

    Through our small animal clinic in Richmond we learned of the folks, as one family evacuated here with their 6 dogs who temporarily stayed at the clinic until a client in Rosenberg took all 6 in at her small kennel. Free. One was a senior dog with special meds needs. We donated the vet expenses and the dog food for the duration of the stay that was about 3 months.

    Thus was birthed the St. Francis Fund at the clinic designed for special cases of pets in need of vet care beyond the means of their owners, most of whom are already patients but some are not.

  11. Not sure where our Third Ward crack heads and Kroger cart pushers have gone, but they seem to be gone. The surviving 20s 30s era warehouses where they once dwelled are now upscale lofts. HISD wiped out their largest hold out above Scott St, several blocks of pre-war shanties taken out at once. Gentrification has jumped to the west side of 45. Not moving as fast as a few years ago but still going on. Got condos going up to the south of us now. Bicycles and joggers on Leeland, jogging paths where the train tracks were, .. sometimes I miss the Kroger cart pushers.

  12. Just Phil. A guy sitting next to me said Dave shows up every now and then. It was a sro crowd and the band seemed to enjoy that. They started calling verbals, adding songs after the fixed set. Phil managed one encore but he was looking like he reached his limit.

  13. Still only one grocery store, the Krogers. Most of the Eado high enders have to shop at Gulfgate or West U. So they tell me.

  14. Mandola’s is keeping pace. Frank’s son graduated from UH and is changing the place. Turning it more into an Italian cafe than sandwich deli.

  15. At Chez Harp, we are experimenting with a new toy: a mountable video camera with built-in wi-fi. We watched birds and squirrels at their breakfast on the patio midmorning. The camera can be rotated in all directions, controlled from either my laptop or some computer upstairs. The owner’s manual is atrocious so we don’t know yet how to snap a pic. The default mode seems to be save everything to memory on the camera.

  16. #31 Bones, yes, but the thing about AR’s and AR components, the price runs from cheap to expensive, depending on the manufacturer/quality. The good thing about them is there is so much competition you can pay $500 for a good reliable AR, you can also pay $3500. I did notice a lot of silencers this time and one dealer had a NEW, fully automatic 223. I was naturally puzzled since it’s not legal to sell a full auto weapon made after about 1980, but he explained that since he’s a Class III dealer he can purchase one and only sell it to law enforcement/military. He also explained that he’d not been trying real hard to sell it,…..wink,..wink.

  17. We’re home from a lovely joint birthday dinner celebrating a friend’s and my birthdays a day apart this past week. Went to a relatively new restaurant in Simonton, a crossroads sort of little town west of Fulshear on FM1093 otherwise known as Westheimer way farther east. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good company with old friends and good food, a great combination. Home again with most of mine in a box, as they don’t skimp on portions. It will be great tomorrow.

    PS, we didn’t disclose ages.

  18. Light-Heavyweight Kickboxing World Champion Andrew Tate comes out on Twitter today and says:

    (some explicit language)

    Andrew Tate โœ” @Cobratate
    Thank you for all the love and support. I AM OFFICIALLY A TRANSGENDER WOMAN. This is a VERY important thread.

    Andrew Tate โœ” @Cobratate
    1/ It turns out that my appearance has no bearing on my gender either. So I intend to change the way I look absolutely zero. But I’m a girl

    8:06 AM – Aug 12, 2017
    13 13 Replies 240 240 Retweets 752 752 likes

    and Tate threw this in,

    Andrew Tate โœ” @Cobratate

    10/ I just hope trump does what I’ve done and becomes first ever female president and the left would support him fully.

    8:13 AM – Aug 12, 2017
    16 16 Replies 254 254 Retweets 993 993 likes

    You gotta love it.

  19. I went to “Dubs and Waffles” with Hubby and MIL this morning. Their car club goes to this waffle place – Southwest Waffe Co.? or some such – about once a month or so. It’s a little place that specializes in dishes which feature waffles. I left there to go see Mom, especially since the last two times she was crashed out and I couldn’t wake her up. I swung by and saw BCS’s truck in the driveway, so I just headed out the other exit and went to the gym and did a half mile in the pool then showered. I leisurely headed back and was happy to see BCS was gone and Mom was awake, listening to golf.

    Then I had to listen to accusations that I was still holding onto her stuff. When I pointed out the item she was asking about was in her room, and that the Harpies had packed all of that up, she just said, “Oh, well, whatever.” There were some other veiled accusations. I just sat there and bit my tongue. She was having a hard enough time hearing me, and out of respect to her I wasn’t going to say things to upset her. Her headset for watching TV is having issues, but I certainly didn’t offer to help. Those are toes on which I am not stepping.

    I stayed for a little while, we actually had a conversation of sorts. I made sure her headset was working when I left, kissed her good-bye, told her I loved her, and left her to her golf – which is what she wanted anyway. We have a standing joke not to visit during golf or the news.

    I’m glad I got to see her. I just wished I enjoyed the visits more. When I was caring for her, we used to visit for an hour or more each week. Now, I see her maybe once a month and we can barely talk for 20 minutes. She doesn’t seem terribly interested in my family, so I listen to her describe in detail the lives of the Harpy sisters, then I leave.

    I’m glad I go, but I mourn the change in our relationship. /sigh

  20. Just saw a news story – fifteen (or more) Moroccan teenagers are being treated for rabies.

    ‘cuz that donkey was just too cute to pass up. I didn’t know you could catch rabies from sexual contact.

    One of the comments I saw: “Gives a whole new meaning to ‘getting a piece of a$$’ “.

  21. Famous #2;

    There are still a few stores open at Greenspoint Mall. Macy’s is perhaps the biggest and best known store still running there. A couple of weeks ago I drove past the mall from the Bush Airport and there were at least 20 police cars in the parking lot with their emergency lights on. It was late at night so who knows what happened there?

  22. #35 Bones, you may want to give Battle Rifle Company a call, they can build anything you want, for a price, not sure if you can buy parts. One of the guys that I hunt with has an awesome AR in 223 that he built himself, with help form a friend of his. I asked him what it was worth and he said that he had about $1200 in it but it would cost at least $2500 retail. Timey trigger, chrome barrel, 3 sided picatinny rails, 1.5 X 8, 20 MM, scope and an aim-point mounted @ 45 degrees to the scope mount and a bipod. The next time I see him, I’ll ask him how he pulled it off.

  23. Who knew ?

    In 1906, D.H. (Dave) Mullins, who came to Simonton from Kansas, began growing potatoes on a commercial scale โ€“ 150 acres that first year. Later he and J.R. Spencer, also from Kansas, working together, planted 1000 acres of red potatoes. Other farmers followed suit; and during one of the best years, 800 railroad cars of potatoes were shipped out of Simonton to places like Chicago, Kansas City, and Cincinnati. The Simonton area had become one of the countryโ€™s major producers of red potatoes.


    Some years later, another stroke of bad luck, the onset of a disease causing blisters on the potatoes, brought about the decline in potato production. In the meantime, out in California, Luther Burbank had developed the white potato, a strong contender in the market place against the red potato grown in the Simonton area. Gradually, cattle ranches and some pecan groves replaced the acres of potatoes.

    Interesting little history of Simonton. My experience with the town was going out to the Simonton Rodeo on a Saturday night when I was in high school. Lots of snooty, rich girls there back in those days.

  24. El Gordo;

    Whereabouts do you live. Is it within the vicinity of Houston?

    He lives in San Saba, about 250 miles NW of Houston.

  25. Texpat ;

    I read something recently where a Filipino (I think) transvestite fighter is quickly moving up the ranks because he’s a powerhouse of punches. I guess no longer are trans folks girlie men. They are extremrly derranged mentally and spiritually off and their support to erase gender identity is dangerous.

  26. Almost forgot my Duolingo lesson. I finally got a 68 day streak going. It’d be a shame to lose it because my weekend schedule differs from my weekday routine.

  27. #46 – No, no Ubers, cabs or anything else. Once you clear Austin westbound, there’s not a lot to see (other than a whole lot of Texas) until you get to El Paso.

  28. El Gordo #50;

    Same thing when going west from San Antonio. I learned the hard way to not leave San Antonio westbound unless you have a full tank of gas and you start looking to fill up when your tank is at the half empty point.

  29. Hey Rod Stewart w/ Cyndi Lauper are playing right now at the Smart Financial Centre. How come none of you are there? ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Uh, where is the Smart Financial Centre? Or what was its former name?

    That’s the big new venue in Sugar Land. Ever since they got the Skeeters they think they’re a big deal.

  31. #29 –

    I like my Bond Arms .45LC/.410 Derringer, theyโ€™re just a whole lot of fun.

    AND perhaps one of the STOUTEST pistols ever manufactured IMHO!
    (like ’em so much I have 2 ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  32. The Eagle is going to celebrate tonight’s concert by playing one hour of Rod Stewart? Did Rod ever produce an hour’s length of music worth playing. The Maggie song is good and I guess the Cocabana is fun but isn’t that more Disco than rock?

  33. Actually, I did not know where the Smart Financial Centre was until tonight. I’ve never been there and did not realize it was in Sugarland. ZZ Top is coming there in September. Foreigner, Cheap Trick, and Jason Bohnam’s tribute to Led Zeppelin (yaaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnnn) is coming soon but I forget where. Probably at MTG.

  34. Forever Young by Rod is good but this hour of his music…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. May an Uber call come sooner than later. Wish I could afford Sirius streaming.

  35. Does the good Senator Ted Cruz know something we don’t? While this does cover his political self, it seems a bit too early to call this an act if domestic terrorism. If it was done out of hate, racial or political, yes, it’s terrorism, but if it was done because the driver panicked after his car was attacked, then, no, it’s not domestic terrorism. What am I missing?


  36. For some reason, and maybe it’s just me, but while pondering the unfolding events in Virginia, I smell a choreographed and orchestrated event provided by…

    Deep State Inc
    Progressive/Oppressives Inc
    Propagandist Media Inc
    Swamp Monsters Inc
    DNC Inc
    Soros Inc

    Could this be the Beer Hall Putsch the Virginia governor was waiting for to launch his presidential run in 2020?

    I put nothing past the layers of lies and SpyDuckus Spies.

    An Antifa throw down gun?–We need a crime, we provide the slime, let’s smear the right, time after time.

    As an added benefit, the 1984/Propagandist media have their narrative for the next 6 weeks.–Anyone and everyone that voted for Trump is as guilty as the so called white, whatever they are, who were marching/and rioting and most likely all of them have a swastika hanging over their fireplace mantel at home.

    Hide and watch as the upskirt flirts spurt and the soda jerkin jerks jerk it, while straightening their ties and spewing their lies.

    But the good news is…I read there’s a book of biblical devotions coming out dedicated to Hillary called โ€œStrong for a Moment Like This:The Daily Devotions of Hillary Rodham Clintonโ€

    Chapter 1:Verse 1
    Thou shalt not cheese cloth wipe your server
    unless you sledge hammer it first with vigor and fervor


  37. Phil;

    So far I do not sense a setup to frame the Right but we as a society have become so conditioned to condemn and fear White Nationalism that when groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter use the exact same rhetoric and rile people up in the exact same manner as do white nationalists that many in society completely ignore them or even cheer them on while condemn white nationalists for doing the same thing as Antifa and BLM.

  38. Phil;

    Come to think of it, the rise of Nazism in Germany was from a social struggle of fascists against fascists.

  39. 66 Phil

    For some reason, and maybe itโ€™s just me,

    No, it’s not just you. It was my first thought and I believe it to be the case.

  40. The 6 & 10 pm news reports yesterday on the VA happenings were so generic that if you didn’t know who was gathering there and who was protesting them you would have no clue as to what was going on. One cannot leave out a suspicion that driver who plowed into the anti White Nation protesters was a plant by their side.

  41. Good morning Hamsters. Mugly 78 for starters with a breeze just waking up out here on the moors of the Brazos make for another August day to be endured. We shall mosey into the upper 90s out here. At least everything’s green from the surprise rains that left almost half an inch on Friday.

  42. The perpetrator appears to be a 20 year old white supremacist chucklehead from Ohio via Kentucky. I saw this post from Matt Walsh. Pretty much sums up my thoughts:

    I want to say a few things in light of the situation in Charlottesville today.

    First, to the Nazi and white supremacist losers marching around with tiki torches and throwing the Nazi salute: I condemn everything you stand for, everything you align yourself with, everything you say, everything you believe, everything you do. You call this rally “Unite the Right,” but you are not a member of anything that even resembles the conservative cause I have spent my life fighting for. You are the bastard children of a cancerous movement our country defeated on the battlefield 70 years ago. The last vestiges of it died on the noose at Nuremberg, praise be to God. Nazism was sent to Hell, where it belongs, and you will join it there if you do not repent.

    Of course I realize that you may not care about the Nazi or white supremacist “cause” at all. You’re just looking for attention because you’re sad and lonely and you’ve never had a girlfriend or a job or a life outside of Reddit and video games. But that does not absolve you. If anything, it makes you worse. Taking up Nazism as a game, because you’re bored, is even more demented and vile than taking it up because you’re crazy enough to think it’s true. Whatever your motive, you are wrong, you are not one of us, you are nobody, and nothing you feel or think or say while you carry a swastika flag is valid.

    Second, to “antifa” and the rest: I have already made my position known. You are no better than the Nazis on the other side. You are two sides of the same coin. You deserve each other. You are each other. I draw no distinction between you.

    Third, to my fellow citizens who do not wish to take up the cause of either group: I ask that you pray for our country. Pray that God performs a miracle and awakens our culture before we take the last dive into chaos and total collapse. Pray that God penetrates the dark, confused hearts of those who are so desperate for purpose and validation that they turn to white supremacy or Leftist anarchism. Pray that you and I may resist the urge to respond to all of this barbaric behavior by becoming animals ourselves. Pray for our children who do not deserve this culture we’ve created. Pray for us, ourselves, who do.

    Just pray. Pray before it’s too late.

  43. I just heard that Linda Graham is going to be on Mike Wallace’s Boy’s show, now that is what we need, maybe they’ll have McSwine on also.
    Mornin’ Gang

  44. Linda was actually pretty coherent today. He backed Trump 100% on his NoKo
    rhetoric, saying that continuing 20 years of doing the same thing would be stupid. He also agreed with Trump on calling out the Senate for not repealing OCare after seven years of promising to do so.

  45. 66 & 70

    Is this Lee Harvey Oswald territory ? I put absolutely nothing past the Left, but how do you premeditate and orchestrate a 20 year old kid from Ohio driving into a crowd of people in Virginia ? Maybe I’m just naive. Did they send him to a hypnotist to brainwash him ? How do you predictably program someone to drive into a crowd mimicking rage and hatred and how do you know he won’t choose a crowd of innocent bystanders ? This kid is going to prison for murder. Did they just omit that minor fact in the indoctrination sessions ?

  46. The Sunday Chron seems to be in full panic mode pushing its favorite negative lefty slant on energy, in many cases contradicting the opposite view for several days that the energy industry is doing well in Texas, not just the Permian Basin. Today the “evolving” energy industry could leave Houston behind. Evolving to them means solar and wind. Just what are they drinking at the Chron? Do we really want to know?

  47. Texas Tribune

    Since 2016, public entities have had to reveal the businesses they have large contracts with. These “1295 disclosures” reveal numerous legislators among the contractors โ€” and some of those lawmakers have sponsored or voted on bills that help those same public entities.


    Until recently, such financial disclosures were largely hidden from voters โ€” available only if you waded through the records of thousands of public entities.

    But in 2015, Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, R-Southlake, introduced House Bill 1295, which for the first time shed light on financial deals between public entities like HCC and businesses they contract with, which required those businesses to reveal who controls them โ€” as well as anyone they hire to hammer out deals with public entities.

    At the time, Capriglione said HB 1295 was designed to ensure the public could discover whether legislators have conflicts of interest that voters should know about. โ€œJust tell us who is making the money,โ€ he said.

    Since the bill was signed by Abbott, the Texas Ethics Commission has published โ€œForm 1295โ€ disclosures on its website. The Texas Tribune searched these filings and found that several state lawmakers were involved in almost 100 contracts with public entities.

  48. I’ve been thinking that the whole Virginia stunt is just a little too well choreographed myself. All the stereotype hot buttons are represented; Nazi, KKK, torch parade, and the like. Supposedly in defense of RELee statue – Robert E. Lee was a southerner, not a Nazi, not KKK, etc. Of course, the truth will never see the light of day – if that ever were to come out, the whole story would just disappear. Ever wonder why these crazy events only occur in Dem dominated states?

    Looks to me like Linda Graham is the next in line to assume John McSwine’s seat on all the Sunday talk shows. BOLO for Linda, she will sucker you in with occasional reasonable positions then turn about face on something important – as she learned while bending over the lap of the master.

  49. 80 Adee

    Although Texas produces more solar and wind energy than any other state, it represents 18% of total electrical energy production for ERCOT. Worldwide, solar and wind comprise about 2% of all energy produced. If one removes all the subsidies upstream and down, the EROEI plunges into deep negative. That is not to say some technological breakthrough, particularly in solar, might change that equation. For the time being, I can’t see solar and wind exceeding much more than 20% of ERCOT because of its unreliability. Even if these passive generation systems were to account for greater portions of demand, it would free up that much more oil and gas for export.

    I don’t think the oil & gas industry is losing sleep over it.

  50. @ the Car Wash, the WiFi is always slower than molasses in January but today it doesn’t work at all.

  51. I think it’s more of Lee Harvey Oswald territory not to believe the Deep State Ducks Inc could orchestrate something like what happened yesterday in Virginia.

    When a special investigator can be appointed to waste millions of taxpayer dollars on nothing more than a hoax in hopes they can find a crime in order to overturn the election, I put nothing else past them.

    The driver of the vehicle may have been the wildcard they didn’t count on…but also maybe not.

    I’m sure they were just expecting the usual street fighting, beatings, street mayhem, buildings being burned and cars set on fire.

    Then when they lost control of the situation they freaked and had to shut it down.

  52. So James Alex Fields is just a patsy of the Deep State? That’s what you’re going with? Well, he does have three names like Lee Harvey Oswald, James Wilkes Booth, and Ray Wylie Hubbard. Now we just need a Jew to step in and kill Fields to bring in the Zionist angle and we can wrap this spaghetti bowl up into a nice little conspiracy package.

  53. A bit of news came from my friends in St. Paul on the mosque bombing that I had not seen in the paper or on the CBS feed on Channel 11. The suspicion is that the mosque’s imam was the target, as the bomb was thrown into his office.

  54. Trump’s mistake on the Venezuela was to answer a hypothetical question to begin with. Presidents learn quickly to never rule anything out. So, when the President is asked if we intend to use nukes in our upcoming war with whoever, they never say “no.” Never rule anything out. Will we go to war with Canada? Who knows is the correct answer. Then the press can get all worked up about Trump threatening war with Canada, etc. ad infinitum.

    Yes, I’m quickly becoming convinced that the Virginia thing is a set-up. Almost like a made for TV movie, the script is too predictable. I still don’t know how they crashed that helicopter though. Best guess is that someone shot the tail rotor based on the descriptions from some witnesses – other witnesses of course saw space aliens, heard a big boom and saw it fly apart in mid-air, saw Godzilla thump it out of the air with his middle finger, etc. As to the person in the car, he was 20 years old. What more do you need to know? Maybe he just had an uncontrollable erection and lost control of the car trying to deal with it – who knows.

  55. I almost forgot to report in about today’s efforts in the skunk capture project. Actually, I took the evening off. Since I didn’t see it come out about dusk, I didn’t go out and bait and set the trap. I’m thinking that if I see it, then I can go out, bait the trap, and try to coax it in – while at the same time not getting sprayed (anyone want to start laying odds on that?). Anyway, shortly after dark, I flipped the light on and there was one (of two) big black feral cats crawling around all over the trap, presumably trying to get to the left over bait from the night before. As a footnote, the lady at the feed store who lives a couple of block away from me, had previously told me that the two big black feral cats were hers, and she made it very clear that I was not to feed them or otherwise disturb them. Anyway, I’m not baiting the trap again until the skunk shows up.

  56. Morni— errr, Afternoon, Hamsterville™

    Day 2 of my grass relocation project. Still need one more day to dig out grass from the bed, triage for best replantable sprigs, and get that done. Then a 4th day to reseat the brick edging around that bed, plus top it with some mulch. I must say the weather has been decent for this project. I’m working in the shade and there is a decent breeze.

    I’m hoping the lavender-colored crapes will bloom better after they aren’t so choked out with all this grass.

  57. So James Alex Fields is just a patsy of the Deep State?

    Could be. I’m open to that possibility.–I didn’t always used to believe this way, but I do now.

    After years of lies, propaganda and broken promises from the elected powers to be, the media and all the other players, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only reason they really exist is to feather their own nests at the expense of the country, and anything else and everyone else.

    So if divide and conquer, violence and mayhem, propagandized lies, brainwashing the masses and/or overturning an election result, they didn’t want or expect, gets the result they desire, in order keep their total control and power, they’ll do it.

    8 years of Clinton
    8 years of Bush
    8 years of Obama

    The 24 year trifecta of government lies, flaky fruit flies and SpyDuckus Spies.

  58. Or he could be just a deluded little punk steeped in Nazi propaganda. A lot of people fought and died to rid the world of this perverse ideology, including several in my family. They’ll get no quarter from me. Same thing with the Antifa fascists.

  59. I think it was the German Socialist Bund trying to install a Jewish Princess on the throne of Austin County that’s behind the whole thing—including the removal of Confederate statues to make room for giant head likenesses of certain individuals known here abouts.

    Its a false flag operation designed to take attention away from the “New Jersey Connection”. The Nazis are the patsies in this.

  60. #95 Tedtam

    My, my, this report certainly does stretch credulity and sure seems like Onion material. But one never knows, and the seagull in the pic looks pretty mean.

  61. I did some research on MIL’s cancer over the past few days. She confirmed this morning that yes, her eye cancer is rare – less than 3% of all cancers is of this variety.

    She’s always filled her life with the unique and antique. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    We had to sign a paper this morning. She is donating her body to science, and she chose the option to have “science” scatter her ashes at sea, instead of having Hubby scatter them for her. “I don’t want Hubby to have to wait several months and then have to deal with that,” she said.

    So when she dies, there will be no ceremony, no ritual, no prayers (that she authorizes, anyway), no nothing. This will be the weirdest “passing on” that I’ve ever participated in.

  62. Well, since my wife headed off to Alabama last week and visited with my sister and her two brothers, and then headed on down to Panama City Beach yesterday, I thought that I’d throw something simple on the grill today. I found 4 chicken leg quarters, 4 Lbs for $3 bucks, at Krogerโ€™s, so I’m cooking them low and slow. I basted them with my secret, honey mustard N ketchup sauce about an hour ago and they’re looking good, internal temperature about 140, it won’t be long now. Good stuff Maynard!

  63. Or he could be just a deluded little punk steeped in Nazi propaganda

    He very well could be.—but then again

    And now watch as the Deep State Media and the Ctrl-U-Lft uses this incident to smear Trump as white supremacist, Neo-Nazi and anyone that voted for or supports him as a white supremacist Neo-Nazi.

    And all the while they’ll never mention the violence committed by Anitfa or BLM at yesterday’s events or any event they perpetrate violence.

    The Deep State Media doesn’t condemn those two groups violence because theirs is “righteous violence” in the DSMs eyes.

  64. I told the Mrs. today that someone on the blog referred to sheets as bed clothes. She said that he must be from another country. I said that was true, he’s from Alabama.


  65. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Somewhere in my kidhood, bed sheets were referred to as bed clothes but I don’t recall who or where.

  66. Hamous #73;

    Second, to โ€œantifaโ€ and the rest: I have already made my position known. You are no better than the Nazis on the other side. You are two sides of the same coin. You deserve each other. You are each other. I draw no distinction between you.

    That is exactly correct. This is along the exact same lines as I told Phil above. This is fighting between fascists. They differ on specific points but both the white nationals and Antifas, and Black Lives Matter, believe the same fundamental idea: blame others for your pain and organize to use violence against them. No different than the years in Germany shortly before the raise of the Third Reich.

  67. #107
    Davey, are you nuts? That’s one of your BEST presentations ever! One man’s solo dinner, would not expect to see wine and flowers on the table.

  68. #111

    On my screen everything is yaller, except the chicken.

    Some of his fruit and veggies and yaller stuff is the design on the plate.

    I sure do like the little rooster. Is he a decanter of some sort?

  69. She said that he must be from another country. I said that was true, heโ€™s from Alabama.

    Yup, and that big rectangular box in the kitchen with the two doors is an “Ice Box” the annoying bill that I get from “Houston Looting N Pillaging” is the ” Light Bill”,…also, those cute oil lamps on the mantel that we sometimes use when the power goes out, well they are fueled by “Coal Oil”. Don’t get me started of Rabbit Gums. ๐Ÿ˜€

  70. I sure do like the little rooster. Is he a decanter of some sort?

    Nope, he’s just for looks, a very rare rooster, imported from Mexico by the Boy, when he and his Bride went there on their Honeymoon. The thing probably cost a dollar, two ninety eight, but the wife loves that thing, and so do I.

  71. Yellow hominy is hard to find, yellow grits even more so. Bob’s Red Mill from HEB has a coarse ground blue corn meal that boils up like grits. Creeps out the wife. Their polenta grind is good for grits. Mixed with fine ground cornmeal and an extra egg makes good cornbread. The corn has enough sugar in it, don’t add any. Half a jar of banana peppers or jalepenos into the batter brings it up a notch.

    Froberg Farms on Hwy 6 west of Alvin has some home ground yellow grits. Ground a bit fine for my preference. If you are into off the vine produce they have a lot of that.

  72. On the 5:30 Sunday news ABC 13 had more rather generic info on the protest yesterday in VA but did spend more time reporting about a Bellaire student at the U of VA who was injured by the car plowing into the crowd. She has head and facial injuries and I believe a fractured skull. She is hospitalized there.

    Ch. 13 interviewed her mother at her Bellaire home. Mother of course is in shock over the injuries, but says her daughter is a strong and independent young woman with an interest in politics, so that’s why she was at the scene. And that was all on that. Can fully understand why her poor mother is in shock, as they showed a picture of the daughter’s head injuries. She’s barely recognizable as the same person as in pictures of her before the injuries.

    One can speculate why more information hasn’t been presented by now by the LSM, always eager to dig into the smallest details for a story no matter how tenuous. Unless of course the details do not fit their template in this case.

  73. What is that in the cup? Hominy?

    Butter beans, hominy is yellow.

    I’ve purchased white hominy before. When I’m feeling particularly racist.

  74. I do love me some grits, especially with fried squirrel, gravy and biscuits…Finest breakfast you can have…. Oh, and I’m NOT kidding.

  75. One of my coworkers in Cincinnati is supposedly a native Texan. We had a conference in Houston and I brought in kolaches for breakfast one morning. He said they were really good, then asked what they were. I looked at him incredulously and said “Kolaches!” He said he never heard of them. We revoked his native Texan card on the spot. And he was supposedly from the Kolache Triangle. No one believed him.

  76. Yellow hominy is hard to find, yellow grits even more so.

    Head east into the Deep South. Hard to walk into a grocery store and not find Dixie Lily yellow grits.

  77. Yeah, well, I thought I supposedly lost the card when I said I’d eaten my quota of chicken fried steak and don’t order it any more. It’s boring.
    And is the food of patriarchal privileged white crackers.

  78. CFS is ok but nothing to have your card revoked over. My mom makes the best CFS and she’s only been to Texas a few times. Hers isn’t 80% breading and 20% meat.

  79. Can’t stand maltomeal or cream of wheat either.

    I’m not far gone enough for a gummer diet yet.

    I gave up baby food as soon as I could, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. 138

    Deep State Incs wholly owned subsidiary, the Deep State media, equates Trump and all his supporters in with the white supremacist, Neo-nazis.–Sub-Humans deserving of a beating.

    Deep State Incs wholly owned subsidiary, the Deep State media, equates and labels the equally violent and racist, Fascist Antifa and BLM as “protestors.”

    Protesters are harmless. They stand for justice and truth–Trump supporters are evil and vile. They only stand for white supremacy.

    I read today that the mayor, where the event took place, is out blaming Trump and I also read where the usual suspects, (Deep State CNN) are out there slamming Trump because he didn’t do what they wanted and use the actual words “white supremacist” when he was condemning the violence yesterday.

    He condemned all the violence and urged us to come together as a country but that wasn’t good enough.

    I guess he was supposed to get down on his knees, lick the dirt and specifically say those words and if not, then he must be a lying white supremacist.

    Remember when CNN used to do that to Obama? Demand he specifically condemn BLM and the Antifa facists for all their violence?

    Neither do I.

    The Deep State Media are a truly depraved and wretched lot.-IMO
    They give not a care if this country burns to the ground as long as they can get it on film and spin their sick narratives.

    They truly make me sick.

    Over and out.

  81. Sorry for the lack of updates as most of this time has been spent waiting for various surgeries to happen. The doctors will schedule a surgery and then cancel it either because not all doctors involved agree or a more serious patient takes priority. So far he has had a rod and screws put in his femur to stabilize the bone. He still has facial, wrists and back surgeries ahead of him. He is still on a ventilator but he is communicating as best as he can now that he had a tracheotomy.

    Lots of smiles (and whispered laughter since He still not allowed to talk yet) when we visited today!

    Rocket’s wife greatly appreciates everyone’s concern and desire to help but she is still meeting with multiple doctors every day. He will be in the ICU for a while so we are still asking to hold off on going to the hospital………………….

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