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  1. Morning gang. We get less than an inch of rain, you all get 8 or 10. That’s the way it goes. First night of skunk trapping yielded zero results. I haven’t seen the skunk since it rained, but it’s probably too much to ask for it to have just moved on to another neighborhood. Here’s hoping you all have a great day. I’m going to move a late night post from last night over here. It’s a fun read about Aussie songwriters.

  2. Last night around 12:10, lightning struck within 50 yards of my house. It. Was. Very. Loud.
    News reports 8″ of rain in Katy, not to mention all the rest of the area. All that rain water moves east. Hwy 6 at Patterson was down to one lane and rising, over half of Clay Road between 6 and Eldridge was a river flowing across the road; at worst about 18″. IF we get another round of this today or tonight, I expect Hwy 6 to be completely closed and I may not be able to leave the neighborhood.
    For the first time in 15 months, I was late to work – DAMMIT!

  3. #4, the feminists protesting the movie Dunkirk. I’m surprised the movie was even made, nobody under the age of 40 has probably ever even heard of it. On this side of the pond anyway. So who would produce a movie for which there is no sizable paying audience? Something I thought interesting was the number of women involved. Maybe the feminists wanted them shown leading bayonet charges. But there are a lot of women on the ships working the evacuation.

  4. #6 – I can’t think of any two subjects that I care less about than what feminists are doing and what some movie is showing. Honestly, they deserve each other.

  5. I was surprised to see how wet it was when I got up. Looked like it had rained all night, but I slept through it.

  6. #4 Hammie

    They are the 2017 version of that sitcom staple nosy neighbor, or the old man shaking a rake at a passing car.

    No, these people are much more dangerous. They are the street level troops of the 21st century, world-wide Stasi.

  7. Under Erich Mielke, its director from 1957 to 1989, the Stasi became a highly effective secret police organization. Within East Germany it sought to infiltrate every institution of society and every aspect of daily life, including even intimate personal and familial relationships. It accomplished this goal both through its official apparatus and through a vast network of informants and unofficial collaborators (inoffizielle Mitarbeiter), who spied on and denounced colleagues, friends, neighbours, and even family members. By 1989 the Stasi relied on 500,000 to 2,000,000 collaborators as well as 100,000 regular employees, and it maintained files on approximately 6,000,000 East German citizens—more than one-third of the population.


  8. According to the lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Austin, Fenves on April 12 overruled a university hearing officer who determined that there had been no assault. In a letter informing the student of his suspension, Fenves asserted that the woman was highly intoxicated and “someone who is intoxicated cannot give consent to sexual activity because they are incapacitated.”


    The lawsuit accuses Fenves of coming up with his own standard for incapacitation and ignoring the university’s standard, which defines it as “a state of being that prevents an individual from having the capacity to give consent” and “could result from the use of drugs or alcohol.”

    The lawsuit also says Fenves has a possible conflict of interest because the father of the woman is a university donor who gave a significant sum within a month of her allegations. And, while the school’s investigation was ongoing, the lawsuit says the university brought on the father to be an adviser at the school.

    Wallace Hall was right. UT and the Texas state government are a cesspool of insider dealing and corruption.

  9. R.I.P. Don Baylor

    One of my all time favorite players. When Don was on the field or at bat, you knew something was going to happen.

    Don Baylor, the 1979 American League MVP, died Monday of cancer. He was 68.

    “Don passed from this earth with the same fierce dignity with which he played the game and lived his life,” his wife, Rebecca, said in a statement.

    He died Monday at a hospital in Austin, Texas, his son, Don Baylor Jr., told the Austin American-Statesman.

    Baylor played for the Orioles, Athletics, Angels, Yankees, Red Sox and Twins over a 19-year career. He was an All-Star and the MVP winner with the Angels in 1979, when he led the majors in RBIs and runs and also set career highs in home runs and hits.

    and I didn’t know this,

    Born June 28, 1949, in Austin, Baylor was a second-round pick by Baltimore in 1967 and chose baseball over a chance to be the first black football player at Texas. Two years later, the Longhorns became the last all-white team to win a national championship.

  10. Kudos to Darren for getting Mrs. Bonecrusher to the airport early, in spite of the horrendous traffic problems. I highly recommend him for your next trip.

  11. MIL had a biopsy and blood work late last week. She got called in for an IV to fix electrolytes/magnesium yesterday. Next 2 days are 9 hour chemo treatments. Another biopsy the next day.

    Man, that’s a lot to handle in a week.

    I stop myself when I feel like complaining about being tired.

  12. Good early afternoon Hamsters. Rained just about all night here and left 2.5″ in the gauge. No thunderstorms, just a steady rain. Looks like more might be building by later today. The fountain is full up and almost overflowing thanks to that, so the birds inclined to take a bath have plenty to splash in.

    #10 mharper42

    Great find. The engineer thinks like an engineer and writes like one. He nails it, and good for him. Hope he has a line of offers already. Google deserves a gut punch to maybe shake some reality into their culture.

  13. More disturbing news from Best Korea.

    According to recent (last couple of years-ish), the DPRK wasn’t supposed to be where they seem to now be for a few more years. Even if they have difficulty with their missiles, what’s to stop them from selling a warhead to a bunch of nutcases in the Cradle of Civilization or putting one in a shipping container headed for Long Beach or Newark?

  14. #25 Hamous:

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    To look further, you can enter a search term in the box below:

  15. The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
    Of the big girl they called ‘Trigglypuffy’
    The blob, it is said, never gives up her dead
    When the speakers at college turn huffy

  16. The blob was the pride of the “progressive” side
    Coming from Gender Studies at Amherst
    As big liberals go, she was bigger than most
    With tattoos and aroma of bratwurst

  17. I’ll be interested in seeing how the good overlords of Brazoria County enforce the ban against entering the water at San Luis Pass. Apparently Galveston Co. has not done the same. San Luis Pass is notoriously dangerous as there is a lot of water passing through there as the tides go in and out. Many experienced swimmers have been taken out there, and I’ve seen more than a few large sharks roaming around those swift waters as well. And then there are the sting rays. So once again, the government does not have the answer. Brazoria Co must have a bunch of women elected to the commissioners court now. That’s the only logic I can come up with. Why don’t they go ahead a pass a resolution that the speed of the water in the pass cannot exceed 3 knots per hour while they are at it?

  18. What the hell is wrong with people ?

    San Luis Pass has been a death trap forever and no one I ever knew was dumb enough to get in the water there.

  19. 35 El Gordo

    Apparently Galveston Co. has not done the same.

    I think they closed the Galveston side after Ike. Access was pretty much washed away from what I read. Brazoria side provided the only real path to the water.

  20. Didn’t southerntragedy do all of her Ninja training standing in the middle of San Luis Pass at high tide?

  21. I’ve fished around San Luis Pass some. I know two people, a neighbor and co-worker, who were each fishing with a person who drowned there. One was a guy my age fishing an area I did. Couple of small islands on the east side of the pass, far enough east I did not find tidal flow a problem. The other guy was around 20, fishing the west side of the pass itself where tidal flow is a problem. Step in a hole and off you go.

  22. #28 Shannon

    Sorry that Glenn Campbell’s long journey into night has happened. What a wonderful voice and creative spirit he had.

  23. Bonecrusher says:
    AUGUST 8, 2017 AT 11:42 AM

    Kudos to Darren for getting Mrs. Bonecrusher to the airport early, in spite of the horrendous traffic problems. I highly recommend him for your next trip.

    Yeah but, do you have to discuss archaeology the whole way?

  24. Mrs. B. said he was very nice and professional, I did not make this trip. I will get to shake his hand when he brings her back tomorrow evening. Paying the few extra bux for a week trip and not have to mess with your car and parking and shuttle, etc. is well worth it for door to door service.

  25. BTW, I watched 3 episodes of Chosen on Crackle. Is that it? I can’t seem to find any more. Anyone know?

    Nah, there’s 18 episodes – three seasons with six per season. Crackle’s app is a little screwy. I had to go to search and find some episodes.

  26. Mrs. B. said he was very nice and professional, I did not make this trip.

    That’s why she got a good deal.

    The “Bonecrusher Surcharge” must be astronomical.

  27. Though I think y’all would do fine as long you both sign the “Universal No Theology Discussion Agreement”.

  28. Regarding that Google engineer, it seems what I posted this morning was just a synopsis of his memo. Later, I came across the whole thing, and started reading it, but we had a vet appointment for one of the cats. Anyway, here is how he ended his memo:

    Despite what the public response seems to have been, I’ve gotten many personal messages from fellow Googlers expressing their gratitude for bringing up these very important issues which they agree with but would never have the courage to say or defend because of our shaming culture and the possibility of being fired. This needs to change.

    And here’s the complete text.

  29. I’m just chiming in to say any man who had the guts to marry a wild ass girl like Tanya Tucker has a certain measure of my respect. She was young enough to be his daughter and (as I was told) inclined to meet younger guys who could feed her coke habit after their concerts by slipping out of the hotel, or motel window, after Glenn fell asleep.

  30. 51 mharper42

    The Google engineer story is the biggest media deal of the week and I am glad about it.

  31. My husband’s only comment about the Google memo kerfuffle was “You’re entitled to your opinion, but not entitled to a job.” I was surprised he didn’t feel more sympathy for the guy being fired.

  32. I found some stretching/fitness exercise videos called “Classical Stretch”. While doing some of the moves I feel some discomfort, but afterwards I feel better. She definitely works muscles I don’t usually use.

    Miranda has videos for joint smoothing, mobility, flexibility, etc. I’ve worked through four of them with the pause button handy. On Youtube she shows the move, says “do this 4 to 8 times” and then moves on to the next one.

  33. I heard about Glenn Campbell while at the gym. Even knowing this was coming, it made me sad. His music was part of my growing up. It’s sad that this new generation may never know his talent.

  34. 56 TT
    I’ve seen her on PBS. No question that I should be doing her stuff.
    Those years I spent in the therapy pool were mostly spent stretching.
    The nice thing about doing it in the pool is that if you push too far and fall there are no consequences.

  35. I have no idea why anybody would have an honest objection to the Google memo. It seemed very reasonable and tolerant of other points of view while maintaining fidelity to the reality of what actually is.

  36. #56 TT
    Long ago, I made myself an audio tape of the Canadian Air Force Exercises for women, with the name of the next exercise, the # of repetitions to try for, AND the time marks to start and end each exercise. The goal was to be able to do more reps each day, but within the time limit for each. Seems like the whole thing only took 30 minutes. That audio cassette would probably disintegrate if it were played now, but it was a good way to get some reliable exercises.

  37. I’ve never before seen a Daniel Craig ‘Bond’ film.

    After thirty minutes I’m hyperventilating and worn out.

  38. Just finished Quantum of Solace.

    I’ll give it one star.

    Nothing against Daniel Craig.

    He wasn’t the spastic crackhead film editor who edited it.

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