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  1. I prefer “Rump Roast!”
    I Slept in until almost 7, the coffee is brewing and I’m about to start choppin’ up onions to put in the Crock Pot…Oh and SECOND!
    Mornin’ Gang

  2. Good morning Hamsters. Reasonably comfortable and 75 at 7:30. However as soon as the sun comes up it will change fast and become unfit for man nor beast until the breeze comes alive.

    The blahs of the crud slide into the third week, and the most annoying aspect is the almost constant fatigue that has taken over from the coughing and sneezing. Even the bronchitis is greatly diminished and hopefully about to exit. The good folk who have gone through this already and counsel it lasts three weeks know what they are talking about. Off for a nap.

  3. Looking forward to another hot, dry one out here today. The heat has taken all the green out of my lawn, and it crunches when you walk on the grass. The solution is not water, it’s just to wait until it cools down a little bit. The animals are still draining the artificial watering hole that I fill every day, so that means they are not finding water elsewhere. But, summer will be winding down here in a few days (or months) and temps should begin to fall into the tolerable range. Meanwhile, I’ll do what I can to keep stuff alive. Have a great weekend.

  4. Daughter said that they had an 1 ½” of rain in Midland, this past week, the local’s can’t believe how much rain that they’ve received this Summer. I told her to just tell them that she brought it with her from Richmond. 😉

  5. This is a bad law, a very bad law. Please register your vehement opposition with the appropriate thugs in Congress.

    But some members of Congress seem to believe the internet itself is to blame for sex trafficking. And they’re now trying to rush through legislation that would make it easier for state governments (as well as the federal government) to punish online service providers when criminals use their services.

    That’s nuts. The internet we know and rely on today depends on a carefully balanced framework of laws that, by design, protect online service providers from being sued in every jurisdiction or prosecuted by every ambitious prosecutor who wants a headline.


    Yet now that entire online ecosystem is in danger. Sens. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., have recently introduced the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017 (S.1693), which would unravel Section 230 protections and to make platforms liable for being in the middle of sex-trafficking enterprises. SESTA’s sponsors have made clear they’re specifically going after Backpage.com and other internet classified-ad websites that some might use to market sex services.

    and disappointingly,

    SESTA’s co-sponsors—who also include Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz.; Claire McCaskill, D-Conn., and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, among others—are rumored to be attempting to push the bill through quickly without the kinds of hearings and evidence-gathering that ought to be afforded to an issue of this magnitude and complexity. It has been suggested that SESTA could be attached to the National Defense Authorization Act, a large “must-pass” funding bill for the U.S. Defense Department.

  6. The Colorado River forms the northern and eastern boundaries of SS County, with the San Saba River running through the middle of the county. The SS River is still running, but it is small, and even trying to canoe on it would be a problem. The river valley spreads pretty wide, and I can remember as a child the SS River flooding and basically cutting off the roads into and out of town in all directions except south. It’s been a long time since it flooded. The watershed feeds Lake Buchanan, and after several years of being dangerously low, I think the lake is basically full again. I’m located a few miles from the river at a higher spot (probably a geologic term such as limestone outcropping or some such) just outside the valley. River seems to have no influence on my weather or overall conditions. How’s that for telling you how to make a watch when all you asked was what time it is?

  7. #8 – The Congress is not so dumb as to not recognize the power of people and free speech/media influence. They’ve been trying to get a grip on the internet since it started, and they will dream up all kinds of stories as to why it should be regulated. Just remember that all these scare stories you hear about not letting your kids get on the internet are intended to convince you that government needs to control it to protect them. I automatically discount any and all stories indicating a need for government to moniter, control, etc. any facet of the internet as just another attempt to control our lives. The power of the people to communicate freely with each other, without a government filter, can be dangerous to politicians, and they know it.

  8. Morning, everyone. High rain forecast for my zip code today. We’ll see if we get it. I might be able to get something done outside this morning, if I could get moving soon enough. We’ll see if I can and do.

  9. The Schutzstaffel Wing of the Democrat Party suffered another defeat yesterday.

    Voting concluded Friday night at a Nissan plant in Mississippi where some 3,700 workers opted against union representation by a margin of nearly two to one.

  10. While reading this story, I was unsurprised to see this:

    Chamberlin was charged with theft, possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia and several traffic offenses. Police are also investigating whether or not he painted the car himself.

    I wonder if he’s one of the Florida Chamberlins.

  11. #12 Hamous

    Another occasion for a Snoopy Happy Dance for the good folk who work at that plant deciding what is best for them. And the UAW is not part of that. The article describes it as an uphill battle, whereas the before-election article in the Chron played it much differently, like this was a really good chance in a salivating, trip over your tongue article. Guess going down 2-1 can’t be described as almost winning, no matter how much it is wished.

    The sterling cast pushing the yes vote must take time to wipe the egg off their faces before they sally forth on the next push liberalism opportunity. Biden and Bernie really have to polish their pitches better.

  12. #9 El Gordo

    How’s that for telling you how to make a watch when all you asked was what time it is?

    Actually that was pretty good and exactly the way ole Dave would have answered. 😀

  13. So, Lil’ granddaughter is here today and after I got back from H.E.B., I was in the kitchen unloading the groceries and heard “Paw Paw,…Paw Paw, and there she was, wanting to show me her tennis ball, it just don’t get no better than that!
    Did I tell you that “Life is Good”? 😀

  14. Attention, if y’all are wondering where all the folks in Clear Lake are right now, well every dang one of them is at the H.E.B. on El Camino! After they opened their new Mega-Store over at Eldorado and Clear Lake Boulevard, I thought that maybe the old store would be less crowed but it’s as busy as ever.
    That is all,…..

  15. Rocket is still in the Level 1 Trauma center / ICU. Rocket is out of his first surgery to repair his femur. He still has at several more surgeries ahead. His fever has come down and they are working on weaning him off the ventilator.

    His wife wanted us to tell everyone thank you for all the support and well wishes. She is busy meeting with doctors and is maintaining her full focus on Rocket and their daughter.

    We have been in constant contact with April and will let everyone know as things progress ……..

    I’m confident there’s likely no brain trauma (no I aint no Doctor 🙂 )

    Medicos merely had Rocket ‘tuned’ WAY down to keep him STILL…………….I read those cool modern day metering devices that even read what drug is on that line (very cool technology) – Rocket’s been thoroughly stoned 🙂 and resting comfortably in between being poked, prodded, and examined.

    Hopefully my next trip to hosp or so He’ll have that tube out of his throat so we can talk

  16. I attempted to drown a couple flies this morning. Thought that getting out early would be decent.

    I was wrong.

    I was dehydrated and overheated by 10:00. Since I was already hot, sweaty, & smelly, I took the opportunity to “groom” the dog. It looks like a poodle asploded out there. I have no idea how a 20lb dog can generate that much hair every six weeks or so.

  17. #20 Katfish

    Most encouraging news about Rocket. Prayers continue.

    Was the idiot truck driver who caused the wreck ticketed? I hope the jerk stopped, and I hope there are witnesses. Is it safe to presume Rocket’s bike is a total loss?

  18. Good news on Rocket, may the good news keep coming.

    I just got back from Sunshine’s fourth birthday party. My chaos meter got totally pegged. Maybe it’s me getting older, or maybe parents don’t watch their kids like I did way back when…but I am having a harder time with these little kids in crowds these days. I actually came close to bad mouthing a kid who kept squeezing a pig toy. That constant loud oinking on top of the kid’s noise level was just one more level of WTH than I could stand. I asked him to stop, the kid (an older boy) just looked at me and kept squeezing it. I came damn close to cussing him out, but I gave him “the look” and told him to give me the (mmmf) pig. He gave it to me.

    LD told me later he’s a..well….problem. No wiss, sherlock.

    I got some hugs and kisses from Sunshine and LD2. I gave LD2 a rag doll, not wanting her to feel left out today. She liked her new lovey, though it didn’t make it to bed time with her. Sunshine received her very first bicycle.

  19. #23 Tedtam

    Congratulations on surviving the birthday party. Was it at their home rather than at a place that does parties?

    Just a thought about the pig squeezer older boy who has a problem. His Mom might start wondering why he’s not invited to as may get togethers if his behavior continues to go unchecked. That is if other parents dare to leave him out.

  20. I didn’t get Sunshine’s special blanket finished in time for her birthday, but I brought what I had, and all the pieces left to be attached, so she could know what I was doing for her. I didn’t get a good read on if she liked it or not, but she did come back five minutes later to ask if her blanket was ready.

    I guess she wants it. /warm fuzzies

  21. Oh, and the party was at their home. I was able to tuck Sunshine in for her nap, though that didn’t mean she stayed in her bed after I closed the door.

  22. I broke the mold today. After 15 craftless years, I put together a new red-white-blue wreath to better match one I made 20 years ago. We have a white brick hearth wall that has hooks to hang 2 wreaths high on each side. But that only works if the 2 wreaths seem to be a pair. 15-20 years ago, I made wreaths on a dropcloth down on the floor. That was back when my knees folded to 180 degrees. Today, I worked on the kitchen counter. So I was standing up leaning over with the glue gun for about 45 minutes. My back muscles let me know I am too old for very much of that now.

  23. Mharper you are not too old. You just need to exercise those muscles so they will be there ready and strong when you need them.

  24. #29 TexMo

    Mharper you are not too old.

    What a kind thing to say! But not too many things I do these days that involve that slight angle of leaning in. None of my yard work stresses my back at all.

  25. Got soaked on my run today but it still felt good.

    Now it’s time for a little cab but I should be finished before this hour.

  26. #22 – MsAdee – pretty sure Rocket’s bike is totaled

    Have not gathered much info about the offending pikkemup truck driver but I do know Rocket’s wife is pursuing all angles but remaining primarily focused on Rocket’s progression

  27. In the Lutheran church the pastor teaches pretty much exclusively from that day’s Gospel reading. Anyone who regularly attends a liturgical service will, over the decades, hear the stories of the Gospel many, many times over……and most will tell you that they’re surprised at how fresh it is most every time and how often they’ll hear something new in the retelling and the reexamination. Tonight’s service was no different for me.

    Most have heard the story of the thousands being fed from just a few fish and loaves of bread. And some will remember that the throngs had pursued Jesus even after He had hopped a boat and left them to seek a quiet place.

    Tonight, hearing the story for the fiftieth time, I was surprised to learn that He was seeking solace after learning of the beheading of John the Baptizer.

    How is it that I never before tied the two incidents together?

  28. Come and listen to a story
    about a man named Ferris M
    a proselytizing Persecutor
    rarely kept SpyDucksus Fed,

    when one day he was out
    Lookin’ for the goods
    then up from the ground
    popped a Russian from the Hood

    Hoax that is,
    Siberian gold,
    Dossier tease,

    Well the next thing you know
    Ol’ Ferris’s a billionaire
    His Deep State Homies said
    Catch that Trumpy in a snare

    He saw a Grahamed out cracker
    humping someone by a tree
    then he loaded up SpyDuckus
    and moved to Degenrates Cee

    Shills that is…
    swamp filled pools
    propagandist czars

    Well now a Venezuelan government
    is what they want for thee
    the Deep State gets to rule
    and you get chewed split peas

    They’ll put a pita in your pocket
    then take it back for a fee
    before a GOOPeeCon can sing,
    “oh say, can you see…?”

    Well now it’s time to say goodnight
    To Ferris and his Deep State kin
    and they would like to thank you all
    by getting stoned and drunk on gin

    But you’re all invited back next week
    to be force fed their specialty
    a Deep State heapin’ helpin’
    of Coup d’etat say-ah Sleazy…

    swamped Schumers that is,
    mayo stained smells,
    they’ll steal your shoes off,

    Y’all steer very clear, you hear?

  29. Good morning Hamsters. Mugly 77 at 6:30 as daylight tiptoes in, breeze is still asleep. Would be nice if rain visited here again today.

    #33 Katfish

    Thank you for the update. Prayers for Rocket and his family continue.

  30. Former Governor Mark White has died. I stand to be corrected, but with his passing, I believe the only living Democrat to have been elected to statewide office in Texas is John Sharp.

  31. France is erasing its own history and heritage.

    In 1907, the French state appropriated all church property, and now an increasing numbers of local authorities are deciding they cannot or will not renovate their churches. French mayors call this process “deconstruction”.

    The year of Father Hamel’s martyrdom, France was very busy demolishing churches. The Patrimoine-en-blog website, a platform providing a regular inventory of demolished churches, reports seven demolished churches in France in 2016 alone, and two in the first half of 2017. Along with these destroyed Christian buildings, 26 churches were put up for sale in 2016, and 12 churches were listed for sale in 2015. In 2017, many churches were converted to offices, apartments, “entertainment centers”, gyms and art galleries.

    The picture is not promising for French Catholicism:

    “Over the past two years, Christian associations have sold nearly 40 churches throughout the country, at prices ranging from 100,000 to 400,000 euros. Twenty-seven other churches have been demolished. According to the Catholic Church, more than 1,000 churches are to be sold or demolished throughout France”.

    I was unaware the French State nationalized all church properties over 100 years ago, leaving their fate in the hands of local mayors. Why did the Vatican put up with this in the first place ?

  32. France doesn’t have a chance. It is totally corrupted by the Left.

    The television documentary, “Chosen and Excluded – the Hate for Jews in Europe”, will be shown in the United States for one night only, on August 9. The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles announced that it would screen the film after the German and French networks tried “to bury the documentary, before it could contaminate the viewing public with the truth,” according to the Center’s Associate Dean, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, in an interview with Gatestone Institute. “It is a film that needs to be viewed by anyone concerned about anti-Semitism and anyone concerned about the democratic future of Europe. It is a truth-telling, and ‘PC’-busting documentary”, he said.


    The responsible WDR editor, who had accepted the film as being in accordance with the contract, faced such an amount of hostility, harassment and mobbing by her colleagues that she chose”early retirement”. It was only in the face of great opposition that the film was publicly screened twice — and then only after enormous pressure. Historians and journalists who saw the film published newspaper articles calling for its release. The Central Council of Jews in Germany also backed that call. The premiere of the film, however, on June 13, was actually illegal. Germany’s largest and most popular tabloid, BILD, streamed the original version on its website for 24 hours, without the permission of WDR. (The film was posted by someone on YouTube, before being blocked.) Subsequently, the debate on censorship became so heated that the WDR felt it had to broadcast the film.

    The way WDR broadcast it, however, was unique: at the beginning of the film and in brief intervals throughout, warning signs were inserted again and again, indirectly urging viewers not to believe what they saw in the film. They were to read the “ostensibly necessary additions and explanations” on the WDR website — a “fact check” consisting of 30 texts. In one example, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claimed, falsely, in a speech to the European Parliament:

    “It was just a week ago that Israeli rabbis issued a clear statement: They demanded that their government poison the water in order to kill Palestinians.”

  33. Washington Free Beacon Senior Writer Adam Kredo appeared on Fox News’s “Hannity” Friday night, where he told host Sean Hannity that it is “unprecedented” how many people were unmasked by then-United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power during the final year of the Obama administration.

    Power is believed to have made “hundreds” of unmasking requests to “identify individuals named in classified intelligence community reports related to Trump and his presidential transition team, according to multiple sources who said the behavior is unprecedented for an official in her position,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

  34. I’ve finally discovered the super secret data source of the Mainstream Media.

    I don’t know how they were able to keep it secret for so long, but this is where they retrieve all the questionable facts, inane analogies and ridiculous comparisons.

    Spurious Correlations

  35. And another hot dry one is coming upon us here in centex. Just after dark last evening a gang of about 8 deer came crashing in to my water trough, and there they were grazing, drinking, and just making themselves at home. It’s no wonder they’ve been drinking it dry every night. I’m ready for the fall showers to start drifting through any day now. Speaking of painting, it should also get cool enough to consider that project again within the next month or so. I’m thinking the extent of my outdoor activities today might be to go outside and start the irrigation system. Have a great day, youall.

  36. Good and fairly brief essay on the failures of government price controls from 2001 and could be titled, How Governments Turn Citizens Into Criminals and Paupers.

    Early twentieth century economist Henry Bourne documented the effects of price controls on France in the years following the French Revolution, when city residents found it difficult to purchase grain. The grain shortages were not due to any agricultural problems; Bourne noted that 1793 France was a prosperous agricultural nation capable of feeding itself. Instead, the threat of famine was due to internal procurement and distribution problems created by the government. For example, agents for the city of Paris, the military, and the government competed with each other in trying to purchase grain. This created local shortages where none had existed before, and led to social unrest.

    The city of Paris, in an effort to appease the public, decided to subsidize flour. This prompted bakers from neighboring towns to travel to Paris to purchase flour, creating even more shortages in the city.

    The French Convention, which governed the nation at that time, tried to address the problem by establishing maximum prices for grain and instructing farmers to supply it to local markets. As one might expect, farmers did not cooperate with the new law. Markets were empty of grain; further shortages developed; official tallies of grain supplies failed to find and keep track of stocks; urban riots continued.

    The Convention passed another law later in 1793 extending maximum prices to other essential supplies. Those price controls, in combination with government requisitioning and corruption, created chaos in the French economy. Merchants responded by reducing the quality of their goods and the black market blossomed, Bourne noted. “It was the honest merchant who became the victim of the law. His less scrupulous compeer refused to succumb. The butcher in weighing meats added more scraps than before…other shopkeepers sold second-rate goods at the maximum [price]…. The common people complained that they were buying pear juice for wine, the oil of poppies for olive oil, ashes for pepper, and starch for sugar.”

  37. Hamous says:
    AUGUST 6, 2017 AT 8:02 AM

    Hamous, Jim Hightower is still breathing.

    You are correct. I forgot about that weasel.

    I remember when he was being touted as the “Liberal Rush Limbaugh”. His radio show lasted less than a year.

    Hardly anybody called 1-800- A G I T A T E

  38. Yes, I’d forgotten all about Jim Hightower because he vanished pretty fast from the radio scene. He must be in his dotage by now. Anyone know where he’s hiding out?

    Don’t recall him being asked his opinion for publication on anything in a very long time. And that’s gotta hurt.

  39. #42 Texpat

    Hannity vows to keep digging on exposing all the illegalities perpetrated by the Obama administration as well as the illegal activities of the Clintons and their cabal.

    The leaks and unmaskings are the tip of the spear point with so much more behind that. He has amassed a legal team helping him.

    Some folks here don’t like Hannity’s style, but when you need a bulldog to dig stuff out, I really don’t care about style points. I care about guts to keep at it in the face of massive media coverups for years.

  40. Last I heard Hightower on the radio he had a show on KPFT / Pacifica, our local commie radio station. I haven’t listened to KPFT in many years but a quick check of their website shows he has a daily commentary minute, ironically called Common Sense Commentary.

  41. It may not be quite as hot out there today but it’s like moving underwater with the humidity.

    Mowing may be a three beer job.

  42. My plan for the day has worked out perfectly. Even though there’s only a 20% chance of rain I decided to wait before I started mowing. Just started raining.

  43. My plans worked out perfectly too, since I planned to be inside all day. I am working to get my family room decorated for the summer, before I suddenly notice it’s time to unbox the pumpkins and scarecrow collection.

  44. In our dour politically correct culture, which takes comedy too seriously, it sounds like a particularly excruciating form of hell. Werner Klemperer, born in Cologne in 1920, built his career playing a Nazi criminal Emil Hahn on trial in Judgment at Nuremberg, and the mass murderer Adolf Eichmann in Operation Eichmann. Then, he was the bumbling, hyper-Teutonic, Colonel Wilhelm Klink in the TV sitcom Hogan’s Heroes from 1965 through 1971. Coming from a generation that could see art as challenging and comedy as subversion, Klemperer was proud of these roles. His outrageous star turn ridiculing Nazis week after week on CBS was downright liberating.

    It sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit gone bad: produce a comedy about a German Prisoner of War camp just twenty years after the liberation of Auschwitz; Gomer Pyle meets Stalag 17. Then hire three German Jewish refugees as three prominent Nazis. Include among the “prisoners” a Buchenwald survivor who lost twelve siblings and parents in Auschwitz, and still bears the concentration camp number A5714 the Nazis branded onto his forearm.

  45. #44 Texpat

    My favorite is Math Doctorates correlate with Uranium Stored at US Nuclear Power Plants, except Hildebeast gave away 20% of it to Putin.

  46. My favorite is that as the marriage rate dropped in Kentucky, so too did the number of fishermen who drowned after falling out of their boat.

  47. Rain just arrived here with a breeze escort, and the temp went to 82 from 90 pretty fast. Most welcome.

  48. Yabbut Hightower did make one memorable quote.

    When I entered politics, I took the only downward turn you could take from journalism.
    Jim Hightower

  49. Jim Hightower

    Related authors

    Malcolm X
    Noam Chomsky
    Cesar Chavez
    Gloria Steinem
    Susan B. Anthony
    Rosa Parks
    Harriet Tubman
    Louis Farrakhan

  50. Yabbut Hightower did make one memorable quote.

    He had a pretty good book title, too: There’s nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead armadillos.

  51. Yeah, well, Molly Ivins could be funny every once in a while, too.

    Still a despicable Leftist.

  52. HEB was giving away the brown Gulf shrimp again.

    In Texas in August, served boiled and ice cold…..there simply is nothing better.

    Even the perfect ribeye.

  53. Tonight, hearing the story for the fiftieth time, I was surprised to learn that He was seeking solace after learning of the beheading of John the Baptizer.

    How is it that I never before tied the two incidents together?

    I remember Max Lucado referencing that in one of his books. I never put that together, either.

  54. #75 – You still watch commercials? Haven’t you ever heard of Netflix or Amazon Prime? You really should have your IT people upgrade your systems. No charge for the free advice.

  55. Had lunch at Top Water today. Last few times the service has been top notch even when the parking lot is full. The waitress had a script tattooed on her inner right thigh. Wanted to read it but staring long enough to do so would have had me slapped by her of the wife. Looked like she had to wear a bikini to read it all. Cute curly redhead. The wife finally found the lobster bisque on the menu as not too spiced for her. Born in Louisiana, father part Cajun, just wave a pepper grinder over the dish and she will not touch it.

  56. ThundHerStruck.

    The blond in the mini skirt has quite a resume. Luthier, you can have your guitar repaired by her, heavy metal guitarist, as an AC DC tribute band she enjoys performing for the troops.

  57. but I’ve come to really hate Chevy commercials.

    Well, GM is run by a woman now, ya know.

    Jus sayin

  58. 84 gto

    I think you’re on to something.

    Let me watch it a few more times and I’ll let ya know.


  59. Went to see Mom today. She was dead asleep and when I touched her arm and called her, she got a real pained look on her face. Her arms are covered in bruises, probably from the dialysis, and I was careful not to touch anything that looked tender. I just left a note that I’d been there. I noticed she had a wristband with jingle bells on it, and I as I was talking to my eldest sister at Mom’s bedside, I mentioned it. A man came over from the next bed and explained that their call buttons weren’t working, and this was the workaround. The patients were to try to shake their wrists and make enough noise to call a nurse from down the hall.

    My mom has a hard time raising her arm, much less making a twisting or shaking motion hard enough to make any noise.

    I am stifling all kinds of comments.

  60. Sharknadoe 5 is on. I admire how they turned a low budget flop into the franchise it now is.

  61. #87 Tedtam

    Bring her any kind of bell that would be easy for her to ring. Then head off to the supervisor to find out what is going on with the call bell system. And when will it be fixed? Actually take a sister with you. 🙂

  62. 84 gto

    To be fair, I’ve decided that I should watch her a few more times.

    I’ll let you know tomorrow.

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