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  1. Al Gore was challenged on climate science Tuesday night when the mayor of Tangier Island, a community threatened by coastal erosion, told the environmentalist film producer he hadn’t seen the sea level change since he began his first career as a commercial crabber in 1970.


  2. A FB post is saying the Tin Hall building was torn down recently, I can’t find any back up to the story though. I thought it was going to be saved.

  3. Now, as if everything else wasn‟t bad enough, we find out that beer isn‟t good for us? Beer contains female hormones! Yes, that’s right, FEMALE hormones!

    Last month, Montreal University scientists released the results of a recent analysis that revealed the presence of female hormones in beer.

    The theory is that Beer contains female hormones (hops contain Phytoestrogens) and that by drinking enough beer, men turn into women.

    To test the theory, 100 men each drank 8 large drafts of beer within a one (1) hour period.

    It was then observed that 100% of the test subjects, yes, 100% of all these men:

    1) Argued – over nothing.

    2) Refused – to apologize when obviously wrong.

    3) Gained – weight.

    4) Talked – excessively without making sense.

    5) Became – overly emotional.

    6) Couldn’t – drive.

    7) Failed – to think rationally, and

    8) Had – to sit down while urinating.

    No further testing was considered necessary!! Send this to the men you know to warn them about drinking too much beer.

  4. Humbly asking for Yall’s fervent prayers for our Cypress Chapter Brother Rocket………………..

    En route to a kid revisit yesterday evening James “Rocket” Herrada was involved in an accident after a F-150 pulled out in front of him. Rocket is currently in the hospital on a ventilator.

    His injuries include: fractures to his spinal column, several facial fractures, a collapsed lung, broken ribs, a broken wrist, and a broken right femur.

    He has several upcoming tests to determine the extent of his injuries.

    THANKS in advance!

  5. Well there y’all are, I snuck in before 5 and all I heard was snoring.
    TGIF! and I thought it would never get here.
    Mornin’ Gang

  6. #5 Katfish, prayers on the way, a two wheeler and an F150 don’t make for a good outcome.
    Back in my riding days, I felt safer on the freeway than a county road since you NEVER knew if someone was going to pull out in front of you.

  7. West Virginia governor sees the light.

    Mr. Justice said he would officially change his voter registration on Friday. “I will tell you with lots of prayers and lots of thinking, today I will tell you as West Virginians that I can’t help you anymore being a Democrat governor,” he said. He imagined his mother, who has passed away, saying, “Jimmy, it’s about damn time you came to your senses.”

  8. We’re about to start with our high level Orion vibration testing this morning and the last time we did this the 4500 Lb 335 Shaker tried to leave the building. So, a couple of the guys anchored it down to a steel beam embedded in the floor. Don’t laugh, this is only temporary, as soon as we’re through with this series of runs the shaker is being relocated to another building. Someone pointed out that We’d created a trip hazard but in the real world the shaker would have a platform around it, but the platform has already been moved to the other building.

  9. #9 Texpat more than likely the Governor’s mom was an old time Democrat, but like a fellow that I know from Arkansas said; I didn’t leave the Democrat party, it left me.

  10. It’s a double-edged sword.

    Scientists for the first time have successfully edited genes in human embryos to repair a common and serious disease-causing mutation, producing apparently healthy embryos, according to a study published on Wednesday.

    The research marks a major milestone and, while a long way from clinical use, it raises the prospect that gene editing may one day protect babies from a variety of hereditary conditions.

    But the achievement is also an example of human genetic engineering, once feared and unthinkable, and is sure to renew ethical concerns that some might try to design babies with certain traits, like greater intelligence or athleticism.

  11. Re: OC Pic

    And all the guys think “I’d like to check out what’s under hood. I just hope it’s not a tranny problem.”

  12. HEADLINE: The Slow-Motion Coup d’Etat picks up steam

    IF this coup is not crushed and the perpetrators jailed, our once great representative republic is finished. We have evidence of career Intelligence Community actively engaging in a conspiracy to overthrow this presidency by illegal leaks, the Justice Dept is not prosecuting the numerous crimes committed by Cankles and Company, not to mention the myriad of crimes committed by Obama and his crew (fast and furious comes to mind) despite the “slam dunk” mountain of evidence yet they are focused on imaginary crimes of “collusion” with Russia where there is no evidence.
    Why was Rod Rosenstein ever allowed in the building, let alone by the #2 guy at Justice? I could go on, but I think we all get the point. There must be lots of people thrown into prison over all this or we are finished as a country. I see lots of bloodshed in the future.

  13. Unbelievable.

    In July, Chicago Public Schools borrowed $500 million in long-term, high-interest loans. These loans, taken out at interest rates between 7.25-7.65 percent, will cost the district more than $850 million in interest costs alone for a total cost of $1.35 billion, according to a Chicago Tribune analysis.

    CPS will pay off the loans over 25 years, paying roughly $35 million a year in interest. Adjusted for inflation, the total value of the interest on the loan is roughly $405 million.

    As the Tribune notes, by the time the loan is paid off, CPS students entering kindergarten this fall will be in their mid-30s.

    The district plans to use $229 million from the $500 million loan to recoup losses on bonds from previous years. The district will also reimburse itself $31 million in capital expenses from past years, the Tribune explains. This tactic of using new loans to pay off old debts is known as “scoop and toss,” a method of covering deficits used by various city bodies.

    While CPS funnels more money toward exorbitant interest costs due to years of financial recklessness, Illinois lawmakers are attempting to bail out CPS as part of the state’s new education funding plan.

    If CPS is unable to secure funding from the state to pay off the loan, the district has stated it plans to look to property taxes to pay off its increasing debts.

    The $500 million long-term loan came shortly after the district borrowed $387 million in short-term loans from JPMorgan to cover a pension payment and generated nearly $70,000 in interest a day over the summer.

    Despite having taken out a total of $887 million in loans over the last two months, CPS students and parents may not notice any large improvements in the classroom come fall, as CPS has used its dependency on short-term borrowing to make payments on pension debt rather than using the money to fund classrooms.

  14. Texpat says:
    AUGUST 4, 2017 AT 6:43 AM
    West Virginia governor sees the light.

    And the pressure increases on Joe Manchin. Its at the point where he needs to change parties or lose his job in the next election.

  15. Trump had better fire this SOB and quickly.

    Sara Carter at Circa:

    19 Hours Ago
    Almost one month after it was disclosed that former President Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice was unmasking members of President Trump’s team and other Americans, Trump’s own national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, sent an official letter giving her unfettered and continuing access to classified information and waiving her “need-to-know” requirement on anything she viewed or received during her tenure, Circa has confirmed.

    The undated and unclassified letter from McMaster was sent in the mail to Rice’s home during the last week of April. Trump was not aware of the letter or McMaster’s decision, according to two senior West Wing officials and an intelligence official, who spoke to Circa on condition that they not be named.

  16. Good article about campus Leftists being defeated.

    August 2017.

    Finally, as of last week, North Carolina became the first state to pass a model free speech reform bill advanced by the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to effectively doing away with all campus speech codes and speech zones, it forces universities to educate students about the new pro free speech policies during freshman orientation, which was previously a place where students were introduced to anti-free speech concepts like “micro-aggression.” The best part of the bill is that it cracks down on students who attempt to disrupt the free speech rights of others. For example, the campus lunatics who tried to shut down a pro-life display on my campus by surrounding the pro-lifers with a “human chain” so they could not speak to or share literature with passers by are now much more likely to face expulsion. We had to fight very hard to get this bill passed in light of public resistance by leftist anti-free speech newspapers like The Charlotte Observer – and relentless lobbying by UNC President Margaret Spellings. We will know it was worth the effort once we start to see heads exploding during the first freshman orientation.

  17. Good morning Hamsters. Rain again in the forecast today, and some might actually fall on our dirt. Already 81 in the front and back yards with a lazy breeze making the rounds. The deceptive view through the windows keeps the illusion of pleasantness outside while one remains inside. Sticking the nose outside quickly destroys that thought.

    #21 Texpat

    Yes indeed, McMaster must be canned immediately. By now somebody surely has informed Trump of his nefarious activities. Rush is gonna be all over this today for sure. As mentioned by several prescient folks around and about, beware anybody the Establishment types praise in an appointee in the Trump administration, for they are sowing discontent as fast as they can.

  18. McMaster is McCain’s boy in the WH. Since Trump had no real political affiliations upon arriving in DC, the eReps were more than happy to help him staff up. That’s where Rinse came from, and Rinse listened to all his eRep friends to select other WH staffers. Cabinet members similar situation – Trump trusts military people. Of course, Turtle’s wife gets a cabinet position in order to induce Turtle to help Trump out. Naturally, all these people’s allegiances are to the eReps, not to Trump, so Trump should weed them out as soon as he figures out what is going on. And improve his own vetting. Certainly out there somewhere are some competent, honest people willing to serve honorably in these positions. In the meantime, as I long predicted, the Reps are turning out to be the real enemy of Trump, and those who elected him. Just remember that whenever you hear from media, politicians, or bureaucrats how bad Trump is, they are really expressing their disdain for you and me, the voters who put him in office. The Coup marches forward.

  19. Also, I keep hearing about how CNN’s Jim Acosta made such a fool of himself at the immigration briefing the other day, and the though occurred to me – all the networks were showing him acting up, and it was all over the internet. Maybe that’s the only way they can get anyone to watch CNN anymore. The press’ job is to report the news, not to be the news. Those weasels could ask compelling questions to clarify statements and positions without becoming argumentative and provide a much better service to the news consumer. They are not supposed to be the opposition, they are supposed to report on what they see and hear. CNN should be politely advised that Acosta’s credentials have been revoked and that they should send someone else over if they want to retain their slot in the briefing room. And, turn the cameras off again.

  20. #28 Hamous: Your first link was the most appalling bilge of race-baiting self hatred I have ever read. This mindset may explain why so many Jews are rabid left wingers.

    I am reminded of a Dr. Michael Savage quote: “liberalism is a mental disorder!”

  21. The Couch seems a bit somnolent today. I’ve been up and reading, piddling around, found no compelling project for today. Finally decided to box up the Easter bunnies that are still on the hearth. Once I get it all bare, I’ll have to find something else to put up for now until Halloween.

  22. I don’t ever cook my Easter Bunnies that long. I’d imagine that leaving them on the hearth that long makes them real tough

  23. We still have a bunny family on the mantel, ‘cept they are rabbit dolls dressed in 1890s clothes on their way to Easter services. Also have a basket of hand puppets (lamb, chick, and duck) stuffed with paper so they stand up amidst spring flowers. Neither screams typical Easter décor and so go rather well into summer until we hit September 1 when the fall stuff can come out even though it’s still blistering summer. It’s the psychology of fall that drives it, certainly not the weather.

    Our vacation and the illness aftermath kinda pushed any thoughts of switching out décor into the background. August can seem like a lost month to be crossed to get anywhere near a chance of a cool front arriving.

  24. #28 Hamous

    Wow, the author is more than a few fries short of a happy meal. Perhaps he’s into chemical assists while writing?

  25. Perhaps with a

    Death Wish

    remake Bruce won’t get the snot beat out of him ten times as in the

    Die Hard



  26. #37 & 38

    Love seeing that hysterical incident again. Ventura will never live this down if he lives to be 99. He clearly was having some concern about what he was doing before he got to Nolan. It appeared that for a few seconds everybody else was in a trance, rooted to the spot.

  27. I decided to get out my red, white, and blue decorations that should have gone up on July 4 — but didn’t this year. Well, I found 2 R-W-B wreaths but they both had a few items that needed to be reglued or otherwise touched up. So I did that and then hung them up. Not satisfactory at all. They just don’t make a matching pair. So now I’m thinking about seeing if any of the undecorated wreaths in the craft room match the size of the decorated wreath I like the bestest. If so, I will remove all the items from the bum wreath and see if I can build a good match for the one that I like.

    That will give me a project for tomorrow.

  28. This guy makes me smile.

    HEADLINE: Republican donor from Virginia Beach sues GOP, accusing the party of fraud over failed Obamacare repeal

    Maybe this will get thier attention and give them a clue as to how pizzed off America is. . . .

  29. Another Friday.

    Same old GOOPeeCons.

    Who can cook some green eggs
    Mix em up with spam
    Pee on your leather shoe
    And say it’s morning dew

    The GOOPeeCons
    Oh the GOOPeeCons can
    The GOOPeeCons can
    Cuz they mix it up with scams
    And makes a Coup taste good

    Who can take a Ferris
    Wrap his tongue in the pie
    hoaxes on a bun
    Then poke his fingers in your eyes

    The GOOPeeCons
    The GOOPeeCons can
    The GOOPeeCons can
    they’re nothin but a sham
    And make treach-er-y taste good.

    I know El G-Man has been waiting for it.

  30. #40 mharper42

    You have a craft room. Great place to have for storing all the decorative stuff we can’t resist buying for various times of the year, and of course it all multiplies like coat hangers, does it not? Whether it is finished items or the makings for a finished item, storage space is always a concern.

    Sister-in-law in Wisconsin has essentially a large walk-in closet with a window in the finished part of their basement that holds wreaths, decorations, makings, and has walls covered with hanging pieces. She can see almost all the things at a glance whether hanging on the walls or in see-through plastic boxes. I would love to have something like that but must be content with the hall walk-in closet holding other things as well and parts of two bedroom closets.

    Spouse of course helpfully suggests maybe it’s time to cull some of the stuff and donate it to the Women’s Center Penny Wise shop out here. Makes sense. Then of course there is the small closet in the bedroom/hobby room where his ham radio stuff is set up in the regular closet space. The small closet is stuffed with slides from back before our wedding to the arrival of a digital camera here some years ago. This is what happens when you live in the same house for 37 years….

  31. Adee:
    There are some finished crafts stored in my craft room, but mostly it is supplies that I have not touched in 15 years. I found a bare wreath that is the right size and style for what I have in mind. Next I will find out if the 15 y.o. spray matte finish will still shake up and spray forth on the raw grapevine before I attempt to glue anything to it. Not sure I want to do that tonight; that metal ball sure makes a racket being shaken in the can.

    Most of our holiday decor is stored in boxes in a holiday closet upstairs. Not much of that is stuff I made, except for seasonal wreaths.

  32. #46 El Gordo

    Presume this is not a frequent happening in San Saba. Also presume local law enforcement is most interested in the appearance of contraband and want to know how it got there and with whose help.

  33. Law enforcement doing anything except writing a few traffic tickets is big news here. They don’t have the capacity to actually investigate any crime such as a burglary or such. I’m not in tune with what’s going on in the local drug community but I hear from time to time that they pretty much run free unless they happen to get stopped for a traffic violation. But, just in case you get any ideas about easy pickens, I know for a fact that most of the homes include at least an armory safe if not a complete armory vault.

  34. For some strange reason I’ve been craving some turkey breasts dressed with cranberries all day.

    Not sure why.

    Doesn’t usually hit me until Thanksgiving.

  35. Fay said buy turkey wings on sale tomorrow.
    Just in case you were wondering what the po’ folks are eatin’.

  36. Speaking of eating…saw a video this evening of a bear in a temple in some Asian country – India? – and a man was teasing the bear with a bowl of rice. This bear was some kind of temple mascot and was allowed to get pretty close to the people. Well, the bear finally had enough teasing and grabbed the guy’s wrist and dragged him into the enclosure. The horrified crowd tried jabbing the bear with poles and throwing water on him, but the bear continued to maul the guy. Finally, bear grabs the now nearly unconscious man and drags him into his cage where he proceeds to EAT HIM. Finally a keeper shows up and hits the bear with a board and shoos him away from the partially eaten victim.

    Last I heard the idiot who teased the bear with food is in critical condition.

    The bear was taken to a sanctuary and is said “to be depressed”.

    Probably upset his dinner was taken away from him. I feel for the victim, but he created the situation by teasing a very large, potentially vicious animal by offering and removing food. Victim probably never realized he could be food.

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