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  1. Good morning Hamsters. Humidity is back and 74 at 6. Rain is back in the forecast so I hope some lands on us.

    Little Duckie is saying he can dance and he can sing, and it’s nice to see such vigor.
    Have at it little fellow.

    Must be a good way on the mend from the crud, as I am no longer a mere passive observer of the daily happenings. Suddenly have some energy, and I gladly expended some of it last evening while going through the mail spouse brought in. Not much of it probably because the July deadline for fundraising has passed. But the biggest item was a large envelope with a giant NO printed on the front.

    He, he, he, it was from the Sierra Club, that launderer of money for the Dems, asking us to join them in stopping the horrors of Trump gutting the EPA. The thing was addressed to both of us, not usual, and I’m wondering if this isn’t a panic mode grabbing at any mailing lists they can to drum up members.

    Inside was a membership card already made out, petitions addressed to Nazi Pelosi and Upchuck Schumer to come save us all from Trump’s predations on the holy EPA, and a green bumper sticker proclaiming Make America Green Again. Ha! So suddenly America is barren gray/brown? Looks green to me everywhere I look.

    With some glee I removed the petitions from the donations page, tore them in small pieces, did the same with the membership card, and corrected the bumper sticker to read Make America Great Again. Then stuffed it all back in the prepaid envelope. Into the mail she goes today. They have to pay to get my message that tells them to shove it. Life is good.

  2. #2 Texpat, that is just too neat, not only did he make a great catch but he gracefully flipped over the wall like a pole vaulter.

  3. Adee, are you still sick? I hope you’ll be back to normal soon, we’re still waiting on the highlights of your trip.

  4. #5 Super Dave

    Yes, and I’m in the later stages of it. Previous bouts with it or something like it have all dragged on into week 3, mostly fatigue. It’s much like a bad case of the flu that hangs on after you start feeling better.

    And this bug is a virus, not a bacterium, so it must run its course while treating the symptoms the best way possible. That was about the first thing the ER docs said when spouse and I came in to confirm what was afoot. Antibiotics do not help unless a secondary bacterial infection pops up. Second question was were we current on the pneumonia vaccine(s). Yes to both types, and that brought a smile from them.

    There were quite a few folks on the land tour and the cruise that had some symptoms at all stages of it. So I’m sure it spread easily in crowds.

  5. HEADLINE: Inside the $600-a-head Silicon Valley restaurant where Google and Apple executives eat gold-flecked steaks

    Located in Los Altos, California, the newly opened Japanese restaurant accommodates only eight people per night and has no menus, no windows, and one table. Dinner costs at minimum $395 a head, but it averages between $500 and $600 with beverages and tax.

    Hiroshi Kimura, the chef and owner, left his restaurant in Hawaii and moved to Silicon Valley in 2016 to launch a concept that would appeal to the deep-pocketed tech elite. Hiroshi hosts three to five dinners a week and is booked solid when a convention comes to town.

    Gold leaf on a Kobe/Wagyu steak seems a bit much to me, I think offensive is a better term.

  6. Well played Ms. Adee, well played. I’m glad to hear that you all are turning the corner on your illness.

    Obviously, the spy ducks are back. They are watching from outside, they are under the covers, hiding under the bed – they are everywhere, and their stares are relentless. The only thing known to keep them at bay is Phil’s poetry, so come on Phil, hopefully we can hold out until noon when you can get up and save us.

    In other news, there was a light layer of mist on my patio when I arose this morning. The air smells like new mowed hay. Of course, there’s always the call for more. But thanks for every blessing, no matter how large or small.

    Now, I’m three or four days already into planning for the extraction of my latest visiting skunk. The animal control officer advised that it’s been a banner year for skunks here locally, and that all of his traps are in use, but as soon as one comes available, he will let me know. It’s hard to get a clean shot with neighboring houses, propane tanks supply gas to houses, cats, other animals, big rocks, and the like to deal with. Gotta get the angles just right, and when they are moving around, it’s hard to do.

    Have a great day all.

  7. EG: I keep telling you, you have to get yourself one of these.
    I have found that the plain jane, Crossman brand, pointed, 14.3 gram pellets (.22 cal) work the best as far as accuracy goes. Sub-dime size groups at 30 feet. At 30-50 feet it will easily kill a skunk with a head shot, if you can hold it true.

  8. 2 years after the Colorado Gold King mine disaster, CAUSED BY THE OBAMA ERA EPA, and not one EPA employee has been charged or fined. The evidence of a cover-up is overwhelming, and where are our R watchdogs. . . ? Where is the Justice dept in prosecuting these blatant crimes against the environment and the people of America by those who are supposed to be protecting that very same environment? Where are the prosecutions of the IRS employees like Lois Lerner and others for abusing their office? Where are the prosecutions of the Obama admin officials for illegally unmasking?
    In order to drain the damn swamp, some heads are going to have to roll.

  9. Well, ole Bettencourt has once again lowered my taxes. Market value lowered by $16,425, from $176,549 to $160,124. Tax savings $112.49, of which I donate 40% ($45.00) to him. I’ll take it. He has lowered my taxes every year except one, since he started 10 years ago, of course the biggest saving was the first since they had never been contested before.

  10. #15 Super Dave

    Bettencourt also came through for us again this year, got a reduction in appraisal in a year they were harder to come by. They’ve been good for us ever since they started in business. And my going on my own before they arrived helped bunches every year although they could have gotten more if they were available.

    All this was at a time when few of our neighbors even thought about protesting, even those who weren’t stuck with the mortgage company paying the taxes and insurance. And just because we qualified for the 65+ exemption was no reason to stop protesting because although the outrageous school taxes are frozen, nothing else is.

  11. #17 Super Dave

    How sweet it is and how painful for the lefties to have to report it. That they can’t hide.

  12. I slept like a log, got up later than currently usual, and am hoping for some nice rains during the day. I love the OC wading duck!

  13. Realizing that I put this in TOO LATE last night to get any attention, I humbly repeat it here and now.

    mharper42 says:
    AUGUST 1, 2017 AT 10:23 PM
    I came across this sorta controversial Proctor & Gamble video/ad about racism, packaged with a 12-minute rebuttal by a black guy who says they just want to sell shampoo to black women. Recommended for those who have the time and interest to put into it.


    I freely confess that I myself usually skip any video that is longer than about a minute.

  14. Okay, I have a problem….

    I’m reconciling a credit card account. The ending amount for last statement was, let’s say, $100. The beginning balance for the new statement is, let’s say, $50.

    I’ve checked the website. My statements match their statements. Where did the money go?

    My cpa’s office says that I’m gifted this way…. /smh

  15. There’s a statement missing, even from their website. I’m trying to verify the bills with receipts – of which Hubby doesn’t always keep track.

  16. Scattered light rain just moved in over us that’s not amounted to much so far. But there are lots of spots that look like they could join and amount to something.

  17. the spy ducks are back. They are watching from outside, they are under the covers, hiding under the bed – they are everywhere, and their stares are relentless. The only thing known to keep them at bay is Phil’s poetry

    The Deep State Media’s lies
    lie beneath the very deep
    Lies for all and everyone
    They want no one to think

    the truth it may be out there
    but they’ll never let it speak
    They’d rather just see it buried
    down in Chappaquiddick creek

    Deeper than a BillHilly witness
    that’s about to testify
    about some funky, skunky corruption
    and cloth wiped server lies

    A milked cash cow foundation,
    that feeds like a 3 headed beast
    maybe a giant Gila monster,
    or a shark on Sharkin’ Week

    Some shady undertakings,
    or some funny goings on
    the witness usually ends up
    going, going and gone

    But the Deep State Media Moguls,
    will not lead with these
    on their Orwellian “news” night networks,
    Five O’Clock eve-nings

    Awan bros and Sgt. Vasserman-Schultz,
    of these they Know Nothing!
    Like dummied up Colonel Wilhelm Klinks
    wearing Mayo stained undies

    another Mystery suicide,
    up upon a hill
    What was used this time,
    plastic bags or a hundred pills?

    but have no worries for the Deep State,
    of Media Monkey Shills
    Will cover up inconvenient truths,
    with Joseph Goebbels Skills

    Just know you’re being lied to
    on a grand scale everyday
    The truth’s no longer out there
    in the Deep State’s pay to play

    The SpyDuckus runs among us
    And Ferris loves his mates
    So beware and take no showers
    in Motel Deep States Bates

  18. 17 Super Dave


    Paul Krugman on the NYT at 12:42 AM ET on November 9, 2016:

    It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover?

    Frankly, I find it hard to care much, even though this is my specialty. The disaster for America and the world has so many aspects that the economic ramifications are way down my list of things to fear.

    Still, I guess people want an answer: If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.

    Under any circumstances, putting an irresponsible, ignorant man who takes his advice from all the wrong people in charge of the nation with the world’s most important economy would be very bad news. What makes it especially bad right now, however, is the fundamentally fragile state much of the world is still in, eight years after the great financial crisis.

    It’s true that we’ve been adding jobs at a pretty good pace and are quite close to full employment. But we’ve been doing O.K. only thanks to extremely low interest rates. There’s nothing wrong with that per se. But what if something bad happens and the economy needs a boost? The Fed and its counterparts abroad basically have very little room for further rate cuts, and therefore very little ability to respond to adverse events.

    Now comes the mother of all adverse effects — and what it brings with it is a regime that will be ignorant of economic policy and hostile to any effort to make it work. Effective fiscal support for the Fed? Not a chance. In fact, you can bet that the Fed will lose its independence, and be bullied by cranks.

    So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight. I suppose we could get lucky somehow. But on economics, as on everything else, a terrible thing has just happened.

  19. Texpat’s o/c subjects of the past two days inspired my latest masterpiece in my #34.

    So to him I tip my hat
    For in it there is no cat
    Nor a SpyDuck on a pond
    Looking out for James Bond

  20. Paul Krugman would look at the duck in the OC pic and think, since it is a duck, it could fly.

  21. Paul Krugman, former Enron advisor, could look at the OC picture and declare it to be a nuclear armed B-52 crashing into the Atlantic Ocean and the NY Times would print the story, editorialize about the need to hire more diverse B-52 crews, and blame Trump for the incident.

  22. receipts – of which Hubby doesn’t always keep track.

    Grounds for divorce and/or amputation at my house.

  23. I have files and piles of receipts and invoices. It is the absolute bane of my existence my entire life.

    My dream has always been to be able to afford some nerdy little person to follow me around everyday all my life collecting the receipts and superfluous paper crap each and every day and file it accordingly.

  24. My dream has always been to be able to afford some nerdy little person to follow me around everyday all my life collecting the receipts and superfluous paper crap each and every day and file it accordingly.

    My new dream is for Paul Krugman to one day be that midget for you. But you must promise to verbally abuse him on a daily basis. Twice a year, at a time of your choosing, you must send him down Texas way for one week so’s I can verbally abuse him. I want to give him a plastic bag and one a them ice picks on a long stick and a Vietnamese straw hat so he can pick up litter in the Barrio.

  25. #45 Hamous

    Every time I force myself to read something Krugman has constructed, I become more thoroughly convinced he scrambled his marbles a long time ago. Conceit now seems to be the only glue holding him together. We await the implosion with interest.

  26. Adee – in a sane world he’d be homeless on the street or in some filthy cabin in Wyoming plotting how he’s going to blow up the New York Times for firing him 15 years ago.

  27. Our CPA once told us that we had to save the paper copies of receipts because the IRS would not accept scanned digitized copies for business purposes. That is still one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.

    In our personal lives, we are almost completely digital when it comes to finances.

  28. 55 TexMo

    Even in the Third World backwaters of New Jersey, the state government requires LEOs to accept a smartphone digital image of a driver’s proof of insurance. It’s actually the law – shocking as that may seem to those of you living in civilized corners of the earth.

  29. 45 Hamous

    But you must promise to verbally abuse him on a daily basis. Twice a year, at a time of your choosing, you must send him down Texas way for one week so’s I can verbally abuse him.

    Your wish is my command. I’ll be workin’ on it.

  30. Also Texas LEOs can pull up the proof of insurance on their computers.

    I can walk into FoodTown with only a vehicle registration renewal and I do not need to present proof of inspection or insurance because they can see it on their computer.

  31. Just watched the Tucker Carlson clip on CNN’s Acosta getting accosted by the White House spox. Holy crap, that’ll leave a mark!

    Carlson likened him to “the drunk guy at the party with bad breath who just won’t shut up”. Acosta, that is.

    I saw a tweet, too, that summed up Acosta’s total idiotic performance today: “Acosta called his wife to let her know he’d be late getting home. He was stopping by the doctor so he can get Miller’s foot pulled out of his a$$.”

  32. Funny how the world works. For a while I was following Natalie Arceneaux on FB, and a guy who also commented on her posts and I began sharing info through comments. We’re both Catholic, for one thing. I quit following Natalie after a while, but now I’m Words with Friends buds with the guy. His kids actually go to the Catholic School next to my church. It’s funny that we’ve never met in person.

    But I’m kicking his butt on WwF. Usually. We have four games going right now.

  33. 62 TexMo

    When I tell people here in New York or New Jersey a citizen of Texas can walk into any of the 254 county offices in the state and conduct any business they need to take care of via the statewide intranet, regardless of their county of residence, they look at me as if I’m crazy. They can’t comprehend service from a government like that.

  34. I was told two days ago that digital proof of insurance is also acceptable in Texas.

    How fast were you going / how fast he write the ticket for?

  35. #63 #67 It was pure GOLD! Can you say “Come-Uppance”?
    Of course our Queen hit on the key point, I laughed out loud when he said that!

    Carlson likened him to “the drunk guy at the party with bad breath who just won’t shut up”. Acosta, that is.


  36. Coming back down to earth; Sadly the low I.Q., IDIOT, Acosta probably thinks he did real good and so would his partners in crime, the Lame-Stream media,…… SPITS~

  37. A close relative lives in Portland, OR where today it was 105F and forecast to be 108F tomorrow.

    When I joked about dead bodies she didn’t laugh. Most people don’t have AC out there, including her. She says she’s blessed to work in an office with AC.

    This is like when it hits the nineties in England.

  38. #67: Jim Acaca-Head was shredded in that exchange. On the one hand I want to say this is evidence that Crappy Non-news Network really should be banned for sending miscreants such as this, on the other hand, when they are so verbally disemboweled for thier stupidity and pig-headed arrogance it produces a nice teaching moment.

  39. I’m well aware that LEO’s have access to insurance information.

    But the law still says you must carry proof. So, depending on wether you’re stopped by a jackass or not, it is best you do so.

  40. #72 – Brother – if you carry your driver’s license that (in today’s techno capability) IS PROOF.

    I had a DPS Trooper scoff at me offering my insurance card to him 6 or 7 years ago – “Keep it – I can get the insurance data off of your license”

  41. Turning in after a more active day, tired of course, but I’ll go to sleep thinking of that happy little duck on the OC for today.

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