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  1. #4 DAYAAM, I noticed this;

    “I talked to a witness today that said she saw them go by her house in their neighborhood and they were going like 30 miles an hour,” Lt. McKee said.

    In a press release, police said that a witness reported the youngest child begin to cry after the wagon went up on two wheels during the trip.

  2. The birthday elf brought me a new weed whacker, and since the weeds in the outback are too much for my little electric trimmer, I’m anxious to try it out. Apparently all 2-cycle gas powered trimmers are manufactured with a “hard to start” feature (presumably dreamed up by a bureaucrat for safety purposes – the logic being that if it ain’t running, it won’t hurt anyone), so my first exercise today will be learning the art of starting this beast and keeping it running. I’m also told that these things only respond to cursing and swearing if it’s delivered in Spanish, so there may be a language barrier there also. I mowed yesterday, so things are primed for the weedeater, but just getting it running might be enough of a challenge for this morning. Beats painting the house though.

    I’m glad to see the mh is back on the lawn mowing circuit. Just remember that you don’t have to prove how tough you are to anyone – don’t over do it, take a break, and don’t hurt yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  3. Pump the fuel bulb full, lock throttle open and engage choke. Couple pulls disengage choke. Wack weeds. Hit stop, grab cool one. Repeat.

  4. Dave got a new grill.

    He even sprung for the beer cooler/ self-extinguishing feature.

  5. Taking my first break. I am about half done. Doing back yard only today. Did not expect enough dry sky to start the front yard. Nothing looks worse than a mowed swath through pasture-high grass.

  6. #11,Yup, late in the day when a lot of ice has turned to water and you no longer the fire, you just give her flush!! 😀

  7. Back yard mowed! I enjoyed the first 2/3 of it, the rest was just determination to finish it off.

    Normally I can mow and edge it in one hour. Today: 2 hours with several breaks, just for mowing. Well, the grass was taller and lusher than it has ever been before. I can’t use the edger or blower for another month, due to restriction on picking up anything over 10 lbs. (Our foster-fail kitten Lynx is on the prohibited list.)

  8. My trimmer started right up as I followed starting instructions. Didn’t even have to learn any new Spanish words to convince it. Quite a bit different than the dinky electric trimmer that I’ve been using. Electric trimmer works just fine on grass around the fence, etc. but for getting weeds in the outback, the gas powered one is the way to go. Word of warning – always wear safety glasses with the high powered unit – it kicks up cactus, rocks, and all sorts of stuff, and you really need protection when that junk starts flying. A nice prickly pear needle in you eye is no way to start the weekend.

    mh, I’ve warned you about that. Some people just never listen.

  9. mh, I’ve warned you about that.

    It was important to me to finish the job as best I could. Taking the extra time to get it done did the trick.

  10. Rain to the west of me, rain to the east of me – but no rain within 30 miles of me in any direction. That’s the way it rolls out here in the desert. Even just a little sprinkle would do wonders.

  11. We are getting a downpour at Chez Harp. And looks like a solid week of it in the forecast.

  12. We got a nice little rain/t-storm coming in from the east. Wind, lightning rain. real thick clouds because it got very dark.

  13. It’s been a good year for rain in Southeast Texas. Soaking rains spread out over time. No major floods. Middle of July and everything is still springtime green.

  14. Considering the severe whacking I gave my back lawn today — yes, I did raise the blade height — I am sure it is loving the good soaking rain it got this afternoon. I’m still hearing thunder so we may get even more rain.

    I can just see my neighbors all cheering on that future day when they notice I finally got my front lawn cut.

  15. Every time I cook bacon, I get grease splattered on me so I got smart and used my Christmas present, my Texas Apron…..and NO, I can’t do a selfie! How do you like my state of the art, 2009, Flip-Phone? 😀

  16. I started cooking my bacon on my George Foreman grill. Keeps the slices all nice and flat, they all cook uniform and at the same rate, and I can keep the bacon grease for future use. No splatter, and the next time I use the GF grill, there’s a nice bacon grease base to cook from. No downside that I can find.

  17. #33, So I assume that it cooks on both sides? If so that’s even better. I’ve heard of the Foreman Grill, but I’ve never seen one.

  18. Yes, it cooks both sides at once, so cooking time is minimal. It’s my go to grilling device sausage pattys, pork chops, burgers, steaks, chicken (both breasts and legs and thighs). Did I mention grill cheese sammywiches. Can also grill sliced veges or kabobs. The grill is kind of a mess to clean which I do every 90 days or so. The non-stick surface wore off years ago, so after I clean it, I spray it with Pam, but otherwise I just leave the grease on it. Since I use it almost daily it doesn’t have a chance to spoil. The grease collects in a tray which I normally empty into a coffee can after each use and toss out when the can is full. The newer ones have removable grills that can be washed, but I think it sacrifices some heat for that feature. Just let it heat up for a few minutes (there is no on/off switch, so it just plugs in to turn on) toss the meat on, and wait a few minutes. My thick burger cooks in 4 or 5 minutes as an example. Very handy for one or two people, and it doesn’t smoke the place up. My guess would be that the grill only get to about 350, so if you are a gourmet griller that needs 700 degrees to burn your steak, you’ll have to go outdoors; but for my daily use, I can’t beat it.

  19. Bacon should be baked.

    Get a couple cheap cooling racks. Line baking pan with foil. Put cooling rack in pan. Lay bacon on cooling rack. Bake at 350 until desired crispness is achieved.

    Don’t hafta use paper towels to drain. Extra bonus: lotsa liquid love with which to make salad dressing, etc.

  20. Watching Deadwood now. I must have missed it during it’s original run. Ubiquitous and gratuitous use of the f word.

    It has been reported that the series had a total count of 2,980 “f***s” and an average of 1.56 utterances of “f***” per minute of footage.

  21. #38: When I was binge-watching the series, Mrs. Bonecrusher referred to it as the M-F show. It also uses the C-S phrase a whole lot.

  22. Drudge has a story linked that states “Boy, 16, charged in acid attacks in London.” I won’t link to it because it has B(o)(o)Bs on the ad side on the right column.
    This charming practice of throwing acid in the faces of infidels is brought by the Pakis and the religion of peace.

  23. I plan to drive until the wee hours Sunday morning. I am going to fast as per my medical situation permits. My father goes into surgery Monday to remove his kidney. He has absolutely no bad kidney symptoms but it definitely needs to be removed according to the experts my father spoke to. His bad kidney was detected while checking him out after his recent pneumonia attack. He’s fine overall but very nervous about getting his organ removed. Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

    God bless

  24. Hi y’all, I’m back from the frozen tundra of Alaska and the Yukon Territory of Canada.

    Left on July 3 for a land tour of Alaska and Yukon Territory and a cruise through the fjords of Glacier National Park and down the Inside Passage to Vancouver, BC. Our flight home was delayed almost 90 minutes by the storms described herein today. Arrived at the front door just about 9:30 tonight. Unpacking can wait until tomorrow.

    In reading today’s episode of Hambone I’m glad that the gang is still all here and hopefully still healthy. It was so nice to be cold again up there. Lowest temp we enjoyed was 43 in Whitehorse, Yukon.

  25. #41 Darren

    Prayers launched for your father’s successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Also for the family’s peace of mind and assurance that Our Lord is looking over him.

  26. Welcome back Ms Adee! Naughty, naughty not giving us a heads up, we were worried. 43 huh, sounds wonderful.

  27. Sunday’s here so…

    Beware the Greek gizzard
    and his propagandist news
    on the alphabet channel
    abc takes a snooze

    and beware the Russian hoax
    as it’s rubbed and it’s stoked
    the lies they run rampant
    like Batman’s Joker, he joked

    So file your fingerprints
    while SpyDuckus shucks the corn
    and remember when watching
    it’s but propagandist porn

    Short skirts and long legs
    are there so you’ll beg
    while your brain’s put in park
    and they drone on like dregs

    So ruff ruff little doggy
    don’t hike on that tree
    and don’t you dare bark

    For it’s much better to hark
    at the heavenly gate,
    like that lively wise lark
    dear Shakespeare once wrote…

    So keep your eyes open
    and don’t succumb to fear
    And for he who’s listening
    let his ears truly hear

  28. Welcome back Ms Adee, we’ll be needing a play-by play of the trip. I’ve never been on a cruise and figured that I’d just get bored, but I would like to take an Alaska Cruise to see the Glaciers.

  29. I had composed a masterpiece for opening comments this morning, but a computer glitch seems to have sent it all to parts unknown into the ethernet. Outdoor chores today are not what I might prefer, but I’ll fool around with them until something better comes along. Hoping everyone has a great day, with special attention to those with medical and loved one issues, as well as others who are in need of comfort. More later as it develops.

  30. Watching an old Daniel Boone rerun with Fess Parker.
    It’s amazing how clean those folks managed to stay. Narry a spec of dirt on any of them.

    Welcome home, Adee.

  31. Can’t stand Elizabeth Warren, but this is a pretty good one. On Kid Rock –

    I know a lot of people are thinking: this is some sort of joke, right? Well, maybe this is all a joke — but we all thought Donald Trump was joking when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his campaign, too.

    And sure, maybe this is just a marketing gimmick for a new album or tour — but we all thought Donald Trump was just promoting his reality TV show, too.


  32. Nice to be back and catching up on what I missed while gone. Will be going through the editions of Hambone I missed. Not much national news was available regularly until we boarded the ship on the 11th and could get Fox News Channel, and of what little I saw little was encouraging. Same old, same old mindset of the Establishment trying to convince itself that resistance to what We the People did in November could be brushed aside. ‘Cept now they have to brush harder, and maybe that is starting to sink in slowly.

  33. We also know that Al Franken was, literally, a joke.

    Just watched Rand Paul on Fox. He’s had the best idea on health care I’ve heard yet. Complete repeal of Obamacare on one bill. That’s what they promised for over seven years. 51 votes will do it. Simultaneously, have a separate bill on replacing Obamacare. Let the Democrats try and get big spending passed in congress and signed by the president.

  34. The eReps will never bring a repeal Obamacare vote to the floor because it would expose them for the liar and cheats that they are. It’s not the Dems that are causing the problems in Congress, it’s the eReps – from leadership on down. Until the Swamp is drained, it’s the governing elites versus the voters. This whole effort to take down Trump is nothing more than an effort to ignore the will of the voters and to impose the will of the elites. Forget the Dems – they are doing exactly as expected. It’s the snakes and weasels of the eRep party hiding in the tall grass that are behind most of this; or at least not speaking up to prevent it. They should all roast in hades.

  35. Obamacare is so baked in with tentacles dug deep and far into every aspect of our economy, and so many squishes in the senate, 51 votes would be impossible I think.

  36. #58: How many is this, 60 – 70 so far? It is almost like the Arkancide epidemic got all the way into Haiti or something.
    Gee, that sure is a nice head you have there, be a shame ifn it got some extra holes in it. . . . .

  37. So, I always watch the talking head shows on delay, that way I can FFW through the ten thousand commercials. That sorry, lying Cornholeus‘ is on now. I may as well FFW past his comments…… SPTITS~

  38. Those eRep weasels have figured out what the Dems have been doing for years – namely using federal funds to finance campaigns and extravagant lifestyles. Government supports insurance companies through subsidies on mandatory insurance purchases by people; insurance companies kick back a portion of the money to eReps to encourage them to see things their way. Dems have been doing that through non-profit grants and community group subsidies for decades. Guess who pays the bill – that’s right, anyone with a job. I’ve still got a thing for wild dogs that might somehow be deployed to help and would also be fun to watch.

  39. #63 Iron Mary, didja’ notice that there was something in there for El Gordo?

    Gongol’s part in the landing was overlooked, it seems, because he didn’t physically land the plane. That part of the job was left to the co-pilot. And while she was perfectly capable herself, the fact remains: landing a plane without a second pilot is a really, really bad idea.


  40. #64, 65 – That’s scary. A co-pilot who needs a hand flying and landing a 737, which is one of the easiest passenger jets to fly. ATC is telling them everything to do (although you might have to look it up on a chart, but today’s aircraft have heads-up display for virtually everything) until they are halfway down final approach when the tower gives them a “clear to land.” Actually I think this is fake news to the extent that the female co-pilot could have most likely handled the job by herself, but then again, it’s United, and she might just as well have told them to start throwing passengers off the plane to lighten the load. Creepy story.

  41. Anyone else having trouble posting comments this morning? Mine seem to take forever to finally post – it’s probably just all the big words that I use and stuff, but just wondering.

  42. #68 El Gordo No problem in Clear Lake. Just pull the string on the Campbell’s soup can a little tighter,……..

  43. #63, #65
    Davey — heck no, I did not notice! My hackles don’t rise up when I read about a woman flying a plane. Let’s see if EG blows a gasket. Shoot, it was the MALE pilot who keeled over at the controls. 🙁

  44. If you don’t know what a Sunday driver is, just come out to my neck of the woods.

    I think I got behind all of them in the last two hours.

  45. Calling all dog lovers. This is super cute, and you don’t have to watch the video to get the story. I just scrolled through the stills and thought it was hilarious.

  46. Hamous
    Well I done did it. Picked up a NAS system. Grabbed this Synology and two western digital 3TB Red NAS hard drives. I figured it was time to consolidate a plethora of scanned family photos I’ll give a full upgrade to 20 TB next year. I’ll let you know how it does with music and such.

  47. San Saba County is touched by seven surrounding counties. Each of those surrounding counties has rainfall indicated by radar, some light, some heavier pop-up storms. San Saba County has nary a drop indicated – not even a light green dot anywhere. I still don’t know what sort of force keeps the rain away. The storm clouds associated with powerful fronts separate one the western edge of the county and regroup on the eastern edge, but manage most often to skip over us. Don’t they know how much my yard needs water? OK, come on rain, I won’t tell.

  48. Well, I went to the grocery store and got fixin’s for Chili Relleno Casserole, with Charro/Refried Beans and Spanish Rice. Spent about an hour in the kitchen and the beans are cooking slowly, the casserole is in the oven and I’ll start the rice directly.
    Yesterday, I made BLT’s and had some bacon grease left over and thought, what to do with it, Refried Beans, of course.
    Yup. Life Is Good!

  49. Hamous says:
    JULY 16, 2017 AT 12:07 PM

    Mom would call it a settee.

    I would have thought you had some fancy French name for it, like a canapé.

    My Gramma didn’t have a porch.

    She had a covered area outside the kitchen door about 6 feet by 12 feet, and she called it a piazza. I guess it was because there was a couch out there—–

  50. Oh now Sarge

    she called it a piazza. I guess it was because there was a couch out there—–

    Nope it was cause she had class. Ours was a veranda according to my Mom. Only classy Moms would use the $5 words.

  51. In fact whether a “mom” called their outdoor areas a $5 name or just a porch or a deck or the yard Moms are just naturally classy.

  52. #84 Bonecrusher

    It appears that Senator McConnell’s apparently gracious move to delay the vote (cloture vote?) on the feeble mass that is the GOP’s present incarnation of a health care bill that sorta limply repeals Obamacare is a doubleton convenient delaying tactic wrapped in deference to the Senior Senator from Arizona.

    Bring on Rand Paul’s bill!

  53. My Mom copywrited the words “galloping pigitis”.
    Pronounced “pie-guy-tiss”.

    She was also THE world renowned Kitchen Gadget Queen.

  54. Let’s just face facts – the eReps do not want to repeal Ocare any more than the Dems do. The govt funds the insurance companies, and the insurance companies use a portion of that money to fund the eReps election campaigns and life styles. How much more simple can it get. Corruption from top to bottom. McConnell does not want a straight up or down vote on repeal because it would expose those who have promised repeal to their constituents but who have in fact been bought off by the ins. companies. So he has to convolute, deny, delay, obfuscate, and otherwise lie up one side and down the other to deny the voters what was promised. Same with Trump. They know that Trump will expose their little games, so they hide in the tall grass waiting for an opportunity to strike. Weasel each and every one – except for a very few. And corrupt to the core – probably as corrupt as hiliary if the truth were known.

  55. Shannon says:
    JULY 16, 2017 AT 3:49 PM
    88 Sarge

    I think that’s a stoop.

    Nah, it was a porch. I even knew that it was a porch when I was 4 years old. Kinda funny, too because she called that couch out there a divan—but the one in the living room was a couch.

  56. I have returned from a weekend with the grandkids. My cuddle tank is full, but I know that by tomorrow morning, I’ll be wanting to feel their little arms around my neck again.

    Sunshine is into what she calls “bouncy hugs”. She gets a few inches past arm’s length away and then leaps in, to be caught and hugged as she lands against my chest. I have to be careful, because catching her while bent over could be a problem. I have to be squatting down, sitting down, or leaning against a wall. The problem is, these guerilla hugs aren’t always announced. Noona has to always be ready to be loved into the danger zone!

    LD2 now has surpassed her sister in weight, and is just about the same height. I can now buy clothes in one size for both of them…for now. It’s sad that I can see both of them coming out of that very cute toddler stage and becoming little girls.

    Fortunately for me, their little faces still light up when they see me. I had arrived while they were out to lunch, so I had toted my bags upstairs to the guest room and arranged my other items. When they came in the back door, they had a straight shot into my arms when they returned. LD2 hugged me and ran back to her mommy, “I FOUND HER!”

    Toddlers are so cute. I miss ’em already.

  57. #91 Shannon

    I think that’s a stoop.

    No way. A stoop is on the front of the house and must have at least one elevation step between the yard and the front door.

  58. #96 Dave
    Whew, glad to see the 2 plates set for your home-cooked meal. I thought maybe you were just cooking for yourself.

  59. A glider??? Isn’t that seating that has some backwards and forwards motion, like a porch swing?

  60. #107 GJT, Well, I’m from Alabama and I have NO IDEA how my plates should be “Clocked”, let alone what fork I should use, BUTT, I figger hardware on the right, wine of the left….Of, course with my mother it’d be Sweet Tea on the left. 😀

  61. Of course Hambone probably had THIS one, on the Florida Sun porch, doncha’ know.

    Yup, except it was called a Florida Room and had Jalousie windows from a couple feet off the floor to ceiling.

  62. #110 Hamous

    My aunt and uncle in Chicago had a Florida Room added to their house. It looked much like you described except of course for the extension of the household heating into it, as it would not do well in a Chicago winter without it. They were able to enjoy it much of the winter as well except on really cold days. All those windows you know.

  63. Hammy: Did you recognize either of SD’s “gliders” as what your mother called a divan?

    I assumed since it was in a covered space, that it would be a regular couch, divan, or sofa. The glider is clearly an outdoor seating that could at best, maybe have some comfy cushions on it in nice weather.

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