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  1. Alexa saves lives:

    Alexa calls cops on man allegedly beating his girlfriend
    “Barros told her she was not going anywhere and he was going to kill her,” according to an arrest warrant affidavit obtained by The Post. “When 911 called her phone, Barros saw the caller ID and threw [her] to the floor. Barros then kicked her while on the ground at least 10 times in the face and stomach. Barros told [the victim] he could not believe the cops had been called and he was not going back to prison and that she knew he was a felon. [The victim] stated she thought she was going to be killed or shot.”

    I’m having some trouble feeling sorry for this woman: she knew the terd was an ex-con and could not be trusted so why was she with him at all? I would bet big money that this is not the first time that he got rough with her. I am in no way excusing his behavior as it was totally unacceptable. She willingly chose to take up with a snake, so why is she surprised that she got bit?

  2. Pollsters on crack…

    Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell agreed with Mayur, saying “there was a couple of days of shock. And then they moved on because what they could not do is to get to the bottom of their own polling bias.”

    Caddell was chief pollster for liberal Democratic presidential candidates George McGovern in 1972, President Jimmy Carter in 1976 and 1980, former Sen. Gary Hart in 1984, then-Sen. Joe Biden in 1988 and California Gov. Jerry Brown in 1992. More recently, Caddell became a Fox News contributor.

    When polling the public, most mainstream firms “overloaded for Democrats, underloaded for Republicans and conservatives,” said Francis Coombs, managing editor of Rasmussen Reports.

    Even Leftist pollster John Zogby agrees:

    John Zogby, another independent pollster, also told TheDCNF he sees significant Democratic polling bias.

    “I am a liberal Democrat, but I always felt that other polls oversampled Democrats and undersampled Republicans,” he said.

    Zogby is the founder of the internationally acclaimed Zogby poll and a senior partner at John Zogby Strategies.

  3. I’m having some trouble feeling sorry for this woman: she knew the terd was an ex-con and could not be trusted so why was she with him at all? I would bet big money that this is not the first time that he got rough with her. I am in no way excusing his behavior as it was totally unacceptable. She willingly chose to take up with a snake, so why is she surprised that she got bit?


    Us Christians shouldn’t feel sorry for women beaten so badly they think they’re gonna die if they got themselves into that kind of trouble in the first place.

  4. Battered woman syndrome is real. I’ve met some women in that situation. I had a cop tell me that 90% of the domestic calls due to abuse will end up being repeats.

    It’s easy to judge when your head is on straight. These women – they have real struggles to face, internally and externally.

    I pray for them. Hopefully, they will reach their “bottom” and realize the fear of the unknown outside the relationship, or the danger they face by terminating the relationship, is less than the fear of being in the relationship.

  5. I had a very pleasant surprise yesterday. I had met a woman with whom I just “clicked,” and we were developing a very close friendship. She was going to be my new BF, but then she decided to move to Arkansas to be closer to her family for support in caring for her two daughters. I didn’t hear from her for months. Eventually, I deleted her phone number from my contacts.

    She kept mine, and texted me yesterday. She’s doing well, about to graduate from college (she had been in the military, and so was a late college-goer), and was planning to return for her masters degree. Her husband and children are doing well, and she was extremely upbeat. Made my heart smile to hear she was doing so well!

    I told her to let me know when she got closer to graduation. I might just be up for a road trip!

  6. #5

    Grown men with the emotional development of a fifteen year old. Control freaks.

    They have the radar to seek out these women with self esteem problems.

    It is a life long cycle with a woman in my family. Like a broken record, over and over again.

    It is tragic.

  7. Sheriff’s office danged near got her killed calling her back.

    I would think having a firearm alone puts the coward woman beater back in the pen, hopefully for an awful long time.

  8. #8: A convicted felon with a firearm is a first class ticket back to the grey bar hotel. Add domestic abuse to the equation and time gets added. This guy should never be able to breathe free air again as he demonstrates that he is beyond rehabilitation. Part of the problem is these bleeding heart lefty judges giving short sentences while at the same time ignoring the damage done to society by the very people to whom they are showing compassion.
    The classic example is the stupid judge in NYC who let the guy off on PR after he tried to wrestle a cops gun away in the station house with the goal of killing as many as possible. The perp admitted that this was his motive and the judge lets him walk with no bail and only his promise to re-appear for his trial.

  9. Looks like another hot, cloudless day out here in centex. The cactus and the rattlesnakes seem to like it that way. The grass is green for yet another day, but the heat forecast for the rest of the week should brown it pretty quickly. The deer should remain fat this year with bumper crops of acorns and pecans along with plenty of grass. It’s interesting that Amazon is having a prime sale today, and I went looking to check out my wish list. What I’m guessing will be amazing is how many people will order crap online simply because it is cheap, not because they need it – I’m predicting record sales for Amazon today. Hope I’m not one of their victims who falls for cheap price and free shipping – but you never know. Have a great day youall.

  10. Morning, chickadees. Wish I had something on my To Do list for today. Hopefully, I’ll think of something that I am allowed to do.

  11. A fine example of Britains death panels. BTW parents do not have rights over their children.

    Parents in Britain do not have the absolute right to make decisions for their children. It is normal for courts to intervene when parents and doctors disagree on the treatment of a child. The rights of the child take primacy, with the courts weighing issues such as whether a child is suffering and how much benefit a proposed treatment might produce.

  12. A pack, not a herd.

    Thankfully beachgoers noticed the family struggling and banded together to form an 80-person human chain, AP reported.

    Starting with the children, the rescuers towed the swimmers along the human chain and pulled them to shore, the newspaper reported.

    “I am so grateful,” Ursrey told The Panama City News Herald. “These people were God’s angels that were in the right place at the right time. I owe my life and my family’s life to them. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.”

    The rescued would probably have died on the upper East Coast because the beaches are highly regulated, patrolled and have lifeguards everywhere. The public would have waited for “authorities” to do something.

  13. Morning/Afternoon, Hamsters.

    It’s gonna be hot day out there so don’t forget to put on your super cool, anti-SpyDuckus brainwashing cap because it’s going to be another full day of the Russians hacked, sacked, stole, cajoled, hired a mole, spunked some Skoal, blew some mayo in the Baloney hole coverage so Trump could win the election from the propagandist Goebbelized, group thinking, Deep State Seal of Approval, ganderized geese cacklers called the AmeriCons Streamed Media.

  14. Just saw something funny over yonder. A restaurant in Ft. Worth has the sign “Today’s Special: Five minutes in the walk-in freezer with any purchase”

    I suppose in August it goes to ten minutes?

  15. I can’t decide if this is good news or bad news:

    I never feel safe when congress is in session. After 8 years of promises to repeal Ocare, the eReps are hiding in the tall grass trying to dodge their promises to do so. This should be a one liner piece of legislation – certainly no more than one paragraph.

    Here’s an idea – why don’t they approve some of those Trump nominees to help get the swamp drained. I hear they’ve got about 250 pending and have actually approved about 50 – and they are blaming the Dems for holding things up. Why do we even bother to elect eReps if this is all they do? I don’t have a good reason.

  16. #14, that was near the MB Miller County Pier in PC Beach. The picture was taken from the pier and if you look at it, the first big bunch of condo’s is Edgewater, then the twin, Ocean Towers, next Holiday Inn Sunspree, then our little place jutting out just before the giant condos on Thomas Drive.

  17. It’s difficult to explain proper English pronunciation to these Yankees. I was trying to clean off the kitchen table where Her Highness had lunch. I told her it was greazy. She said there is no such word. I replied there certainly is – when something has a little grease on it, it’s greasy. When something has a lot of grease on it, it is greazy (emphasis on the z).

    It’s like the difference between naked and nekkid. One is normal and one is when you don’t have any clothes on and you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing.

    He was naked as he stepped into the shower.

    That woman and her boyfriend were buck nekkid in the swimming pool in the middle of the day.

  18. #21 😀
    Dang, it’s raining down here again, I’ve never seen my grass any greener and I can hear it growing!

  19. Since we’re being lied to daily in cataclysmic proportions by all the Deep State players, media, the GOOPees and the demoproglibdytes, I found this an interesting read.

    I could create a James Bond script from that article.

    Bond comes to America on loan from the U.K. to infiltrate the SpyDuckus Deep State and all the mysterious accidents that seem lot befall certain folks and what he finds will leave you………stay tuned.

  20. #21 Texpat

    Freshman English class at Santa Fe Community College – the teacher wrote “greasy” on the board, pointed to me and asked me to say the word. As every Southern boy would, I said “Greazy”. All the Yankees laughed. But, at that time, there were more Southerners. They all asked “How else would you say it?”

    But for me it’s greazy no matter how much grease is on it.

    Along those lines, I took El Gordo’s advice and started watching Justified on Amazon Prime. It’s set in Eastern Kentucky. It’s a good series but there are a couple of characters that simply cannot do a Southern accent. Drives me crazy. One of them is Michael Rapaport. He’s a great actor, but damn, it ought to be against the law for a Manhattan Jew to try and play a Kentucky hillbilly.

  21. 28 Hamous

    …but damn, it ought to be against the law for a Manhattan Jew to try and play a Kentucky hillbilly.

    I am completely sympathetic to your craziness. It’s been a lifelong irritation for me as well. However, I can think of one exception and that is Kyra Sedgwick, a Jewish girl born and raised in Manhattan. Her character in The Closer series, Brenda Leigh Johnson, had Southern parents named Willie Mae and Lee, a career military guy.

    Sedgwick not only nailed the accent, but she created a character full of all kinds of nervous habits and scatterbrained proclivities that so reminded me of a couple of deeply Southern women I have known I could swear she studied under them.

  22. James Caan also played in some Westerns and did a fairly decent job on the accent for a NYC boy.

  23. Ah, The Closer. Excellent series from TNT’s days of glory. The show did survive a while after Sedgwick left, with a new female lead. I watched a few episodes.

    And of course Kyra Sedgwick has long been married to Kevin Bacon, who is famous for degrees of separation.

  24. and one is when you don’t have any clothes on and you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing.

    Sorry, but once you’re nekkid, anything goes.

  25. Watched Qunell X goodbye to Matt Patrick on Fox 26 last night. i was touched by the friendship and love for Matt Patrick that he displayed.

    This is the FB video of Quanell’s reaction not the “Face Off” video. I believe the two men had developed a great respect for each other. Quanell was gracious, loving and caring of Matt Patrick and his family. There may yet be hope for the man afterall. As long as he is alive there is hope for him too in God’s world.

  26. Well maybe Michael shoulda took dialect lessons from Kyra because he’s so bad I’m hoping his character gets killed off quick.

  27. What you talking about I got my car winders open, hammock in the turtle and gun in the car pocket.

  28. #36

    Q10 can sound so reasonable at times then so maddening at others, who knows where the guy’s heart really is. Definition of two-faced I would say. Just can’t respect the man, kittens in the oven or not.

  29. Not generally a fan of Sissy Spacek, but she’s pulled off Southern accents well.
    Especially that of Loretta Lynn. But the Butcher Hollar, KY accent may not be very challenging.

  30. Back when talk radio was more interesting I remember an interview with an expert on the various Texas accents.

  31. One time, on a band trip to St. Louis, a few classmates and I were dining at fine establishment near our hotel. I believe it was a Burger King. Being out of our native milieu, our accents became more noticeable. We were obviously Texans in a group of the less fortunate.

    Every time someone came near our table, we began discussing our families’ oil wells and cattle.

    I don’t know if anyone took the bait, but it was fun.

  32. Sissy Spacek is from Quitman, Texas and her first cousin, Sam, was an old business associate of mine. You can’t get any more Deep East Texas than Quitman.

  33. 41 Shannon

    But the Butcher Hollar, KY accent may not be very challenging.

    Really ? I’d love to hear the current crop of young Hollywood actresses try to pull that off.

    The only one who could would be Reese Witherspoon.

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