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  1. I’ll be heading down to MIL’s house soon. We are sneaking cable service into her house whilst she and Hubby are out on a car show run.

    She used to update us on the progress of her chemotherapy. We haven’t gotten an update in a couple of months, and we’re not pushing her for info. If she wants to tell us, she will. We are, however, operating under the assumption that in this case, no news is NOT good news.

    Giving her cable so she doesn’t have to fiddle with crappy OTA reception problems will hopefully improve her quality of life. When her sister was here last week, she said that MIL spends a lot of time in bed, watching TV. “This chemo is kicking her butt,” she said. If she can watch TV without having to get up to rearrange her antenna, especially on days where she’s really tired, then she can get more rest.

    So, when she comes back home, we’re hoping that she’s happy with her surprise.

  2. It’s getting late, and I haven’t cranked up the mower yet. But coffee is more important, at least at first. Recent showers, coupled with my absence for a week or so, has allowed the lawn to show off all the hard work I’ve put in to it the past couple of years; but also to expose the areas where the weeds have not been pushed out by the grass. I raised the mower level from where it was earlier to hopefully allow the grass to grow a little taller and not be so susceptible to the heat of hot summer days causing it to get burned. OK, before I mow, I’ve gotta go get gas. You all have a great day.

  3. Adler says Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett is up for a seat on the Fifth Circuit. I’d love for Trump to nominate him for the DC Circuit. He’d really stir things up there. I am sorry to see Janice Rogers Brown retiring. I always thought she deserved to be a Supreme, but at 68, she’ll never get picked and I thought she would be the first black female on the SCOTUS. Maybe she’ll at least take senior status.

    Another possibility is for Trump to use the D.C. Circuit opening to break the apparent logjam over nominations to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit. As I understand the current state of play, there are three strong, highly qualified nominees for two “Texas seats” on the 5th Circuit, each with their own base of support: District Court Judge Reed O’Connor, Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett, and Andy Oldham, a deputy general counsel to Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Picking one of these jurists for the D.C. Circuit would enable Trump to place all three on the federal bench. For what it’s worth, there is precedent for this sort of thing. Then-District Court Judge David Sentelle, for example, was nominated to the D.C. Circuit because there was not a seat available on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit.

  4. From my spot here on the back porch, I spy about eight without even looking hard. You know where Magnolia is? 😀

  5. #7 – I’ve completed about 2/3 of the lawn mowing portion of my project, so I’ll dedicate the final 1/3 to you. All the trimming and mowing in the back 40 may have to wait until later. My baseball game starts at 3PM, so I’ll see what I can get done by then. BTW, summer is here. In other news, there apparently is no news. Has Trump destroyed the world yet? I get up each morning expecting to find the Gulf of Mexico waves lapping at my door step (I’m only about 300 miles away) or an iceberg sitting in my front yard. Hurricanes and tornados, earthquakes, forest fires, dirty air and water, are also subject to appear at any time (unexpectedly of course). There, mh, that should give you plenty of things to worry about and keep your mind off your chores – now I’m off to take care my dedicated project.

  6. I just tried to load Drudge and got this message:

    Something interfered with this website loading

    This could be a temporary problem with your network, or due to your adblocker


    Check your internet connection and reload the page
    If you are using an adblocker disable it by clicking on the adblock icon in your browser toolbar

    It obviously is not my innanet connection and if I have to turn off ad blocker. . ., well then Drudge can go pound a whole beach full of sand.

  7. I think this blog is experiencing a sort of melancholy brought on by the hot summer days and the sinister shadows cast by Deep State SpyDuckus Thrombosis.


    When in doubt Keep a healthy eye out
    On your red and white corpuscley veins
    And don’t let SpyDuckus drive you insane
    Shun his propaganda, don’t play his game

    With much haste Turn off raggedy CenemaNN
    They’re not worth a possum’s butt full of tin plated, cheap gin
    Better to watch classic old reruns of big bear Gentle Ben
    And soon your puckered pie hole will smile once again

  8. #11 – My Drudge is working just fine, and I use an ad blocker.

    #12 – I can always count on Phil to come up with just the right words to brighten my day.

  9. #11 Boney
    Re: Drudge load

    I reported I was getting that same error message a few weeks back. I have Javascript and I found the one script I needed to let through, though right now I think it’s the ad blocker.

    Re: MIL’s cable

    Centerpoint failed to do its job, and there’s still too many tree branches near the power lines for Xfinity to do the install. Gonna have to delay it again.

    Instead, I’m spending hours cleaning MIL’s kitchen. It desperately needs it, and with her compromised immune system, it’s more important now than ever that I clean up the mess.

  10. I have a question: How did those people on infomercials survive before the miracle product(s) were available?

    Good grief, they all look like bumbling idiots until the right cleaner/flashlight/car cleaner/chamois/(insert product here) came on the scene.

    Like Democrats without a tender helping them vote properly.

  11. #14, 15 – If she has innanet just get her a Roku. She’ll like it much better and can watch whatever she wants on Netflix or several free channels. And it should cost about 1/2 of whatever cable is. If she doesn’t have internet, get that for her too, and it’ll still be cheaper than cable. Just my $.02.

  12. I thought about the Roku. She actually has a Roku TV.

    But then, I had to reset her email password, because she doesn’t remember it. I stored it for her, so OH5 and I won’t have to do it again. And again. And again.

    I had to practically slap her and her sister to explain why she doesn’t have internet access for her tablet, even though she can talk and text on her phone. She’s too cheap to purchase a data plan.

    I would be down there setting up and resetting her dang TV for her constantly. Not. Worth. It.

  13. This is exactly like the old days of the Cosa Nostra of Sicily in America. The difference is we Americans finally rooted them out and they are a mere shadow of the cancer they once were. Europeans, and Germans in particular, don’t have the guts to preserve their own culture and society. Europe swirls farther down the drain and the title of Mark Steyn’s book, America Alone, appears more prescient all the time.

    The Sharia patrol came to public light in May 2017, when Chechen Salafists released a video warning other Chechens in Germany that those who fail to comply with Islamic law and adat, a traditional Chechen code of behavior, will be killed. The video’s existence was reported by Meduza, a Russian-language independent media organization based in Latvia. The video, which circulated through WhatsApp, an online messaging service, showed a hooded man aiming a pistol at the camera. Speaking in Chechen, he declared:

    “Muslim brothers and sisters. Here, in Europe, certain Chechen women and men who look like women do unspeakable things. You know it; I know it; everybody knows it. This is why we hereby declare: For now, there are about 80 of us. More people are willing to join. Those who have lost their national identity, who flirt with men of other ethnic groups and marry them, Chechen women who have chosen the wrong path and those creatures who call themselves Chechen men — given half a chance, we will set all of them straight. Having sworn on the Koran, we go out onto the streets. This is our declaration of intent; do not say that you were not warned; do not say that you did not know. May Allah grant us peace and set our feet on the path towards justice.”

  14. 13–Lol El G-Man.

    Glad to see someone else appreciates sophisticated poetry of a different bent.:-)

  15. I’ve been out running errands in this stifling heat and came into my office master bedroom closet to check out my bank statement on-line. Lil’ Bit decided that she needed to come in and get in my lap, I had to switch my mouse to my left hand, and did I ever tell you that my left hand is stupid?!,….Well it is. But, Life is Good, in ole Dave’s world. 😀

  16. I’m taking a break from cleaning to eat lunch and finish watching a movie I started last night, “Love ‘n Dancing”.

    Betty White just made an appearance, flirting with the lead character, the deaf dance pro.

    She has to to be the coolest little old lady ever.

  17. I dozed off in a chair not meant for sleeping in — I won’t say it’s uncomfortable, but it is not comfortable for sleeping. After an unmeasured amount of time, I woke up and got up and decided it was time for lunch.

    Now at the laptop with lunch and the burning question on my mind is: Are all the puckered pie holes on Hammy’s Couch smiling once again? I know mine is.

    Thanks, phil.

  18. #20 Dave
    You never told us that you work for The Sheriff!

    Well, no, not really, I just happened to have on the Tee Shirt that I got at the 2013 NRA Convention, held in Houston.
    FWIW; I’m glad that I cropped the picture since there is a lot of messy clutter behind me against the wall. 😉

  19. We are still enjoying the heck out of that new Red, White and Blue Bell ice cream — hope we have enough apple pie to pile it up on!

  20. We are still enjoying the heck out of that new Red, White and Blue Bell ice cream — hope we have enough apple pie to pile it up on!

    So we think we know what it looks like, what does it taste like strawberry, vanilla, blue berry?

  21. I’m not a big fan of cantaloupe, I love watermelon, but cantaloupe has a weird flavor that just hits me wrong. About a week or so ago the wife brought home a beautiful almost ripe one and after sitting in the window for a while, all the green in the veins had turned yellow so I put it in the fridge. Today, I got it out, diced it up and put it in a quart Tupperware container. That ought to make her happy.

  22. Incredible.

    Samuel Girod of Bath County, KY, is an Amish farmer who sold homemade herbal remedies. The FDA saw to it he would spend the next six years in federal prison.

    The 56-year-old man created a salve made of chickweed, rosemary, beeswax, and olive oil. The label said it was to treat skin disorders such as “dry skin, cuts, burns, draws, and poison ivy.” Girod also handed out pamphlets touting the product’s effectiveness in treating skin cancer, diaper rash, and fungal infections.

    When a Missouri resident filed a complaint, the state health department demanded he remove the language. Girod changed the product’s name to “Healing Chickweed,” agents said the word “healing” was verboten, so he renamed it “Original Chickweed.”

  23. Reminds me of a pun my grandpappy repeated more than the law should allow: Cantaloupe. Might as well get married here.

  24. Well, this is certainly a big change from the last administration:

    HEADLINE: DOJ Asks Federal Judge To Allow Texas Voter ID Law To Stand
    The Department of Justice is asking a federal judge to stop any further action against Texas voter ID law.

    DOJ officials say a plan enacted last month by a republican controlled legislature fixes parts of the law considered discriminatory against African Americans and Latinos.

    Texas original 2011 voter ID law also faced a number of legal challenges.

    Judges repeatedly found it discriminated against minority and elderly voters.

    The Trump administration dropped an Obama-era argument that Texas lawmakers had enacted the law with a discriminatory intent.

  25. 32

    The FDA probably thinks he’s part of the Russian Amish sect the Amishkas and as you well know if you happen to sneeze these days and it sounds like a Russian syllable CenemaNN will accuse you of collusion and force you to wipe your nose with your hand rather than handing you a tissue.

    Roll that boogermeister with your fingers boy or it’s 6 years in the FDA gulag.
    /Foghorn Leghorn impersonation.

  26. I posted a picture of the Three Musketeers that I just took out my back window over yonder. If someone wants to bring it forward over here, they are encouraged to do so. They are pretty neat with all the antlers still in the velvet. FYI.

  27. Just got back from taking the grand kids back home, we had us a slumber party last night and had a good time playing and going to the neighborhood pool today. Best part of being grandparents, you get to return them when you get tarred. 😀

  28. #20, 22

    Years ago in the 90’s a neighbor had a 50’s party and everyone was to bring a 45rpm record. My wife dug a few out and our oldest, probably 11 or 12 at the time, looked at them puzzled and asked what kind of CD’s those were. 😀

  29. #28 SD

    So we think we know what it looks like, what does it taste like strawberry, vanilla, blue berry?

    Yes, you get the favor of strawberries and blueberries from the “Neapolitan” style swirls of different color. There are actual slices of strawberries and small whole blueberries frozen into the mix.

  30. I spent six hours cleaning MIL’s kitchen today. I ran all of her dishes through the dishwasher, pulled her dishes out of the cabinets, cleaned and sprayed them, put all the clean dishes back.

    Well, most of them. She has more stuff in her kitchen than I do. Multiples of items that she only needs one, if any, of. Fondue forks. Chopsticks. The list goes on. I went to the dollar store and got a couple of containers and put a lot of the miscellaneous and extra stuff in, so now at least one of her drawers and some of her counter space is a little easier to navigate. Whether she leaves the stuff in those containers, or what she does with those containers, is up to her when she gets back.

    I’d love for her to start letting go of some of her things. She has no need for 8 large coffee mugs and a multitude of smaller cups. She doesn’t drink coffee. It may not matter much, if what Hubby and I suspect is true. It’s just a lot to keep clean.

    As for me, I can barely walk. I’m sitting on a heating pad now. I inherited a full body massaging mat from Dear Fluttery Aunt, and I may be pulling it out soon and trying it out.

  31. I don’t know if any of you follow any forums or use photobucket but they have decided to hold up for ransom years and years of photos shared on forums unless the user pays four hundred bucks a year for a service that was always free. Thousands and thousands of some nice work on build threads and such just destroyed.

    As I understand it, the user can go in and save and repost photos but no one is going to do that. The innernet has a shelf life I guess.

  32. Well it is late night….
    So to all the vigilant ones
    I say sleep very tight…
    And don’t let SpyDuckus bugs
    infiltrate your head
    or give you a fright
    that you wake up all tight
    And go reaching for meds
    that keep you in bed

    And after the dishes are done
    long Before the midday sun
    comes up again
    You can bet your last dollar
    the propagandist media will spin
    more scurvy spider webs
    of lies and deceit
    like a Friday the 13th
    macabre trick or treat

    So get the foot powder out
    and sprinkle your feet
    For you need to be quick
    and a little bit neat
    and never surrender to
    the SpyDuckus onslaught
    of Deep State brainwashing
    and gray matter rot

  33. 36 Bonecrusher

    Yes, the taxpayers of NYC are paying for this trip.

    Every story I have seen on De Blasio’s trip to Hamburg says the expenses for him and his staff are being paid by the criminal organization behind all the riots and that includes Malkin’s article.

    In one week, we have the ridiculous governor of New Jersey sitting on a beach he closed to all citizens and the mayor of New York fleeing the city to be the keynote speaker for violent German anarchists. Not a good week for politicians.

  34. This is an excellent article on the legal wrangling and unrest existing over tax exemptions for religious organizations. Most folks just take it for granted, but it hasn’t always been so and may not be in the future.

    The best reason to read it is because it is by Richard Epstein.

    A recent Supreme Court decision sheds light on an important tension in the religious clauses of the First Amendment of the Constitution. In Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer, a church’s application for a grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to resurface its playground with poured rubber made from recycled tires was turned down solely because of the church’s status as a religious institution. The Missouri DNR held that it was bound by this provision of the Missouri Constitution:

    That no money shall ever be taken from the public treasury, directly or indirectly, in aid of any church, sect, or denomination of religion, or in aid of any priest, preacher, minister or teacher thereof, as such; and that no preference shall be given to nor any discrimination made against any church, sect or creed of religion, or any form of religious faith or worship.

    The provision is one of the Blaine Amendments that was widely adopted by states in the late nineteenth century on a strong tide of anti-Catholic sentiment. The amendments, adopted in 38 states, prohibit the distribution of public funds to religious educational institutions. In this case, the Court had to decide how the Missouri program and its constitutional amendment fared under the Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Today, both clauses bind the states as well as the federal government.

  35. #49 TP: It sure seems like they have been actively discriminating against religious institutions and people for quite some time. The 2nd half of the clause states “nor prohibit the free exercise thereof”. In the particular case in question, the safe playground has nothing to do with religion.

  36. So it took me 24 hrs, but I finally realized what was needed to make the OC balloon tank perfect. Instead of that guy, put this guy in front of it.

  37. I have to do a few things this morning, requiring my departure from my couch and heating pad. After that, I think it’s gonna be a dedicated handcrafts kind of day.

    Because…I’m getting old and six hours of lifting, bending, and cleaning is something that doesn’t come easily any more.

    Sucks to get old. Sucks even more when I’m stupid enough to lift something too heavy.

  38. #58 Tedtam
    I salute you for using your free time to clean the kitchens of other women. Greater love than this hath no woman.

  39. My wife decided to try out one of those companies that delivers meal kits, like Blue Apron but different outfit. Not for all meals just one or two a week. Well it got delivered yesterday in a big ole box weighing in probly forty-fifty pounds. We were busy and didn’t have time to clear the fridge out so had to make room in my beer fridge in the garage and lug it in there, cleaned the kitchen fridge out this morning and lugged the box back in and unpacked it. Turns out all the weight and mass was mostly all ice packs, about ten of them, pretty good sized ones. What a pain, not sure about this deal. I can see some older couple receiving this and trying to manhandle one of these boxes..

    Same way I just can’t see how online grocery ordering would work out. Smarter minds than me got it all figured out I guess.

  40. 19-1


    Holy cats!!!!

    Yanno i have not bought or read a paper newspaper in a long time. The one thing I do miss is getting up every morning and checking the box scores and standings. Checking them things on the intrawebbersbbq gist ain’t the same.

  41. I really hate these bastards.

    The unmarked vehicles arrived in the morning. More than 20 armed agents poured out.

    Hours later, Mii’s Bridal & Tuxedo was out of business after serving customers for decades. Its entire inventory of wedding gowns and dresses as well as sewing machines and other equipment were sold at auction.

    The hastily-called sale held inside the store netted the IRS about $17,000 — not enough to cover the roughly $31,400 in tax debt alleged, court records show. The balance is now likely unrecoverable.


    When the agents arrived for the seizure, they told the Thangsongcharoens to give them a $10,000 check within two hours to avoid the sale of their roughly 1,600 “designer” gowns, worth more than $615,000, according to the suit.

    Regarding the speed of the sale, the government said in legal filings that the IRS used a special law that allows for a streamlined procedure if the agency determines the goods seized could “perish or waste” or become greatly reduced in value.

    As a result, the IRS didn’t have to post advance public notice of the Mii’s sale or wait at least 10 days before selling the goods, as is normally required.

  42. Checking them things on the intrawebbersbbq gist ain’t the same.

    Yeah not the same at all. Wonder what the kids now are going to nostalgia for in the future, You know it’s nice the box scores are fed direct to my brain, but I really miss pulling out the old iPhone…

  43. I don’t know if this piece of chicken in the meal in the box will feed a full grown man but I remain open minded. Supposed to be in proper proportions, proportionate to what, I don’t know.

  44. Same way I just can’t see how online grocery ordering would work out. Smarter minds than me got it all figured out I guess.


    I got it figgered out. 🙂

    Not a bad deal. Significant Other sits down on the couch with her laptop, orders a bunch of food we eat all the time, plus toothpaste and such, sets a time for pick up and we pay for it right then. We usually schedule pick-up for about the time I’d be passing the store on my way home from work. I pull up, call the number on the sign and tell them I’m here, pop the trunk, and some young man comes out and loads the groceries in the trunk. He gives me a receipt and lets me know if there’s been any substitution. I get double gas points, plus 50 extra if I pick up on a weekend. Last time I gassed up at Kroger, I paid $1.59 a gallon for regular. We don’t order meat, but do order fruit and veggies. If they get it a veggie or fruit wrong, SO calls and browbeats a minion and they get it right the next time.

  45. Finally decided to binge watch “House of Cards” since I was recuperating today. For some reason, I’m not as eager to watch it this year as I have been to watch past seasons.

    Francis and Claire are still scary scumbags. I wonder how true to life they are.

  46. HOC sort of lost its sheen after the Clintstones left office. The writers seemed to try to put some Trump into this season, but it just wouldn’t fit. As to how true to life, let’s just say it’s certainly plausible. It certainly seems like they plan was for hiliary to win, and that Trump thing sort of tripped them up.

  47. #72 – Was that Matt Patrick?

    That cancer of the esophagus is usually terminal in that it isn’t easy to detect until it’s too late. I had a friend who was diagnosed, decided to forgo treatment, and was gone 3 weeks later. May he rest in peace.

  48. #70

    Yeah curbside pickup could be handy. I was thinking more home delivery thing, you get home and there’s a car trunks worth of groceries piled up by your door.

  49. Getting a pretty good rain with thunder and lightning plus wind here in Glorious Copperfield. Y’all stay safe out there, it is time for me to check my eyelids for holes.

  50. I spent 2.5 hrs today watching the movie The Martian on DVD. Total marathon for me, I’m no longer used to watching that much of anything — I like to move around a bit every 45-60 minutes. On my “light duty” status, I’m not able to exercise my high-tech knees enough to keep them from getting stiff and even a bit painful. Hope this all ends with my doctor appointment this Friday. We shall see.

  51. 75 Squawk

    This is a bad one. It is what killed Matt Patrick.

    Mucosal melanoma is a rare form of melanoma, making up only about 1% of melanoma cases. As with other areas of the skin, melanocytes, the pigment producing cells of the body, are also present in the mucosal surfaces of the body, lining the sinuses, nasal passages, oral cavity, vagina, anus and other areas. Just like melanocytes in other parts of the body, these can transform into cancerous cells, resulting in mucosal melanoma.

    Approximately 50% of mucosal melanomas begin in the head and neck region, 25% begin in the ano-rectal region and 20% begin in the female genital tract. The remaining 5% include the esophagus, gallbladder, bowel, conjunctiva and urethra.

    Unlike most cases of melanoma of the skin, mucosal melanoma is not considered to be related to or affected by UV exposure. Additionally, there are no obvious identified risk factors, not even family history. Lacking an identifiable culprit and given its rare occurrence, most cases of mucosal melanoma are quite advanced once identified.

  52. 63 & 70 gto & Sarge

    Nobody picks out my produce but me. Nor do I let anybody buy my meat or fish for me. The only person I would trust to do that is Shannon and he’s never available.

    When it comes to vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, fruit, upholstery, clothing, I am tactile…hands on.

    If I can’t touch, smell and see it up close, I’m not buying it. I don’t care how convenient they make it if I am eating it or wearing it.

  53. I am on record as saying I could buy cans of soup or chili online, but very little else. Certainly not any fruit or vegetable.

  54. I think that system that just thundered over Copperfield is going to get us — seems to be edging down south’ards as it shoots to the east.

  55. MIL’s cancer is a melanoma that started on the backside of her retina and spread to her liver. They only found it because she was getting a scan of her kidneys and they saw the shadow on her liver.

    I don’t think that classifies as a mucosal melanoma, but it surprised me. Usually, I think of melanomas as skin cancers that start out as moles.

  56. So, in reality, my company hired me, not because I’m a rock star truck driver who makes the company a profit, but so, what—the insurance companies can stay in business? The politicians can stay elected? The lobbyists can drive around in Benzes? Where in the name of Sam Hill is all this money going? Oh, that’s right. Perhaps it’s going to a Georgetown law student who wants to have sex with no consequences. Or to a “transgender” person in the military who wants a sex-change operation. Certainly those must be covered, right? To be sure, women who want abortion on demand or abortifacients must be fully subsidized, but who cares if asthma meds for working folks quadruple in costs.


  57. I’d appreciate any prayers you could offer for my godson who also happens to be the man who signs my paycheck. Later this week he will begin aggressive radiation and chemo for cancer found at the base of his tongue in the back of his throat.

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