Wednesday Open Comments

Riva Aquarama

The Riva Aquarama was a luxury wooden runabout built by Italian yacht builder Riva. Production of it and its derivatives (the Lungo, Super, and Special) ran from 1962 until 1996. The hull was based on the Riva Tritone, an earlier model speedboat by Riva, which in turn was inspired by the American mahogany Chris-Craft runabouts. The boat’s speed, beauty, and craftsmanship earned it praise as the Ferrari of the boat world.  The company was founded by Pietro Riva in 1842, and run by Carlo Riva through its 1969 sale to the American Whittaker Corporation.

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63 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Comments

  1. Good Wednesday morning Hamsters. The muglies are here in force regrettably with 73 and some ground mist at 6. Rain that’s promised toward the weekend would be nice, just not a rerun of last year around this time—please.

    The Chron has sunk further so as to be about unreadable other than the funnies, and even there you have to be selective. Ken Hoffman’s departure was announced yesterday rather stiffly and briefly, so one might suppose management is not all that pleased about his defection.

    Now that John Cornyn has declined to be considered for the FBI directorship, all the local, state, and national lefty outfits/columnists look even more silly in their rather wild suppositions/hopes of who could/would take his place in the Senate if he accepted the job, and which Dems would likely run with a good chance to fill it. Perhaps more instructive is the list of Dems who are not being suggested for various reasons, more than likely because they would have to give up their present elected positions to run and take a big risk in being drubbed in the subsequent Senate election to fill the remainder of the term. Being twice aced out of elective office is not a pleasant prospect.

  2. I was watching Fox news last night, tuned into “The Story” with that new blonde gal. I started watching @ exactly 15 minutes in and they went through the whole dang show without a single commercial. Gomer came on next and went about 15 minutes before they had the first commercial. Now, the New York Times says that Comey wrote a memo, that they’ve NOT even seen, that said Trump asked him to let Flynn off the hook. This apparently sent the Lamestream News folks into a frenzy, they were running around with their hair on fire calling for impeachment! So,… a story that hasn’t been authenticated seems real important to them but 30K classified E-Mails were sent by Hillary to Carlos Danger’s lap-top form an illegal server in her basement, and what do we get from them,…..YAWN.
    Beam me up Scotty!
    There’s no intelligent life here.

  3. My #3, they interviewed several, so called conservatives establishment types, including the Toad, that said Trump brought all of this on himself. That may be partly true BUT, the media will look, dig, scrape for ANYTHING to nail trump with, unlike them giving Obama a pass just about daily.

  4. I just read on the box at Ace that Garfield was the first left handed POTUS. What really impressed me was that he was fluent in Greek and Latin AND he could write in Greek with one hand and Latin with the other at the same time.

    Now I think of other lefty POTUSes and I want to puke:
    GHWB #41, The scumbag Slick Willie #42, and JugEars #44

  5. The boat in the OC pic above is a gorgeous hole in the water into which a lot of $$ is poured. But perhaps the owner thinks it is best kept inside rather than actually going in water again somewhere.

  6. Add on to my #7. If I had something that beautiful and obviously valuable it would stay inside and be dusted every day. 🙂

  7. We must have had a shower last night as the ground is wet this morning, but no large puddles around, so it wasn’t much. Surprisingly cool out this morning. Can’t wait to see what the MSM can dream up today to spread more disinformation. I’m really getting aggravated that our congress is unwilling to step forward in defense of our properly elected President. By Gawd, we the people elected him, for better or for worse, just as we did his predecessor, and if we stand idly by and let the lefties (including the eReps) take him down, it will signal the end of the democratic republic as we know it. The people’s voice must speak louder than that of a gaggle of politicians and press freaks. President Trump needs to take time to develop a rapid response team for the unfounded attacks and seriously root out the leakers and traitors. Pulling away from the media is not the answer – overpowering them with facts (not spin, but facts) that are irrefutable is the solution. And the only work that should be eliminated for now – impeachment. No body seems to know what it means anyway. Have a great day.

  8. Today’s Google Doodle is the Antikythera Mechanism. I’ve always been absolutely fascinated about this ancient Greek Analog Astronomical Computer. Discovered in 1901, it dates back to 200 BC and probably came from Corinth.

    On the front face of the mechanism (see reproduction here) there is a fixed ring dial representing the ecliptic, the twelve zodiacal signs marked off with equal 30 degree sectors. This matched with the Babylonian custom of assigning one twelfth of the ecliptic to each zodiac sign equally, even though the constellation boundaries were variable. Outside of that dial is another ring which is rotatable, marked off with the months and days of the Sothic Egyptian calendar, twelve months of 30 days plus five intercalary days. The months are marked with the Egyptian names for the months transcribed into the Greek alphabet. The first task, then, is to rotate the Egyptian calendar ring to match the current zodiac points. The Egyptian calendar ignored leap days, so it advanced through a full zodiac sign in about 120 years.[6]

    The mechanism was operated by turning a small hand crank (now lost) which was linked via a crown gear to the largest gear, the four-spoked gear visible on the front of fragment A, the gear named b1. This moved the date pointer on the front dial, which would be set to the correct Egyptian calendar day. The year is not selectable, so it is necessary to know the year currently set, or by looking up the cycles indicated by the various calendar cycle indicators on the back in the Babylonian ephemeris tables for the day of the year currently set, since most of the calendar cycles are not synchronous with the year. The crank moves the date pointer about 78 days per full rotation, so hitting a particular day on the dial would be easily possible if the mechanism were in good working condition. The action of turning the hand crank would also cause all interlocked gears within the mechanism to rotate, resulting in the simultaneous calculation of the position of the Sun and Moon, the moon phase, eclipse, and calendar cycles, and perhaps the locations of planets.[44]

    The operator also had to be aware of the position of the spiral dial pointers on the two large dials on the back. The pointer had a “follower” that tracked the spiral incisions in the metal as the dials incorporated four and five full rotations of the pointers. When a pointer reached the terminal month location at either end of the spiral, the pointer’s follower had to be manually moved to the other end of the spiral before proceeding further.

    Neat Schematic Diagram here.

  9. Morning, chickadees. I had a long, bad, and mostly sleepless night. Turned out the lights at 7pm and went to bed with nothing done at all. Did eventually get a few hours sleep around dawn. Woke up and got up feeling even worse than I had when I sacked out. Had a small breakfast and now getting a glimmer of being human again. Ibuprofen seems to have taken the ache out of my old muscles.

  10. Speaking of boats

    My Grandpa built his own fishing/shrimp boat modeled after a Chris Craft Sportsman Sedan. At first glance you would not be able to tell the difference. Much of the mahogany that he used was collected from shipping crates that was destined for the dump or burning.

    For shrimping he outfitted it with two removable flying booms on the stern port and starboard to tow the 15 ft net. I do not know what he had for an engine but I remember that the boat could fly across the bay.

  11. #13
    Thanks for reminding me, EG! It has been hard on Hubs, because he is supposed to do everything that I am not to do for 6 weeks. Includes leaning over, so I can’t feed the cats, scoop up bird seed or any of the other food I would pitch out for the day and night dependents in the back yard.

  12. North Korea

    Wars don’t have to be long. They do have to be decisive. Their goal isn’t to reunite a lost sheep in the international community, but to destroy the enemy. Since the Cold War ended, we have not truly contemplated a war of destruction. But if we intend to win again, now might be the time to start.

    Oh damn silly me. I forgot that we have to win the hearts of the people first just like in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  13. This makes perfect sense.


    When Comey allowed Hillary to be “interviewed” over the illegal, unsecured server thing without his presence, without her being sworn in, and without video taping; that in and of itself is grounds for obstruction of justice at worst and firing for gross incompetence at best. I believe it was Comey who was the prosecutor against Scooter Libbey (allowing that and having Ramos and Campean in prison for doing their jobs are enough to merit W decades of swimming in the sewer). Mainstream GOPe are scum.

  14. Speaking of boats II.

    If I were a Trump advisor, I’d tell him in order to drain the deep, dangerous, Ereptile infested swamp, you’re gonna need a bigger boat.

  15. I forgot that we have to win the hearts of the people first

    When you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.
    — attributed to various people; original source lost in the mists of time

  16. When you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.

    Seems like we’ve been in Afghanistan since shortly after WWII ended.

    How much longer do we have to hold their balls?

  17. My #20.

    After over five minutes of thorough and exhaustive research, the earliest reference appears to have been some nose art on a US Navy fighter-bomber c. 1967, or about six months after LBJ’s “hearts and minds” speech in Vietnam in late 1966.

    It’s also been attributed to Chuck Colson and Gen. William Westmoreland.

  18. #21 phil
    I don’t think we (or anyone else) have had the Afghans by the balls at any time in recent history. Heck, the Soviets couldn’t, even with their more enthusiastic approach to expeditionary operations.

  19. Can someone remind me why we are in Afghanistan in the first place? Is it a strategic location or something? I’m serious – why are we there. Or even in the same neighborhood?

  20. Rush is on fire today on the Comey firing business compared to his covering for Hildebeast and being in the Dem’s pocket during the election campaign. Also the Dems and eGOP mounting a jihad against Donald Trump for exercising the perfectly constitutional powers of his office without asking their permission, which is not needed.

  21. He hit the nail on the head opening with Trump’s inauguration speech wherein he said the the power was being removed from Washington and returned to the people. Neither the Dems nor the eReps can tolerate that. They have no interest whatsoever in relinquishing any power to the people or anyone else. That’s what this whole effort to remove Trump from office is all about. TPTB are unwilling to acknowledge the people’s decisions to elect Trump as their representative.

  22. I have caught the news unfaithfully for the past week and every freaking day the news has had a story that “Democrat Al Green wants Trump impeached”. Somebody help me here, is Al G “that” important impotent?

  23. I went to Verizon to get the SIM card replaced in my old iPhone 5 and they said the phone was worn out. I bought from Verizon 3 years ago as a refurb for 99 cents. I guess I got my money’s worth.

    Had to buy a new iPhone 6s and discovered I’m not as deaf as I thought I was. I can actually hear people again. The speaker was that bad. Big complaint is the thing is too big for my pocket with the Otter case I bought.

  24. squawkbox says:
    MAY 17, 2017 AT 12:45 PM
    I have caught the news unfaithfully for the past week and every freaking day the news has had a story that “Democrat Al Green wants Trump impeached”. Somebody help me here, is Al G “that” important impotent?

    Must be another one.

    That one is daid.

  25. Hannity just announced that American Spectator is reporting that there is surveillance footage of Comey blowing his nose on White House curtains.

    Keepin’ it classy.


  26. Okay we have now reached an absolute new low in reporting, politics and NIGYSOB

    James Comey “was seen blowing his nose on white house curtains”.


    From the American Spectator

    After an exhaustive inquiry by The American Spectator’s team of award-winning investigative journalists this magazine can now report that in February of this year former FBI Director James B. Comey was captured on surveillance cameras in the White House blowing his nose on White House curtains. The nose blowing took place in the Oval Office after President Donald J. Trump excused himself for several minutes to take a call from his wife Melania. Mr. Comey was alone. A picture of President Andrew Jackson was clearly visible in the background.

    Please tell me this is fake news. PLEASE.

    Awww hell someone just shoot me now.

  27. A commenter at the spectacles had this to say. i hope he is right

    Vern Crisler • an hour ago
    Please remember that satire is lost on the left and the moron media. They will probably call for an investigation of AmSpec, file lawsuits against the magazine, and run a series of articles in leftwing rags about AmSpec’s connections to the Russians.

    We have come a long way from “You still beating your wife?” / “having sex with donkey’s etc?”

    This is not satire, if it is satire, it is just rude.

  28. This has to be fake news.

    HEADLINE: The Spectacle Blog
    World Exclusive: Curtains for Comey

    After an exhaustive inquiry by The American Spectator’s team of award-winning investigative journalists this magazine can now report that in February of this year former FBI Director James B. Comey was captured on surveillance cameras in the White House blowing his nose on White House curtains. The nose blowing took place in the Oval Office after President Donald J. Trump excused himself for several minutes to take a call from his wife Melania. Mr. Comey was alone. A picture of President Andrew Jackson was clearly visible in the background.

    Hannity was just speaking of this on his show. He called it fake as well.

  29. MERDE!, next time I’ll refresh before I post.

    Hat’s off to the fat guy in the speedo smoking a cuban see-gar.

  30. Hell, Squawk, it’s good for a laugh for a few minutes amidst the garbage dump that is DC and the miasma the news media wallows in. I can just picture it. 🙂

  31. Ms Adee
    Must respectfully disagree. I complained during the primaries that i was sick and tired of the levels of NIGYSOB we have sunk to in this nation. I am no fan of Comey. Sarah Palin is still being lampooned over something she did not say but has got a life all its own and is now attributed to her and that disturbs me. I am in no way some self righteous holier than thou type character but if I am going to wrapped around the axle over Palin’s mess as an example then I gotta feel the same way about Comey. This is just one more example of just how low we have sunk in this country When do we as a nation begin to demand better?

  32. Civility in the United States? We don’t need no steenkin civility in the United States.

    Besides they do it all the time. Why can’t we?

  33. Texpat
    I switched to Lifeproof cases. They aren’t so bulky as the Otterbox. Can still get it into a pocket, too.

  34. Do you have any idea how many people think that if Trump is forced out of his Presidency that Hiliary will step in in his place? Amazing.

    Here’s what’s happening. The left, along with the eReps, are scared to death of restoring power to the people. They believe they know better than the electorate and are planning a coup to retain their own power. Only thing standing between that and the restoration of the Washington ruling class is us, the great unwashed. There is no lie they will not tell. This was predicted early on with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell retaining leadership positions. The sad truth is that they do not represent a majority of the people – they are in the minority, yet they are able to amplify their voices thru press accounts, etc. This is absolutely disgusting. Throw in the judiciary and you realize just how serious the problem really is.

  35. #43 El Gordo

    Sad but true that more than we can imagine of the dimly-aware-they’re-alive crowd think that Hildebeast would assume the presidency. Would not doubt that some of the dimmer bulbs in Congress also think that, like noted atomic scientist Maxine Waters fer instance. 🙁

  36. Fox is reporting a special counsel has been appointed for the Russian connections.? By whom?

  37. Bowing to public and Congressional pressure, Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Bob Mueller on Wednesday to be a special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, Justice Department officials said.

    Mueller will take command of the prosecutors and FBI agents who are working on the far reaching Russia investigation, which spans multiple FBI field offices on both coasts.

    Mueller led the FBI for 12 years under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

  38. gtotracker says:
    MAY 17, 2017 AT 5:08 PM
    Okay, the acting attorney general done it.

    No he didn’t.

    Its the Assistant Attorney General, the same guy who recommended Comey be fired

  39. Working from home, fox news in the back ground, pretty sure that is what they said. Hope you are right.

  40. Didn’t the current AG recuse himself from this? Leading to a Deputy AG appointing the counsel? What I am hearing now.

  41. So the Asst. Director of the FBI is now empowered to appoint special prosecutors. Since Sessions wimped out early, he’s eliminated, the acting Director of the FBI is a liberal Dem, so it falls to the Asst. Director? Trump should have fired Sessions the minute he decided to recuse himself. Once the camel’s nose is under the tent…..Who does the Special Counsel report to? Apparently no one. Asst. Directors says he bowed to political pressure – is that what we want in that office? The FBI sits under the AG, both of which are a part of the Executive Branch which is headed by the President. This is a stripping of the powers of the President which are in Article 2 of the Constitution. The President needs to get out front of this immediately and put a stop to it. Talk about Constitutional crisis – this is one.

  42. I posted another comment that made reference to the FBI rather than to the DOJ. Rather than go back and try to correct everything, it was simpler to just delete it in its entirety. I’ll follow up in a little bit. Thanks to the moderator for helping me not look like an idiot for very long.

  43. Guess the moderator was concerned Shannon’s post count would be off again and wanted to head off the angry complaints.

  44. Our election for President is being decertified. The people are being disenfranchised. This is a coup, and actions are being taken based on absolutely no facts to date – merely gossip and accusations. This is serious folks. And don’t forget, both the Dems and the Reps are in on it – their political power is being put at risk.

  45. Yup. El Gordo’s right.

    The Swamp Monsters are obsessed with their power, perks, insatiable greed, lust for money and probably a whole host babes on the side that would make a rock star cry.

    The eReptiles and the eMentalcaseDems all aspire to have a government like Venezuela and their feet firmly planted on your neck.

    Instead of all for one and one for all, its all for them and none for you’m.

    Spittin image of Juan McLovesWarMcCain if you ask me.

  46. So I was thinking this morning, what is actually illegal or unethical about a US president telling a FBI Director he would like for him to lay off an investigation he believed to be a political witch hunt ?

    Trump should have, and could have, said to Comey, “Jimmy, you need to understand I have the constitutional authority to either pardon preemptively now, fully later or commute a sentence in the future. If you continue down this road with Mr. Flynn, I will exercise as many of those options as necessary.” He should have recorded it and had witnesses present.

    Then Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice came on the radio tonight and said exactly the same thing.

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