Friday Open Comments

The Great American Idiot

There are not enough words in the English language to convey my contempt for this man.

The Senate voted 51 to 49 in favor of the Interior Department rule, with Arizona Republican John McCain surprisingly casting the deciding vote to support the Obama administration regulation.

If McCain had voted to ax the methane rule, the Senate would have been deadlocked and Vice President Mike Pence would have been able to cast a tie-breaking vote.

House lawmakers passed a Congressional Review Act (CRA) bill to repeal the methane rule in February. President Donald Trump was expected to sign the measure if it had passed the Senate.

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72 thoughts on “Friday Open Comments

  1. It’s Friday!
    And I’m at work…..What happened to El Gordo & Shannon? Off to cause mischief I guess.
    Mornin Gang

  2. Good mugly and rainless morning Hamsters. We only have overcast here and nothing more shows on radar. But it is only 72, and that front is supposed to deliver dry air. Bring it on.

    McCain should have retired long ago, but I guess ego is more powerful than a grasp of reality. The Trump administration likely has an antidote up its sleeve for the methane “rule.”

  3. McSwine is a stain on the R party and a tool of the left. He should have changed his party affiliation to D years ago. I would like ya’ll to look at McSwine’s left cheek: It has been growing over the last several years and is the same side that the cancer was on about a decade ago.

  4. Had an opossum in the live trap this morning. He seemed a little more at ease with his situation than Rocky Racoon did yesterday. I finally had to turn the trap completely on end and shake it to get him to leave – but once he discovered that he was free, he did scoot on back to the woods post haste. The skunk, who is the object of this trapping exercise, remains at large. He was spotted roaming about for each of the past three evenings, but last night he was a no show. Hopefully he has decided to move on for greener pastures and longer longevity. Skunks are a primary carrier of rabies which is a good enough reason for me to want this one gone. I’ll be vigorously continuing my skunk research on the innanet the next few days. I dont’ know what happened to the early bird posts. Good day all.

  5. I have a herniated disk in my neck, C5-C6. The MRI was taken last month and it showed the disk material going past the fat sheath around the spinal cord and touching or almost touching the cord itself. I have been treating it with ibuprofen, copious amounts of ice, traction, and the chiropractor. Up until Wed, I was holding my own with the pain never getting above a 5 on a scale of 10 and most of the time below a 3. On Wednesday the pain went up to a 7 or 8, neither ice nor ibuprofen was doing the trick and this went on until yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, I was not in a good way. I went to the acupuncture school and got a treatment yesterday around 3:30. I fell asleep on the table. When I walked out I was at a 1 on the pain scale and am closer to 0 now. No dope, no ice. As it turns out, my Triple Burner Meridian was clogged and was not allowing my Qi to flow. It is safe to say that the results were dramatically positive and I will definitely go back on Monday.

    I am on the green side of the grass, G-D loves me. My wife loves me. I have a job. I am almost pain free. I am a blessed man.

  6. Congrats, Bonecrusher. Mebbe something I should try.

    When I had to run to MIL’s apartments the other night (plumbing problem that had to be addressed with the tenants), one of them mentioned a few friends that had the laser surgery and were ecstatic with the results. Then I run across a web page that debunks the laser surgery as quackery.

    It will be a while before we can afford any real surgery, and it’ll probably be Hubby before me. He’s the one turning wrenches and creating the income; I just shuffle the papers and do reports. He’s also the one most at risk for further back injury because of the demands of his work.

    Therefore, the idea of acupuncture to help with the situation is very appealing. If it works.

  7. I really find it hard to believe that people do this. They cut an avocado in half then try and stab the seed with the point of the knife!?! The proper technique, IMHO, is to use the blade of a sharp knife and just use a controlled strike on the middle of seed with the edge and twist it out. The other way is to use a spoon and scoop it out.

  8. #7 TT: The school is on Jeanetta and Park West; which is just south of Westheimer between Fondren and Gessner. The physical addy is 9100 Park West Drive, Houston, 77063, Tel (713) 780 9786; cost is $45.

  9. The avocado is awesome. Tasty, heart-healthy, its oil has a ridiculously high smoke point (>500F – great for seating steaks on cast iron).

    Plus it’ll help keep your coat nice and glossy!

  10. I think my favorite way to eat an avocado is to split in half north to south, remove the seed and fill the void with zesty Italian salad dressing and eat with a spoon.

  11. wagonburner says:
    MAY 12, 2017 AT 8:11 AM
    The avocado is awesome. Tasty, heart-healthy, its oil has a ridiculously high smoke point (>500F – great for seating steaks on cast iron).

    Plus it’ll help keep your coat nice and glossy!

    And, you can make a dip out of it that looks like whipped snot.

  12. The front has arrived here on the moors of the Brazos bringing a lovely northerly breeze and definitely lower humidity. Windows open until it gets into the mid-80s this afternoon.

    Caution advised to folks who have wind chimes made of metal tubes: I’ve seen red wasps crawl into the tubes of our wind chimes the past couple of days and presume they are intent on nest building. ‘Tis the season for that. Have no idea if a gusty wind that makes the tubes bang together would discourage the wasps. No intention here to conduct an experiment. 🙂

  13. Adee says:
    MAY 11, 2017 AT 9:56 PM
    Hope mharper42’s kitties are looking after her and not fretting about their treats tonight because her spouse took care of that.

    Nope, he gets up in the morning about 5 hrs before I do, and sacks out much earlier too. I was up till near 10 pm last night, but didn’t try any tricks with treats. Tonight, I may just drop some of the treats one at a time toward the floor in front of each cat. Might even be able to drop them into their treat bowls which are already on the floor.

  14. I’ve been thinking about the Comey situation and can only conclude that this is what happens when you postpone necessary actions hoping things may get better. Comey should have been swept out on day one, and many of us are still wondering why he wasn’t. Along with all the US Attorneys, an FBI Director included in the mix would be just one more – now he’s got the stage all to himself, so obviously, the only choice President Trump has to get it off the front page is to fire someone else who is high profile. Same with the former acting AG. Fire them all and operate short handed if necessary. My prediction is that it won’t be long until Hilliary lover acting FBI Director McCabe will throw a monkey wrench into one of the President’s plans and he will have to be dismissed. Why not just do it today and move on. Appointees serve at the pleasure of the President and can be dismissed at any time without cause, so as long as the iron is hot, complete the sweep.

  15. Now as to mh42’s condition being so serious that she is having a hard time feeding the cats, it’s time for a reality check. I feel sorry for mh, but I really don’t have all that much sympathy for the cats just because she has spoiled them and they expect to be hand fed. Good grief, is she preparing them for college or something?

  16. Appointees serve at the pleasure of the President and can be dismissed at any time without cause, so as long as the iron is hot, complete the sweep.

    All part of draining the swamp. I would love to see a broad based investigation of the members of congress. Tell me again how the net worth of a congress critter who earns less than $200K/year and lives in one of the most expensive cities in the country can have their average net worth increase by over $1million/year without extreme bribery/graft/corruption going on?
    How about throwing Al Sharptongue in prison for tax evasion for starters, then Warren Buffet, who owes in the $millions as well.
    It seems to me that the Rs are too timid to even pick the low hanging fruit – bunch of (female body part/ kittens).

  17. The Comey firing narrative would be Trump thwarting a Russian investigation whether it happened on day 1 or year 4.

  18. Beware of SpyDuckus
    If’n in this Condition
    For McLovesWarMcCain
    Wants to limit his emissions
    Just pass the Warmonger a buck
    and he’ll assume the position
    and thinkin that thought
    just Ain’t to darn thrillin’

    The lead SpyDuck was fired
    From his leadership post
    The Fake Media they quacked
    Hysterically and jacked
    broke the Richter scale sack
    charts off the wall and spillin’
    tsunami is a coming,
    Toto, it’s a twister
    Auntie Em she ain’t chillin’
    The SpyDuck was canned
    So the world must be endin’
    Cuz the Fake Media said so
    With buns up and peelin’

    Resist We must Mush
    SpyDuckus Oopsaratus
    When the methane is restrained
    by stupid politicians
    So Pass the Dulcolax
    and wait patiently by
    And just to be sure
    Top it off with some Flax

    Resist we Must
    a Constipated
    SpyDuckus Oopsaratus

  19. They used to say that there was no voter fraud. Now, in this AP article, they quote Ds saying that there was no significant voter fraud.
    It reminds me of:
    there are no FBI files
    well, there are a few
    maybe a handful
    less than 20
    less than 50
    definitely less than a hundred
    less than 200
    Less than 500

    As it stood the last I remember there were over 2000 FBI files that Cankles illegally obtained for the purpose of blackmail and raw political power. I would imagine that if an exhaustive 50 state investigation were to actually take place the results would place a lot of Ds in legal jeopardy.

  20. I agree with Rush.
    Trump’s inner circle is leaking like a sieve.
    You cannot run a presidency like this.
    If he doesn’t get handle on it, he’s going down eventually.

  21. #19

    ….just because she has spoiled them and they expect to be hand fed. Good grief, is she preparing them for college or something?

    /snort laugh

  22. HEADLINE: Earth is losing its ice: Glaciers around the world are rapidly disappearing

    That’s what glaciers do and have been doing for the last 4 million years.

    The time to get concerned is when they start getting bigger.

  23. Tedtam says:
    MAY 12, 2017 AT 12:54 PM
    Hey, Sarge, I just deleted an email “you” sent me. You may wanna change your password.

    From my Yahoo?

  24. #32

    Y’know, what really tipped me off for sure was that the email looked like nothing “normal” in the way of an email address. Mebbe it’s me that needs to change my password….

    I rarely, if ever, click on links, even if they look okay.

  25. Gonna go see Mom this evening. Tomorrow night, Handsome Son has a graduation ceremony. Given his challenges, getting an associates degree is quite an achievement. We’ll be going out after — I think. No one has indicated to me what the plans are, except to be at the stadium for the ceremony that starts at 7 p.m.

    Sunday, I figger Mom’ll have plenty of visitors.

    So….tonight it is.

  26. John S. Roberston, Harvard PhD in Linguistics, Professor of Linguistics Emeritus at Brigham Young University and, best of all, grandfather of 22 grandchildren, wrote up a complimentary review of Brian D. Stubbs’ work in utilizing the comparative method of ancient (pre-exilic) Hebrew and Egyptian in the Uto-Aztecan language family. This is a pioneering field of work and Robertson provides some valuable insights into Stubbs and the potential value of Semitic languages in the 30 some odd languages of the Uto-Aztecan language family.

    First, on Stubbs:

    Brian has established himself as one of the leading Uto-Aztecan comparatists, owing to the many papers he has read at conferences and his many publications in journals the likes of International Journal of American Linguistics — but most especially to his massive 411-page book, Uto-Aztecan: A Comparative Vocabulary.3 It is an imposing work, reviewed by Kenneth C. Hill:

    [Page 104]“Part III (pp. 47–420) is the core of the work, the comparative vocabulary. Stubbs numbers the sets 1–2703, but in reality there are many more than 2,703 sets because many subsets are given with numbers like 7a, 7b, 7c, for vocabulary that may or may not be groupable into a single more inclusive set. Each set is discussed in some detail and the serious comparativist will delight in the discussions.” Hill’s final comment was, “All in all, this is a monumental contribution, raising comparative UA to a new level.”4 Stubbs’s work effectively doubled the entire number of known correspondence sets, genuinely establishing him as one of the leading Uto-Aztecanists worldwide. In a 2012 email in my possession, Stubbs makes the point that “more than half of the book is original — 2700 sets vs. the 1200 previously known sets.”

    There is backstory to all this, however. Stubbs’s earliest interests and training became a lifelong passion. His undergraduate BA from Brigham Young University emphasized Semitic languages, where he took courses in Hebrew, Arabic, and Egyptian. Then, at the University of Utah, he began graduate school, working toward a PhD (ABD), taking courses in Semitic (Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic). However, his Semitic coursework brought him to courses in linguistics, which captivated him. He changed majors and went on to earn an MA in Linguistics, specializing in Uto-Aztecan (UA) at the feet of Wick Miller and others whose program was at the time the principal center for UA studies. It was the fortuitous connection of his expertise in UA with Semitic, both firmly ensconced in his head, which led him to see ever more correlations between the two.

    As he began his scholastic career, his presentations and publications emphasized UA, with little mention of the New-Old World connections. More recently, however, he began to include his Near Eastern insights, but in 2015 he published his crowning work, Exploring the Explanatory Power of Semitic and Egyptian in Uto-Aztecan.5

    Brian Stubbs is, perhaps, the only person in the world with advanced linguistic degrees in both ancient American and ancient Semitic languages. Stubbs is an active contributor In the reconstruction of the Uto-Aztecan language family, a process which takes, perhaps, four lifetimes to complete. As noted above, he claims to have identified slightly over 2700 cognate sets between ancient Hebrew and Egyptian. Cognate sets are consistent changes between one language to another which points to an ancestral connection between the languages. For example, after learning Portuguese I studied Spanish. I quickly saw that a “ҫão ” at the end of a Portugese (P) word regularly translates to a “ción” in Spanish (S). Nation: “naҫão” (P) = “nación”(S); Song: “canҫão” (P) = “canción” (S). This is evidence of P and S sharing a common past language. For a sample of cognate sets identified by Stubbs, read the article.

    Richardson also shares a meaningful impact of applying the Semitic to the Uto-Aztecan:

    Without Semitic, UA comparatists would have to ignore the not-so-obvious relationship of the reconstructed etyma *kwïkï, *paka, *yaCkaC/*yakka, *takka, all of which carry the semantic notion “to cry, to shed tears,” and all of which are derivable from sets of rules that have application to hundreds of other forms. Without the originating Semitic forms, the specifics of these and other relationships would otherwise be impossible to detect.

    In other words, Uto-Aztecan linguists were always puzzled why some words evolved so radically different between languages of the same family yet retain the exact same meaning. Applying the Semitic helps to bridge that gap.

    This is all academics. This could prove fallacious and if it does it does but I strongly doubt it. I also strongly think that Stubbs has put together a very compelling case quite worthy of peer review. Richardson’s article does lend a credentialed hand to move Stubb’s work forward and we’ll see where this goes.

    Exploring Semitic and Egyptian in Uto-Aztecan Languages

  27. #38 – I’m surprised that the guys in white suits with butterfly nets didn’t show up for that screaming person. And guess who is most likely funding her edumacation. Don’t show this to mh’s cats or they might get behavioral ideas.

  28. Concerning this special prosecutor request from Chief Cry Baby and Baloney Salesman Schumer, I believe the best thing someone could say to him is take your special prosecutor request and shove em up your mayo hole and then go into the bathroom and pound your olive loaf silly.

    I’m just unleashing myself like Shannon suggested.:)

  29. Had a rather astounding trip to our local Subway this noon. Have been going there for years and know most of the regular adult staff and some of the younger folk but not the newer ones. Today a tall and lanky young man took my order for a turkey breast foot long sandwich on flat bread. The number of turkey slices was about 3 fewer than usually given, the shredded cheese was less than usual, but at least toasting went as required. The adult gentleman obviously the shift supervisor was busy helping the lady behind me who was a “designated shopper”, bless her.

    So when we moved my sandwich over to the veggie side I asked for spinach and tomatoes, green peppers, pickles and olives, avocado, and a little honey mustard dressing. He said there weren’t any tomatoes, and sure enough the container for them was empty. I asked if there was suddenly a tomato shortage. To which he replied, “Oh no, they’re in back, but we’d have to cut them up.” !!!! Obviously the adult supervisor did not hear that, being busy with the lady customer.

    I was sooo tempted to tell the kid to go back there and cut up some tomatoes to fill the container, I can wait. There was a third person already in the back who came out, so surely somebody had previously noticed the tomato container was empty and should have had the presence of mind to produce more sliced tomatoes. But no. This must be an example of a typical high school student or even college student we read about. I must say the kid was pleasant enough but did not look like MENSA material.

    So our lunch was minus tomatoes in the sandwich. When I told spouse how this happened, he just rolled his eyes. I said this is a prime example of what public schools are turning out.

  30. #46 Ms Adee, why didn’t you just leave the Subway and walk out after telling the manager why?

  31. Phil #45;

    “The good book says it’s better to give then to receive,
    I do the best to do my part.
    Nothin’ in my pockets I got nothing up my sleeve,
    I keep the magic in my heart.”

    It’s a rare moment to encounter a fellow Triumph fan. 🙂

  32. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself if sliced tomatoes is a hill you want to die for.

  33. Tomorrow, 48 Hours is doing one hour on the Cullen Davis triple murder story. For those of you that weren’t around Texas in the 70’s, you may want to check it out.
    This is one of the great and gaudy Texas murder stories involving power, money and extraordinary characters including the late attorney Racehorse Haynes. Im surprised they’re only doing an hour on it. Gary Cartwright of Texas Monthly fame wrote a great book about this chapter of Texas lore.

  34. #37 TT
    I hope you have an enjoyable visit with your mother tonight. After she almost died last year, it is amazing that she is still here to be visited.

  35. #38
    The screaming art student looked like a put-on to me. Not real outrage, just a stunt.

  36. As of a couple hours ago, there’s a new member of the A&M association of former students.

    Soaring Eagle graduated.


  37. Congratulations!

    Fay says the only thing better than having someone in the family graduate from A&M is when the ceremony is finally over. Amen!


  38. Congrats WB!

    Boss’s son just joined the ranks as well. He will be heir apparent to the company and will do very well at it, kid is sharp, but he’s going to go out and work somewhere else for a couple years just to see another life. Good idea I think, this company and line of work is all he’s known since he was a youngster, he needs to experience another experience for a bit.

  39. #44 phil sure is familiar with all the different kinds of lunch meats.

    Thanks for recognizing my culinary expertise when it comes to cold cuts and their relation to psychotic, babbling, baloney-breathed and slobbering-ly hypocritical politicians.:)

  40. G’night Hamsters. See you tomorrow morning when we discover what has happened around here and way over yonder in DC overnight.

    Today Missouri’s Lege became the 12th to sign on for an Article V Convention of the States. Keep the movement goin’.

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