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  1. Poke /poʊˈkeɪ/ (Hawaiian for “to section” or “to slice or cut”) is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as an entree. Traditional forms are aku (an oily tuna) and he’e (octopus).

    Apparently a poke bar is the latest trendy hipster craze. Nothing sez “trendy” like HEB, I guess. Near as I can tell it’s because sushi bars have become infested with the bourgeoisie so the hipster douchebags had to get a new raw fish fix.

    On a related note, while eating lunch a couple of months ago at the Burger Tex on Gessner, Scott McClelland came in and ordered a burger. He seemed to be a regular.

  2. Trump Trolls Hate-Filled Democrats — And I Can’t Stop Laughing. Rush Limbaugh

    RUSH: Hi, friends. This is great. I have been laughing all morning long. I have been laughing starting with last night. Can we agree that Donald Trump is probably enjoying this more than anybody wants to admit or that anybody knows? So he fires Comey yesterday. Who’s he meeting with today? (laughing) He’s meeting with the Soviet, the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov! I mean, what an epic troll this is. The Democrat Party is going bananas — completely, totally unhinged — on the road to literal insanity.

    Do you realize…? Let me tell you what’s happened here. The Democrat Party has once again thrown Hillary Clinton overboard. Hillary Clinton is the most cheated-on woman in America by people in her own party, and it’s happened again. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, stand by; I’m gonna explain all of this. But they have just chosen sides and, once again, Hillary gets thrown under the bus. And not only that, the Democrats are rolling that bus backwards and forwards. She’s finished! She’s over with.
    The Democrat Party and the media have made it clear that she is fodder. She is irrelevant here. (laughing) It is amazing. Two days ago, they were all talking about how Comey needs to be fired because of how he was mistreating Hillary, and the Hillary people were running around claiming that Comey’s a bad guy. And now Comey gets fired, and all of a sudden they do a 180!

  3. Good morning Hamsters. Muglies are back like it’s summer. Ugh. Not much rain chance today, and it’s working on smothering 74 at 6.

    HEB seems to be encroaching on Whole Foods as the trendy place to shop for those in the know of whatever it is they think they know. Raw fish, no thanks. Pickled, maybe. Side note: Isn’t HEB too big to be trendy? I thought there was a size limitation on trendy.

  4. On a related note, while eating lunch a couple of months ago at the Burger Tex on Gessner, Scott McClelland came in and ordered a burger. He seemed to be a regular.

    A regular what?

  5. Watching the CBS morning team go after a WhiteHouse spokesman this morning is just hilarious.

  6. And even more hilarious was the CBS foreign correspondent tracking down Putin at his hockey game yesterday to ask him how the firing of Comey will affect relations.

    He laughed at her and her stupid question.

  7. From last night:

    I see that a wild cops & robbers car chase ended in Copperfield.

    I hope that isn’t Bones’ garage with the car smashed into it.

    My garage is intact, thanks for asking.

  8. The past 3 evenings about dusk I’ve had a friendly little skunk dropping by presumably in search of cat food, crickets, and whatever else they like. Actually, it’s pretty cute, but, it is a skunk. Now I can just imagine straggling up to open my back door with sleepy eyes some morning and startling a skunk who just happened to be working nearby; so I called animal control to come set a trap. The skunk came by right on time last evening, got a drink from the community water trough, skipped right on by the baited trap, and went on about his business. I chased off a couple of feral cats who come by every evening. This morning, there was none other than Rocky Racoon sitting in the trap, and while all the cat food was gone, he did not look happy. I released Rocky and his mood seemed to be improving as he hauled azz back into the woods. Guess we’ll try again to trap the skunk this evening, but I may have to sneak out there with my .22 if all else fails.

  9. #4 SD: I think that Grand Master Level is not sufficient for the trolling that Trump does to the Ds. It necessitates a new designation: TRUMP level Trolling.

  10. #3 Hammy
    They have sushi at the deli counter in my Kroger. I have never looked at the offerings in that section, just noticed the signs. I like to enjoy my food so if I see something yucky, I turn away.

    Morning, chickadees.

  11. This nice piece of property up the road just went on the market.
    106 acres, three ponds, farm house. 3 miles from town.

  12. My Kroger has had it for years too. They make it fresh right there. I buy it every once in a while. Raw fish doesn’t bother me. Actually, not much does. Just Devil’s Smegma (aka mayonnaise).

  13. #6 Sarge

    A regular what?

    #7 Hamous

    A regular what?

    I can’t even.

    You hipsters are getting too trendy, you know.

  14. This American Thinker article needs some serious thought.

    HEADLINE: Comey Fired — Now Indict Hillary

    ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Let me suggest another scenario, that Rod Rosenstein reviewed the Hillary Clinton file, which he had never seen before and decided that Comey’s judgment was utterly irregular and inappropriate and that maybe she should have been, and still can be indicted for espionage, the failure to safeguard state secrets while she was Secretary of State.

    Remember the alleged outing of the already known CIA officer and desk jockey Valerie Plame? We were told then that the Vanity Fair cover girl’s 15 minutes of fame jeopardized our national security even if everybody already knew who she was.

    “Scooter” Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, went to jail because his memory of events and who said what to whom regarding Plame differed from the recollections of others, particularly news reporters.

    Libby in fact did not out Plame, who was not a covert operative. Hillary Clinton, whose faulty memory caused her to say to the FBI she couldn’t recall some 39 times, did in fact endanger the lives of foreign operatives in her “carelessness”, as FBI Director James Comey put it, regarding classified emails.

    Hillary’s lies and reckless carelessness included the transmission of emails containing the names of actual CIA operatives in the field involved in clandestine operations. As the New York Post reported:

    Hillary Clinton’s e-mails included the names of CIA officers serving overseas and foreigners who are on the spy agency’s payroll — potentially endangering their lives, it was reported Monday.

    “It’s a death sentence,” a senior intelligence-community official told the Observer. “If we’re lucky, only [foreign] agents, not our officers, will get killed because of this.”

    The paper said the intelligence community is in panic mode trying to determine which agents may have been compromised.

    CIA officials assume foreign agencies intercepted unencrypted e-mails stored on Clinton’s home server while she was secretary of state.

  15. #17 Shannon

    Hmmm, this is probably the opening gambit in a plan to turn the lovely property into a classy multi-acre subdivision “away from it all” but convenient to “almost all of it.” Likely attractive to retirees or city folks looking for weekend retreats, probably most of whom are clueless regarding the work involved in maintaining such a place in accordance with the necessary deed restrictions.

  16. My very supportive, helpful cousin just informed me that she’s the latest on cutting her home landline. I remember how weird I felt when I did it.

  17. FBI leader: Over the past several years, Republicans have taken over one state government after another. This didn’t happen in a vacuum. My guess is that included in these state level folks are some really excellent young leaders. Now if they were smart, the Reps might consider looking down among the ranks of these younger state leaders to find high ranking federal bureaucrats, thus kicking off their political careers on the big stage and providing succession for the party. Forget the old re-treads, their time has come and gone. The Dems are stuck with fossils; buck the trend and find the new up and coming start, and what better place to start than head of FBI? My $.02

  18. I think a special prosecutor needs to be appointed to find out if Chief Baloney Salesman Schumer slipped his tongue in someone else’s pie and his mayo stained fingers in SnakeSkin Pelozi’s rye bread.

  19. YAYYYYYYY Another notch in my gun. Banned for the third time from the dailyKOS.

    Mark Sumner a big writer for KOS took offense to my defending Trump and pointing out that the only reason he ranted against Trump was to get more tips in the Tip Jar.

    This boredom is killing me. The NYT has not released me from my permanent banning. The fields are ripe there for harassing the idiots. Sometimes I cannot help myself. BTW the DailyKOS is low hanging fruit. No real challenges there.

  20. Heck Sarge I do follow you and Facebook never shows me your posts. You and a couple other folks I really care about I never see and I know y’all post. Chaps my butt too.

  21. squawkbox says:
    MAY 11, 2017 AT 1:14 PM
    Heck Sarge I do follow you and Facebook never shows me your posts. You and a couple other folks I really care about I never see and I know y’all post. Chaps my butt too.

    Didja click the “Follow” button? A buncha guys must have b/c we have lots of fun.

  22. Spouse and I have spent a rather somber day attending a memorial service for the dear friend whose 91st birthday party we attended in February. We are so happy to have attended that party. The service was lovely at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Meyerland, definitely high church.

    It was complete with bagpipes played in tribute by his son in the processional and recessional of the family; it brought tears streaming down my face more than anything else in the service. He had played them at his Mom’s memorial service 8 years ago.

    There were several old friends of ours in attendance, a good time to catch up since we no longer see them regularly. The reception afterward was delightful for that.

  23. 30

    I fail to see where putting another Obama Rat in charge of the FBI cheese shop would be a good move.

    Tell me more.

  24. Some lucky folks between Bryan and Lufkin are getting decent rain this afternoon.

    Down here, nada. But at least we have a decent breeze and only 82 out here but no reduction in humidity yet.

  25. Hubby is taking me out to eat tonight to celebrate our 32nd anniversary. My, how time flies! I know he’s going to ask me for suggestions…I never know where I want to go…dangit.

    He’s finally home and relaxing. He wasn’t supposed to do anything today since he got all poked with needles yesterday, but he felt he had to supervise some stuff.

    I’ve started back up with my Agape Bible Study online. I went to the doctor today for my ear, and there I was taking notes from Scott Hahn’s book “Reasons to Believe”. That guy is pretty darn smart; I’m learning a lot. The ABS’s study guidelines and info alone is pretty informative, so I’m sure the study itself will be interesting. I had done a few lessons during Lent, and was not disappointed with those lessons.

  26. I went to see the doc today because I thought I had a potentially major outer ear infection. I swam in a lake last week, and when the irritation started 3 days ago, I thought I might’ve picked up a bug of some kind. Literal or microscopic. The ear canal felt swollen, but not hot, and just irritated. Kinda like how I feel when I see libs posting on FB.

    Turns out it’s not an infection as I had thought. She had to go pretty deep, almost to the eardrum to see it…but it’s a pimple. Not just any pimple, either, an itty bitty pimple. Like the ones newborns get. I’m a grown woman and I have ear acne.

    How can something so small feel so annoying?

    /said the woman at Ft. Sill’s gates, as she pocketed her twenny bux

  27. #58 Tedtam

    Happy Anniversary to you and Hubby. Many more, and may you see your 50th and beyond.

  28. OK–

    Who was the author that wrote books on the early Soviet Union that was also a US
    Anbassador or something. IIRC, his name began with a “K”

  29. Today’s big cheat: A whisper of gravy on a fried cutlet.

    The punishment? Choking down two cauliflower florets.

  30. HEB had some Honeycrisp apples bigger than baseballs.

    So I bought a couple of cheap Gaia.

  31. Wow. I just finished the intro to Agape, and it included a large section of the science of numbers in the Bible. Holy WOW! I knew some of it, but I had no idea it was so intense.

    I need to stop…head is swimming.

  32. Things are moving in slow motion at Chez Harp this week. I had a procedure done at The Medical Center on Tuesday, and now I am in recovery mode with a zillion rules to follow. I must say my husband is being very helpful since I can’t pick up anything and I am not to bend over. In other words, I couldn’t even feed the cats without help. Oh man, how they did howl at my bedtime last night, as Hubs was already asleep and I could not put their bedtime treat bowls on the floor. I guess I need one of those reacher/clasper tools for invalids. There will be howling again tonight.

  33. Well bother, lots of music links and it is not Friday. Second to Alvin CC Radio this a great source of tunes. Forever grateful to Sarge for Melody Gardot.

  34. Me: Where you want to go eat?

    Her: I don’t know, you pick, something close

    Me: How about the Diner

    Her: No, too greasy

    Me: Jose’s Tex Mex

    Her: Too crowded

    Me: Pizza?

    Her: You never want to take me anywhere!

  35. HEB had some Honeycrisp apples bigger than baseballs.

    But do they have any flavor at all? I’ve not found a decent apple in the grocery store in years, they all taste like wet cotton. I guess that they’ve been hybridized to look good and to He!! with the taste, who would have thought that they could ruin a Golden Delicious, let alone a Red Delicious? I’m not a big pear fan, although the Oriental ones make the finest preserves this side of fig preserves, but I sometimes buy them because they are very tasty, the Anjou and Bosc are the best.

  36. Red delicious has been a dog for forty years.

    When the normal sized Honeycrisps come in – and are cheaper – you must try them. Sweet. And not mealy. There are several others that are pretty good. Sometimes HEB has a dozen different varieties. Just experiment.

  37. Sarge
    I guess you missed our big apple discussion a few years ago.

    Here’s an article – one of many – on the awful Red Delicious apple.

  38. Shannon, thanks, I’ll try them, my wife loves apples, much more than I.
    Oh and the very best thing at HEB, “Rainier Cherries” when they’re in season. They look and taste just like the wild plums that grow in Alabama. Dang expensive @ $5-$7 bucks a pound, but worth it.

  39. The Red Delicious turned me into an apple hater when I was in my twenties.
    The Honeycrisp brought me back. A little ways.

  40. About the lack of flavor in apples these days, yes it has sadly been so for decades with few exceptions. The oldtime standbys that had been faithfully sweet and juicy in my youth aren’t. Many are mealy/sawdusty and almost devoid of juice, but they look so darned good sitting there on the counter in the store. Give me some smaller, not quite perfect apples from a tree in somebody’s back yard that’s been producing for decades.

  41. The punishment? Choking down two cauliflower florets.

    I thought you didn’t eat anything white.

    The good news is cauliflower is the new kale!

  42. #11 Hamous, waitress in the sky.

    Heh. After I posted that this morning I had to play The Replacements on the drive 290hell home this afternoon.

  43. I thought you didn’t eat anything white

    Thanks. I’m definitely going to use that.

  44. Cauliflower is a fabulous veggie. I wouldn’t want any pigments bred into my salad, though.

  45. My main problem is that the collard, mustard, and turnip greens are all starting to suck, now that the weather is getting warm.

    Guess I’ll be eating a lot of canned spinach and Swiss chard.

  46. Cauliflower is a fabulous veggie.

    Mom had a decorative head of cauliflower made of plastic. It tasted a lot better than the real thing.

  47. 80 GJT

    It’s happened folks. No link and he forgot who he was talking to.

    Don’t worry. He’s been like that since he was about five.

  48. Home Depot in Lodi, New Jersey today.

    2″ X 4″ X 8′ treated yellow pine – $3.57 each

    2″ X 2″ X 8′ treated yellow pine – $3.68 each

    It boggles the mind.

  49. Hope mharper42’s kitties are looking after her and not fretting about their treats tonight because her spouse took care of that.

  50. 95 Shannon

    Mom had a decorative head of cauliflower made of plastic.

    I fantasized for years of different ways to blow up that plastic cauliflower. It’s amazing how an object like that can loom in your memory forever.

  51. I don’t keep up with basketball much. But it seems like that team has a history of not showing up at the weirdest times.

  52. I don’t think colored cauliflower would go over very well out here.

    Except for maroon, of course.

  53. Pretty nice out there this morning. Going to be a great couple of days, weather wise.

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