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  1. It’d be not funny haha but funny for one of those signs to be blown over with time still on the clock.

  2. When you’re so poor that you can’t afford Gasoline;
    Venezuelans prepare fecal cocktails to throw at security forces.

    CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela’s opposition protests on Wednesday may be the messiest in a six-week wave of unrest as demonstrators prepare to throw feces at security forces, adding to the customary rocks, petrol bombs and tear gas.

    The new tactic has been dubbed the “Poopootov” in a play on the Molotov cocktails often seen at streets protests in Venezuela.

    “They have gas; we have excrement,” reads an image floating around social media to advertise Wednesday’s “S#!T March.”

    With inflation in the high triple-digits, shortages of the most basic medicines, and millions suffering food scarcity, the country is undergoing a major crisis.

    For weeks, hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets, angry at the government of unpopular President Nicolas Maduro.

  3. Comey the FBI Clown
    Finally got smacked down
    He let Cankles skate
    Thus dooming his fate
    Now he’s no longer around.

  4. Good morning Hamsters. Back to the muglies with 69 at 6, and our blue sky is now gray with overcast. It was nice while it lasted. Sniff.

  5. DALLAS, TX — In a large observational study of insured individuals in the military and their family members, statin use was associated with increased odds of having a back disorder, including spondylosis, intervertebral disc disorders, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis[1].

    Specifically, for every 17 individuals who were prescribed a statin, one person had a diagnosed back disorder, in this study published online May 1, 2017 as a research letter in JAMA Internal Medicine.

    “Some of these adverse effects [from statins] can greatly impact day-to-day quality of life for our patients,” especially in those who are physically active, lead author Dr Una E Makris (VA North Texas Health Care System and UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas) told heartwire from Medscape in an email. “We hope that musculoskeletal adverse events will be part of the patient-provider discussion on the risk/benefit ratio” of these drugs.

    “Our results provide additional motivation to further investigate the overall influence of statin therapy on musculoskeletal health, specifically if prescribed for primary prevention in physically active individuals,” the researchers summarize.

  6. I posted the #10 comment earlier this morning and it just vanished later – nowhere to be found.

    Weird. The dashboard has no record of it.

  7. Texpat says:
    MAY 10, 2017 AT 9:19 AM
    I posted the #10 comment earlier this morning and it just vanished later – nowhere to be found.

    Weird. The dashboard has no record of it.

    Sure old timer. We believe you.

  8. Listening to Laura Ingraham earlier this morning, the best comment I heard was that Chuckie Schumer was having an aneurism over the Comey firing. LOL.

  9. GJT: Did you note that the men all have anal cancer? So did the baboon give them the cancer or is that why he chose them?

  10. #22 Bonecrusher

    Umm, who’s gonna ask the baboon? Kinda like who’s gonna bell the tiger?

  11. Speaking of lovable despots, the cute corpulent leader of Best Korea has been kinda quiet lately. I wonder what’s up.

  12. #25: Jes you wait lound eye, we gots someting leally leally big fo you, fiwfy amelican bastide

  13. bones

    Via Ace:

    Teh gay happy people are calling bovine processed hay on ACE’s story.

    From Gaystarnews.com (not on my regular reading list).

    Let’s break down everything wrong with this article: ‘Gay baboon terrorizes villagers, rapes 5 men’
    When fake news is being written about gay animals, you know it’s gone too far

    And they make a darn good argument why it is fake news. I agree with them.

    Butt I know you prolly will not read the entire well articulated article, so I wil move along.

    Lesson of the day………. even Ace of spades gets trumped with a joker on occasion.

  14. Has Chief Baloney Salesman Zippers Down Schumer come on tv again crying, wah,wah,wah about how the Comey firing was mean spirited, wah,wah,wah?

    Oh you just can’t do that,wah, wah, wah.

    Or is he still on his long lunch break getting his olive loaf lathered up from a palm full of SnakeSkin Pelozi’s homemade mayo?

    Huh? Just asking?

    Speaking of losers…

    Has McLovesWar been interviewed yet?

    Was there a Faux News alert about him opening his box of Cracker Jack and the prize inside was a supersonic, infrared, Russian spy decoder ring autographed by Vladimir Putin and inside a secret compartment of the ring there contained a dossier that said Trump has a bark beetle fetish and that proves Trump had Russian ties and the collusion of the delusion wasn’t an illusion after all?

    Huh? Just asking?

    What a freakin bunch of psycho baboons livin in the D.C. circus.

  15. #29 Squawk: From the last part of the article you linked:

    ‘This is to say even gay animals are evil,’ he told GSN. ‘It is likely the story is trying to link homosexuality with disease and perversion.
    ‘Look at how people try and connect gay men with HIV.’
    Sesange noted how many preachers tend to connect homosexuality with bestiality. Simon Lokodo, Ethics Minister of Uganda, has previously said bestiality and gay sex is ‘worse than defiling a kid’.
    Everyone is against bestiality. Everyone is against pedophilia. If you equate gay sex with what society is against, it makes gay people an easy target.’
    The LGBTI activist hoped to make clear this story is ‘clearly untrue’.
    ‘We understand the motive behind it,’ he said. ‘It is intended to create more hate. It’s intended to create more persecution.’

    While the situation in Africa may be different, NAMBLA is pretty much into pedophilia and there have been a couple of Flarda people into bestiality.

    All that being said, the article could be and probably is bogus, but to take everything in the article as truthful is not wise either.

  16. Oh yeah right bones.

    I will take that under advisement.


    /What a bunch of convoluted crap. You got your shot in on gay people. Hope you feel better. You are probably the target audience of the original story anyway.

  17. When an American president and his advisors decide their only option is to rain hell down on the NORKs it’s going to happen regardless of what I think.

  18. I dont think it matters much if I think the fat NORK midget is a lunatic.

    It could if you also think he may have a penchant for baboons.

  19. Shannon

    At least we have a president that is not putting up with (or so it seems) is not tolerating Un’s BS. When I look back at Carter v/s Khomeini, Jong IL and 3 or 4 other presidents it is night and day. We are seeing the fruits of IL’s and Khomeini’s labor today.

  20. I’ve had myself in timeout for the past couple hours for believing the monkey story. But it’s quitting time, can I punch out and go home now?

  21. It’s pretty annoying.
    KHOU slips in this new guy that actually screams his reports. I figured I could put up with him since it initially appeared he was only going to be their sports anchor.
    Now it is obvious that they hired this screamer to replace news anchor Greg Hurst, who was a perfectly decent guy.

    Fay is getting annoyed because I routinely and unexpectedly scream at this Russ Lewis guy to stop screaming at me.

    I would switch to another station but the rest of the Houston news teams really suck. Really bad.

  22. Trump needs to replace Comey quickly.

    Rush reminded us that the Acting FBI Director is a Clintonista whose wife received mucho dinero for her unsuccessful run for the Virginia Senate from Gov. Terry McCauliffe….the ultimate all-time Clintonista.

  23. It woundn’t surprise to find out that the Clinton Foundation was the source of the McAuliffe donations to the Acting FBI Director McCabe’s wife.
    McCabe has been the one in charge of the bogus Russia-Trump investigation.

  24. I see that a wild cops & robbers car chase ended in Copperfield.

    I hope that isn’t Bones’ garage with the car smashed into it.

  25. Well now the Trumpster’s are fired up, the FBI Director firing means Hillary will finally be prosecuted and put behind bars!! Rookies.

  26. ok – so I’m driving home and Longenbaugh Drive is blocked in both directions at Queenston Blvd. by about 8 or 9 Harris County Sheriff cars.

    The news stories I saw about the chase were over along West Road.

    What’s the deal?

  27. That drive through garage segment was something else on Ch. 11 tonight. Hope the idiot who did it has enough of a bank account to pay for all the damage he caused.

    Where did this happen in relation to where our Hamsters in that area live?

  28. When you’ve backed off politics to where you don’t have much emotion in it and just observe, it is just fascinating to watch the left mobilize and swing whatever direction they need, in concert.

  29. The chase ended in Copperfield. Longenbaugh is pretty damn close, isn’t it?

    One of the main east-west streets.

  30. I remember when there was no Longenbaugh.

    But then, I remember when there was nothing between I-10 and 290 on Hwy 6.

  31. According to the hens on Yellow Hair’s Facebook, a kid got hit by a car on Longenbaugh in front of the YMCA.

  32. I believe Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein were all mentally ill, deranged, barbaric lunatics who were precisely, perfectly rational beings. They all deserved to die long before anyone in the West finally got the guts to do it and millions and millions of people died because of it.

    I also believe the Vox Media boys are very good at setting up members of the Right to look like goofs and incompetents, at least in their own true believers’ eyes. Screw them.

  33. When fake news is being written about gay animals, you know it’s gone too far

    Yeah, I would consider taking them seriously about “gone too far” if it weren’t for teh ghey hoopla about teh ghey penguins a few years back. Chubby little cute ghey penguins good, man-raping ghey baboons bad.

  34. When I was 6 years old, the real edge of civilized development in Houston pretty much ended at Post Oak Road on the west side.

    Hedwig Village, Piney Point, Addicks, etc were outposts on the way down the old two lane Highway 90 to San Antonio.

  35. Sure. Get all worried about Bones and Headshaker when there’s danger about in Copperfield.

    Nobody cares about the old soldiers who work up there——

  36. I’m just wondering if Gary Busey is going to last long enough to star in the movie about President Trump.

  37. “You’ll see things like a poke bar ….” Scott McClelland, H-E-B’s Houston president, told the Chronicle’s Nancy Sarnoff late last year.

    Dare I ask?

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