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  1. Although we have tested various parts of the Hubble over the years, we’ll not be part of the test in Chamber A. Since we have a 9 story “Silo” on the west end of our building that is not in use, it is often used to park something big. We had the SARJ in there for a while when they were having gear problems, then the last X-38/V201. Now the test fixture for the Hubble is scattered all over the floor.

  2. This potential really bothers me.

    HEADLINE: Android apps secretly tracking users by listening to inaudible sounds hidden in adverts

    In a nutshell, the app listens for a signal in a TV or radio add and records(?) what is going on, later to download to the pit of malevolence/ad agency.
    The increasing prevalence of snooping is darned disturbing. First it is our own government under the guise of keeping us safe, then it is the marketing firms in their unquenchable desire to learn more so that they can tailor ads to induce us to buy crap which we neither need nor want.
    What is it going to take to get these people to understand that we just want to be left alone?

  3. Pfffffttttttt the ratio amount of snooping is no different today than it has ever been. The only thing that has changed is the methods.

    Live your life or walk around in paranoia, I am gonna live. Throw your phone and TV away or do like I do, leave em off.

  4. And what cracks me up is people that run around with their hair on fire worried about being spied on. They go on forums like FB or even the couch and spill their guts about their life and some of it quite intimate. Hell most of us have more to worry about some guy going through our garbage and stealing our identity through what we throw away.

  5. I’m with you squawk. If it weren’t for the government spying on me, nobody would care what I’m doing. If James Clapper wants to go to bed at night and pleasure himself with thoughts of his day’s work, fine with me. I watched that sub-committee hearing with Clapper and Sally Yates yesterday. Sally Yates is a died in the wool Obamaite, has obviously had some cosmetic work done that turned out well, is articulate, and is otherwise smart. This was her audition for a run at public office, and she will be a formidable candidate. Otherwise, I’ll just sit out here and hope for rain. Have a great day you all.

  6. #12 – Hey, something wrong with her just being a little kinky? You white privilege folks just won’t understand, seeing as how you’re all racists and stuff.

  7. They go on forums like FB or even the couch and spill their guts about their life and some of it quite intimate.

    Heh–I knew I never should’ve mentioned I have a Tom Jones poster hanging in my house. I had to move it from above the sofa in the living room to the workout room.–Wife made me.:-)

    What’s worse is I have Kiss poster and a Three Stooges poster hanging in there as well.

    Say Brother Squawk.

    Just between you and me can you tell me if you experience these symptoms when you see Marie Osmond with her long, flowing, beautiful brown hair and wearing that tight form fitting dress in those Nutrisystem commercials?

    Mums the word from me.

  8. They go on forums like FB or even the couch and spill their guts about their life and some of it quite intimate.

    Yup, after visiting the “True Florida Cracker” FB page I friended several folks that I seemed to have something in common with. One of them, a female, turned out to be a Drama Queen, on occasion. I haven’t unfriended her since most of the time she is OK. Anywho, apparently one of friends, (her posts aren’t public) reposted pictures of her grandkids on the public thread. This some kind of PI$$ED her off and she said that she’d not post anymore pictures. I reminded her that iffin’ the pictures were taken with a Smart Phone, it most likely tagged the Lat/Lon of the location! Scary stuff for sure.

  9. Brother Phil
    (emphasis on Brother)

    Just between you and me can you tell me if you experience these symptoms when you see Marie Osmond with her long, flowing, beautiful brown hair and wearing that tight form fitting dress in those Nutrisystem commercials?

    Well it is more like this. My lovely BSue hates it when Marie shows up and she has to watch a big fat bearded weirdo smoking a Cuban Cigar in a speedo starts busting those moves. Whoohoo.

  10. I know someone from my church that is always posting new pictures of herself to garner “You’re so pretty!” comments from her friends…I know more than I want to know about her daughters’ activities…and I even know when she’s out of town.

    And where she lives.


  11. Now this is really what we need; President Kamala Harris? She’s making the first moves.
    I’m sure that all of Y’all, like me, have NEVER heard of her but she black and female, just what the IDIOTS on the left needs. Sadly, she has as good a chance as anybody if they can muzzle the Hildabeast.

  12. RE: Privacy and the interwebs.

    Not so much here but back in the LST days I would just belly laugh at the paranoia about privacy that I read. Those self same people gave up enough info on the blog to basically identify every aspect of their life including times and locations, where they worked, their work habits, foibles you name it. Blogs etc are a profilers dream come true.

  13. I still like Shannon’s #12 better for the highest office in the land. She’s got what takes. Kamala is just stupid and would be no fun at all.

  14. I reminded her that iffin’ the pictures were taken with a Smart Phone, it most likely tagged the Lat/Lon of the location!

    You mean someone’s gonna come dognap Max????

  15. 25
    Between Sally Yates, Pocahontas, and Kamala Harris, it’ll be Hotties On Parade.
    Progressives Gone Wild, baby.

  16. Yup, after visiting the “True Florida Cracker” FB page I friended several folks that I seemed to have something in common with. One of them, a female, turned out to be a Drama Queen, on occasion.

    Was it my Aunt?

  17. My lovely BSue hates it when Marie shows up and she has to watch a big fat bearded weirdo smoking a Cuban Cigar in a speedo starts busting those moves. Whoohoo.

    Lol. That’s pretty darn funny right there.

    Can’t top that one today.

    But did you know, Brother Squawk, that that was Tom Jones first single release for Decca?

    Bet your life feels more enriched now just knowing that bit of Tom Jones trivia.:)

    The circle is complete.

  18. Good afternoon Hamsters. More chores going on today than usual, so I’m late to the party.

    Good news. Rush is speaking about lower federal court judge nominees that President Trump has proposed. Conservative and youngish in their 40s, and the Dems can’t stop their approval thanks to Dirty Harry Reid blowing up the 60 vote rule. Unless a couple of Republicans defect that is.

  19. No, I’m delighted that liberal theologians do their best to do what Pio Nono said shouldn’t be done — try to accommodate Christianity to modern science, modern culture, and democratic society. If I were a fundamentalist Christian, I’d be appalled by the wishy-washiness of their version of the Christian faith. But since I am a non-believer who is frightened of the barbarity of many fundamentalist Christians (e.g., their homophobia), I welcome theological liberalism. Maybe liberal theologians will eventually produce a version of Christianity so wishy-washy that nobody will be interested in being a Christian any more. If so, something will have been lost, but probably more will have been gained.

    Richard Rorty, prominent postmodern philosopher, author, academic

    (best I can tell, this was from an interview about 10 years ago)

  20. The entire problem with higher ed in America is summed up quite well in this email exchange and chronology of events outlined by Rod Dreher in his, Duke Divinity Crisis.

    This prof is not going to put up with the bulls**t.

    Dear Faculty Colleagues,

    I’m responding to Thea’s exhortation that we should attend the Racial Equity Institute Phase 1 Training scheduled for 4-5 March. In her message she made her ideological commitments clear. I’ll do the same, in the interests of free exchange.

    I exhort you not to attend this training. Don’t lay waste your time by doing so. It’ll be, I predict with confidence, intellectually flaccid: there’ll be bromides, clichés, and amen-corner rah-rahs in plenty. When (if) it gets beyond that, its illiberal roots and totalitarian tendencies will show. Events of this sort are definitively anti-intellectual. (Re)trainings of intellectuals by bureaucrats and apparatchiks have a long and ignoble history; I hope you’ll keep that history in mind as you think about this instance.

  21. Our neighbors 2 doors down have several chickens, a coupla geese, and a rooster that tend to roam the nearby yards.

    That joke about “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

    Don’t bother asking about one hen. She didn’t make it all the way across.

  22. Abbott Bypasses the Mainstream Media with Facebook Live.

    Governor Greg Abbott stole the spotlight from his allies and thwarted protestors, the news media, and Democrats Sunday evening by signing the “sanctuary cities” bill into law on Facebook Live. The video has been viewed more than 640,000 times, which exceeds the combined daily circulation of the Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, and San Antonio Express-News. It also prompted conservative commentator Glenn Beck to declare Abbott “a boss” of social media. Hosting Abbott on his talk radio show, Beck noted some were complaining about Abbott using Facebook for the bill signing. “What a coward, or a genius. You decide,” Beck said.

  23. Turo is a car rental app similar to Airbnb where you rent someone’s personal car.
    For grins I checked out the price of a car for a week in Portland, OR and it was about 75% cheaper than from a car rental agency.


    2. “They should not allow topless sunbathing on the beach. It was very distracting for my husband who just wanted to relax.”

    3. “We went on holiday to Spain and had a problem with the taxi drivers as they were all Spanish.”

    9. “Although the brochure said that there was a fully equipped kitchen, there was no egg-slicer in the drawers.”

    12. “It took us nine hours to fly home from Jamaica to England. It took the Americans only three hours to get home. This seems unfair.”

    15. “When we were in Spain, there were too many Spanish people there. The receptionist spoke Spanish, the food was Spanish. No one told us that there would be so many foreigners.”

    And the winner is,……..Drum Roll Please,…….

    19. “My fiancée and I requested twin-beds when we booked, but instead we were placed in a room with a king bed. We now hold you responsible and want to be re-reimbursed for the fact that I became pregnant. This would not have happened if you had put us in the room that we booked.”

    Remember, these people walk among us. 🙁

  25. There may be sanity in this country afterall.

    HEADLINE: Mizzou’s Enrollment Has Plummeted Since It Got Woke

    New data shows freshman enrollment at the behemoth University of Missouri is just 4,009—down 35 percent since Fall 2015…
    The raucous protests — which were sparked by various incidents of alleged racism, racist graffiti and “hate crimes” on campus — were enormously damaging to the university’s reputation, scaring away prospective students in droves…
    In response to the declining enrollment and a shrinking student body, Mizzou has taken a total of seven residence halls “offline” in the past two years.

    Now if they can just figure out how to change the culture at that school, it will come back. I think that it will probably go bankrupt or something.

  26. Flagged down on his way to the polls in a ritzy part of Paris, a French voter in the presidential showdown had this to say about his support of Emmanuel Macron: “He’s for globalization, for the EU. I’m a citizen of the world, so he gets my vote.”

    That offhand remark was a sign of how politics is changing throughout the West. Whether French socialism or British labor, the pro-worker center-left is collapsing in Europe. It was wiped out in the recent Dutch election. The reason is simple: The driving political questions of our time turn on an increasingly stark contrast between nationalism and globalism.

    The fact that Marine Le Pen lost does not change that trajectory. The response of the Frenchman on his way to cast his vote distills the political meaning of the election. It featured the leader of a longtime and once-marginal nationalist party against a political chameleon who presented himself as an earnest technocrat. Macron claimed he could fix France and make it flourish in the global system. Or at least do enough to keep the one-world dream alive.

    There are similar symptoms of fundamental political change in the United States. Donald Trump’s liabilities were extraordinary, and they should have been fatal. Yet he won the Republican nomination handily. Then he defeated the Clinton machine. All of this happened because our political establishments, left and right, have become decadent.

    The decadence is not the result of bad policies. It stems from failures of the imagination. As Richard Weaver once wrote, “Every man participating in a culture has three levels of conscious reflection: his specific ideas about things, his general beliefs or convictions, and his metaphysical dream of the world.”

    The American side of the story is easiest to tell. Since World War II, the metaphysical dream of the West has been one of deconsolidation. American conservatives promoted economic deregulation. Liberals endorsed cultural deregulation. All of this made a great deal of sense. Reaganism opened up an overly constrained and government-dominated economy. Our brutal system of state-sponsored racial discrimination needed to be dismantled. Rigidly patterned male and female roles were overthrown as well, and sexual morality was relaxed, perhaps with less justification. For good and ill, the momentum of deconsolidation carried things forward…

    -R.R. Reno


  27. I wore Nocona, Justin, Rios of Mercedes and later, when I could afford them, Lucchese boots. An old partner of mine smuggled in some ostrich skins from Argentina many years ago and we had custom boots made from them.

    Once, when I first came up here, I was sitting at my local steakhouse bar when a young Italian guy sat down beside me and started a conversation. It turned out he worked in the family shoe/boot/leather repair business in Manhattan. His grandfather started the business and knew the Lucchese family through their connections in Sicily. The repair shop in Manhattan is the only authorized repair vendor for the Lucchese boot line in the Northeast. They will also measure you for a custom made pair of boots from the factory.

  28. Schlumberger said in a filing earlier this year that Venezuela’s oil&gas bureaucracy, PDVSA, owes them at least $1.2 Billion. How the hell do you let a customer get that deep into you, especially in the service business ?

  29. 47 Shannon

    …and here’s your Portlandia rental unit.

    If I pulled up in that thing I doubt even your daughter would let me stay with her.

  30. So much for the dolts who think that President Trump and AG Sessions are rookies in the game of life in a dangerous world. Bravo, Bravissimo y’all.

  31. So the entire criminal enterprise that was the Obama Justice Department gets to retire with impunity.

    I’m going outside and puke.

  32. Just ate a half cup of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla.
    The first time in eight months.

    Cheating is very satisfying.

    Max has also missed cleaning the bowl.

  33. Rut-roh. I am old enough to remember when they tried to shut Shiner and other small breweries down, or just buy the label. Michael Berry had the Saint Arnold’s guy on this morning talking about it.

  34. #67: This should be proof positive that the Texas House is nuttin but a bunch o hose in the pocket of the beer distributers.

  35. #68, Reminds me of the old saying. The Texas Legislature can not only be bribed, they can be rented by the hour.

  36. 66

    Yeti – Rtic.
    Rolex – Omega.
    Lamborghini – Maserati.

    Somehow these peeing matches never seem to encroach on my sphere of existence.

  37. Lamborghini – Maserati
    Jack in the Box – Whataburger
    Pork – Chops

    Y’all quit talking about food, I’m on salads and hongry.

  38. Man cannot live on salad alone.

    You must have Jello and Water Crackers.

    And hundreds of pounds of eggs and meat every month.

    Then you too can reach nirvana.

  39. Shannon

    Noticed your gasoline can post yesterday. I have wrecked both rotator cuffs including tearing the right bicep from my shoulder in the last three years.

    There is no lifting anything over the side of a pickup.

  40. This just in…

    Chief Baloney Salesman Zippers Down Schumer just fired himself and is demanding an investigation.

    Word has it that he’s greased his palms with mayo, called a special meeting and is in the process of assembling the cast of Circle Jerks from CenemaNN.

    He’s already claiming his mayo jar was hacked by the Russians and it doesn’t contain real mayo but Miracle Whip instead.

    Snake Skin Pelozi was disappointed she wasn’t invited to lend a finger.

  41. Bored with alligators, KHOU is now reporting on a shark being caught off East Beach in Galveston.

    They too have lived there for a couple million years.

    I can’t wait until they start reporting on Black Widow spiders, too.

  42. They’ve already started the countdown clock to hurricane season. I’ll be surprised if anyone even makes it until June 1 what with Ocare on the ropes, Comey being fired, constitutional crisis, sharks, spiders, alligators, assorted illegal aliens, school teachers, flight attendants, rampant disease, floods, fires, tornados, and so forth. But if you do manage to somehow survive until June 1, you will know for certain that’s it – hurricane Shelia Jackson Lee will be coming to get you then. We’re doomed I tell you, doomed.

  43. #73 – KerSCHMACK Brother!

    ‘Tis fast food blasphemy to mention Jack and Whataburger in the same sentence, paragraph, or post! 🙂

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