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  1. Shannon says:
    FEBRUARY 5, 2017 AT 6:18 PM EDIT

    The Atlanta coach makes me think of Robin Baker.

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    Dead ringer on looks. And he has the exact same facial expressions.

  2. #118
    Hamous says:

    February 5, 2017 at 10:34 pm

    Maybe the 1993 Oilers won’t feel so bad now.

    Nah, I’m pretty sure that game is still the greatest comeback in NFL history.
    At the half time my wife says “I guess Atlanta has about got it wrapped up…….BUT, it’s not over till the “Fat Lady sings.” Spoken like a true Oiler’s fan. 😀
    Actually she wasn’t really ever an Oilers fan but like a lot of folks, she likes to pull for the home team…..Oh, and the “Fat Lady” didn’t even get dressed until the start of the fourth quarter.

  3. Another nail in the coffin of the gorebullwarmongering scam.

    HEADLINE: Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data

    NOAA’s 2015 ‘Pausebuster’ paper was based on two new temperature sets of data – one containing measurements of temperatures at the planet’s surface on land, the other at the surface of the seas.
    Both datasets were flawed. This newspaper has learnt that NOAA has now decided that the sea dataset will have to be replaced and substantially revised just 18 months after it was issued, because it used unreliable methods which overstated the speed of warming. The revised data will show both lower temperatures and a slower rate in the recent warming trend.
    The land temperature dataset used by the study was afflicted by devastating bugs in its software that rendered its findings ‘unstable’.

    I have a feeling that Trump is going to undo this crap and fire those responsible for the lies at NOAA and NASA.

  4. Happy Monday Yall!

    ……………just shy of 1400 miles from Friday at lunchtime until dark last night and another young HERO is in the BACA family!

  5. #6 Lead Bottom: Dang Whiskers, that’s a whole lot of riding in just one weekend; Gracie must be tarrred!

  6. Watching the game last night, I noticed the house number in the Spuds MacKenzie Ad was 1989 and figured that it must the be a date and is significant to something, well Google/Wiki comes through.

    The dog, a Bull Terrier, was not without its share of controversy. Shortly after Spuds’ rise to fame it was learned that the dog, who was portrayed as male in the commercials, was actually female. The ads were also the subject of attacks and calls for censorship by temperance-oriented groups. Soon after the ads were first aired in 1987, Senator Strom Thurmond began his own media campaign, claiming that the beer maker was using Spuds to appeal to children for the purpose of getting them interested in their product at an early age. By Christmas 1987, more legal action resulted from Budweiser’s use of ads featuring Spuds dressed as Santa, which is illegal in states such as Ohio.
    In 1989, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, along with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, alleged that Anheuser-Busch was pitching the dog to children. Although the Federal Trade Commission found no evidence to support that allegation, Anheuser-Busch decided to retire Spuds in 1989, partly because they felt the character’s image had started to overshadow the product.

  7. Morning everyone.

    The New England Patriots are not my champions!!

    These days, that should be expressed as #NotMyChampions.

  8. Ok, I have no history of watching sports-themed TV, so perhaps I had never seen a Spuds McKenzie commercial. Did the dog always have a black voice? I just watched an old one and the dog had no lines.

  9. #12

    You are so right, I should have thought of that!

    I was highly disappointed in the Spuds McKenzie commercial, or it went over my head or something.

  10. #7 – Trust me BC – my ole tush was considerably more tired than Gracie! 🙂

    for any geographers – the lane:
    Katy – Seguin – Junction – Eden – San Angelo – Lamesa – Brownfield – Littlefield – Muleshoe – back thru Post – Bronte – Ballinger – Eden – Junction – Harper – Kerrville – Luling – Schulenburg – La Grange – Fayetteville – Industry – Bellville – Brookshire – Katy

  11. Great game last night – point to remember; if you hit record on Uverse on something that ‘may’ go past the end record time – go ahead and record the next show also just in case – I missed the final drive to tie the game; luckily made the switch in time to see the overtime win.

    Re: OC pic – my dad brought back a Japanese flag from his time in the Philippines with his buddy’s signatures on it. Never would say how he obtained it.

  12. Bonecrusher
    Google is your friend.

    This is part of the back story (from her Congresspeoples webpage) concerning her trip to Syria and actually there is nothing really new to see here (see the many links in the story). The debate of the US funding ISIS etal to bring down Assad has been an on going debate since Obama drew his so called line on the sand against Syria.

    It is well known that the so called rebels are people from many recognized terrorist groups. The hypocrisy of the Obama admin knew no bounds. On the one hand he said ISIS must be destroyed and on the other hand they received funding for the US to bring down Assad. Putin alluded to this in his many denunciations of the US in opposing Assad. Putin thought the US might actually send US military resources to attack Assad thus we received the warning form Putin that if the US made any moves against Assad there would be hell to pay.

  13. Hey, I’m ecstatic the Pats won for one reason—It was another STUFF IT,– in the Phantom masked faces of the Fakers of News, Propagandist Media and the hateful, violent, racist and despicable proglibdyte losers.

    Had the Falcons won, the likes of all the usual suspects, the CNEnemaN types, in the Trickle Streamed Media, would’ve bombarded us with fake news, hop-scotch polls about how 99.9 percent of the country’s glad the Patriots got trounced because they hate Tom Brady and The Pats and how it’s really a symbolic referendum on how the country feels about President Trump.

    They would’ve portrayed a Falcons victory as a rejection of Trump and everything he stands for.

    I can just see them, much like on election night, popping those champagne corks at halftime. High-fiving and back slapping themselves, because Brady and the Pats were taking a beating in the first half.

    And in their eyes, if Brady was taking a beating, then Trump and his supporters were taking a beating too.

    So to all of them I’d like to give very, very, very, heartfelt, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALOLOLOLOLOLOL!

    I hope you feel as Freaking bad today as you did on November 9th, 2016. Now go back and rewrite your post Super Bowl sob story articles and stain your by lines with more tears.

    Because what happened last night couldn’t of been better and it couldn’t of happened to a more, deserving, lousier bunch of lying, conniving, A-holes.


  14. #19

    I always extend the recording one hour on sporting events, five hours on NASCAR races, you know – rain delays, red flag stoppages. Hey, it don’t cost nothing.

  15. Squawk

    I see a lot of people clicking on these weird sites I’ve never heard of. A lot of them have semi-clever names that appear to be Right-minded, but I am very skeptical of what’s going on these days and suspect there are astroturfing/fake news operations going on by operators who are no friends of conservatism. Dropping fake news items onto the internet to make the Right look dumb and gullible is their goal. There are also more stone cold crazy whackjobs out there of the Alex Jones type who are just peddling nonsense.

    I’m drafting a post with the criteria I use before I’ll quote or link to any source. I got burned early on at LST and have tried to be very diligent in verifying the integrity and legitimacy of any news or reference source since then. I did link to an iffy site the other day, but I checked out their story thoroughly before I did it. I won’t link to them again and regret that I used their site now. If a site publishes one good article and seven stupid pieces as well, they don’t deserve any publicity. Example: I even quit using Gateway Pundit because he got suckered several times during the campaign on fake news crap. Jim Hoft has become careless.

    I would warn everyone to be very wary of much of the garbage you see on Facebook. Users there seem to think if it’s on FB, it must have some sort of reliability, but I’ve seen way too much junk information originating there.

  16. Texpat
    Wading through fake news is problematic. However my link above Does belong to Tulsi (hubba hubba) Gabbard. The discussion there and the links are valid and my observation about Obama’s support about ISIS has been discussed on pretty much all legit and semi legit sources.

  17. #15 Katfish

    On a recent return trip, I saw 3 of your bas$$ BACA brothers. Seriously, these were some big dudes that looked like they meant business. I wanted to pull up next to them and give them a thumbs-up, but the exited the highway before I could do it.

    I didn’t want to honk at them. Like I said, not guys I’d want to have a road rage misunderstanding with.

  18. #31 – not sure of your “bas$$ BACA brothers” connotation?

    We DO have a ‘Sam Bass’ Chapter………..

    I promise You’d have nothing to fear from ANY of my ‘Brothers’ (only possible exception might be if an inattentive driver inadvertently ran one off the road due to lack of attention while driving of course….. 🙂 )

  19. #32 – Speaking of “choosing one’s battles”…………………the last time I let a bit of “road rage” get to me Shannon had to bring some BAIL $$$$$$ to my rescue

  20. GTO,

    Legendary studio musician Carol Kaye is one of America’s most prolific bass guitarists, playing on an estimated 10,000 recordings in her 50+ year career. She was a member of “The Wrecking Crew,” a group of studio musicians who played on a significant number of hit records from LA in the 1960s. “The Wrecking Crew” were Phil Spector’s house band, sometimes credited as the “Phil Spector Wall of Sound Orchestra.”

    Yeah, that’s a good example of what I was talking about. Despite what some will tell you, there is no right or wrong with regard to playing with a pick versus finger plucking. And within each, there is variance in technique. Ultimately what you want to do as a bass player is serve the song and not yourself.

    On topic of The Wrecking Crew, there’s a great documentary on Netflix: highly recommended viewing. Another great talent to come out of there was Glen Campbell. Really, they were all top notch, amazing musicians. Carol Kaye made a comment in there about, at the time anyway, she was making more money than the President of the United States.

  21. I guess I can let y’all know what’s happening over here, now that all the family members have been notified: She wanted to tell them personally, and the last one now knows the news.

    Mom-in-law is on her way to Australia/New Zealand on Wednesday. It’s possibly the only – and last – continent on which she will set her feet, save Antarctica. She’s a well traveled woman, has certainly partied well, and managed her money frugally.

    This means that she has no regrets. She was diagnosed with cancer in November. We found out in late December. Hubby and I had been seeing signs, but not knowing what they meant, we assumed it was just old age. She was delaying telling us, not want to upset Hubby before she had to do so. When Hubby got a phone call because she had lost her phone at the MD Anderson parking garage, however, the cat was out of the bag. She had a birthmark on the back of her eye (as do I), and it became cancerous and metastasized. She sees an eye doctor several times a year, but it seems the cancer developed on the backside of the eye, where he couldn’t see it. Her first indication of the cancer was a shadow that appeared during a kidney test.

    She’s on experimental chemo, which has shrunk her tumors, but we are all carrying on as if her days are numbered. (Aren’t all of our days numbered?) Her original prognosis was 2-8 months. She is living out the rest of her life, taking this trip with her sister and not sitting in a corner sucking her thumb. She is taking this news in stride, telling me “I’ve lived a full life and done just about everything I wanted to do.” Her calmness and acceptance of the inevitable has helped Hubby and I also handle it well.

    She is taking care of business, transferring titles and responsibilities for various assets, and we’ve talked about end things. We know how she wants to go out, and we will do what she has asked. In the meantime, we are taking over management of her rental properties on top of our usual workload, so there are days where I’m busier’n normal, if that’s at all possible!

    Handsome Son and FDIL have set a date in early March for their wedding, probably so that his grandma can be well enough to attend. One more thing on our collective plate…

    She’s still strong and able to live her daily schedule. There’s not much that we can do for her right now, but we are taking over more of her business responsibilities. (I’ve crocheted several hats for her, though, to cover her baldness. It’s one thing I could do!) Life still goes on. This change means that there may be periods where I disappear from view, but rest easy, I’ll check in when I can! You can’t be rid of me that easily!

    Prayers for all of us are appreciated. At some point, she’ll need more personal attention. That’s probably when I’ll start ducking out of sight more. Right now, we’re just enjoying her while she is still here.

  22. #29 Squawks
    It’s prolly one a those Alien incubus that smacks you in the face, crawls down your throat, and implants a scorpion. I’m sure Chelsea will enjoy having a sibling.

  23. D_n Hatrick is such and embarrassment to this state.

    “I’m a Texans and Cowboys fan first, but the unquestionable success of the Super Bowl in Houston last night was a big win for our entire state and I don’t want anything to mar that victory. Whoever took this jersey should turn it in. The Texas Rangers are on the trail.”

    I consider it a badge of honor and I am proud of my association with
    Lone Star Times editors, writers and contributprs, but I rue the day we helped him leave the radiot airwaves and become a state senator.

  24. Alien incubus that smacks you in the face, crawls down your throat, and implants a scorpion.

    Poor alien, having Chelsea as a sibling. . . . .

  25. Good afternoon Hamsters. Spouse was doing consulting today and tied up the computer I use. We have a nice if ridiculously warm day for February 6th.

    Would hope that by now a goodly number of those who came to town for the festivities are safely on their way home. The airports had to be chaos and perhaps still are. Glad we didn’t have to be somewhere out of town today where we had to fly.

  26. Yea for Tedtam’s MIL doing what she wants to do while she can. She will love Australia and New Zealand. Good for her for making preparations to relieve her family of some sad duties when the time comes as it does for us all. And good for her family for taking collective deep breaths at the news and going forward in love to make the best of it.

  27. How can the Israelis negotiate with the palis when this sort of thing is the norm?

    Two weeks after Palestinian leadership announced it would allocate life stipends to the family members of a terrorist who killed four soldiers last month, police announced the confiscation of over NIS 200,000 provided by Hamas to the families of seven other terrorists.

    The Sunday night raid, carried out by Police and Border Police forces, targeted the homes of 14 suspects from east Jerusalem’s flashpoint neighborhoods Jabl Mukaber, Shuafat refugee camp, Ras-Almud and A-Tur.
    Monetary rewards for terrorism are consistent with the PA’s longstanding law, which guarantees members of dead terrorists’ immediate families, as well as imprisoned terrorists, steady payments from government coffers.

    Based on current PA provisions, all families of dead terrorists receive a minimum monthly payment of roughly NIS 1,500. Widows receive additional payments of NIS 400, while each child of the killer receives roughly NIS 200.

    Additional payments are afforded to families of terrorists who reside in Jerusalem.

    Yossi Kuperwasser, of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, who penned a study titled “Incentivizing Terrorism: Palestinian Authority Allocations to Terrorists and Their Families,” said billions of shekels have been allocated by the PA and PLO for killers and their families.

    The above article appears in the online version of the Jerusalem Post.

  28. Everyone should take a look at this. I’ve seen a few small meteors burning up in the atmosphere in my life, but nothing like this one.

    On February 6, 2017, a camera on the Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Sciences Building on the University of Wisconsin campus and a Lisle, Illinois police car dashboard camera captured the fireworks.

  29. I didn’t know Kurt Schlicter, the Townhall firebrand writer, was the attorney for Ben Shapiro in the Clockboy case in Texas.

  30. squawkbox says:
    FEBRUARY 6, 2017 AT 3:09 PM
    D_n Hatrick is such and embarrassment to this state.

    “I’m a Texans and Cowboys fan first, but the unquestionable success of the Super Bowl in Houston last night was a big win for our entire state and I don’t want anything to mar that victory. Whoever took this jersey should turn it in. The Texas Rangers are on the trail.”

    I consider it a badge of honor and I am proud of my association with
    Lone Star Times editors, writers and contributprs, but I rue the day we helped him leave the radiot airwaves and become a state senator.

    I dunno.

    One would think that solving a $500,000 robbery case was the kind of thing the Rangers were supposed to do.

  31. We are sorry Houston but we can no longer allow you to host superbowels (SIC). Dallas will be forever remembered as the town that shot Kennedy and Houston will forever be remembered as the city that stole the shirt right off Tom Brady’s back.

  32. #53

    And the “Wardrobe Malfunction” and the biggest collapse in SB history and …….. dum dum dummmm ….Bufalo

  33. If Trump’s travel restrictions is a ban on Muslims, he’s doing it all wrong. Here are the countries with the most Muslims. Only one is on his temporary ban list, and it’s not even in the top 5.

    1 Indonesia
    2 India
    3 Pakistan
    4 Bangladesh
    5 Nigeria
    6 Egypt
    7 Iran
    8 Turkey
    9 Algeria
    10 Morocco

  34. When Elizabeth Poe saw video footage of the Women’s March in Washington DC the day after President Trump was inaugurated, she was horrified by all of the vulgarity on display. Women carried signs emblazoned with genitals, many repeatedly chanted curse words, and celebrities delivered speeches riddled with explicit content and threats of violence.

    Poe, who has owned a yarn store in Franklin, Tennessee for five years, was frustrated that so many women wore knitted “pussyhats” to the march, ruining what once was a “cute little pattern.” When a woman visited her store the very next day asking for pink yarn to make a hat like the ones she had seen women wearing at the march on TV, she took to Facebook and asked customers who wanted yarn to make a pussyhat to go elsewhere.

    Did all hell break loose ? Oh yes.

    On Thursday, 700 people called the store, on Friday, there were another 300 calls. On these calls, she’s been screamed at, called names, and threatened with rape and other violent acts. Some of the callers just breathed loudly into the phone.

    I’m glad Tedtam decided not to make Hamous a pussyhat. There’s no telling what could have happened down there in Pearland.

  35. Hey Sarge
    In principle I agree with your observation btw. However it is D_n Hatrick’s need to insert himself into everything that just chills my stuff. Just one more thing to add to my growing list of Hatrickisms.

  36. Don’t diss Houston. “Houston” was the first word spoken from the moon. “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”

  37. Watching the original Planet of the Apes. Never noticed before but when Charlton jumps into the water from his sinking space ship at the beginning of the movie he holds his nose. What the hell?

  38. #43 Texpat

    The meteor flyby was shown on the CBS Evening News courtesy of a TV station in Milwaukee showing a perfect viewing of it as it whizzed over Milwaukee. Quite a sight.

  39. #50 Sarge

    Agree that the possible theft of Brady’s jersey valued at $500k is not chump change. Grand larceny for sure. Just how one determines its value is a mystery to me, as it would seem to be priceless.

  40. Adee says:
    FEBRUARY 6, 2017 AT 8:55 PM
    #50 Sarge

    Agree that the possible theft of Brady’s jersey valued at $500k is not chump change. Grand larceny for sure. Just how one determines its value is a mystery to me, as it would seem to be priceless.

    Sports memorabilia is already big bidness. But this is the jersey worn by the only 5 Superbowl winning Quarterback in the NFL in the very game he won the honor.

    I’m thinking half a mil is a pretty dang good starting point.

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