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  1. Bohn Aluminum and Brass Corporation

    Lesser known is that the Detroit-based company was in constant conflict with the quickly radicalizing United Auto Workers membership—the local was actually the first to elect a black president, a surprise to many, despite Bohn’s primarily black labor force.

    Sensing danger, Bohn produced an anti-communist campaign, perhaps hoping that a bunch of ominous posters might mold dissent into model employee patriotism. It’s difficult to imagine that any Bohn workers were inspired to fealty by corny sloganeering and a few creepy disembodied (white) hands, but one would hope that the heavy-handed (geddit?) propaganda gave the Detroit proletariat a giggle as they occupied factory floors, organized work stoppages and staged sit-down strikes with over 12,000 workers.

  2. Good morning Hamsters. Ground fog crept in on kitty cat feet just as the eastern sky turned glorious pink, turning the mist pink as well. Beautiful and 52 thanks to the frontal passage. The second day of shopping madness commences in person and through the ether, and it will be interesting to discover which venue has the most customers once the weekend is over.

    The ad in the OC above is so prescient a warning years ago about Socialism. Note the Bohn Aluminum and Brass Corporation was in Detroit and obviously thriving likely some time over 50 years ago, as it predates ZIP codes and certainly the advent of 50+ years of Democrat rule that destroyed the city and still holds its ruins in bondage. Great ad, obviously heeded by those who fled Detroit as things went to socialist and thuggish hell.

    Great find, Texpat. Great truth. Democrats, you broke it, you own it.

  3. We’ve decided to fix up this old trailer rather than build something new. Got a contractor lined up to put in new flooring and replacing some of the sub flooring. Going floor shopping this morning then start packing up and moving entertainment center and furniture in the living and dining rooms, washer/dryer, laundry shelves….

    Ya’ll keep me in your thoughts. 😀

  4. Nice vid, Sarge.
    The Financial Times has an article, linked on Drudge, regarding the beer – weed continuum and discusses how some brewers and distillers feel that weed will negatively impact their sales.
    Just for Hamous:

    “Craft beer tends to appeal to a younger and more hipster crowd who are also more likely to be smoking cannabis,” he said. “Whereas a typical Budweiser drinker — a blue collar industrialised worker — is less likely to smoke cannabis, so potentially there’s more risk for craft beer than for mainstream beer.”

  5. #7 Sarge, did you notice that the third Floppy was titled “PORN.JPG” and the fourth one was “FURRY PORN”?…..Someone has WAAY too much time on their hands.
    Mornin’ Gang

  6. Someone has WAAY too much time on their hands.

    Prolly has something else in their hands as well. . . .

  7. I decided not to watch 6 minutes of a lawn mower presumably chewing up old disks. What is wrong with me, do I think my time is too valuable or what?

    I am finishing breakfast, then going to pack up the Fall decorations. Tomorrow, I decorate a small Christmas tree!

  8. So, Fidel has met his Maker at last and we presume dealt with justly. From seeing #4 I could not tell which commie sob finally croaked. There are several still wasting oxygen. In our present state of affairs, Soros passing would do the most good for the most people IMHO.

    Indeed the net is slower today than yesterday as is email. Cyber shoppers are very busy it seems, perhaps only suffering blistered fingertips at worst rather than bruises elsewhere from inelastic collisions in crowded malls and stores. I’ll take the slow net.

  9. I sent a report of our Friday otter sighting to the Houston County-based TPWD biologist who has been studying river otters. I have lived and played in Austin County for the better part of sixty years and never heard the word otter uttered. And upon sharing this story with several locals who are more avid outdoorsmen than I, neither have they.

    I guess these otters have tired of the Piney Woods and are reclaiming the Central Texas habitat of their ancestors.

    I’ll be interested to see if I get a response from the TPWD guy.

  10. #10 Bones 😀
    Adee, I saw a long post up on Drudge and after a fourth of the way through it, I had to stop,…Lamestream Media = Communists Sympathizers and Castro Sycophants.
    Hard to believe!!!

  11. 16 Super Dave

    Of course they don’t have to live there as an ordinary peon. LSM, keep right on marginalizing yourselves. It’s a winner—for us.

  12. #15
    Thanks for the hi-tech graph, Bones. Did anyone else happen to discover that you can zoom in on it, and even slant it sideways so you see the HEIGHT of the extreme counties. Wowza, I think this may be an example of GIS data display, Graphical Information Systems.

  13. I finished packing the scarecrows and pumpkins so quickly that I may bring out the 4′ high tree today. Or maybe I’ll just spend the whole day — except for a nap — sitting at the laptop. Yeah, that’s my ticket these days.

  14. Is there a picture of the otter that Shannon saw, or only his utterance? If there were a pic of the otter, I’m sure it would be utterly divine. I mean, the utmost in otterness.

  15. I don’t know why I’m surprised but the lionization of Fidel is simply appalling.
    The Western Hemisphere’s little Stalin.

    There are no bad guys for these Leftist scum. Except lovers of liberty.

  16. I just had a turkey sammich on toasted wheat bread with Kraft Horsey Sauce, Koops Brown Mustard with Horseradish and Sargento Sharp Cheddar. Dang it was good!

  17. So here’s something I want to know.

    Does the Christmas Season begin the moment Hans Gruber starts falling from Nakatomi Tower, or when he hits the ground?

  18. The celebrations of Castro’s demise will probably be spun to have been organized by Trump and Russian hackers and considerd fake news by the Fake Streamed Media.

  19. Imagine the celebrations when Raul Castro goes to be with his brother. . . Imagine the joy at the thought of those two gone.

  20. I like the Drudge headline She’s Alive! over the grave scene from the end of the horror movie Carrie.

  21. The internet seems to have sped up a bit from its lethargy of this afternoon, meaning folks are tired and off doing something else or today’s bunch has spent every penny they have.

    Wisconsin will play for the Big 10 + 3 + Ohio State Championship by the most convoluted arrangement of rules you can imagine. It won its division title even before beating Minnesota 31-17 today. That likely has something to do with having had a very hard schedule involving playing a lot of teams ranked over them in the top 10 at the time they played them. It all started by knocking off highly rated LSU in the first game of the season when Wisconsin was unrated. Ohio State has the best record but will not play for the championship because it lost to Penn State that will be playing Wisconsin for it. I think. Hope some sports writer enlightens us all as to how this is happening.

    TJ Watt was spectacular today and this season and seems very capable like brother JJ.

  22. Good morning Hamsters. Coolish 54 with ground mist sneaking in greets us at 7, but another delightful day lies ahead. Shopping other than the grocery store and Brookwood’s gift shop inside Gallery Furniture on TX 99 is definitely out today. Brookwood has the most gorgeous poinsettias anywhere, bigger and less expensive because they’re grown with love by the residents of Brookwood Community in Brookshire.

  23. There needs to be a James Coney Island up this way in Magnolia or Tomball. I think they’re racist against white people. And we need a Wendy’s and a Papasitos. We got rights you know!

  24. #40 – Geez Ya HAD to mention JCI when they’re closed!!

    Thinkin I may satisfy THAT particular “jones” this evenin when I get back home.

    Suiting up to head west for more HEROs

    Yall have a wonderful Sunday!

  25. OK, who stepped on the power cord about 8 PM last night?
    I kept getting;

    Why am I seeing this page?
    The server that your request has reached is acting as a gateway or proxy to fulfil the request made by your client.
    Web Browser => Web Front-End => Web Back-End
    This server (Web Front-End) received an invalid response from an upstream (Web Back-End) server it accessed to fulfil the request.

    Mornin’ Gang

  26. Your interest in a James Coney Island franchise is a great compliment to us. However, we are a privately held company and not currently franchising the concept or offering any other investment opportunities.

  27. #45 SD: Twernt me, I was getting the same message. Not to mention that I do not have the keys to the executive washroom of this site. Hammy may be a little “touched” at times, but he ain’t stupid.

  28. #51 Shannon, I’ve been watching the show, and like all the other IDIOTS on the left,…But I repeat myself,..she can’t understand why the mean ole Republicans hate Castro. SIGH,…….

  29. Browsing through this morning’s Chron I see plenty of evidence lots of lefties don’t get it why so many folks are happy the evil dictator is dead. They’re either too young and dumbed down or too warped by being 60s hippies to comprehend it.

    And then there’s the bunch harping on the presumed alt-right designation they created along with the shadiest element of the civil rights crowd. These guys are oblivious as well to what happened November 8th. Michigan declared for Trump several days ago, and it is over. Would be so great if the recount in Wisconsin turns up even more votes for Trump and fewer for Hildebeast.

  30. #50 Shannon

    We could call it James Comey Island FBI Weenies.

    I think Comey already has a lock on that brand — no, wait, that was FBI weasels.

  31. Just tuned in to the Texans game once I had the chance at the start of the 4th Q.

    First thought was Oh.

    Second thought was the Wisconsin/Minnesota game yesterday was a lot more active in the 4th than this one is starting out to be. And since the Badgers came alive in spades then, it was much fun to watch. Hello, Texans?

  32. 61 Sarge

    LOL, just LOL. This oughta be required reading for all Whole Foods employees from the head honcho on down.

  33. #61 from the link:

    Neat and clean is not knuckling under to the capitalist patriarchy.

    On the other hand, Hillary Clinton Will Never be President.

    That right there is uplifting and heart warming.

  34. Unless I’m pressed for time or out of propane, I prefer my weenies done on the grill. I also throw the buns face down on the grill for about thirty seconds for a light toasting.
    I once asked my step son if he wanted his hot dog buns toasted and he screwed his face up like I was crazy and said No. Does anyone here like their buns toasted?

  35. Re: Pie

    I finally talked Fay into making the homemade Meyer lemon pie(s) some time this week.
    Since I can only have one piece and she’ll only eat one piece, y’all are welcome to come get the rest.

  36. 65 Shannon

    I toast all the hamburger and hot dog buns because it keeps the mustard from making the bun so soggy.

  37. So now Clots has joined the wack job Jill Stein in the recount effort. Because she is being such an insufferable (insert female dog word here), I think Trump should throw the book at her when he is finally sworn in 20Jan2017. Trump will be sworn in and there is no way around that short of an unspeakable act. I don’t think that they can flip enough electors to Clots side and if they do, it will cause a civil war. She could have slipped away with her billions of ill gotten gain and lived out what little is left of her miserable life in opulent splendor, but she will not go away. It is time to drop the hammer on her.
    Here is the question of the day: How does Jill Stein have any standing whatsoever to call for a recount, seeing as there is no imaginable way that she could be declared the winner in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania or Michigan?

  38. #65
    We don’t eat a lot of hotdogs at Chez Harp. I usually buy a package of 8 Oscar Meyer bun-length weiners for The Fourth and I guess you’d say I broil them. I cook them on the removable tray in my toaster-oven, under the top heating element. Turn them 3 times to get even heating. After the dogs are done, I like to toast my bun a bit under that same top element. Hubs does not like his toasted at all. I used to apply some hotdog chili to mine, but again, Hubs doesn’t like it, so it is more trouble than it’s worth. I garnish with screaming yellow mustard, sweet pickle relish, and chopped onions. Hmm, maybe we should have them more than that one week per year.

  39. Further to #72 above, why would Russia intervene on behalf of Trump when they have the blackmail “goods” on Clinton??

  40. Today there was talk of toasted buns–#65

    Soggy buns–#67

    Psychotic, power hungry, recounted, criminal grayed out blondes–#72

    And singing Blondes–#77, 78, 79

    So here’s one with a drummer named Bun and a blond singer.

  41. Never would’ve figured you as a Blondie fan.


    I’d of liked to seen them again.–didn’t know they were here.

    Maybe next time.

  42. Samantha Fish is playing in the Woodlands next Saturday. Long way to go from Sugar Land and the show is pretty much sold out. Might buy a ticket just to see how the venue works. Watching/hearing her live even from the back of the room is worth the trip.

  43. I’m trying to come up with category for Sam Fish.

    I’m stuck on headbanger blues right now.

    But that doesn’t quite work.



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