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  1. If you were Donald Trump and wanted to keep the current President from granting a pardon to Hillary, would you publicly announce you were not going to prosecute her ?

    The decision whether to investigate, indict and prosecute is not the President’s to make. There is a Senate, House, FBI and occasionally independent Justice Department to contend with.

    He can, of course, moot the whole thing with a pardon or clemency post-conviction.

  2. Hillary is not going to be presecuted. There won’t be a wall. The GOPe is stronger than ever. There won’t be any waterboarding. We’re still going to get Global Warming crap pushed down our throat.

    Meet the New Boss
    Same as the Old Boss

  3. Would that Trump should follow the clear example set by New Zealand concerning the proper role of government.

    HEADLINE: Rolling Back Government: Lessons from New Zealand
    When a reform government was elected in 1984, it identified three problems: too much spending, too much taxing and too much government. The question was how to cut spending and taxes and diminish government’s role in the economy. Well, the first thing you have to do in this situation is to figure out what you’re getting for dollars spent. Towards this end, we implemented a new policy whereby money wouldn’t simply be allocated to government agencies; instead, there would be a purchase contract with the senior executives of those agencies that clearly delineated what was expected in return for the money. Those who headed up government agencies were now chosen on the basis of a worldwide search and received term contracts—five years with a possible extension of another three years. The only ground for their removal was non-performance, so a newly-elected government couldn’t simply throw them out as had happened with civil servants under the old system. And of course, with those kinds of incentives, agency heads—like CEOs in the private sector—made certain that the next tier of people had very clear objectives that they were expected to achieve as well.

    This is a great article and a perfect object lesson in basic economics, when the government takes less money in the form of taxes on things, tax rates and senseless regulation – the people have more to spend on that which they wish and the government revenue goes up. Reducing or eliminating the involvement of the federal government in education produces better results for the students.
    There are several other areas discussed in the article that are well worth the read.

  4. Last night Hamous posted the Snoops fact-check of Nancy Pelosi, “Miss Lube” and this morning I was googling, looking for a picture and ran across one of my favorites, Audrey Hepburn. I think that Tex Pat used this one once for an OC Pix. 😀

  5. 5 Sarge

    Meet the New Boss
    Same as the Old Boss

    At least I don’t have to hear the words, “President Hillary Clinton”.

    I’ve never believed we will make any true progress until we have a successful Article V Convention. Getting rid of much of the 22,000,000 employee non-military government bureaucracy in this country will be almost impossible without it.

    I hope to be surprised and wrong about that.

    I’ve never believed a wall on our southern border will be the least bit effective without massive increases in manpower to backup the fence. No wall will stop illegals; it just slows them down.

    Ask the Israelis.

    Most of the really intelligent people I’ve read and talked to who have experience in counter-terrorism ops don’t want to risk their own lives relying on info obtained by something like waterboarding. I’ll leave it to the guys who have to put their own a$$ on the line to decide whether to use waterboarding or not.

  6. Shannon says:
    NOVEMBER 23, 2016 AT 7:48 AM
    Sure is nice to wake up every morning only to realize Hillary Clinton isn’t picking her Cabinet.

    I remember waking up and thinking that about Al Gore.

    Good times.

    Goooooood times——-

  7. My #46 from last night for those who didn’t see it.

    Texpat says:
    NOVEMBER 22, 2016 AT 7:19 PM EDIT

    Preteens and teens may have mastered the use of social media — to eerie proficiency — but they reportedly have trouble sorting out reputable news sources. The Wall Street Journal details a Stanford University study, which found that approximately 82 percent of middle-schoolers couldn’t tell the difference between real news and fake news.

    The latest study, which polled 7,804 students from middle school through college, shows how teens evaluate their news. The Journal found that students would judge “the credibility of newsy tweets based on how much detail they contained or whether a large photo was attached, rather than on the source.” The findings would be startling if they weren’t true, as it was reported fake news on Facebook actually outperformed real news outlets during the election. Facebook and Google have altered their policies weed out fake news from their sites, but a number of these content producers use loopholes, such as deceptive advertising, to still get the posts published.

    As pointed out by GJT, it ain’t just the kids.

  8. Trump is a very skilled negotiator and a pretty good businessman. I have a hard time seeing him telegraphing a move he is planning to make when it could be made null by the current occupant of the White House. When the JugEared Jackass is no longer the POTUS, and Trump is, then we shall see what he is really all about. Right now we have speculation and misdirection.

  9. The first of two Christmas babies expected in our family was born this morning at 7:10a in Houston. The father is Fay’s nephew and all kids in the next generation are now parents. Blood pressure problems had the delivery accelerated by a month. Both are doing fine.

    The next arrival will be Fay’s third great grandchild.

  10. Congrats to the “newlyweds”!

    Just had another WTH moment. When sitting on my couch, as I’m doing right now, about to start my Duolingo lesson, I can see the front windows (covered by a sheer lace curtain) next to the front door. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a dark shadow pass in front of the windows and waited for a knock on the door….and nothing. It freaks me out. I have no idea why I keep thinking I’m seeing someone walking to my door. I actually got up this time, thinking it was Office Help arriving all wet. There was no one there.

  11. This is one of the more fascinating things I’ve read lately. I knew there was cooperation in WWII between the mobsters and the government, but I didn’t know the length and depth of it.

    Navy intelligence swarmed the New York docks to solicit the cooperation of the longshoremen to ferret out German spies. They were heartily rebuffed. The operating theory about the Navy’s cold reception was that the largely Italian dock workers may have been loyal to Hitler’s partner in mayhem, Italy’s Mussolini. While such an allegiance may have been the case with some of the stevedores, there was a better explanation: The men who worked the docks were averse by nature and culture to help out any authorities.

    Gravely concerned, the Navy sought the advice of New York law enforcement. Prosecutors conceded that, yes, the mob-controlled longshoremen were a tough lot, but not all mobsters were knuckle-dragging simians–especially ones whose Eastern European Jewish landsmen were being rounded up by Hitler.

    Indeed, Meyer Lansky had tried to enlist in the army after Pearl Harbor, but was rejected because of his age, just shy of 40, and his height, 5′ 4″ in socks. Other Jewish mobsters had better luck. One of Meyer’s men, Doc Stacher of Newark, served in the Army. Cleveland boss Moe Dalitz entered the Army a private and came out a captain. Minneapolis killer Davie Berman and Chicago’s Charlie Barron were rebuffed, but enlisted in the Canadian army using fake names.


    Meyer and Luciano’s services didn’t stop here. When it came time to invade Sicily, Commander Haffenden again brought in the boys. They provided naval intelligence with mafia contacts in Sicily that were instrumental in both the initial landing (courtesy of maps provided by local fishermen) and in locating strategic Nazi strongholds. It wasn’t all about patriotism: Mussolini had cracked down hard on the Sicilian mafia and homegrown gangsters wanted him out.

  12. 19 Sarge

    Honestly, Sarge, the Politico article reads like a job application from Ford to Trump’s staff. It’s pretty transparent.

  13. #22: Didn’t they say the exact same thing about the JugEared Jackass currently defiling the White House? Says nothing about the shaved wookie neither.

  14. Warm congrats to Shannon and Fay. Not only for being together for 28 years, but also for enduring some rough patches the last year or so.

    Here’s to 28 more years together!

  15. LOL

    Three days after the election, my wife and I were shopping at the Fairway Market in Red Hook, Brooklyn. For those unfamiliar with it, Fairway is a less corporate, more co-op version of Whole Foods, offering pretty produce and exotic cheeses that don’t come cheap. The mood in the store was glum. As in most of Brooklyn, people stared ahead, moving slowly, still in shock from the political earthquake of Tuesday night.

    After getting our Brazilian Arabica ground for drip (I know, I should really use a French Press), Libby and I walked towards the organic maple syrup. That’s when it started. I suppose there had been music playing in the store, but I hadn’t noticed until a familiar guitar lick pierced the air and a soft voice said, “Turn it up.”

    Libby and I both stopped and looked at each other. “Seriously?” said my wife, a very disappointed Clinton supporter. She started gripping her soft Tomme Crayeuse a little too hard. By the time Ronnie Van Zant’s drawl started in with “Big wheels keep on turnin’,” everyone in the store was standing in shock. Brows were furrowed, people mumbled to each other. The song seemed to get louder as one of those New York moments happened, when everyone was thinking the exact the same thing….


  16. 26 Shannon

    I had to look and see if it was an ESPN reporter. In that case, the assault might have been justified.

  17. I just love a story with a happy ending.

    HEADLINE: Son convinces mother to buy a gun and learn to shoot. Alleged burglars obviously missed that memo.

    ALLEGED my backside, one was found DRT and the other got charged with murder. Kentucky has a law that states that the act of committing the crime of burglary was potentially life threatening so the accomplice got charged in the death of his fellow thug. The mom in question is shook up but otherwise unharmed.

  18. 31 Bones
    She’ll be 126 and I’ll be 111.

    They better hurry up and come up with a spinal transplant for both of us is all I can say.


  19. #33

    They better hurry up and come up with a spinal transplant for both of us is all I can say.

    If they come up with those, you’ll need to get in line behind the R’s in Congress. They need ’em first.

  20. An array of figures from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s inner circle—including a confidante so close the governor called him “my father’s third son”—got slapped with a sweeping 14-count federal indictment today, which alleges they colluded in a pair of schemes to solicit bribes for state assistance and to rig economic development contracts for companies that gave to Cuomo’s campaigns.

    A grand jury gave crusading U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara the go-ahead to prosecute his case against Joseph Percoco, the governor’s former campaign manager, deputy executive secretary, political fixer and body man, on charges he solicited bribes and a “low-show job” for his wife from two major Cuomo contributors. In return, the federal government alleges Percoco pressured executive agencies and entities to offer assistance and loosen regulations for the companies’ operations in New York State—and lied about the arrangement on disclosure forms.

    Would the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York indict a former Secretary of State ? Personally, I wouldn’t bet against it nor do I believe Bharara would ask for President Trump’s blessing.

    Like I said before, I’ve always liked the Sikhs. They’re fearless warriors.

  21. UT-Austin has its own independent power grid.

    “They are the textbook of success,” said Leonard Phillips, director of business development for the International District Energy Association, based in Massachusetts. “What Juan has done there, is to turn [energy efficiency] into a fine economic art.”

    Houston Methodist Hospital, ExxonMobil Corp, Dow Chemical USA and universities such as Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Rice are among the state’s district energy practitioners, but experts call UT-Austin’s system — among the nation’s biggest — far more advanced.

  22. #37,39 FROM THE LINK:

    UT-Austin can cool buildings on campus using half the energy — or less — than it takes to cool typical buildings elsewhere, according to Ontiveros. On average, the university uses 87 percent of the energy contained in the gas that fuels the system — more than twice what conventional facilities elsewhere use.

    “It’s about understanding where your strengths are and trying to optimize them. And that’s what we’re good at,” Ontiveros said.

    87% efficiency is flat out amazing!

  23. Hubby wants to take me out to a nice steak house for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Since it’s just us, he decided not to make me work in the kitchen all day. The fact that food and I still aren’t on the best of terms just makes it a better decision.

    My ribs are really hurting me today, echoes of the puking I did a few days ago.

    The only silver lining: I’ve lost four pounds this week. And that’s with me trying to force meals down. It’s slow and tedious still, meal times are.

  24. #5 Sarge:

    Geez dude, could you be anymore negative? If must be depressing as he!! to wake up every morning with that kind of outlook.

  25. #13 Sarge:

    If you think that a Gore presidency would have done as well as the Bush presidency, you’re not just depressed, you’re insane. Seek medical attention immediately!

  26. #19 Sarge:

    Well no wonder you’re so negative – you think Politico is an actual news source! You’d get better info from CNN . . . .

  27. 37 Shannon

    It’s just amazing what all that retrograde fracked oil and gas money flowing into the Permanent University Fund can pay for. It can even fund futuristic energy efficiency !

  28. A guy in Pattison gave me nine Meyer lemons off of his tree this week. Now Fay is balking at making a pie because diet.

    A very annoying dilemma.

  29. RE: My #36

    Would the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York indict a former Secretary of State ? Personally, I wouldn’t bet against it nor do I believe Bharara would ask for President Trump’s blessing.

    Like I said before, I’ve always liked the Sikhs. They’re fearless warriors.

    The only high profile Democrats Preet Bharara hasn’t gone after in New York are Schumer and Gillibrand who are supposedly his protectors. If he clears the statewide decks of troublesome old Dem pols, it makes it easier for the two senators to fill the gaps with their own people. Maybe, and I have no illusions about Bharara being apolitical. I do believe he doesn’t pick up the phone to ask the DOJ in DC who to prosecute.

  30. This morning Lance Roberts talked to a Houston attorney working for a large law firm. He described the cash cow that is the immigration section of the firm, which has over a hundred lawyers. Each of these aliens gets assigned a free attorney who represents them at three hearings. The firm charges the government $8500 per hearing.

  31. fat albert says:
    NOVEMBER 23, 2016 AT 12:15 PM
    #5 Sarge:

    Geez dude, could you be anymore negative? If must be depressing as he!! to wake up every morning with that kind of outlook.

    I reference everything back to the promise that I was getting the most Conservative Chief Justice In The History Of The Court, and everything else that happened in those 8 years.

    I reference everything to Thad Corchran, NCLB, Lyin Ted and his Daddy killing Kennedy,

    Meet the New Boss
    Same as the Old Boss
    Won’t get fooled again.

    I might end up being the only person here besides Squawk that doesn’t feel like a chump in two years.


    I’m pleasantly surprised.

  32. fat albert says:
    NOVEMBER 23, 2016 AT 12:17 PM
    #13 Sarge:

    If you think that a Gore presidency would have done as well as the Bush presidency, you’re not just depressed, you’re insane. Seek medical attention immediately!

    Like I said.

    I remember being happy waking up to realize that Al Gore wasn’t putting together a transition team.

    Then I got royally screwed by the guy who did.

    That’s why I’m not leaning on that sentiment this time.

  33. Common Core supporter Betsy DeVos will be your next Secretary of Education.

    Well, there you have it folks. Trump has just picked his education secretary after narrowing down his choices to two pro-Common Core, pro-micromanaging women: Michelle Rhee and Betsy DeVos. I’ve already discussed what a terrible pick Rhee would have been, but DeVos is no better. DeVos fails on two key promises Trump repeatedly made to voters: “Get rid of Common Core” and “keep education local.”

  34. Only days before the enforcement was to begin, Texas federal judge Amos L. Mazzant III has blocked the imposition of the Obama administration’s egregious overtime regulations that have already had a terrible effect on American businesses and workers.


    This injunction is cause for great celebration, but let’s not forget the harm that the threat alone created over the last several months. Under the new regulations, which were to be enforced beginning on December 1, the salary limit below which workers and businesses fell under government mandates was raised from $23,660 to $47,476.

    It’s just a change in one number, but it profoundly affected millions of lives. Most large businesses have already retooled, reshuffled, and renegotiated the employment terms of millions of people, with nothing but bad results.

    Ambitious workers who work more than 40 hours per week were told they can no longer do so without putting companies in legal jeopardy. This cuts off their career plans and harms productivity.

  35. 59 Sarge

    Well, that’s certainly bad news. I know who DeVos is and I wouldn’t have her in my administration in any role.

  36. Texpat says:
    NOVEMBER 23, 2016 AT 1:19 PM
    59 Sarge

    Well, that’s certainly bad news. I know who DeVos is and I wouldn’t have her in my administration in any role.

    How you feeling about Harold Friggin Ford’s chances now?

  37. I’m trying to recall if I ever saw/heard anyone claim that Trump was going to be the second coming of Adam Smith and Russell Kirk, but so far I can’t.

    But then I am getting frail and forgetful.

  38. I’m sitting here in the parking lot of Kathy’s Korner watching I-10 traffic crossing the Brazos River. Westbound traffic is moving at highway speeds. Houston bound traffic is doing about 30mph.

    Will bill you directly for this traffic report.

  39. I think Mitt is an intelligent, successful guy eminently qualified to project Mr. Trump’s foreign policy to the world.

    And he’s rich, so he won’t be seeking bribes like the last one.

  40. This is a great piece that First Things let slip
    out from behind the firewall.

    In truth, for people at the margins, the bourgeois virtues of thrift, delayed gratification, cleanliness, and moderation must have a deeper rationale: An orderly life is called for by an orderly universe. Call this the social argument from design. Bob and Ray are mysteries of dysfunction. They mark the limits of material solutions to it. Their salvation must be equally mysterious and sublime.


  41. #75 Shannon
    That is a fascinating article, and certainly illuminates young people I’ve seen that just couldn’t hold a job. Even with some education, if that ole work ethic is not there, nothing else takes its place and makes you a useful employee.

  42. Sarge needs a little cheering up.

    Time will tell on Trump but let us bathe a little in the victory.

    I hear a little Highway Star in that solo.

    How bout you, Shannon?

  43. Good late afternoon Hamsters. Spouse was telecommuting today instead of Monday and had tied up the computer. Once it was loose I’ve been catching up on what’s happening here and there. Almost half an inch fell on us this morning as the front marched in, completely changing everything to a winter atmosphere in a very few minutes. Yea.

    #43 fat albert

    The malady in question is called optic rectosis. 🙂

  44. 63 Sarge

    How you feeling about Harold Friggin Ford’s chances now?

    I’m just a spectator here. It’s Hillary’s and everyone else’s nightmare…I’m just living in it.

    I have no idea if Harold Ford Jr will be Trump’s nominee for DoT and neither do you. I just recognize a bullsh!t planted story in the media when I see it.

  45. #86 Ms. Adee: I believe the condition is cranial rectumitis; head so far up his hoo-haa he can’t see and it gives him a s#!try outlook on life.

  46. You have to understand, Sarge. There isn’t a single swinging ____ here that doesn’t understand that Donald Trump could be the least conservative “Republican” president since Nixon. And maybe even worse.
    If push comes to shove, I can probably score some Valium for you to get you through the end of January.

  47. Sarge #69; Shannon #73,74;

    Here’s what I wrote today on Mormon Dialogue:

    For the 2012 campaign I think Mitt Romney served mormonism quite well by showing the world that Mormons aren’t a crazy whacked out kooky group of religious zealots. Overall, Romney was so dignified during that campaign year. I think Mitt Romney, with his aura of dignity, intelligence, and in his having a firm grasp on the main events happening around the world, will make a very fine Secretary of State. Furthermore, I think Mitt Romney will continue to seve mormonism well. He will do so by continue to show the world what a down to earth kind human being he really is.


    So, while I may not be “estatic”, I am very satisfied as to Trump highly considering Romney for Sec. of State. Overall I am very satisfied with Trump’s administrative team and estatically satisfied, as per post #11 on this thread, Hillary is not choosing the next administrative team.

  48. #75

    That was an excellent article. It explains a lot; some of which I had already figured out, but obviously not the bleeding hearts. Or maybe they have…

  49. I found an article “over yonder” about the Hillary/Podesta emails. I’ve seen other references to the dark arts/child abuse/child sex trafficking, which is why the NYPD is so wissed off over Comey’s nonchalant attitude towards Hillary.

    Scary. Dang scary.

  50. Hubby came home declaring he didn’t feel well.

    I’m wondering if we’re going to be going out to eat tomorrow after all. He may spend the weekend recovering from whatever I had.

  51. #96 TT: I always knew the upper echelons of the D party were evil. That they are engaged in the occult and sorcery is no surprise to me; that they engage in ritual child abuse takes it to a whole new level. Knowing this, their outright hostility to everything that is good and decent (as described i the Bible) makes more sense now. The fact of the matter is that they are active satan worshippers and there is nothing that they will refuse to do to achieve their ends.

  52. 96 Tedtam

    There is no doubt John Podesta and his crew are a very odd and strange bunch of people. Having said that, this guy you link to is a very bizarre and weird character himself and I would run, not walk, from him and his website as fast as you can. Explore the various pages of his site.

    It seems the fact people like this “VigilantCitizen” are linked on Facebook gives them the imprimatur of legitimacy. I find that really disturbing.

  53. I’d heard stories about NYPD going absolutely ballistic about Comey’s reaction to the emails, specifically because of the vile things they found, and they hinted it was related to child abuse.

    This isn’t the first story I’ve seen related to this.

  54. 102 Tedtam

    I’ve read those stories, too. I’ve read the rumors and insinuations about all of this stuff. But, and that is a big but, I have not seen any verifiable evidence, any testimony that can be corroborated with at least a secondary source, so I don’t post or publish it anywhere.

    I’m inclined to believe there is something substantive to this story, however, I can’t ethically state one way or the other without proof. So, I don’t say anything unless and until…

  55. When deriding and scoffing at the President elect please remember:

    1. Depending on how you look at it we’ve been sliding down a liberal slope since at least 1932 (in my mind it goes back to Pres. Wilson). It’s taken us almost a century to get ourselves into this fix – and there is no one – not even the venerable Sen. Cruz – who’s able to pull us out overnight.

    2. Except in vanishingly rare situations, voting is ALWAYS about the choice between bad and worse. And, please don’t play the fool and tell me that Trump is as bad as Clinton. You have no idea how Trump is going to govern, we have 30 years of demonstrated liberal evil from Ms. Clinton.

    3. At this point, there are few, if any, news sources that are objectively reporting about what Trump is actually doing. In part that’s because he’s not making minute-by-minute announcements of his every move. But it’s mostly because pretty much every news outlet despises him. So, unless you work really hard and really dig for actual facts, you’re going to end up believing things like Harold Ford is going to be the new Sec. Trans. It’s been exactly 2 weeks since Trump found out that he’s gonna be the new President. Try having a little patience.

    4. This one is going to hurt. After he’s inaugurated there are going to be a lot of things that Trump won’t be able to fix/get rid of/eliminate/improve/etc. Congress is still full of a lot of RINO’s and chowderheads. Even if Cruz were president, he’d still have trouble living up to your expectations.

  56. 105 Shannon

    I refuse to let Hamous’ site be turned into some kind of silly, nonsensical cesspool of paranoid fantasies and ravings.

    It’s just not going to happen.

  57. It’s a fact that astronauts never actually landed on the moon. It was all a hoax.

    Also, the government really is hiding aliens in Area 51.

  58. As a member of the Mormon Mafia, I’ll keep you all in check. If any of you get out of line…ANY of you…I’ll find you…and I’ll grab you….and I’ll give you a big, warm, brotherly hug and find out if there’s anything I can do to help you out.

    You’ve been warned!!!! 👿

  59. As we clumsily stumble into the early minutes of Thanksgiving Day, one could speculate that several recent comments are the culmination of too may swigs from the cooking sherry while preparing dishes for tomorrow’s feasting while misreading the cookbooks. Or, at this stage, whatever is being read. 🙂

  60. Adee;

    Sounds like it’s time for you to go to bed, young lady. Wake up refreshed and participate in the Thanksgiving thread

    Good night. 🙂

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