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  1. Whoever thought Kanye would have his finger on the pulse of flyover America ?

    He’s a Trump supporter, thinks Zuckerberg is full of it and believes Beyonce is a manipulative, back-stabbing bitch.

  2. Hillary Clinton’s legacy lives on…

    According to residents and local reports, the latest bout of violence erupted between two tribes after an incident in which a monkey that belonged to a shopkeeper from the Gaddadfa tribe attacked a group of schoolgirls who were passing by.

    The monkey pulled off one of the girls’ head scarf, leading men from the Awlad Suleiman tribe to retaliate by killing three people from the Gaddadfa tribe as well as the monkey, according to a resident who spoke to Reuters.


    Like other parts of Libya, Sabha has been periodically plagued by conflict since the uprising that toppled Muammar Gaddafi five years ago splintered the country into warring factions.

  3. Good chilly morning Hamsters. No frost and 10 degrees warmer than yesterday’s 32, but we still need the heat on. Wind has shifted NE as ground mist drifts in on kitty cat paws.

    2 Texpat

    Another example of Hildebeast broke it, now she’s bought it again. Hildebeast for Ambassador to Libya. Just where has she gone to lick her wounds? And is Bill hanging around or off on his own travels? How many Americans care?

  4. #2: It is really hard to come to grips with a culture so effed up as that in the muzzy mid east. This is particularly the case when one considers the culture where we live now. These people DO NOT BELONG HERE and will only cause misery for us should they continue to be imported. Stop the insanity, stop it now.

  5. 6 BC

    Tribalism still reigns supreme in vast parts of the world, submitting itself to authoritarian national governments only because they possess greater capacities for violence.

    Americans remain naive about the state of human nature and the thin line of autocracy that prevents much of the world from erupting into tribal warfare. If Thomas Hobbes had not died 97 years before the Declaration of Independence, he would have been shocked by de Tocqueville’s Americans.

  6. I’m highly skeptical and very suspicious of “massive infrastructure programs”. There is no other type of government spending so thoroughly immersed in corruption, especially at the federal level.

    So let the Manhattan Contrarian be the first to pour a little cold water on the excitement. The chance that a massive federal infrastructure spending initiative can be a net wealth creator rather than a wealth destroyer is just about zero. Paul Krugman is not smart enough to ever figure that out, but you are. Just think about it for a minute. The key to enhancing wealth is using all resources as effectively and efficiently as possible. A huge pile of seemingly free federal infrastructure money will immediately bring forth thousands of projects whose costs cannot be justified (“bridges to nowhere”) looking to get in on a cut of the loot. Many of them will then be built — thereby diverting resources from making millions of the things that the people could have spent their own money on if it had been left up to them. When people spend their own money, they spend it cost-effectively. That’s why capitalism works. When the government spends vast sums without cost-effectiveness criteria, the people become poorer, not richer.

  7. Found this Over Yonder.

    Dear Hollywood celebrities, You exist for my entertainment. Some of you are great eye candy. Some of you can deliver a line with such conviction that you bring tears to my eyes. Some of you can scare the crap out of me. Others make me laugh. But you all have one thing in common, you only have a place in my world to entertain me. That’s it. You make your living pretending to be someone else. Playing dress up like a 6 year old. You live in a make believe world in front of a camera. And often when you are away from one too. Your entire existence depends on my patronage. I’ll crank the organ grinder; you dance. I don’t really care where you stand on issues. Honestly, your stance matters far less to me than that of my neighbor. You see, you aren’t real. I turn off my TV or shut down my computer and you cease to exist in my world. Once I am done with you, I can put you back in your little box until I want you to entertain me again. I don’t care that you don’t like Mr.Trump. But I bet you looked cute saying it. Get back into your bubble. I’ll let you know when I’m in the mood for something blue and shiny. And I’m also supposed to care that you will leave this great country if Trump becomes president? Ha. Please don’t forget to close the door behind you. We’d like to reserve your seat for someone who loves this country and really wants to be here. Make me laugh, or cry. Scare me. But realize that the only words of yours that matter are scripted. I might agree with some of you from time to time, but it doesn’t matter. In my world, you exist solely for my entertainment. So, shut your pie hole and dance.

  8. I’m off tomorrow for my fall road trip to Dallas, Rosenberg, and any other part of Texas I may want to visit. Thanksgiving Day falls on Saturday as far as this group is concerned, and that’s fine with me because it allows for a more flexible travel schedule. I’ll probably be lurking around but paying attention to other stuff, and anything that’s newsworthy needs to happen here pretty soon if they expect to get my opinion on anything. Happy Thanksgiving to all. The stage is being set for a very good year in 2017, so we have a lot to be thankful for.

  9. The Most Effective Weapon on the Modern Battlefield is Concrete

    In response to the situation, the US forces basically engaged in siege warfare. But atypical to historic examples, instead of attacking to break through fortified wall, they imposed the siege on the enemy by building walls. Reminiscent of a medieval siege engine, each night US forces drove up to the limits off Sadr City with massive cranes and trucks loaded with twelve-foot-tall T-walls. On a good night, soldiers could emplace over 122 barriers. Enemy forces attacked the soldiers putting in the walls and it was not uncommon to be hanging concrete while attack helicopters, tanks, and Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles returned fire.


  10. #13 EG
    Didn’t you just get back from a road trip a few days ago? Oh well, have a great trip and enjoy your Thanksgiving on Saturday.

  11. #18 – Yes, I did take a road trip a few weeks ago, but the seasons have changed since then, so it’s time for another. And besides, if I don’t have periodic nagging from my BFF I might forget what it’s like and go do something stupid. Texas is a beautiful state regardless of the time of year.

  12. #33
    Every morning and evening network anchor was there and some executives.
    Their faces were described as ASHEN as they filed out of the elevator.

  13. Shannon’s #14 comment link was one of the most interesting I’ve read here in a while.
    It’s pretty fascinating to imagine portable concrete batch plants moving around the rear guard of armies churning out barriers and batteries for the front.

    I have noticed people on the net describing highway barriers as “Jersey barriers” and I didn’t know from where that term popped up into the lexicon suddenly. Now I know.

  14. Since beer is a topic here…

    NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 13, 2016 — In a study of 80,000 healthy Chinese adults, moderate drinking was associated with slower declines in high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or good cholesterol, over time, according to a preliminary study presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2016.

    Researchers followed alcohol consumption and HDL levels for more than six years in this community-based study. They grouped the adults by self-reported drinking status, from never, to heavy drinking (more than one daily serving of alcohol for women and more than two daily servings for men). They found:

    HDL levels decreased over time in all participants, but moderate alcohol consumption was associated with a slower decline compared to non-drinkers or heavy drinkers.

    Moderate drinkers (men drinking one to two alcohol servings daily and women a half to one serving daily) had the slowest decline – 0.17 mmol/per year.

    Heavy drinking nearly eliminated this benefit with only .0008 mmol per year decline.

  15. Media summit must have been a hoot. Like Obama, the MSM has not yet figured out that it is no longer relevant. Now all the mayors of these little blue fifedoms across the country are declaring that they will not give up their status as sanctuary cities. They seem to forget that under federal Obama policies they could do as they wish. Just wait until Trump cuts off their funding and see how quickly they come squealing with their hats in their hands. They’ve been grifting the taxpayers for years, and it’s all going to come crashing down. I hope I live long enough to see them crying in their beer and moaning about what could have been.

  16. The Secret Service had better add staff and stay on their toes. There’s a whole lot of unsavory characters with their snout in the public trough and they are not going to take kindly to getting cut off.

    Sux to be them.

  17. 44 WB

    What is needed is a coherent and clear ruling from SCOTUS on the violation of the Fifth Amendment’s takings clause regarding police property seizure.

    I’m not in favor of sacrificing the rights of the 10th Amendment in order to preserve those of the Fifth.

  18. I remember hearing all that same stuff when Zero became President – all the white guys, the Nazis, the Tea Party, etc. would be planning to take him out. The real threat is foreign governments who are the only ones with enough money to put together a real plan and execute it. The ISIS people are right now watching the crying infants in college towns to see how President Trump reacts before initiating their own plans. Zero has allowed all those trough sniffers to come in to the country, so maybe they will just leave; but the home grown ones may have to modify their lifestyles and that of their constituents.

  19. I’m with TP on this one. We need fewer federal laws rather than more. The solution is to get rid of the people who support police takings and elect people who favor due process. In fact, I believe that most of the cases taken to the various courts are found in favor of the plaintiff (victim), but the problem is that it costs more to go to court than the amount stolen by the police. So, a loser pays ruling would be helpful in the many cases of police abuse.

  20. #44 wagonb

    You are absolutely correct.

    Police and prosecutors can evade state laws through a federal forfeiture program called “equitable sharing.” By partnering with a federal agency, state and local agencies can forfeit seized property under federal law, and then receive up to 80 percent of the proceeds. Collaboration can occur even if a state has tougher safeguards for innocent owners or if the state offers a lower payout than the feds.

    By the way, both national party platforms support reform/repeal of this law enforcement thievery.

  21. 50 EG

    It’s worse than that.

    From April 2015:

    Mark Brewer is a decorated Air Force veteran who fought in the global war on terror. But last month, he became a casualty in the drug war.

    In late March, the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled
    that the federal government could take more than $60,000 of Brewer’s cash with civil forfeiture, even though he was never charged with a crime. The decision lets many Midwestern states continue to take property from people who have done nothing wrong.

    This crap has already reached the appellate level of the federal judiciary. No state legislature (except Nebraska) now even wants to try and pass appropriate legislation because it’s all hanging in limbo until SCOTUS grants certiorari on a clear and decisive case. Why this issue has remained such a scandal for so long is mystery to me.

  22. 51 Shannon

    You know, I’ve been hearing this sh*t from Republicans for so long it makes me sick. They claim they want to stop the injustice and it’s all talk. They’ve had years and years to fix this and haven’t done a damned thing about it.

  23. Florida, Maryland, and New Hampshire all passed sweeping civil forfeiture reforms this year. Florida’s bill actually had the backing of the FLA Sheriff’s Association.

  24. You would think states could do something legislatively to prevent their law enforcement agencies from doing an end around with the Feds.

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