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  1. Snoopy Happy Dance good morning Hamsters. It’s a chilly and breezy 46 out here on the moors of the Brazos as Dawn’s rosy fingers (wearing gloves today) touch the horizon at 6:45. Trip to the barn to feed the girls was faster than usual as was the safari out to fetch the Democrat Party Daily Worker poorly disguised as the Chron.

    VP-Elect Pence is too much the gentleman to publish such a comment, though it is right on target whoever did it. Besides which, the Katy Bar The Door moment does not arrive until the last word of the Oaths of Office has been spoken by both Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

  2. GTO,

    Dude will find this amusing. Went to a show, they had Saint Arnold’s Christmas Ale on the draft selection so I ordered one. “Sorry, we’re out. It went really fast.” Did your crew hit The Mucky Duck recently?

    Heh, no but I’d love to get out to Mucky Duck again. Haven’t been in years. As far as getting out to see other bands I don’t do it that much these days (I should do it more really) but… both bands I’m in are gigging on a fairly regular basis so that takes a lot of my time.

    On the St. A Christmas I bought up 4 cases which are still sitting in my kitchen. I’m making myself wait until Thanksgiving day to start in on them.

  3. South Texas College of Law prof Josh Blackman is running a SCOTUS fantasy league style crowdsourcing board at the Federalist Society meeting in DC right now. He’s taking votes from any lawyer there on who they think should be nominated for the Scalia position. In the lead, in this order:

    Raymond Kethledge 42
    William Pryor, Jr. 39
    Ted Cruz 23

    Blackman correctly predicted Elena Kagan’s nomination with his survey back in 2010.

  4. I have a theory that much of this high speed serial meeting with Republicans across the Right spectrum is about theater. Trump wants to blunt future criticism he didn’t consider the “best and brightest” and wants to appear forgiving and magnanimous towards his critics. It’s a gesture of unity that works fine for the public sphere, but I think most of his key choices have been made. He’s just kept them close to his vest.

    The other issue at work, of course, is that he was ostracized by almost all of the Establishment and didn’t have the pre-election luxury of being able to build a transition team before November 9th.

  5. https://www.yahoo.com/news/claims-votes-dead-felons-cloud-north-carolinas-governor-175217833.html

    The voter fraud was big enough and the election close enough to swing the results to the D in North Carolina.
    This crap has been going on for 50 plus years and it really needs to stop.

    1. Purge all voter rolls.
    2. Everybody must re register with proof of citizenship and valid photo ID.
    3. All elections must have a paper ballot and the number of ballots submitted must equal the number of those that sign in to vote. There should be a way to electronically record the vote when the paper ballot is punched. The paper is there as a fail safe should the e-count get hinky.
    4. Of course, photo ID is required in order to vote.

    Voter fraud is going to continue to be a problem until some drastic changes are made.

  6. Morning everyone. Today is the first day this winter that I could and should put on a sweatsuit. Now I am snug and smug, drinking my Saturday coffee. I’m ready for snow!

  7. 8 mharper42

    Would love to have snow here this winter at least once. We’ve made it to 53 on the front porch that catches the steady north wind. Sunny and bright. Time for me to bring out more of the winter (for here) clothes and check for the ones I haven’t worn in several years so they can go to the Fort Bend County Women’s Center resale shop.

    Spouse finished installation of the LED tubes in all the barn fixtures. He said the cost was $11 per tube. It is certainly daylight bright out there now with them on. Hoping they last a long, long time.

  8. I ran across this somewhere while surfing the net this morning:

    “I haven’t seen the Democrats this upset since we freed the slaves.”

    Thought it was pretty good.

  9. A neighbor’s daughter is in Girl Scouts and I buy several boxes of cookies from her every year. This year they added nuts and trail mix, and I ordered $33 worth of those snacks a few weeks ago. I went ahead and set aside cash for the delivery, and wanted it in a handy place that I could easily find. So about an hour ago, I got a beep that they would be delivering this weekend. Reached to my stash site on a shelf adjacent to the table my laptop sits on. I had put the cash between 2 folders in a stack of paperwork. But no cash there. In a panic, I started going through everything on that shelf. No loose cash anywhere. On the second pass through all the papers, I spotted green in a window envelope. I have no recollection of doing this, but I had put the bills inside the outer envelope of a Disabled American Vets fundraiser. It was probably just handy, and not yet in the recycling bin, when I used it. Good thing I had not just happened to use an opaque envelope, or I would be a nervous wreck right about now.

  10. In future, I will sequester odd amounts of cash in some interior pocket of my purse. Smaller area to search when the time arrives that I need the money.

  11. Well, I can just barely remember a time when I bought ground coffee in a metal can. I had a small coffee pot that worked somehow on a stove burner.

  12. I had what I thought was a real good hiding place for emergency cash.

    When I had someone help me clean house, I think it got thrown away.


  13. Wisconsin is leading Purdue 35-13 in the 3rd Q. It is cold there at Purdue, as everybody who isn’t moving on the field is bundled up on the sidelines or in the stands. Gray and overcast skies along with the cold wind does not make for enjoyable sitting outside watching a game, especially if your team is losing. It’s better for fans whose team is winning, as they can periodically jump up and down to urge them on to another score.

  14. In our younger days spouse and I hid cash in an envelope in the bottom of the butter keeper compartment of the fridge. Had tried keeping it in the freezer, but that turned out to be a nuisance when you had a fridge that needed manual defrosting.

  15. My Rice Owls probably gave up any hope of finishing in the top 10 of the Bottom 25 teams in the country today. Their QB was knocked out in the first quarter, and the grandson of one of my player buddies was sent into the game (against UTEP) in hopes of holding it together. He (Jackson Tyner) knocked it out of the park and played very well sparking a 44-24 victory for the Owls, smashing their hopes for a Bottom 25 finish. This Tyner kid is 6’4″ and 240, a sophomore, and looks like the QB of the future for Rice. He had played a few downs this season, but this was his first extended playing time – and he was great. His grandfather was at the game and and is reminding us all of his role in this victory today… He’ll get a real test next week as Rice finishes out what has been a terrible year in Palo Alto at Stanford.

  16. Yup–times are changing when UT can’t even beat Kansas although Kansas benefited from what I call a blow-another-call-again-officials near the end of regulation.–looked like a textbook sack/hit on the QB to me.

    But that being said, UT is no longer and hasn’t been a top tier football program for several years now.

    I bet even the Rice Hooters or the Western Kentucky Hlltoppers could beat them this year.:-)

  17. BTW, there’s a rumor out there that the longhorn plane left Kansas without Coach Strong aboard. The plane has now changed course and is headed toward Houston where Tom Herman was seen passing through security en route to meet it. Flight plan then calls for direct to Austin. Don’t know what any of this might mean.

  18. Believe it or don’t, I spent most of my waking time today cleaning house. Did I finish? Are you kidding me? Got the family room pretty well done, even moving furniture to vacuum under. Washed and dried all the throws that we use on our back-yard viewing chairs, to deter cat claws on the upholstery. A faint scent of Scott’s Liquid Gold still permeated the air for the evening sit-down. The only critter we saw was a brief appearance by Evil Cat — not seen much any more, but believed to be the baby-daddy to Gypsy’s kittens that I fostered this spring.

  19. Jonah Goldberg is a hoot this weekend.

    Jack did a fine job, thus avoiding getting the hose again. The ship’s antediluvian WiFi groaned downloading the document, like Michael Moore at Walmart trying not to stand up in his scooter as he strains to grab a family-sized tub of SpaghettiOs from a high shelf. The Travel Office, the commodities futures, the Rose Law Firm billing records, the Lincoln Bedroom, on and on it went. A great feeling of dread came over me. You see, the retromingent trail of House Clinton stretches so far back and coats so much of our lives, even pondering the question gives me a queasy feeling, like contemplating using one of those black lights to find the carpet and cushion stains on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane.

  20. Good frosty morning Hamsters. Frost covers pastures and the ditches beside the road, 32 on the high post in the back yard, can see my breath going to and coming from the barn. Only 42 in the barn at 6:15 when I fed the girls. Should have taken gloves with me, though. Dawn really needs gloves today for her rosy fingers.

  21. When the thermometer hit 32 in Bellville, Texas around dawn, it was a balmy 37 here this morning.

    We are supposed to have our first real freeze overnight though.

  22. Icy white frost as far as the eye can see out here in centex this morning. Looks like we just touched 32 degrees, but the crystal clear sky and blazing sunshine should warm things up rapidly today. Being the college football fan that I am, I’ve been watching the coaching job roulette wheel for a few weeks, but as the end of the season nears, it’s time to crank the speed up. The colleges that are making a change like to have their new team in place as soon as possible in order to hit the recruiting trail. Should prove to be very interesting this season, with the most coveted job in college football likely opening up in Austin. The rest of the dominoes should start lining up after that situation is settled.

  23. Don’t fret EG, I have the early Big NCAA Football cabal memo right here. Tom Herman goes to UT, to be announced the day after the regular season ends. The Coogs go coach-less in their bowl game.

  24. I have a buddy that went up to Colorado this weekend to go elk hunting, Telluride area I think. He went from 85-90 degree days to snowed in in their bare cabin in 1.5 days. Hee hee.

  25. Left leaning talking heads having serious discussions on NBC that the Dems may have overplayed their hand on identity politics.

    Clearly I’ve awakened in some parallel universe.

  26. President Trump may nominate Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis to head DOD. I’ve long thought the next head of DOD needs to be a warrior, not a politically correct limp spined weasel type (or a woman). Mad Dog seems to fit that bill, and of course, he was forced out by Zero for that very reason. Just like Patton, his mouth will probably be his ultimate downfall, but in the interim (assuming that he is the nominee), he should be fun to listen to (unless you are one of the poor souls who are subordinate to him). I love the quotes, and you can probably find a lot more.

  27. #34 Adee

    Dawn really needs gloves today for her rosy fingers.

    I’ll bet her fingers were blue this morning. Hubs reported it was 38 around dawn at Chez Harp. Me, I was still snoozing under the electric blanket.

  28. #44 goats
    How could you expect a 3rd world country like Indonesia to protect Allied WWII shipwrecks? How do they have the resources to do that? Or the obligation?

  29. Well, I have fiddle farted around long enough, it is time to rake the front and back yards and then mow both. We have the Addams family over for Thanksgiving this year. Mrs. Bonecrusher wants the yard looking nice for her side of the family; I would do the same for my family, should they ever decide to come slumming in my hood.

  30. It’s been over 18 hours now since the final gun sounded that sealed Kansas win over the Austin based shorthorns, and they still haven’t found anyone with the cajones to go over to the field house and tell coach Strong to pack up and leave. Maybe they don’t want to interfere with President Trump’s cabinet pick announcements or something. When the decisions has been made, it’s time to take action. It’s not fair to the coach, the players, the supporters (and even the anti-supporters), and anyone else to keep this deal lingering. Apparently the Athletic Director has passed the duties of firing the coach off to the President of the university. Eventually they will have to call Red McCombs to come up from San Antonio to do it I guess. No wonder their entire athletic program is so screwed up – all the money in the world to run a first class outfit, and they run it like Obama would.

  31. Yesterday was so nice, I decided to drive to Crockett to look into their craft fair. It was a purty day, and I enjoyed the drive. I didn’t buy anything, though I did tag a shop on their square as a potential Santa site for next year. I’ve already acquired this year’s entries, but they 3 or 4 that were real contenders.

    Then I drove back in time to eat dinner. I just wish I could’ve slept last night. I quit looking at the clock around 4:00 a.m. I don’t nap well, but I think I actually drifted off for about an hour. Now I’m prepping to cook some ribs.

  32. Oh, and Hubby just turned on our boiler for our radiant floor heat. The first use each year involves hooking up a hose and flushing the air out of the system. Then there’s an electronic panel that we’re told we should just plan on replacing every 2-3 years, so we have to see if this is one of those years.

    No panel replacement this year, and the system’s been flushed. It’s cycling through its cycle now, so we should be warming up. I was thinking about Barf Kitty. For a moment I was thinking I was going to have to watch for her in usual warm spots. /little sadness

  33. Those departed pets always leave their ghosts behind. We see them briefly out of the corner or our eye, but when we turn and look, they’ve already gone again. Darn pet ghosts are the most persistent of all of them.

  34. 47 GJT

    I haven’t enjoyed watching a running back so much since Walter Payton. This Elliot kid is something very special.

  35. 53 Tedtam & 54 EG

    Yes, it is kinda haunting in those moments that our beloved departed pets seem to appear (in our minds anyway) in familiar circumstances as when they were actually with us.

    Dear Valentine kitty lounges in a favorite spot in the back yard sometimes fleetingly in my mind, near his grave. He’s been gone almost four years and is still deeply missed. Sweet Mara who now forever rests in shade under some pecans in the back pasture at times seems to fleetingly still be in her stall some mornings when I come to feed. A second look shows only empty spaces for both, but the thoughts and images in the mind are comforting.

  36. 59 Phil
    As one of only three Longhorn fans on this blog I can only say one thing.

    But Strong may have been an affirmative action hire, but he’s much loved by his players and ran off a number of riffraff players at great personal cost.

  37. You will never hear me say one bad thing about Coach Strong. It’s the UT athletic system that is a mess. For whatever reasons, he was not the right person for that job. He’s shown he can be a successful football coach, but the UT job has more than one (or 2 or 3) people to report to. The donors demand performance on the field regardless of the caliber of the young men playing. The AD demands showmanship to fill the stands and get people to subscribe to the Longhorn network – the very same network Texas had to have and which caused several Big 12 teams, including ATM, to move to other conferences. The players, who knows what they want – girls, pro contracts, free chicken box lunches, you name it. The administration wants students it can be proud of who behave and make good grades. And the coach is responsible for all of this. The AD who hired Strong was fired, the interim replacement (who is still there) has no authority to run the department, the President of the university doesn’t want to fire the coach, the donors are insisting that the coach be fired. The athletic system is in disarray. Many felt at the beginning of the season this would be Strong’s last year short of a national championship, so when they actually get around to doing it is anybodies guess. Phil’s article above says that he was fired last night, but no one has told him yet. Get the firing over with, let him coach his last game against TCU without the pressures hanging over his head (there is plenty of precedent for doing this), and hit the recruiting trail next week with a new coach in place. Coach Strong’s $10 million contract buyout should be enough to keep him off the streets for long enough to find something else.

  38. #46, I did not comment, just noticed it is happening. That the economics makes it profitable is interesting. It used to take a huge effort with lots of backing to find a specific sunken ship. Robert Ballard spent fortunes to find the Titanic and Bismark. Those are in deeper waters than the wrecks being salvaged now. That the technology makes finding wrecks in the Pacific is cheap enough, the ships are worth the scrap to sail hundreds of miles and blow them up to haul up the pieces, is , to repeat, interesting. Warship wrecks are considered the tombs of those who went down with them and are the property of the flag flown when sunk. Nobody thought they would one day be worth the expense to find and salvage.

  39. 65 El Gordo

    Thank you for presenting a clear description of what Coach Strong at UT had to contend with from so many directions at once. From only casual reading of an occasional article in the sports section about the UT football program and commentary on Hambone I wondered if there was any permanent and clear hierarchy of responsibility in existence within it. Apparently not. Too many cooks and all that seems to be the case.

    Wonder if it will be the subject of a Dilbert cartoon one of these days. Seems ripe for it. And the hapless victims of it all seem to be the players and the coaching staff while everybody else higher up is busily swinging at everybody else higher up.
    What a shame.

  40. Why don’t they advocate simply killing off the surplus population and solve that problem once and for all?

    HEADLINE: UK Researchers: Tax Food to Reduce Climate Change
    Pricing food according to its climate impacts could save half a million lives and one billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions

    Taxing greenhouse gas emissions from food production could save more emissions than are currently generated by global aviation, and lead to half a million fewer deaths from chronic diseases, according to a new study published in Nature Climate Change.

    The study, conducted by a team of researchers from the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food at the University of Oxford and the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington DC, is the first global analysis to estimate the impacts that levying emissions prices on food could have on greenhouse gas emissions and human health.

    The findings show that about one billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions could be avoided in the year 2020 if emissions pricing of foods were to be implemented, more than the total current emissions from global aviation. However, the authors stress that due consideration would need to be given to ensuring such policies did not impact negatively on low income populations.

    These people are frikken insane! If we don’t get them rounded up and put in the asylum, they are going to cause some serious problems. . . .

  41. 66 gto

    Who would ever have thought bronze props off of 70 year old ships would scrap out for $1.25 a pound and up ?

    Nowadays, it cost over a million bucks to reline the old iron ore blast furnaces so everybody buys electric arc furnaces and combs the world for scrap metal driving the prices through the roof.

  42. Thought I’d pass this news about CbR along. He has been in the hospital since Wednesday, but I only just now found out about it. His wife Michelle has been posting about it, but I never saw any of it for some reason. He fell off a trailer and was life-flighted to TMC. He has a ruptured spleen, several broken ribs and a concussion. As of Saturday night, he is still in Jones Pavilion Memorial Hermann Hospital, but in a regular room. It seems he was only in ICU on Wednesday night.

  43. 70 mharper42

    Thank you for spreading the word about his accident. How awful. He’s in good hands at Memorial Hermann in TMC.

  44. Everyone from the old Southwest Conference blames Texas for everything. It’s kinda like Bush Derangement Syndrome.

  45. Poor CbR. He had some big operation several years ago, before he got married. I don’t recall what it was, but do remember a pic he posted of a huge belly scar.

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