Thursday Laundry Open Comments

Came home last night to find that CNBC deigned not to allow the public to view the debate, but I found it on Youtube afteward. Stayed up to watch it on my phone, washing dishes and laundry while doing so.

Woke up this morning to find my last load didn’t spin and was sopping wet. So I had to wring and hang my momma’s unnerwares.

Sorry to be so late opening up the Couch. Y’all come on in. I’m sure we have lots to talk about, given the fodder from last night’s debate.

1800 – Open Comments

According to WordPress, this is Hammy’s 1800’th post to be created. Therefore:
Wikipedia – 1800 – entries:

Action of 1 January 1800, a naval battle in the Quasi-War off the coast of Haiti between four United States merchant vessels escorted by naval schooner USS Experiment and a squadron of armed barges manned by piratical Haitians known as picaroons under the command of general André Rigaud.

April 24 – The U.S. Library of Congress is founded in Washington, D.C.

March 14 – Cardinal Barnaba Chiaramonti succeeds Pius VI as Pius VII, the 251st pope. He is crowned on March 21 in Venice.

April – Voting begins in the United States presidential election, 1800; it will last until October. The result is not announced until February 1801.

September 30 – The Convention of 1800, or Treaty of Mortefontaine, is signed between France and the United States of America, ending the Quasi-War.

November 1 – U.S. President John Adams becomes the first President of the United States to live in the Executive Mansion (later renamed the White House).

November 17 – The United States Congress holds its first Washington, D.C. session.

December 25 – Christmas Day first becomes a public holiday on an international scale.

January 7 – Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States (d. 1874)
January 17 – Caleb Cushing, American statesman and diplomat (d. 1879)
December 26 – Paul Curtis, American shipbuilder (d. uncertain)
January 23 – Edward Rutledge, U.S. statesman (b. 1749)
February 2 – James C. Jarvis, United States Navy officer (b. 1787)
June 20 – Abraham Gotthelf Kästner, German mathematician (b. 1719)
June 24 – Charles Stewart, American revolutionary (b. 1729)
September 26 – William Billings, American choral composer (b. 1746)
October 10 – Gabriel Prosser, American slave revolutionary (b. approx. 1776)

You can find things that happened in the 1800’s, including 1800, here.

Information on the 1800 census is at this page.

1800 Presidential Election information.

Monday Open Comments

Well, my sister provided today’s OC topic.

Brian is one of the coolest relatives I have. Sister’s son and his wife Angela really seemed to be a good fit, though I’ve only seen them together a few times. Angela’s family (the women, anyway), were a real hoot at her bridal shower.

Congrats to Brian and Angela. This video was Brian’s first year anniversary gift to his wife.

Friday Open Comments – Playing with Cars

Playing with cars

LD2 has reached another milestone!

Yesterday, it was raspberries.

Today, she’s walking.

I can just see Sunshine getting her sister into all kinds of trouble…when two sisters get together and they’re both mobile…

I’ll bet Sunshine teaches L’il Darlin’ how to crawl through the doggie door.

OH, AND TODAY IS LOVELY DAUGHTER’S BIRTHDAY! She lurks, so everyone say happy birthday to her.